7809/City Fall: Raiding the Docks

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City Fall: Raiding the Docks
Date of Scene: 09 June 2019
Location: Docks, South Shore, Staten Island
Synopsis: A group gathers to put a stop to a shipment destined for Shredder's hands. A surprise is found.
Cast of Characters: Nemean, Alopex, Pippi, Huntress, Leonardo, Spider-Woman (Stacy)

Nemean has posed:
The Gambini crime family has been running these docks for as long as these docks have existed. They control everything that comes into them or goes out of them. And that's the reason why the Triad chose these docks as the location they would bring in their shipment.

The Triad has delayed this shipment far longer than they intended to, but interference by heroes and mutants had led them to push the shipment back. Now that they feel the heat has dropped off of the shipment, they're willing to bring it back in.

A large container ship has pulled into the docks. The stuff in the shipping containers is mostly benign, normal stuff. But a few of the containers are the ones that the group of heroes have been waiting for.

The surveillance that the FBI Agent Cody Garrett set up a while back finally flags the ship. He contacted everyone he wanted to bring in, through various means. Phone calls, text messages, and email as needed. He gave them all a rally point, a building overlooking the docks. He's up there with a pair of night vision binoculars, looking over the sheer amount of security below them.

Alopex has posed:
    Typically Alopex wasn't a fan of meeting at a rally point. She'd rather be scattered around, able to move in at different angles, and be less suspicious as a result. However, this was a significant operation, and Cody had proven to be well worth his salt in the previous weeks, even the previous night. As a result, Alopex forgoes her own biases and decides to let the FBI agent direct the scenario. She'll arrive where he designated and be quite curious to see who else will arrive. She's sure of at least one. ... And those that know her may notice something new at her back.

Pippi has posed:
    Tailing along after Alopex is a white-and-rust mutant dog, wearing a dark tee and cutoffs cargos, her eyes wide and her weight shifting from foot to foot as her tail flicks and shifts behind her. Helping Cody out was the least she could do, after all, for his help last night.

    Her ears are up, her nose twitching as she gets a good sense of what they're moving about down there, but stays close to Alopex.

Huntress has posed:
While the delays meant the enemy had time to shore up their defenses, it had also been of benefit to the heroes in some ways. It had given Huntress time to return to Gotham, and pull a few strings of her own.

Helena honestly hated her 'family'. Hated what they were, what they did; the Bertinelli were no better than any other mafia family.... But they could still be a useful resource, when she felt like playing along with the extended family drama. Despite the jealousy towards the 'Mafia Princess' from her own kin, she still had a few connetions on the inside. Relatives that were sympathetic to her, not knowing her alternate profession. Helena was able to get some limited information on the Gambini family through them. Methodoly, tactics, the basics.

The Families tend to keep eyes on each other, even when they're suppose to be playing together.

And it was armed with the information from her alter ego that Huntress made her way onto the designated rooftop, shooting one of her crossbow grapnel lines and rappeling her way up.

Once her boots hit the rooftop and she reels in the line Huntress turns to look at who's already here. Followed by crossing her arms and smirking a little. "So which one of you caused that bit of ruckus on the roadway, hmm? The traffic rerouting made it a nightmare getting back into New York."

Leonardo has posed:
There were questions about this plan, suspicion and uncertainty, but a willingness to go through with it. This was surely connected to Shredder one way or another, and with the gang activity going on and their father's decision to begin his own involvement in fighting back, doing this felt necessary.

They all discussed things back at the lair. Arguments were made for and against doing one thing or another, but the final decision fell to the eldest, as it always did. Once the call came that it was go time they left in the dark of night, traversing the sewers and then rooftops where needed en route to the docks. The correct location identified, they made their way up from an alley, using a fire escape ladder.

One by one, they stepped out from behind a large air conditioning unit:

Michelangelo, the one in orange: "Dudes."

Raphael, the one in red: "Hmph. This'd better be worth it."

Donatello, the one in purple: "Hey, guys."

Leonardo, the one in blue: "We're here, and we're ready."

The four, the brothers, the relatively unknown Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, have arrived.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
I mean when Cody called Gwen figured it was going to be NINJAs .... she really has it out for those Ninjas. Also by proxy the Purple Dragons at this point, by god that Hun guy is huge and annoying.

Triad will do though in a pinch, I mean this is all crime and related right. Probably. Okay so Gwen doesn't know.

She does show up when Cody asks for help though because that is what a superhero will do for fellow crime fighters right.

She swings in low and fast from one of the nearby buildings, really riding a zipline of webbing more than anything and landing almost silent near the back edge of the rooftop.

Superhero pose.

Then she straightens and looks around at the gathered. Oh hey. New People. Lingering on Huntress and then the Turtles. "Oh hey new people." yeah she says what she thought. "Turtles. I'll be a spidermonkey. Also... crossbow lady." pausing, okay maybe that wasn't polite. Dangit Gwen. "Uh.. I'm Ghost Spider." she offers trying to sound friendly.

Nemean has posed:
"Thanks for coming everybody." Cody says, once the whole group has assembled. He feels kind of weird being the de-facto leader for this little assembly since he's the only one here without powers or cool gadgets or ninja training or whatever.

"So guys and gals, I'll be honest. This might be tough, there's a lot of guys down there and a lot of guns. So far from my scouting I'm counting like, at least two dozen Gambini guys on guard, several in the cranes up there," He motions to one of the shipping cranes, "And a lot more on patrol down on the ground. As far as the Triad goes, they've got large numbers as well but are mostly focused on unloading the ship. From what I've seen they have separated several containers from the others, they may be the ones we're after."

"So I figure our best bet is to hit them from multiple angles. Some of you guys who can fly or get to high places easier." He looks to Ghost Spider in particular, "Should take out the guys on the cranes. Expect everyone to have radio contact with some kind of central command post. Thanks for that information by the way, Huntress."

Alopex has posed:
    Turns out more had gathered than Alopex had really expected. It seemed that first domino back at Shredder's museum had really begun to turn the tide against him. Pippi was here, of course, and she gets a pleased look when she settles in near by. Huntress' arrival gets the fox to blink, mostly due to her question. "Ah, that would be my fault," she begins before pointing toward the sword at her back, "For good reason. This would be in Shredder's collection if it weren't with me. I guess it could be considered a bit of a warm up."

    It's when Leonardo and the brothers show up that Alopex goes on guard. It may be hard to tell outwardly, but how she goes utterly still is a good clue. One was fine, all four? Worrisome. Leonardo gets a nod, but otherwise she's not going to greet them right now. Seems.. things were still a little tense, if only because she doesn't know how the talk with the family went. Gwen's arrival helps thaw the ice a little with the fox providing at least a wave to the hero. "Nice to see you again."

When Cody begins to speak again, Alopex's attention turns to him. "I like it. I can be on street level in come in from the sides, try to get periphery guards before moving in slowly. ... Nice and quiet like."

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi seems content that there are plenty of smells she recognizes. Alopex and Cody, of course, being the most familiar. Huntress is there, and at the gentle accusation, Pippi's ears draw back and she rubs the back of her neck, giving a soft 'aaaah' sound as she tries to come up with some explaination -- and that's when the unknown smell hit her.

    She turns, her ears drawing up and tail drawing down when the four turtles make their appearance. She looks over them, one by one, and shifts a little bit, stepping behind Alopex in shyness as they speak, then turns her attention back to Agent Garret.

    She gives a quiet nod at Alopex's idea, then taps the Fox on the shoulder very, very lightly "Should I stay off to the side in case you need a distraction?"

Huntress has posed:
"Well denial of enemy resources is a good thing, so I'll forgive you for the extra half hour I spent finding a detour," Huntress replies with a wink. "I couldn't dig my... connections deeper without rustling suspicion. But at least we're not going in on our back foot," is the response to Cody with a nod. Before he attention is understandably more focused on the others present.

Four humanoid turtles. That are also ninjas. That would probably be a lot weirder if it wasn't for already being introduced to mutants through Alopex and Pippi, and the kind of freak craziness that came with being a vigilante cape in a place like Gotham City in general.

Points for the fact that they're evidently diversived in their choice of weapons. Movies always just have ninjas using swords. Not to mention calling them the wrong kind of sword half the time.

Plus the acrobatic entry of the 'Ghost Spider' sticking that landing. She is starting to wonder a little why everyone gives Gotham crap for it's brand of weirdness. New York doesn't seem to short on strange heroes either.

"Guns are harder to disable with and not be lethal." she replies to the 'crossbow lady' remark. Far, FAR from the worst thing she's been called. "Not to mention loud, and messy." And personal reasons she won't go into in public. Seeing your parents and sibling murdered by hitmen from your own 'family' in jealous cold blood is more than enough to sour an opinion on the weapon... Though she's not as 'NO GUNS' as certain other caped crusaders.

"They call me the Huntress," she adds for the sake of the newcomers. "Gotham is my usual turf... But Shredder has dugs his talons in even there, and when I came upstate to investigate I got wrapped up with these guys." Her other hand jukes a thumb over her shoulder towards Cody and Alopex.

Leonardo has posed:
The turtles take in everyone gathered, a couple of them looking ready to be off doing other things, a couple wearing cautious expressions. It's not often they just show themselves this obviously to strangers, especially some they've never seen before.

But, as Cody goes over the plans, Alopex becomes the main focus of the green group. She'll wait for now, as Leonardo speaks for the quartet. "We'll be on the ground, getting in close. Guns or not, they won't know what hit them." Yes, the ninjas are going to ninja. Each of them features his own weapon that will soon be in use.

As attention shifts back toward the arctic fox and her apparent friend, Leonardo steps away from the others to approach. Raphael in particular keeps a watchful, suspicious eye. "Alopex," Leo begins. "Father wishes to speak with you. How this goes," He pauses, gesturing out over the docks, "will affect what I report back to him. Consider it a chance to prove yourself." From there he glances over a shoulder of hers, raising a brow at the blade she now carries. "Hm. Something new."

Stepping back again, he adds, "We're here to stop the delivery, but we're not here to kill. Trust me when I say we're good at disarming people instead."

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
"Spectacular." Ghost Spider notes to Huntress and then gives a nod to Leonardo. "Because I don't really like the Punisher's tactics and while I want to stop the Shredder and his ninja buddies ... I don't kill people."

The white eyes of her mask turn to the cranes and they actually seem to squint. I mean really there are some optics built into the mask and she is getting a better look at the overwatch the bad guys have put into place. "Well uh.. I am not a ninja or a Gotham vigilante.. so I am not the sneakiest but I will do my best. I'm pretty sure they don't expect someone to scamper up there and web their mouth and head to the cranes before they can call for help.. so yeah I can maybe handle this.


"I'm sorry up front if I make a lot of noise but hey at least they will be shooting up at me and not watching for you all on the ground?"


"Also what is in the crates again?"

Nemean has posed:
"Good." Cody replies to Leonardo about not killing, "I want to keep the body count to zero unless it is absolutely 100% necessary. That's the reason I didn't bring the Punisher in on this. Because his plan would probably have involved setting up a sniper's nest and shooting everybody from a half mile away."

He shakes his head a bit and then glances at Huntress. He knows she's at least ABLE to exercise restraint when it comes to killing, even if she's not always non-lethal, "I'd like to keep our presence as unknown as possible for as long as possible, but I know that most of you guys are stealthier than I am by leaps and bounds."

At Ghost Spider's question, he considers, "As far as I know for sure, money and weapons. If the stuff I ran into the other night is any indication, most likely stuff from Hammer Industries." He rubs the bandage on the left side of his face, "I don't know if these Triad have the same magic amulets as the ones I dealt with the other day, they may be a different faction, but be on guard just in case."

Alopex has posed:
    While keeping an eye on the gathering, Alopex glances aside toward Pippi when she asks about what to do. "I think tonight we should stick together. I know you're pretty new to everything but I think we will end up working together well and covering each other's weaknesses." And tonight is the perfect opportunity to find out if Alopex is right about this theory of hers or not. "Only trust the people you see here, right now. Don't let anyone down there tell you anything different," the fox adds before glancing back up as the others mingle.

    Huntress' information is a clear boon to all, which is why Alopex nods in agreement with the woman's first statement. Best not to press when you get all the easy information. Being referred to just gets a smirk out of the fox. Damn dominoes keep falling in good ways.

    When Leonardo wanders over, the fox's stance straightens. She regards him fully, almost like the night before, and at least gives him a nod once he's close. "Hmm. Noted. Just be aware, where I go, she goes too. No exceptions." Considering Pippi is right there, that must be who the fox is referring to. "Be safe, tonight," she adds after a beat, at least trying to prove she's still not an enemy. She figures actions will speak louder than words tonight. Best to make them count.

    "So long as you do what you do best, Ghost, I'm sure we will make do. As much as I am sure we are all capable of moving into and out of this operation undetected, I expect there will be trouble at one point or another. Be wary, remember who your allies are, and we will be fine."

    No killing? Yep. Pex will agree with the group about this. No Punisher is also a good thing. He was ... intense. She hadn't even met him and she knows this. "I think we are as ready as we will ever be at this point. Everyone keep safe, and if you need help, call. One of us should answer."

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi gives a hesitant nod to Alopex, gripping her hands quietly, her attention turning to the others as they all speak. Her ears go up with Huntress, with Ghost Spider and Cody. Her tail gives a wag when Alopex speaks, but Leonardo's approach marks her hesitant. The ruff of fur on the back of her neck stiffens slightly, her tail drops, and the mutant dog watches as Leo go back to his brothers, and she physically relaxes at the 'no killing' point.

    "I'll keep my ears up. 'S long as we don't get sirens, should be all right." she comments lightly, though she anxiously moves her weight from foot to foot.

Huntress has posed:
Even the Huntress doesn't believe in killing being the solution to every problem... And even the ones it is, it's never the best or even the right one. Necessary to keep some amoral bastard from just coming back and stirring up more trouble down the road, but never right. But those times are few and far between, tonight shouldn't be one of them. She does well enough being willing to beat crooks into critical but non-life-threatening wounds to make them stay down.

Besides, you can't really pump a dead body for information later, and that's pretty crucial.

"Even so, these men are going to be unrelenting and ruthless. You don't need to kill them, but make damn sure they're not going to be able to fight, or they will keep trying. They care nothing for the life of others."

Huntress combs a hand through her jet black hair to flick it back over her shoulders, tucking it down so she can grab her hood and pull it up over her head. "If you're all going ground level, I'll start dealing with the gunmen on the cranes."

Leonardo has posed:
"We wouldn't be here tonight if the Punisher was involved," Leonardo states, leaving it at that and allowing the others to make of that what they will. At least, he wouldn't be. Sometimes Raphael does what he wants, goes where he wants.

The one with the spider motif is a curiosity for most of the turtles, but Leo listens to what Alopex has to say and gives Pippi a closer look. It's a scrutinizing one, but not an unkind one. Right now, she is an unknown variable, which will probably be answered soon. "Something tells me that will be all right with Father," he tells Alopex, nodding once to her words of safety. "You too."

Responding to Huntress, he calmly explains, "My brothers and I are well-trained in these things. Don't worry about the ones we come across. They'll be out of the fight soon."

However, just before Leo and his brothers seem ready to fade into the darkness to set up positions, the blue-masked turtle turns a sharp eye on Cody. "What's this about magic amulets? Don't you think we should know about these before we potentially face people with them?"

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
"Great. Guns. Hammer Industries." to Cody, taking in the whole contents of the crate. Then she is mostly listening to everyone else ask there questions and talk a bit about meeting each others families.

Okay that is kind of weird. I mean what kind of Father do four Turtles have and why is there so much tension about the Foxlady meeting him and them in general.


"I'm used to people shooting at me to try to kill me thanks to the last few months.... I'm as ready for this as I am ever going to be Huntress and well this is the right thing to do. I'll be hitting the cranes with you though so we should maybe divide and conquer.. I'll get the ones on the right and you the left perhaps?"

She does keep an eye on the Turtles, they are numerous and new like Huntress. When Leonardo asks about magic amulets she points at him "Oh.. yeah what he said.. magic!?"

Nemean has posed:
"Okay I think that covers about everything other than.." He pauses when Leo interrupts him about the amulets, "I just found out about them a few days ago the hard way." He points at the bandage on his face, "Allows the user to absorb bullets and also project fire. But they're still vulnerable to melee so you and your brother should be fine."

"He turns to everybody else and looks at the gathered group, "Just do what you all do best and this should go off without a hitch. There's no signal to attack or anything like that. Just get in there and do your ninja or superhero thing." He says, trying his best to offer some last words of encouragement, before he grabs his own gear, and makes for the ground floor. He's going to cut a fence and enter that way. He's trusting all the others to do their thing and also trying not to think about the fact that a few weeks ago he'd have been doing this with an HRT instead. What a wierd direction life has gone.

Alopex has posed:
    "The only reason we may hear sirens is if someone tips off the police. Between us and the crime families, I think all parties involved don't want to hear those sirens," Pex muses to Pippi. "And like I told them, if you need a hand, call. I'll help however I can."

    Huntress is given another nod. Non-lethal is the term tonight, but Pex is capable of hitting pretty damn hard. She'll be making sure no one gets up. When Leo mentions magic, however, that has Alopex wondering. Gwen even voices it before Alopex does. "Wait... what happened involving magic?" the way she says it makes it sound like she isn't even convinced such a thing is real. It isn't something she has experienced before.

    Huh. Magic. That.. is.. well.. surprising to say the least. "Well then, that's something I'm going to have to look into," she decides out loud. "Something for later, I suppose." All that said, the fox gives the group a nod, gives Pippi a pat on the shoulder, and then she's off. She'll be coming in from the south, and she'll be making sure people go night-night as soon as they are spotted.

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi gives a thumbs up to the group, backtracking a little bit backwards as she gives a hopeful smile to Cody, and then turns to follow behind Alopex. She hops off into the night, tailing the fox as quietly as she can as she decends the side of the building, hopping between fire escape and wall and as soon as she hits the gorund the shorter mutant is hot on the fox's trot!

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo merely grunts and turns away from the rest of the group, giving a hand motion to his brothers. The four of them then do their disappearing act, though without the use of smoke pellets. Those will be saved for later, no doubt. He's heard what he needed to regarding the potential for magic, and whether he believes in it or not is secondary to the fact there could be others with some kind of special benefit they have to deal with.

The turtles have already scoped out the manhole covers and sewer tunnels in the area. Well, it was Donatello who did the majority of that research before showing it to the others, so they know where they can pop out to maximize the element of surprise. That's where they head now, splitting off in pairs. This time around, Leonardo has Raphael with him, while Donatello gets saddled with Michelangelo. Sometimes the short straw goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. It's not that Mikey isn't capable. Donnie might just have to shush him a bit, but Leo may get to deal with Raph wanting to second-guess him about Alopex and this whole thing, not to mention wanting to bust some heads.

Main thing? There are soon two pairs of turtles underground, primed and waiting beneath openings topside near the shipping containers they're really here for.

Huntress has posed:
Huntress is possibly the least phased about magic coming up. She's already seen it on occasion, though not often. It's not any weirder than the other weird stuff you see in this line of work.

"If they start Matrix-ing away from projectiles, punch them harder. Got it." Then nods to Ghost Spider. "Good idea. The more vectors we hit them from, the harder for them to group together and make numbers an advantage." She walks over to the left side of the rooftop and steps onto the ledge. "Let's make them regret messing with either of our cities." Then steps over the edge to drop off.

She makes her way down the side of the building via ledges and fire escapes, to the right height to jump off and over the fence to land on the other side. By the time Cody gets down there to cut through the fence she's already disappeared into the shadows amongst dock warehouses and storage containers, making her way towards the first crane on the left side while avoiding the more likely patrolled route as much as she can.

She'll decide what she's actually going to do once she gets close enough to get a good look at the crane itself.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
"Great military guns and throwing fire.. can't be as bad as that El Diablo guy.. ugn." with that Gwen runs, fast, towards the right edge of the rooftop and then fires off a webline with a very soft thwip noise attaching it to the nearest crane on the right and leaps.

She angles out wide in the darkness not actually aiming for the crane she tethered too, but it is a nice high object.

Ghost Spider's real destination is one of the other crane's on the right which she alights onto with a soft noise.

For not being a ninja she is pretty darn stealthy when she isn't quipping.

She starts to scramble right up the body of the crane.

Itsy Bitsy Spider up the crane...

Along comes a gunman...

Gwen webs said gunman with his overwatch and big gun right in the face, splatting his mouth shut with one hand and then thwipping him to his perch.

Once he is webbed down and silent she looks out over the whole shipyard and plans her next move from a much higher vantage.

Nemean has posed:
Everyone goes their separate ways to begin the operation. Colt pushes himself up against the fence line, looking out for any potential guards but there shouldn't be anyone around. He clips through the fence with a pair of bolt cutters, and then ducks inside. He has his handgun with a suppressor, but for the moment he has a baton to use in the mean time.

Gwen's goon gets webbed down and none of the others seem any wiser at the moment, this seems to already be going off without a hitch. There's more than two dozen guys to go through to get to the containers though. This might be rough.

Alopex has posed:
    A fence? Nah, the fence is a non-issue. Pex hops it with little effort and lands as quietly as she approached. A glance for Pippi following is given before she starts to stalk forward through the shipyard, making her way through the stacks of shipping containers toward the ship that just came in. There's a few guards among the rows, guards which she will take out quickly, quietly, and on occasion likely with Pippi's help! Of course if the pup needs a hand she'll fall back to do the same for the canine.

Huntress has posed:
Huntress makes her way to the end of a stack of crates, pressing back up against it as she peeks around the corner of it. As her luck would have it there's a guard standing at the base of the ladder. So there's probably more up in the machine already, getting ready to use them to move the goods off that ship. Hmmm. One hand reachs quietly for a pouch on her belt. She doesn't have all the fancy 'plan for everything' gadgets the Bat does, but she's got the practical things for situations like this.

A smoke pellet is whipped into the air, exploding right in the guard's face. He hisses in surprise and irritation, distracted just long enough for Huntress to sprint up, grab his rifle and shove the butt into his stomach. The man hunches over partially and gasps at the air being forcefully hammered out of his lungs, fumbling with the weapon and getting it yanked out of his hands.

It's discarded out of reach, and Huntress grabs his head and slams it into a rung of the ladder, then shoves it between two of them as he slumps. He's out like a light with probably a mild concussion, and a bit of a tight spot to get out of once he wakes up.

Reaching up to grab the ladder above the prone form Huntress pulls herself up, going to climb the rigging of the machine itself rather than the actual ladder. That's the most likely thing the guard up top will be standing near even if he didn't hear the metallic clang below.

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi follows behind easily, tailing Alopex as she hops up to the fence, gras to the top and vaults over. Her eyes are wide, her ears up and alert, her heart beating in her ears, but she follows by Alopex's example -- for every two Alopex takes out, Pippi takes out one, a controlled whack to the back of the head to knock them out, and dragged off to be hidden away in the alley.

Leonardo has posed:
Over by some of those shipping containers, the Turtles go to work. Stealth is the name of the game and while they may not be vocal on the comms while they're busy, they are effective and efficient. One by one, sometimes two at a time, the guards around the big metal bins are taken out, whether left unconscious or tied up and left unable to call for help. None of the four are ever spotted, their actions surgical and clinical over the span of a few minutes.

Only then does Leonardo's voice come in over the comms: "Shipping containers are clear."

This is immediately followed up by Michelangelo: "We smoked them, dudes! Except we didn't have to use the smoke this time, but we--ow! Hey!"

Yes, even Donatello has to smack his brother once in a while.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Gwen hmms very softly to herself, the Spiderman theme song, though in her head it's Spider Gwen.

Lets see. The Cranes are all about the same height, two to go on the right side really.

Ghost Spider kips up onto the edge of the overwatch perch she already secured and then thwips a line to the middle crane even as she leaps off towards the far crane but a bit to the outside of the shipping yard. Sending herself sailing through the air.

A second line is shot to tag up above the gunners perch and still trailing the first line she angles hard back for the far crane.

There is a definite THUD as she comes in fast and plants both feet into the guys midsection and then webs a second bad guy to acrane like a gift wrapped package.

Someone may have heard that.

Meanwhile she secures her line to the middle crane and starts to scamper back to it like a spider walking a tightrope but much.. much faster.

One to go.

Ninja Spider!

Nemean has posed:
Everyone has already brought down multiple guards by the time Cody even makes it to the first one he can get behind. He grabs the guy and takes him down from behind with a rear naked choke, choking him out until he's out cold.

The others have managed to bring down a lot of the guards, but it seems that if anyone is going to screw this up, it's Cody, because he gets spotted as he's trying to hide the body. The other guard opens fire on him, but thankfully misses.

The massive flurry of activity suddenly kicks off, as guards from all over begin to converge on where the gunfire is. Over comms, Cody calls out, "Somebody take out the security office!" While ducking bullets.

It's not hard to miss the security office, because about six guys just came pouring out of it as the bullets started to fly. Cody may end up needing some backup.

Alopex has posed:
    Nice, smooth, quiet, everything's going well and Pippi's doing great at making sure the bodies are in places they won't be noticed. The fox actually gives the pup an approving nod before she flinches at gunfire, pauses, then sighs. "Alright Pippi. Always try to make sure you have something between yourself and whoever you're going after. Use that strength to your advantage. Alright?" Pex is taking a moment to talk with her before things go fully insane.

Pippi has posed:

    "Agent?" Pippi states, and with a look to Pex, she gives a wince, and then makes a judgement call.

    She runs in the direction of the gunfire, weaving in and out of debris. Something between herself and the guns?

    She picks a dumpster.

    Which, with a grunt, begins to roll at a pretty good clip, powered by the powerhouse pup as she rolls to put something between Cody and the gunfire!

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo rolls his eyes after what he picks up over the comms, but they're back to business once the downed guards have been hidden over in a corner of the docks.

Then, Raphael's voice comes in over the comms, even if it's hushed: "So is that how it's gonna be now, fearless leader? We're just gonna bring everyone we meet back to the lair?" Pause. "...damn! Okay, whatever the rest of you think you just heard, you didn't." Then his voice cuts out abruptly.

Raph and Leo are back underground, and the eldest turtle now rubs his face. "Got anything else you want to share with everyone, Raph? We'll talk about Alopex's friend /after/ this is done, /with/ Father. Are we clear?" A grunt is the most acknowledgment he's getting from the angry brother for now. This was why he wasn't looking forward to teaming with Raphael tonight, even if they were virtually untouchable fighting together. It's when they fight against each other that the sparks fly.

As gunfire is heard from above, Leonardo is on the comms again: "We hear shots. Do you need us?"

Huntress has posed:
Huntress grabs the railing of the crane platform but only pulls herself up enough to peek past it and see where the men are. Then pulls herself up to vault over the railing and onto the metal surface. Her boots make just enough of a clang to be heard, but it's intentional.

"What the hell?" The guard turns at the sound and brings up his rifle, but Huntress is faster with her own weapon and when he pulls the trigger the weapon backfires from the quarrel shot right into it's barrel blocking up the chamber. He howls as his hands are burned from the chamber bursting out the propellant gases, though the shout is lost in the ruckus starting over Cody being spotted. Enough to be knocked down by a swift kick in the chest. Fortunately he collides with the safety railing rather than fall over it.

Cody shouts over the comms for help. Fortunately hers is built into the backside of her mask, leaving her hands free to do other things. Like grab the hatch to cab and stand in it. "Surprise inspection!" she yells at the guy inside, even as she grabs his head and smashes it into the console. "Tsk. There's blood on the controls. That's a violation, you know." Followed by an oof as the thug manages to push her off before she can slam his head down again. The bleeding gash in his forehead doesn't stop him from going for his own pistol, but it's made his movements unsteady and by the time he pulls it up and fires it clanges off the upper door frame as Huntress is already ducking in low. Her shoulder collides with his side, knocking him out of the chair and against the opposite side of the cab. That's going to hurt like hell in the morning, maybe a torn tendon or two, but he'll live.

"I'm sorry, we're going to have to decomission your equipment." She pauses partway out of the cab to point her crossbow and fire it into the controls, rendering the crane unusuable. "Have a nice day~" That's the most sweetly mocking tone she can muster before scampering back outside to check on the scene. Even if Cody doesn't need immeadiate help, everyone in both gangs is going to be flooding out into the open now.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
"Lair.. I thought villains had lairs?" and with the gunfire and the whole jig is up going down now well hell quips are now ON. Her tone is absolutely good natured and lightly teasing though, she has no idea how teasing Raphael will go but she can't help herself.

Still running on her webline she adjusts her webslinger on her left hand and fires a heavy web shot right into guy on the last crane perch on the right. It hits like a beanbag round from a shotgun and then explodes in a net of webbing.

"On the security control room!" and with that Gwen leaps off her webline and mid-dive to the ground below fires off another webline and swings fast right in through the window of the security room.

Landing admist the two guards and the controller with an explosion of glass.

Nemean has posed:
The gunfire coming in towards Cody forces him to duck down. Several other guards are coming towards him as well. None of them are aware that Pippi is on her way. She ends up slamming the dumpster into two of the guys that were trying to advance on Cody and giving him cover. He runs from the cover he had up to the dumpster, and leans over the top of it, firing a taser at the third guy. "Stay on mission, Leo. Get to those containers."

Huntress takes down the last of her guys and disables the crane. Good thinking on her part because now they won't be able to load the shipping containers up onto the trucks to get them out of the area.

Once Ghost Spider smashes into the glass, she finds herself with two guards and the guy running the security office. Despite having guns, the first guard rushes towards her to try to punch her in the mask. The second guy moves to get a shotgun that is sitting on a desk. The guy on the controller is trying to get on the comms to try to get more of the guards to come back and help him!

Alopex has posed:
    The fox watches Pippi go, feels a rush of pride, then gets back on task. Pex is sure that Cody will be alright, and Pippi will help him out. For Alopex, it's time to move on the targeted cargo containers like a few others. With stealth broken, the fox scales to the top of the cargo container stacks and starts to make a bee-line for where the ones meant for Shredder should be at. And as she goes, considering how significant the night is, she draws The Shard off her back. "No better time to test than now.."

Leonardo has posed:
"Yep," is Leonardo's simple answer over the comms, but he can't resist adding, "Just be careful. Mikey, Donnie, Raph - you heard the man. Let's get to work." The gunfire may give them a distraction, drawing attention to the control booth.

Up the turtles come, exiting the sewers again, each of them taking on the task of getting a shipping container open. for Leonardo, a lock is sliced through thanks to a sword. Raphael's sai comes in handy with a deft twist. Michaelangelo's nunchuks bash at his, but Donatello has a different idea in mind: a lockpick. "Amateurs," he preens.

In unison, four sets of container doors are opened. Leo, on the comms: "We're in."

Huntress has posed:
Huntress runs up to the edge of the crane platform. Just raises a brow at the dumpster being pushed towards the guards mobbing on Cody. That's quick improvising really, can't knock it. Alopex is taking off for the containers, and while she can't see those Turtles she's pretty sure they've up to their ninja tactics. Ghost Spider is taking care of the security station.

Let's see if we can't take some more of that pressure off. Give them something else to worry about so they don't all dogpile on one position.

She pulls a special quarrel from her gauntlet quiver and loads it into her crossbow. "Excuse me," she snarks at the unconcious man against the railing from before as she steps past him, aims at one of the containers not vital to their mission from her vantage point on the crane, and fires.

The shot hits the side of the container and explodes loud and violently. But that's all it is, a lot of sound and light and smoke for show with a flashbang head, to make them THINK someone is trying to blow up their goods.

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi doesn't like the gun fire. It's loud. It hurts. She winces, then shakes it off, pins her ears back. "No body told these guys about the No Kill policy, huh?" she states to Cody, ducking down and covering her ears a moment before she stretches her arms, gives a huff, grasping the back of the steel dumpster she barks out: "Drop!"

    And she braces her legs, pulls her palm back, and with all her strength she delivers a flat-palm to the back of the dumpster, crushing it in partially and sending it careening forward to clear the way!

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Thank goodness for amazing spider sense and superhuman reflexes.

Even as Gwen leans back away from the fist to the mask she pivots and grabs the punchy guy and throws him.


Super Spider Strength.

Sure Pippi is actually stronger but Gwen is able to toss a dumpster with the best of them and at the moment she tosses one security guard into the other!

Crunching bones, but probably not lethal, and exploding glass as she sends the two of them back out of control room through another window.

With that she turns to the controller and just shakes her head. "Oooo help me... save me... come on no one is left out there to save you." she plucks him from his controls and tosses him straight up before webbing him to the ceiling.

"Security Room Check." reaching down she picks up one of the badguys comm headsets and slips it up against her ear to listen in.

Nemean has posed:
The turtles open up the containers, and they find they're full of multiple pelican cases, each of them bearing the Hammer Industries logo. It's definitely what they were looking for. Unfortunately for the turtles, several of the Triads are rushing at them with a mixture of standard swords and weapons and some have crowbars and big wrenches.

Leo would catch sight of one guy standing back, with a red gem pendant around his neck. He seems to be directing the others.

Alopex is going to get a chance to test her sword out now because two of the guys coming to respond to the gunfire spot her and rush towards her, "Get the freak!" One yells, the other raising his gun to shoot at Alopex.

Pippi's palm strike sends the dumpster flying, with Cody barely getting out the way. It slams into the guys that were behind it and rams them into a shipping container. Thankfully they seem to be alive, but also pretty out cold.

Huntress brings her explosive bolts to bear, and the container detonates in a bright flash and big fireball. This draws all manner of attention towards the explosion.

The last guy, the one that Ghost Spider is dealing with, puts his hands up. Then he gets himself webbed to the ceiling anyway.

Alopex has posed:
    The blade is out at her side as she's sprinting for the cargo containers. Considering the brothers are there, it ends up looking like she's going to be covering them. That's fine! She thought earlier she'd need to prove herself and this is the time. As the guns are drawn, the fox dips, then slides feet first. The blade is swung, not so much at the men but their weapons. After she passes by, she'd kip up and deliver a swift kick to each one of them before surging to help cover the turtles. They may want the help, they may not, but as she drops from above, she's going to at least take out one gun with her new sword. She glances back, "Heya fellas," then back to the gunners coming in. "Don't care what you all think of me. Time to deal with the riff-raff around here."

Leonardo has posed:
Suddenly: battle time!

Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo already have their weapons out, so they leap into the fight immediately when the members of the Triads show themselves. Donatello, however, tosses the lockpick aside - while Michelangelo laughs, "Amateur!" - and replaces it with his bo.

"We've got action, and I've got eyes on someone looking like a leader. I'm going to see if he's feeling talkative." Leonardo reports over the comms. First, he's just got to make his way over. A few people with more basic enemies are knocked aside with minimal effort, then the sound of metal on metal rings when he encounters a couple swordbearers. He flows into his strikes, and they're soon disarmed skillfully. That leaves his approach to the red gem man easy once he's exited the container he's cleared of goons. "You want to call your men off? They won't win and we both know it. All we want to know is what Shredder's promised you if you work for him."

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi gives a toothy grin to Cody (poor Cody!), and she cheerily says "I've been working on the aim!"

    And her ears perk up, and she turns back to the shipping containers. "Looks like Pex is covering the turtley thingie bros..." she trails off, and then she charges forward -- as the guns come up to Alopex's fore, Pippi's coming from the flank, and she easily comes up behind them, having grabbed an incidental weapon, and she gives a little growl, her ears pinning back, her teeth bared and hackles raised as she... holds a crowbar in her hands!

Huntress has posed:
Huntress decides to take the express route down. She hooks her grappler into the arm of the crane and jumps off the platform, using the line to control the speed of her descent and not crash into the ground.

That and she drops on one of the guys running to investigate the explosion. Definately helps cushion the landing.

Of course there's all the other enemies swarming in. "You know, I've been controlling myself tonight." She hooks the gun of the man she just headstomped with her foot and yanks it up into the air to grab. "I think it's time to stop."

That hangs for a moment... and then she throws the rifle over her shoulder, having never intended to use it. It was an attempt to throw the men off their guard expecting a volley of fire.

When instead she rushes in, grabbing the first thug she can and putting her knee into his gut, then shoves him over onto his back as he groans.

Huntress stands back up, straightens out her hood and rolls a shoulder, then takes a stance with her fists up. "Run away from a lady, or get your ass kicked by one. Up to you bambinos how you want to be humiliated."

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Gwen listens to the insane chatter on the bad guys comms as she hops back out of the window she threw the guys through a moment ago.

She leans just in time to not be shot by the shotgun, though some of the pellets bounce off grazing her suit. Ow. "Rude!"

The young woman thwips a metal box behind the Goon and yanks hard, pulling it right into his back, sending him flying at her fist.

Once he is down she webs him and his buddy she threw earlier to the ground, THWIP.

"They are panicky Petes now... uh where does anyone need help?" over the good guys comms not the bad guys.

Nemean has posed:
Alopex is able to take down the first guy after cutting his gun in half with her blade. It slices through the metal gun like it was butter. He actually stares at it in shock before she kicks him. The second guy goes down as well. Both of them have been knocked out by the kicks. She's free to continue on to the turtles now.

The turtles don't seem to have the luck of the guy in charge wanting to talk. He stands there with his arms folder across his chest as Leo tries to negotiate with him, "The Shredder did not promise us anything save being able to keep doing what we're doing."

He raises his right hand and it gets a red glow around it before he lobs a fireball at Leonardo. Welp, found one of the guys with the magical amulet. Better take him down quick.

"Go help the others, Pippi." Cody says to the canine, but before he even finishes she's on her way. Bearing down on one of the goons with a crowbar he never even has a chance before she takes him down.

The guy doesn't seem to want to run away from Huntress, and instead rushes right at her, swinging a wide haymaker with his right hand to try to hit her with as much force as he can manage, but it's a really telegraphed punch.

Ghost Spider can take down opponents with the best of them, because most people would have never been able to dodge that shotgun blast. The guy goes down, and she's free to make it to the containers where the turtles are fighting the Triad.

Alopex has posed:
    "Is that a freaking fireb-" When the spell is launched, she doesn't try to do anything but dive out of the way. She's having to DEAL with magic the day she learned about it?! "Isn't there some kind of way to counter spells with water or something?!" she blurts out from behind one of the nearby cargo containers. "It's some weird thing I overheard somewhere, once! I didn't think they were serious about it!" or she misunderstood something. Very likely she misunderstood something. For now, she's going to stay in cover, and looks toward the brothers, "Have any of you dealt with this kinda thing before?!"

Huntress has posed:
Can't say Huntress didn't give them the option. Even if she really didn't expect anyone to take it. Mafia muscle tends to be too macho for its own good.

The man charges, throws a massive punch. Huntress goes down on her back.

Oh, he missed. She just made her dodge look like she had been floored. For about three seconds before she kicks her legs up and rolls back onto her shoulders. Those attractively athletic legs wrap around the man's neck, and Huntress twists her body to the side to heave him off his feet while he's still off-center from his heavy punch. Instead of her kissing his fist he kisses the pavement, with the audible crack of teeth being knocked loose and likely a broke nose by the impact.

She's back on her feet pretty quick, putting her foot down on the half-concious man's neck. She's not actually putting her weight on him too much, just enough pressure that the pain will keep him down. "Anyone else?"

It was a show of force, and demonstration of skill. It probably wouldn't stop a lot of them, but it's the only sort of language these type of people really listen to. Let them know she's not someone to be taken lightly. Caped nutcase or not.

Pippi has posed:
    That was indeed a freaking fireball.

    The younger canine is on the other side of the fireball caster, but that's something she hadn't experienced before. Her ears go back, her eyes go wide, and the crowbar gets a slight twist as she shifts her weight, then runs in. He's focusing on Pex and the Turtles, and Pippi's at his six, she feels she has the element of surprise, and she goes in to side behind the amulet-bearing triad, and hook his ankle with the crowbar and pull his feet out from under him!

Leonardo has posed:
While Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello handle things with their Triad opposition, Leonardo gets an up close and personal look at just what those amulets can do. "Whoa! Fire in the hole!" he blurts, ducking to the ground near the containers as the fireball comes shooting out of a gap between them. He has a moment to report over the comms: "Things just got a little hot in here! We've got a magic-user and he might not be the only one!"

The Triad's reasons for working with Shredder are made clear, but it only leads to Leo flipping back to his feet to attack, leading with a trio of shuriken pulled from his belt, flung at him. "How about you let him know how that's going for you when you're behind bars?" The space around the containers isn't large enough for the usual full range of motion with both katana, so he resorts to keeping one blade out while going two-handed with it. The throwing stars may slow the man down a bit, at least giving Leo an opening to strike. His target? the amulet itself.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
"I mean to be fair to them, they probably won't actually end up behind bars for long.. which is why I want to smack the Shredder in his face a lot and end this. Stupid gold coins and corrupt cops."

Yeah okay Gwen is getting sick of the people she trusses up for the cops walking away free after doing crime. Really sick of it.

She keeps her left web slinger adjusted for those heavy web shots and leaps up and starts to race along the top of the containers.. leap... leap... towards the turtles and the containers they all came for.

Thwip.. Thwip... Thwip...

As she runs she fires web shots at any goons that she spots down below.

Nemean has posed:
By the looks of things, the two factions are running out of guys. But the big threat right now is the guy with the amulet.

Cody comes up along side Alopex, "Yes. You can overload them with enough firepower or impacts."

The group is attacking the guy from different angles, and these things are weak to melee from the looks of it. He never has a chance to get off a second fireball before the foot gets yanked out from under him by the crowbar.

As he goes down, Leo swipes with the blade, barely missing cutting the guy's throat, but hitting the chain of the amulet perfectly. He severs the chain and sends the amulet ricocheting off of the wall.

The other turtles have taken down most of the other goons by now, "I hope somebody brought a ton of rope." Cody says, as he steps out of his cover, as Gwen webs down one of the other guys. The team can regroup near the containers once the turtles wrap things up with this last few guys.

Alopex has posed:
    "Oh, that's good to know, now!" Alopex blurts before, apparently, things are taken care of rather swiftly. And it was Pippi! Best doggo! ".. Wait, is he done?" She peeks out, the mage is done, and it seems like the whole fight is done. "... Good job!" Alopex blurts out as she realizes what happend. She climbs to her feet shortly afterward, sheathes the Shard, and then shakes her head to Cody's question as she starts to take a look at the cargo container... barring anyone stopping her from doing so. "This is huge.." sniff. ... why does something in her smell like fear to her..? "erm..." She's actually backpedalling out. "I .. something's wrong.. and I don't know what.."

Leonardo has posed:
As others help converge on the man with the flame abilities, it gives Leonardo the chance to strike again without being the guy's singular focus. The end of his blade barely missing the neck and striking the chain itself is a testament to how precise he can be, even in the midst of a chaotic fight, severing only the access to the magic and no more. From there, Leo keeps the tip roughly an inch from his nose, right between the eyes. The message is clear without needing to be said at all: stay put.

Raphael is putting the finishing touches on a one-on-two tussle, taunting the opposition while taking them down effortlessly. Donatello trips up someone trying to get at Michelangelo, whacking him across the back of the head with his bo on the backswing. Michelangelo strikes elbows and knees with his 'chucks before sending the poor sap to the ground, howling in pain. "Boom goes the dynamite!" the one most prone to party cheers, and the three make their way back over to Leonardo as the brothers stand as a unit again.

Leo suggests, "Something tells me we won't be short on things to keep them still," as he nods in Gwen's direction. "Are we missing anything, or is this all the stuff?" Then Alopex moves forward and signs suggest it might not be over yet. Out comes the second katana, the blue-masked turtle back to dual-wielding as Mikey stage-whispers behind him, "Totally battle formation time, guys."

Huntress has posed:
At the query about rope Huntress pulls a packet from her belt and holds it up in one hand. "I've got ziptie restraints." The other hand points a thumb in Gwen's direction. "Or we can have her do it with her web stuff... Do you generate that or is it some kind of gadget?" Then after a moment shakes her head. "On second thought, don't answer that, I probably don't want to know."

She stoops down to bind the arms of the brute that tried to punch her, then leans forward to cuss something under her breath at him in Italian. Followed by a push with her foot as she removes it from his neck and rolling him onto his side. Like the rest of her opponents tonight he's bloody and bruised, but alive.

Turning her attention to the container the others are investigating she narrows her eyes at Alopex's reaction, and quickly picks up her crossbow to reload it. "Now what?" she remarks, almost like she's use to this sort of abrupt reprise of danger.

Considering some of the twisted criminals in Gotham, that might be accurate.

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi pauses, and she lifts her nose to the air. She takes a deep sniff, and looks at all the others around her, and she slinks near to Pex, her ears coming up as she snuffs in the cargo container as wlel, and her tail gives a little curl downwards. She glances to Pex, then backs away quietly, still holding that crowbar, her ears flick backwards as she draws down, eyeballing the container.

    "Alopex, it's the /lab-smell/." she whispers, and glances to the others, clearly afraid of whatever's in that container.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Thwippy Thwip Thwip Thwip....

Gwen web shots the various downed goons from her spot atop one of the normal cargo containers, hopping from one side to the other to get the people in the narrow sections.

The big guy who formerly had a magick amulet gets the heavy web shot not the light one from the right wrist. THUD .. webbing.

"My weblaunchers pull in the moisture from the air and condense it into webbing, I built them myself." which is, frankly impressive, it probably involves some concentrated chemicals as well but still. Also it is clear she isn't secreting webbing then, for the record.

"Uh so my spider senses are blarring now you all.... something dangerous as all hecks in that cargo container Alopex and Pippi don't like." and Gwen stays on the higher ground but goes low crouched and ready.

Also Spider Sense.. what the heck?

Nemean has posed:
With everybody freaking out about one of the containers, Cody frowns a bit, "It should just be guns and ammo and the like." He says, as he moves towards the container that Alopex and Pippi are worried about and that Gwen's spider sense is giving her blaring alarm signals for.

"Try to find out what he knows." He jerks his thumb towards the guy who is no longer in possession of an amulet, as he enters the cargo container. There are a lot of those Hammer boxes inside of it, but in the back is a black, unmarked briefcase.

Cody steps up to the briefcase and sees there's no lock or anything on it, so he pops the lid. The green glow is unmistakable even to the people outside of the container if they know what makes that kind of green glow.

"Nevermind. I don't think we need to interrogate him. I think we can safely say what the real 'tribute' to Shredder was."

Huntress has posed:
"It's glowing green. I only know a few things that are that kind of glow, none of them good," Huntress quips.

Alopex has posed:
    That .. glow. Alopex's eyes actually shrink a bit as she backs up a fair bit more. It looks like she -wants- to say something, but something at her -core- is keeping her from doing anything really significant at the moment. All she does is slip back behind one of the cargo containers, has a seat, and starts taking some deep breaths. If Pippi follows, ".. Y. Yes.. .. Yes it was.."

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo extends a hand to his brothers and the rest as he follows Cody into the container without seeking permission or consultation. "Be ready," he tells them, keeping his weapons, at least one, in hand. Once they find it's deserted aside from the supplies and the briefcase Cody finds, his eyes narrow to slits behind the mask.


While others familiar with it possess looks of fear and apprehension, Leonardo's is one of heightened caution. "That's what made us. Agent Garrett, I shouldn't have to say this, but be /extremely/ careful with that." How to play this? Should he try to lay claim to it? "We can't let this get to Shredder. He's already made new mutants for his army. This must be how it's reaching him."

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi gives a physical whine, and she rubs her arm, looking to Leonardo and Cody, adn she gives a nervous swallow. "It goes to more places than just the Shredder." she shifts her weight uncomfortabbly again, and scratches at her left ear where the ID tattoo is. "It needs to go somewhere where no one can get at it, where it can't be used to make any more of us. Or maybe just destoryed." she states, her eyes settling on the briefcase before she closes her eyes. "I'll... I'll go check on Alopex." she mutters, and then she goes around the side to tend to the fox, and flump down beside her.

    "... the smell of it makes my stomach hurt." she complains to the fox.

Huntress has posed:
Huntress had just reconized it as 'evil science green' glowing. When Leonardo actually explains what it is and what it did, the way Alopex and Pippi reacted made a lot more sense.

She curses under her breath again. It's still in Italian, but the way some of the Gambini men stare at her it was probably pretty vulgar.

Followed by a slow exhale, and recentering herself by readjusting her mask as a sort of gesture of focus.

"I think I'll leave that goop to you locals that know what to do with it."

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Gwen watches from her vantage, and while her spider sense is throbbing that the whole situation is dangerous for some reason.

It wasn't a bomb or a monster. She really needs to get a handle on this spider sense thing better.

To be fair Alopex and Pippi are acting like they have mild PTSD upon seeing it though.

"Is it some sort of bomb?" queries the Ghost Spider.

I mean it is the thing she wanted a sample of, she just doesn't know it yet.

Biochemist who accidentally created a mutangenic spider and turned herself into Spider-Gwen and all.

When Leonardo says Mutagen well that does get Gwen's attention and she looks over at him and then back to the glowing container, her angle means Cody is hidden. "We should definitely shut down his supplies then.. back track it and try to figure out where it is coming from to him." pausing a heartbeat. "I would really like to have a small sample of that stuff to study. Though I know only some of you have any reason to trust me." stupid Daily Bugle and JJJ hate on spider people. "I'm a biochemist, I think I can probably help. Though admittedly I did this to myself with a mutagenic spider on accident so well..." shut up Gwen. Also yeah she already talked about this with some present.

Nemean has posed:
"I'll take care of it." Cody says, as he picks up the briefcase and turns around to face the others, looking particularly at Leo. His statement wasn't him volunteering, it was a fact. He then turns to Gwen, "I remember you mentioning you were a biochemist. Do you have the equipment to get a sample here or do we need some kind of lab?"

He knows Pippi and Alopex and even the turtles don't seem to want anything to do with the stuff, and he honestly can't blame them.

"Either way we need to call this in. I realize none of these guys will stay in prison for long but considering Shredder will probably want them dead, they may WANT to stay in prison. But I can't be here when the local LEOs show up. I was supposed to ditch this case weeks ago."

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo bristles, which shows in a tensing of his body and tightening of his expression as he steps back out of the container. "I don't agree with keeping it around or taking samples. It's too dangerous, and if it gets into the wrong hands, like Shredder's, he's going to keep making more mutants to serve him. Find out how these guys got it, sure, but it should be destroyed so nobody can use it."

Even if he's used to what mutagen is and, if he had to be honest, thankful for what it's made him and his brothers into, Leonardo knows what it's capable of. So do his brothers. So does Alopex. So does Pippi. The goons and thugs are secondary right now, for good reason.

Huntress has posed:
Huntress snorts softly, remembering Cody complaining about all the red tape and such when she first met them. "Then someone else better call it in. Fortunately," she pulls a burner phone from her utility belt. "That's what I invest in these for. I'll go down the street and 9-1-1 a call about the sounds of fighting from the docks. The cops will have to come in and round these guys up to keep up appearances. So you guys probably don't want to stick around for too long. Nice beating the snot out of some criminal scumbags with the lot of you; Cody and the Vulpes know how to get ahold of me if you need help again."

Alopex has posed:
    There's another deep breath from the fox before she starts to gather her composure back up. Somehow she feels that sleep is going to be elusive tonight, but she'll deal with that later. For now, she looks over at the canine, nods, and sighs as her back and head slump against the cargo container behind them. "Mine too," she admits as one ear flicks toward the conversation about the mutagen. It seemed like Cody and Leo may disagree about the substance. All she knew for sure is that she isn't taking that stuff to Winterfall. Or anywhere.

Pippi has posed:
    "... we should go home. Let them handle it." Pippi states to Alopex. "We'll hear about it from Cody either way." she offers as a smile to the fox.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Gwen looks over at the turtles and then over at Cody and back again.

"If this guy is turning people into mutants and making them serve him. Do you think it might be worth a shot at trying to figure out how to reverse it or what we are dealing with here?" she spreads her gloved hands. "I'm sure not going to fight over or force the issue but I can give you my word I won't do anything bad with it or let anyone take a sample from me."

To Cody "It seems.. dangerous enough I wouldn't want to do it outside a lab. Which... I do have a lab but that makes it risky for me to show you who I am behind the mask. I suppose trust is necessary."

Nemean has posed:
"Okay. Sounds good." Cody says in response to Spider, "Let me get this to a secure location for now, once I can meet up with you, we can get that sample for you and get things figured out."

He looks back towards Leo, "I understand why you want to destroy it. And we will. But we can't just dump it in the river or something or we'll wind up with a bunch of mutant fish or something." A pause, "Okay fine there's not that many fish living in the river but you get my point."

Leonardo has posed:
The way Leonardo's handling this, a frown sets in and he turns to take in each of his brothers. None of them look comfortable with the situation either, no clear solution present. Donatello says, "If there /is/ a way to reverse it..I don't know. If Shredder learned how to do that, what if he used it on /us/ and turned us back into regular turtles again?"

It's a concern all of them must be thinking about, and Leo follows up with a nod. "Donnie's right. For better or worse, this is who we are now. We can do a lot more to stop Shredder because of it, but I understand it's hard on others when they get changed, or experimented on." Eyes shift toward Alopex and Pippi at this, and he rubs the back of his neck after putting his swords away.

Huntress gets a glance and a nod as she talks of phoning in the situation on the docks, and Gwen is considered as well. "Both of you fight well, but this is big stuff with the mutagen involved. It can turn animals into mutants, but it can also happen to people. If it comes into contact with anyone, there's no avoiding what comes next. This is why I'm so cautious about it, Agent Garrett. If you're going to take it anywhere, until we figure out what to do next you need to make sure nobody else can get to it except you."

He turns away from them to walk over to where Alopex and Pippi have stationed themselves. "Do you have a minute?" It's clear he's asking this of both.

Alopex has posed:
    There's a nod from Pex to Pippi, "That's a good idea," she muses before pulling herself onto her feet. She offers Pippi a hand up before she moves back around the container. "Ah, we're going to let you handle this, folks. You should all be satisfied with our work today. Good work, all." She's about to go before Leonardo calls. ".. Yes that's fine with me at least," looking toward Pippi a moment as well, making sure.

Pippi has posed:
    Pippi had accepted the hand up, and tailed the fox back to the group, releived that she was all right, but seemed genuinely surprised when Leonardo approached them. She blinks, her tail drawing down and her ears drawing forward as she looks to Leonardo, and then just gives a quiet nod.

Alopex has posed:
    With that, the fox glances back to Leonardo, "Yes, what is it?"

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
"I learned the hard lesson of not being extremely careful about mutagenic reactions. Trust me I know first hand how dangerous stuff generally like this can be. Even if I didn't turn into a person who looked on the surface like a Spider."

For a long moment there Gwen counts her lucky stars she didn't end up with lots of limbs or as a giant Spider Mutant. I mean she sure as hell could have after all.

Totems and other metaphysical shit had her back on this one.

"So yeah I really meant it when I said I wouldn't fight over this and I defer to you all really. I would never use it on anyone who wanted to be this way if we did make a breakthrough but .. I'm a scientist I'd like to know how it works and if we can help anyone he may have forced into this."

At this point she really leaves it to Leonardo and Cody to sort out.

Nemean has posed:
"Don't worry." Cody replies to Leo, "I have a secure location I can take it to. It'll be locked away in a safe that only I know the combination to."

A glance back over to Gwen, "We'll see what we can do, don't worry. Shouldn't be more than a day or two and we can sort this whole thing out. I need you guys to trust me, like I've trusted all of you. Okay?"

Huntress has posed:
Helena Bertinelli pauses and glances back at the case for a moment. "If this is the sort of 'power' Shredder has been offering access to, I'm starting to understand why even the most corrupt scum, men that normally bow below no one, would be willing to work for him."

Then looks to the rest of the group, and manages a brief smile of sorts. "Thankfully this city has her protectors. Keep in touch, eh? Or look me up if you ever come down to Gotham." With that she finishes heading out to make the call to the authorities, and ditch the disposable phone afterwards.

Trust... was not an easy thing for the Huntress. But this was their city, just as Gotham was hers. She could put faith in them to do what was right for it with that gunk.

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo begins to offer a hand toward the the fox and dog mutants, only to take a step back a moment later. "Alopex, I already knew you were capable, and nothing you did tonight surprised me. I sense there's a story behind your new sword and I'd like to hear it sometime. And, you? I don't think I got your name but it already looks like she's taught you well. I'm Leonardo, and those are my brothers, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo." Each gets a nod from him, each giving their own form of greeting or, in Raph's case, carrying on with a suspicious look.

He says to Alopex, "I mentioned before, Father would like to see you, and he asked me to bring you to our home. If you agree, I would have to ask to blindfold you and mask your ability to smell, so our location is kept safe. He believes that would show your willingness to trust, and be trusted in return. If she is to come with you," he explains, nodding to Pippi, "We would have to bring her the same way. If you need time to think about it, I speak with you again soon."

The talk of finding a cure sticks in the back of his head, and he has one last question for them before any sirens might start to be heard in the distance. "If this could be reversed, would you want to go back to the way things were before? Could you?" He already knows what his answer would be.

Alopex has posed:
    There's a thoughtful hmm from the fox before she gives a nod to the brothers, and then glances back to Leo. "I'll take it into consideration. I .. need a night or two to clear my head from tonight. I'll be in touch the way you suggested back on the roof," A glance is given to the canine, then back to Leo. "If that's alright, we'll be on our way out. Just .. need a little bit.. okay?" there's a light smile, and then she turns to head out, pausing to make sure Pippi is ready to go before moving out. This night went well, just.. seeing That Glow stirred a few too many memories.

Pippi has posed:

    Pippi gives a smile, and raises her hand to shake, then remembers something, and instead gives a sort of still-in-practice bow from her waist.

    "Pippi!" she introduces herself, exhaling a breath she wasn't aware she was holding, and her tail gives a little wag... and she blinks at the idea of cure. She looks at Alopex, and then she looks down, her shoulders sagging as she glances off to the side -- but sirens are incoming, she can hear them -- and she quickly follows Pex out, giving a friendly wave backwards to the Turtles, Gwen, Agent Cody and The Huntress before the two canines disappear into the night.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Gwen straightens from her crouch looking down at everyone and shoots the Cody a snappy little salute and then well to everyone. "It was great working with you all. Until next time... and I hope it is the Foot or the Purple Dragons next time..."

She starts to run down the length of a shipping container and fires off a webline and swings into the darkness. For a white and black costume it is swallowed by the night awfully quickly.

Though maybe she needs a ninja themed costume for these missions.