7887/The One Who Survived

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The One Who Survived
Date of Scene: 15 June 2019
Location: Salvation, Niflheim
Synopsis: Hela summons one last Valkyrie to her side. The Valkyrie is not happy about this, and words are had.
Cast of Characters: Hela, Valkyrie

Hela has posed:
Note: flashback scene slotted after Hela gained dominion over the Valkyrior, as a result of her arrangement with Thor and Loki, and following meeting with current Valkyrior leader Vintridr.

Before the foreboding high structure that is Niflheim Castle, on the sprawling massive staircase, stands Hela -- Queen of Niflheim and Hel. Besides her stands the mighty wolf Fenris.

As Hela looms over her dominion, she reaches to pet Fenris, who casts a deathly glare at any denizen who dare approach the castle too closely, uninvited.

It has been about a month since Hela has called all living Valkyrior to her, the sensation much like a calling for the Choosers of The Slain to fulfil their divine duty. Only in this case, it is their new sovereign who seeks their presence.

Those Valkyries still alive, have made it before Hela, and no longer feel that call. They have largely since returned to their duty, particularly now that Hela has restored Valhalla from the ruins of Ragnarok.

But there was one still alive, that Hela was unaware of. One that many of the current Valkyrior might not even be aware of with their dwindled numbers.

Hela herself almost forgot by now she's made that call, though the one resisting it, will no doubt wish to bring an end, even if reluctantly, to this annoying draw leading to the bifrost directly to Niflheim.

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn is looking forward to bringing something to an end, all right. Or someONE to an end. She's made her approach back to the bifrost, for the first time in ages.

She's dressed practically; the dark leather attire that she wore on Sakaar. But she's also broken something out for this /special/ occasion...she has her sword. It's already in hand, as she strides off the bridge. She's not moving with her normal sass, either. This is the stalk of a predator. A warrior, who's ready for a fight.

"You've got some nerve!" She calls out, her voice ringing with barely suppressed fury. "Show yourself!"

Hela has posed:
"Nerve...?" Hela's voice booms all over the realm of Niflheim, making it hard to pinpoint her position, yet at the same time serving as a reminder. In here, it is Hela who shapes reality itself. Her power absolute. Yet she chooses to make the point with a mere display of booming voice, "follow the steps to the castle...I hide from no one."

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn strides towards the castle. When she reaches the doors themselves, she lifts a leg and kicks at it, with all her strength. If she can get it to break off the hinges, so much the better. She's got a lot of anger to work off.

Hela has posed:
As Brynn makes her way up the spiraling steps up the mountainous path, she'll find eventually they straighten to a grab staircase leading to the front gate. However, before she has a chance to assault Hela's gate, she'll find the Queen of Niflheim true to her word, out in plain sight. Standing on those very steps between Bryn and the castle gates. The shadow cast by her sharp antlery crown is quite menacing as she turns her head to stare down the stairs. Looking directly at the oncoming Valkyrie. THE Valkyrie as it were, leader of the Valkyrior during Odin's reign. "Look Fenris," she whispers to her wolf affectionately, "see who comes to visit us again..."

The expression across her visage turns to one of pure delight, amused to find Bryn of all people walking up the steps to her castle. "Last time you arrived with an entire host on winged steeds, are you so full of confidence to truly feel you'll fare better by your lonesome self?" The smirk on Hela's face suggests she can taste Brynn's anger, and relishes the chance the famed Valkyrie will actually proceed with the intent she seems to broadcast.

"That said...I am most impress to see you here, Brynnhilde, if there's one thing Odin did correctly it was your appointment. You managed to return when I thought I eliminated all who came to offend me in my very home."

It's all a matter of perspective, ask Odin, and he'd say he was sending the fierce Valkyrior to enforce his decree and ensure Hela doesn't break free from his banishment. Truth be told, though the encounter was a massacre, the Valkyrior did attain their goal. Distracting Hela long enough for Odin to complete his spell. Naturally, noble Allfather may not have let them in on the true plan at the time.

Valkyrie has posed:
"I'm only here because of this annoying call that you've managed to put out. It's like having someone singing in your ear at all hours." She's trying hard to keep her temper to stay clear of a fight. She WANTS a fight. Badly. But this isn't the time, and it isn't the place.

"Imagine that. And here I thought you were too busy killing people to notice. Shut off the annoying racket, and I'll be on my way. I've been done with this place for a long time."

Hela has posed:
"Oh...?" Hela looks surprised as Valkyrie mentions hearing that call she put out, "does that mean Odin never fired you after that failure?" Hela blinks, a bit taken back by the fact, "or could it be that you never returned to face him...? Is that why you're still a Valkyrie? Is his death your gain too?" Hela asks, teasing and taunting, clearly finding this line of thought quite amusing.

"Oh I know just what it's like, but it's supposed to be handled quickly. A true Valkyrie answers the call, as Vintridr did in a prompt manner."

"Mmm...maybe killing so many of your sisters was distraction enough to not notice one slipping through," Hela does admit, going along with Valkyrie's taunting accusation rather than decrying it. "I will give you that peace of mind, but first you must hear me...as did your surviving sisters," she then cocks her head, grinning, "well...they are younger recruits than your sisters, but Asgard must always has its Valkyrior...and they are diminished by the horrors of Ragnarok."

Valkyrie has posed:
"Funny. Not really a failure, far as I thought. The whole part was to get rid of /you/. And we managed that for several thousand years. High price. But a failure? No, not seeing that part." Brynn may be able to keep herself from turning this into a violent fight, but there's no way she's not going to throw some shade Hela's way.

"Vintridr's sweet. Means well. But she doesn't know who you are. I do. You wanted me here. You got me here. So what's this all about? Or shall I just be on my my way now that I've answered this nonsense?"

She crosses her arms over her chest, her sword still held in her fist, pointing skyward.

Hela has posed:
Hela smiles, eeriely enough it seems a proud smile, "there's more to you than that anger you show, Brynnhilde," Hela remarks, "good...you're still a Valkyrie." Curious, but turns out her little go at taunting Bryn was nothing more than a test.

What reason would she have for such games? Well, she proceeds to explain, "I'm afraid you do not who I am either, brave Valkyrie."

Hela notes the sword brandished by Valkyrie, but she doesn't seem too concerned about it. Her attention, however, suggests she just might give Valkyrie the honor of an actual fight should she wish to press for it. "Odin Allfather has died, I have returned, and I find I have brothers now...and one of them holds my claim." The way she speaks, she sounds vexed, and yet there are no assertion of pending revenge.

"Instead of plummeting the barely surviving Asgard into ruin, we have come to an agreement. King Thor rules over Asgard, but in return, I, Hela, Goddess of Death, now hold dominion over the Valkyrior has should always have been the case." Her hand then extend at the golden light breaking through the cold mists of Niflheim, directly opposite her castle. "In return I have also restored Valhalla," she pauses briefly, but doesn't wait for the gratitude she doesn't anticipate will come, "you're welcome," she states nevertheless.

"If you wish to retain your role, I respect your prowess enough to allow it. If you wish to resume leadership of the Valkyrior, you may ask Vintridr to yield...or test in combat who is better fit."

Just like that, the bothersome call ends, and Valkyrie can finally hear her thoughts quietly without that nagging compulsion to answer the call. "Worry not, I am no monster, the Valkyrior are acting as they should: Chooser of The Slain. Though with dwindled numbers, I also have the Valkyries tracking potential recruits...Ragnarok nearly decimated all, but we prevail. Asgard is the supreme, those who forget will be reminded in time."

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn listens, as she looks to Hela. Her lips curl up a touch when Hela talks about her brothers. "And that must must be just the kicker for you, hmm? ALLLLL that time waiting, and then you're blocked out by the younger and more likeable siblings."

There's no thanks for Valhalla, sure enough...it will likely be...well, a colder day in Hel than this before Hela gets thanks from Brynn. "I'll see. Clearly going to be some folks I'm going to have to talk to." Thor, for one. Vintridr for another.

With the call finally ceasing, she takes a deep breath, enjoying the peace of her thoughts. "Oh, you're a monster, sure enough. And there's at least ONE person out there who remembers that."

/The/ Valkyrie will then give an overly dramatic "bow", though she looks up as she does so, never taking her eyes off Hela. This is not a relationship based off trust. "I'll be leaving, then. You can get back to plotting takeovers, and how you're going to kill more of your countrymen."

Hela has posed:
"More likeable...?" Hela tastes the term and laughs, "perhaps there's a half truth in your statement, but let me put this to you for future reference. In all my time as Odin's Executioner, his daughter, conqueror of the Nine Realms, leader of the Einherjar, and Goddess of Death," Hela does a full random of various titles as she grew in stature before being elevated to Goddess of Death, "in all that time, I have been nothing of not truthful. The same cannot be said of my dear brothers," she concludes with a knowing smirk.

"It is petty to take such little joys at a bothering of someone hated," Hela notes for Bryn, nodding in approval as Bryn does all the right moves for 'show', even if she doesn't honestly feels the way she must display at this juncture. "You may speak with all you wish," Hela grants, before snapping, for the first time showing a sign of true anger in this entire interaction, "never accuse me of such low motives. I do not kill my countrymen for no reason...your sisters heeded a call for a battle in which they were outmatched. I know you feel otherwise, but action has consequence. They died needlessly, but bravely...but make no mistake, it was Allfather, Odin, my father who sent them to their deaths. Not I."

Valkyrie has posed:
"The Allfather wasn't the one who threw blades to pierce my sister's hearts. YOU did that. YOU were the murderess. I've lost more than enough to your family's squabbles. I won't lose any more." And with that, anger in her tone and her body language, Brynn will start to make her departure.

Hela has posed:
"What would you have me do, brave Valkyrie? Stand still and taste the blades of your sisters? An entire Valkyrior host, and you would not have me defend my realm? I gave warning...it was not heeded." Hela looks outright offended by the accusation, clearly, she honestly believes in the way she presented things. Accusing Odin for orchestrating the entire affair.

When Valkyrie turns to part, Hela doesn't stop her, instead she just continues petting Fenris who looks with disdain at the entire conversation. Denied a meal he might have expected.

"It might please you to learn there no squabbles now that Mighty 'Peace Loving' Odin is out of the picture, speak to Thor, speak to Loki, speak to any royal...or don't. But you will do your duty as Chooser of The Slain, or forefit your role, Valkyrie, the worthy deserve your efforts."

Valkyrie has posed:
No reply returns from Brynn. She won't show it, but she's more than a little conflicted over this entire mess. But decisions can't be made quickly here. It'll take conversations with some others to guide her path. That path begins at the bifrost, however, to which she returns...departing for now.