7838/The Price of Submission

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The Price of Submission
Date of Scene: 11 June 2019
Location: A secret Lab
Synopsis: Cody Garrett's life changes forever when he's introduced to a chemical known as mutagen.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Nemean

Shredder has posed:
    Blindfold, back of the car, the whole nine yards. Cody's trip took maybe twenty minutes, so wherever it was going, it wasn't that far. When the hood is pulled from his head, Cody is sitting in a rather well lit room, and Shredder stands before him, still in full armor.

    "Agent Garrett," he says quietly, and gestures to a young asian woman with glasses. She isn't a remarkable looking girl, short, a nose that seems a little too large for her face, and a simple haircut, her dark bangs falling above her eyebrows, and the sides are trimmed evenly above her neck.
    "Meet Lindsay," he says. "She's a very bright young woman, and has been so kind as to join us this evening. Do you know what this is that you have so carefully preserved for me?" he asks, letting the vial of green liquid dance around his fingers.

Nemean has posed:
It takes a few moments for his eyes to re-focus after the hood is removed, the room is very bright and eyes can take a while to adjust to the sudden change. After blinking a few times, he looks at the woman and the vial, "They called it mutagen." He replies to Shredder, "From what I've found out it was used to make the mutants you've been fighting with..And using for your own soldiers." He pulls at the bonds holding his arms behind his back in the chair, "Why are you quizzing me on it?"

Shredder has posed:
    "Close," Shredder answers leaning over, "Technically it's still Utromium. A rare chemical not found on this planet. Not naturally, at least. It's worth more than its weight in diamonds." He clasps it, then hands it to Lindsay. "Lindsay here is a member of a specialized genetics team which created mutagen, using this very resource. With it I will be able to further generate an army to my needs." He stands back to his full height. "You see, using the formula, it can be used to merge the DNA of two creatures. It only takes a sample of blood from the desired creature. With this, we can cure a variety of genetic diseases, and plan to. You should be very proud, you're going to help make history."

    Lindsay goes to a table, and quietly takes the utromium and starts to mix the ingredients in a beaker, careful to wear gloves the prevent her from making contact with the substance herself.

Nemean has posed:
"So if you didn't make the turtles, what happened?" He wonders. The only mutant he knows for sure that Shredder had made was Alopex, but he wasn't going to mention anything about knowing her or whatever he knew. He wanted to protect his family, but also her and the burgeoning family she's building, "What are you going to do with me, turn me into a slug or something?"

Shredder has posed:
    "The Turtles?" Shredder echoes. "The turtles were nothing more than a mistake, and someone else made it. A product of accidental chemical interaction when a shipment of experimental mutagen was in an unfortunate accident. The process has been refined significantly since that time."

    He looks back to Lindsay, "Lindsay's talents are not wasted. She enjoys this, really. Playing God. She was a good hire I think. She likes the science of the matter, you see." The woman turns around, a syringe in her hand with the neon colored liquid.

Nemean has posed:
Cody turns his head to look at Lindsay, and that syringe in her hand, "Hope he pays well." He says to her, knowing that generally people with mysterious syringes full of mystery liquid don't have good intentions, "Can you at least give me an alcohol swab or something first? I don't want that to get infected."

Shredder has posed:
    Lindsay nods, seemingly unconcerned by her current course of action. "Yes, cleanliness is important, or else you could end up like the boy who was exposed in that accident. Blinded for life. It was really terrible," she says, not an ingenuine statement, but one that she doesn't have a personal vested interest in. "Anyway, I'm not on his payroll," she says, nodding toward the Shredder. She produces the alcohol wipe, and heads over to start wiping Cody's bicep. "Just as a warning, this hurts a lot, but you'll be okay after a few minutes."

Nemean has posed:
"So he doens't pay you? This a hobby or something?" He asks, shaking his head a bit. "Well, I suppose we might as well get on with it." Cody replies, as he feels that cold feeling on his bicep, knowing that he's gonna end up getting stuck soon. He hopes this won't go horribly. His hopes probably are about to be dashed.

Shredder has posed:
    Lindsay laughs, "Oh, no I get paid, just not by him," she says. "I got my doctorate, I'm not going to work for free." She seems to have the conversation very naturally, not as if some mad scientist, but the way a nurse might have at your yearly check up.

    Shredder seems content to watch quietly now.
    "Okay, here it comes," she says, sticking the needle into Cody's arm. The liquid is dispensed, and it comes with an intense burning sensation as it washes into the body, flowing through the muscles, and into the bloodstream.

Nemean has posed:
Well the alcohol will at least keep it from getting infected. Not that it'll matter to Cody as the burning sensation tears through his arm. He grits his teeth, not wanting to give Shredder the satisfaction of watching him scream, but were he not handcuffed to the chair he'd probably be flailing around like an idiot.

His mind races, as he looks out of the corner of his eye at the now empty syringe. No chance of escape now. Whatever that stuff is going to do to him, the process has already started. He does sort of hope maybe he passes out from the pain, but he hasn't been that lucky lately.

Shredder has posed:
    Lindsay steps back, looking rather unemotional about the whole procedure. It isn't the first time she's done this. But that expressionless face seems to light up a little as she watches what happens next. Cody's muscles start to bulge, a draining experience as the energy that his body has currently stored up is converted in a heartbeat. Hair starts to grow, no, fur. A forcible stretching of his face starts as the cartiledge rearranges. It hurts quite a bit, really. Teeth start to elongate into fangs, fingernails turn to claws.

    "What creature did you choose," Shredder asks Lindsay. Apparently she had that freedom.
    "A lion," she says as his hair and beard begin to thicken int a mane.
    Excellent choice," comes the Shredder's compliment.

Nemean has posed:
There's some irony there, he thinks, somewhere amongst the pain of his face pushing out and his muscles expanding. An old nickname coming back to haunt him.

He flexes his new muscles against the cuffs, breaking them, but all he manages to do is fall forward onto his hands and knees, the pain of the transformation too much to do anything else. Clothes rip to make way for things that weren't there before, like a tail, and he finally cries out, though it turns into an animalistic roar part-way through.

Shredder has posed:
    "Shredder's eyes smile behind the mask. "Agent Garrett, you have just received a gift," he says simply. "You will need to rest, such a transformation is quite exhausting. The body was not intended for such extreme procedures. Dr. Baker has refined the process quite a bit, but there is only so much you can handle at a time."

    He nods to the woman, and she picks up a needle filled with some sort of liquid again. "Don't worry," she says, "Everything is going to be all right." This time, it's a simple sedative. "The transition is easier if you sleep through some of it," she explains.

Nemean has posed:
Another stick, this time he's too busy looking at his hands or paws or whatever you want to call them to look at what's in the needle. He feels it take effect quickly though. He turns his head to look up at Shredder, a mixture of confusion and anger on his face for a moment before he slumps back down to the cold tile floor, the sedative quickly taking effect.

He's a lot heavier than before so Lindsay may need help moving him. Thankfully Shredder probably has a lot of help on hand for just such an activity.