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A Fresh Start
Date of Scene: 19 June 2019
Location: Kitsune's Chambers and Cody's mind.
Synopsis: Cody gets a new set of memories from Kitsune.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Nemean

Shredder has posed:
    Cody was downed by the drugs after his mutation, and once he was unconscious, he was taken to Kitsune, just according to plan. Bebop was called in to carry him, and he was placed on the table, surrounded by candles and incense. The witch, despite her elegant, proper Japanese appearance and robes, is no one to trifle with, not even for the Shredder. Behind a gentle looking exterior was nothing less than a god. She finishes placing the last stick of incense, and looks back to Shredder and Bebop.

    "Leave us," she instructs them simply, and they do, without a word. She starts to circle the table, "So it is now only you and I," she says, the words penetrating deep to reach the unconscious lion. "I am called Kitsune. I am far beyond your comprehension as a mortal, but do not be afraid."

    She opens her hand, and an unnatural fire burns within it. "I pose no threat to you. I am simply here to guide you." The image that she projects to Cody is one of a small fox, unthreatening, walking through tall grass. "I am hear to uncover your eyes, to allow you to be free of the dark shadows that have plagued you in your past, and show you where your salvation lies."

Nemean has posed:
Confusion is the word of the day. Or however long it's been. Deep in Cody's subconscious he's not sure how long he's been out, it's still trying to parse the massive changes the body just went through. Even the brain was affected, it's hard not to be with the mutagen running through his veins, changing everything as it goes.

The unconscious line stirs a bit as Kitsune talks to him. It's obvious he can hear her, despite being out cold. She can speak right into his subconscious, to direct him as needed. He wouldn't think he had shadows in his past. But her voice is so soothing and convincing. Maybe he did and just didn't want to think about it.

Shredder has posed:
    A memory comes up. "Where should we start?" she asks, "Perhaps with the vigilante who pretended to have nobility in his heart. Mister Castle..." A flashback, similar to the real one, appears.

    "These guys," comes the Punisher's voice. "Using cops as a shield. I didn't shoot anything up, it was ninjas comin' at me, it was purely self-defense...this time..." He gives a rather dark smile. "Since they got cops on their side, we gotta kill all we can. You can help me." The warehouse scene is present, but it's not a ninja that threw the grenade this time. "Police! Freeze!" And it's not Frank jumping in front of the grenade that happens. He throws Cody in front of the grenade.

    "What did you expect from a deranged lunatic?" Kitsune asks, the fox strolling through the memory as if it were her own home.

Nemean has posed:
That memory comes up, Cody watches everything play out, but he feels like he's a third person observing his own recollection. Something feels wrong. Like that can't be how it played out, but this is his own brain, right?

"I admit I've made mistakes." He says as he tries to follow Kitsune, dodging the memory as he does so, "But I've always tried to do the right thing even if the methods weren't the best. Why am I getting punished for doing what's right?" Has he always done what's right? He's having trouble thinking, like some of his memory is clouded.

Shredder has posed:
    "Just call me the Punisher," Frank answers the question instead of Kitsune. That memory didn't need to be altered.

    "He told you that the police were all bad, that he had private information. What did the news reports say?" countless reports that may have been seen or crossed Cody's desk about things that might have contradicted Punisher's claim appeared. The memory of Microchip speaking comes up, "May you live in interesting times, "We have a partnership to make our world a better place, I know a lot of people in this day and age have a thing against killing, but I see all the crap those Gotham characters have done with that Batman character pretending they can be reformed, and I just think to myself 'he's doing more harm than good'. You know?"

    A series of images of Punisher detonating bombs, shooting unarmed enemies in the head, sniping his foes from a rooftop. "A better place," he repeats.

    "Is this better than what the Batman does? Is he not just a monsters?" She asks pointedly.

Nemean has posed:
"He did enable Harley Quinn to escape Arkham by trying to attack her when she was safely incarcerated.." Cody mutters to himself. He hadn't thought about that, but it rings true now that he's seeing everything else.

"What do you want from me, Kitsune?" The lion asks. He's seeing himself as...Well, his new form, in his subconcious. Why is that? He looks down at his hands for a moment, "This isn't right. I was still me in those memories.."

Shredder has posed:
    Kitsune walks patienly up, and speaks softly. "No, that was taken from you," she says. "I only want you to make your decision based on the truth. And how were you changed?" she asks.

    A new scene, the turtles, Pippi, Alopex, all mutants. "We have to take this from the Triad," says Alopex. All of the mutants' forms are slightly more wicked looking. "You did good finding this." The fight goes down, the utromium recovered.

    "Now you can be one of us," Alopex says. The turtles and canines force down, a first person view of them forcing the utromium down his throat. That sensation of the burning, the mutation, the exhaustion.

    The Shredder lands on one of the containers at the dock? "No, not again!" he cries out. "You monsters want to force others into your ranks!" He springs into action, heroicly defeating the other mutants, single-handedly beating them back. They strike back viciously, and he reaches out for Cody's hand.

    "But he came...didn't he, can you remember? The mutagen attempted to rewrite your memory, to give affinity to the ones who turned you into what you are..."

Nemean has posed:
The lion rubs his throat a bit as the memory replays. He helped them and they turned on him, that's right. He rubs his head a bit. That was how it played out, that memory is clear. Everything else is blurry and fuzzy. From them trying to re-write his mind.

"I trusted them." He says, as he looks back towards Kitsune, "The Triad had injured me in the days prior and I had a chance to strike back at them, but this was a ruse wasn't it? And Shredder saved me and brought me to you? A lot of stuff is still very clouded.."

Shredder has posed:
    "It's a natural effect of the mutagen," Kitsune says. "Indeed. Search your heart, you know that it is true." As he brings up the previous attack, ideas of how the other mutants may have influenced the triad come to bear.

    "I will not let them hurt you anymore. The Shredder has rescued several who have been targeted by them. You will not be forced to join the one who saved you, but you are welcome to join him if you desire." The memories go dark, and they stand in blackness, just Kitsune and Cody, and the frozen image of Shredder extending a friendly hand.

Nemean has posed:
Cody stands in the darkness, looking at the Shredder in front of him holding out his hand, "I suppose I'll need a better name." He says, looking down at his hand and then back at Shredder's, "Something tells me Cody isn't a good name for a mutant."

He does reach out and take the outstretched hand, however, "Will you help me recover the memories that the mutatgen has messed with?" He asks, looking to Kitsune.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder takes the hand. It's strong, and assured.

    "Yes," Kitsune says. "I would be happy to." She gives a pleasant and friendly smile. Certainly a trustworthy character.