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All Shall Be Well
Date of Scene: 20 June 2019
Location: Antaeus-5, Sector 1624
Synopsis: A village has been destroyed, and Kinsey actually has a harder time bringing hope to the destroyer than to the victims.
Cast of Characters: Blurr, Kinsey MacKenna

Blurr has posed:
    After the...scuffle with Gigas and Lobo, Blurr quickly busies himself with gathering up the one insecticon that managed to not get killed by the bounty hunters. He doesn't look too happy, because the fact that they got away with the tech meant that the Legislators might be after him. Again. Ugh.

    He gets the hornet-looking mechanoid collected into one of the containment field-laced cages he had intended to use for these and secures it in the cargo hold, then checks a readout on the current position of Gigas' ship. Yeah, no, he wasn't letting that one get away so easily!

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey, meanwhile, is busy with teh villagers. She has injured villagers to tend. Scared ones to reassure. And she needs to get them away from their broken down village and the damage there, including the chasm in the ground, so that they can regroup and eventually rebuild their homes.

But first the injured, which, with the help of Kibou, her ring, Kinsey begins the process of healing. Murmuring reassuring words all the while. She actually enjoys this - not that they are injured, but that such a simple act as remaining calm can reassure others, and that healing brings such Hope!

Blurr has posed:
    The villagers are...definitely in shock. In speaking to them using Kibou's translation abilities, it's clear they have never encountered other sentient species before and have barely discovered electricity, not to mention giant mechanical beings from outer space. Her reassuring words have helped, but there is still the problem of them not having anywhere to live any more.

    As for Blurr, he seems ready to take off after Gigas, but for some reason, he lingers somewhat awkwardly...watching Kinsey just...being really awesome at helping people who just lost everything.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
The villagers aren't unlike talking to a classroom of children - still valid beings, but beings that need a gentle touch at times, and more patience. Especially given the crisis they're just experienced. She takes her time, treating each one carefully, explaining what she's doing - even if it is the powers of the ring that are doing the healing. Distracting where appropriate. Reassuring all that everything will be well.

"I will help you," she explains of their homes. At least give them a head start. There are materials that are salvagable, as well as the furthest structures are safe. They might not be wise long term, but for overnight shelter, they'll offer respite until more permanent things can be constructed.

She asks, as she tends to the other, if they have sheets, or lengths of cloth. Something tents can be constructed out of, and starts the process of organizing villagers to tend to tasks: Someone to watch the littles. Others to gather supplies from around the village. Still others to scout for materials that might be useful in the rubble in places that are safe to poke around in. Still others to gather foord and begin making a meal. She keeps them away from the chasm.

She's actually forgotten about Blurr, not because he's not important, or that she's not still angry with him, but there isn't time or energy left to spare while she tends to these other things. And where appropriate, her ring is employed to help bolster the efforts of the villagers in securing safety for the night.

She had no doubt they'll be able to begin the process of rebuilding on their own once the shock wears off, they've eaten, and had a good night's sleep.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr watches with an increasing level of amazement, as Kinsey organizes what villagers still remained alive, to start rebuilding almost immediately. It wasn't -easy-, sure, given the shock they just had, but with the Lantern's dedicated patience and kindness, they slowly start to collect themselves and help each other.

    Soon enough, they've managed to erect a few tents and other temporary structures out of the salvageable remains of the village, and even found a -bit- of unscathed crops from the destroyed farms and gardens. And oh, hey, some of the crops still had good seeds.

    Amazingly, they eventually all end up full and sound asleep for the night. And hopefully ready to tackle life again tomorrow.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
*Now* Kinsey gets to rest, though she's not ready for sleep yet, even if she is exhausted. Before she can do that, or consider taking her leave, she has to make certain that they'll be okay. Not that she begrudges the villagers that, but she does have spare thoughts for her life at home. Her duties there that have likely magically been covered by someone else.

It also gives her time to remember *why* she's here, brow furrowing slightly as she ponders what exactly it was that she and Saint Walker had wandered upon. What exactly it was that Blurr had been doing. Small moments of anger that she has to breathe through and centre herself that it doesn't become her, as the thinks about the fight that had gone on, the carnage that had left the villagers as they were.

Had he left again? She isn't sure. Stomach full, and certain she's safe with Kibou to watch over her and remain alert for their surroundings, Kinsey does a perimeter patrol - something that will also allow her to assess some of the damage, and see if Blurr remains - though in truth she expects he's long ago left, as the others had.

It had been a long day.

Blurr has posed:
    The damage to the terrain is pretty bad. Most of the trees in the area have been snapped in half like matches, and the ground churned like a bowl full of butter. If this place is anything like Earth, things will recover naturally, though it will take time and effort.

    However, perhaps to Kinsey's surprise, Blurr is still there, poking at a datapad. He looks up when she approaches, though.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"I'm very angry with you," Kinsey says calmly. It's one of those contradictions that seem to make little sense, other than the woman seemed to revel in calmness above all else. "Have you seen what you're responsible for?"

She has no doubt he has. It was kind of hard to miss the destruction. What she doesn't understand is why he's not left yet.

Without waiting for an invitation, Kinsey comes right to his encampment, and finds herself a seat.

Blurr has posed:
    "Really, well your definition of 'very angry' must be very different from mine." Blurr remarks, arching a brow at her. Then he cycles air in and out of his vent systems, making a noise akin to a sigh. "Look Kinsey, I -warned- you. I told you, there is a reason why the rest of galaxy hates our struts. This? This was it. Not so optimistic now that you've actually -seen- what I'm talking about, are you? I hate to say it, but I told you so."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Her calm remains, though she does arch a brow at him. "Would I somehow be angrier if I were yelling? I don't actually see the point. You won't listen to me more if I yell my words."

His explaination doesn't soften her edges any, nor does it seem like she's impressed.

"Delightful story. I'm so glad you think I'll believe it." Though calm, her words drip with sarcasm. "And yet, here you are, when you could have merely left. So which of us is supposed to believe that nonsense?"

Blurr has posed:
    "Uh, actually you would definitely seem angrier. To me, that is." Blurr replies. "And actually I might." He counters to the statement that he wouldn't listen to her more if she yelled.

    "Believe what nonsense? That the galaxy hates me and my kind? Fine, you don't have to believe it, but it's true. You saw the way those Kree reacted, didn't you? That's the universal reaction. Like I said, just ask whoever's in charge of all you Lanterns, I'm sure they'd tell you. That's why those bounty hunters were so determined, because our tech is banned and blacklisted just about everywhere you go so the only way to get it is illegally by mercenaries who are stupid enough to go sticking their afts into our business--that is if you're rich enough to pay for stakes that high."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Well, I'm not going to yell at you," Kinsey says with a long, soft exhale. "Much as you probably deserve it."

She listens while he speaks, trying to convince her of a thing she doesn't believe, and when he's done, she counters quietly, "Blurr, I didn't react that way. It's not universal. You're building excuses for your behaviour without seeing what's actually in front of you." She's *this* close to telling him 'not all Kree' but she's not sure she's ready for that, or even if it's true. It's a thought that's still new enough to her that there isn't a comfortable space within for it to settle in.

"Things are illegal all over, Blurr. You're hardly unique." A half-smile lights upon her lips. "It sounds an awful lot like you enjoy being hated. That it allows you to not only feel sorry for yourself, but justify your actions."

Though now she has an answer as to why this happened. The bounty wasn't on him, but those things. It leaves her with another answer, then, "And you were going to turn them in for the money, too." Thinking that he clearly didn't care who had access to the tech, that what mattered to Blurr was the money.

Blurr has posed:
    "Yes. Yes it is." Blurr insists. "Like I told you earlier, you haven't seen what I have. How old are you, in terms of your own planet's solar rotations? I bet it's not even a million. I bet it's not even a -fraction- of that. You wanna know how old I am? About 6 of those. And I didn't say it was unique at all. Yeah, there are other races who are just as hated as we are, but that doesn't make us any less hated."

    He stares at her when she insinuates that he -enjoys- being hated, and uses it as an excuse. "Oh you are -really- trying to set my fuel tanks on fire now aren't you?!" he says, glaring. "I never said it was an excuse, I just said I -told- you that's what happens to things that cross our paths, and you didn't believe me. And -no-, I wasn't going to turn them in for money, I'm not a fragging mercenary, okay? I'm an Autobot, and I was to steal those specimens from the Decepticons for...undisclosed reasons that are classified like I told you already!"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
There's a soft chuckle from Kinsey, "And we conveniently avoid the part where I said the reaction wasn't universal. It's nice to see you realize how ridiculous that statement was. Or at least I hope you do. In the vastness of space there are bound to be more races than you can count who have never heard of you." Adding, "And likely more than a few more hated."

"Listen Blurr, all I can say is what I see. Those words keep flying from your mouth like you believe they'll somehow protect you from the possibility that you're wrong. That somehow you might have to acknowledge you feel more that.."

Again she sighs. "You know what, forget I said anything. I'll go back to the encampment, make sure the villagers are okay in the morning, and take my leave."

Kinsey stands, "Only, I have to know, why didn't you just leave? You had ample opportunity. So, why. Why did you stay behind if that's all you are?"

Blurr has posed:
    "Okay, okay I'm not saying it's -literally- universal." Blurr says, sounding exasperated. "But you know what I meant. I meant everyone who -knows- about us hates and fears us. Apparently except you. And...whoever that other guy was, what was his name? Walker? Whatever."

    "Oh trust me, I -wish- I were wrong about that. But I'm not." he sighs again. "My ship crashed, remember? I -can't- leave yet. And I just--I don't know. I thought for sure those natives were done for. But--maybe there is hope for them after all. Not for me, though."

    "Here's something you should know about me, Kinsey. I was -made- to be a perfect war machine. And that's all I'll ever be."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey is patient while he huffs his way through admitting that maybe it isn't quite universal. She really can't help adding, "I think I know enough about you, if this is typical, and I don't hate you." She's disappointed in Blurr, but she doesn't hate him.

He's treated to a small shrug, "My business is Hope, Blurr. I've no doubt they'll be fine now. All it took was a little belief in that. Just like I believe in you." Giving him a sympathetic look, "I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe that there was Hope for you, Blurr. Nor would Brother Walker have accompanied me to make certain that you were okay."

His explanation of who and what he is - what he was made for - is taken in rather placcidly. "Except a perfect war machine wouldn't have bothered to save me. Or be concerned enough to try and warn me off. You're more than what you were built for, Blurr. I know that in here." Kinsey tapping a finger to her chest, above her breastbone, where her heart would lie.

Blurr has posed:
    There is actually a...glimmer, just a small one, of dare we say 'hope', in Blurr's optics. But then he brushes it away, shaking his head, and backing away from her. "No, don't do that--please. Just don't. Stop saying you believe in me, and that I might be more than just my program, because every time I ever tried believing that, it just ended in disaster and disappointment." And broken relationships. "I just wish I'd accepted what I was sooner." he says bitterly. He turns away, staring off into the distance. "Just go back to the natives, okay? They're fresh, things will work out for them in the end."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Sorry," Kinsey says smugly. "I'm afraid I can't stop saying things like that." in case he missed the memo, that's what being a Blue Lantern was all about. Gently, then, "Blurr, you may have been created to a thing, but you've become so much more. A machine with only one purpose doesn't stop to think about that purpose. They merely are. And there you are, telling me I'd be better off without caring. Turning away in case I see more in your eyes than you wish to give away."

"We both know," she says softly, having advanced close to him now, close enough to lay a hand upon his exterior, "That you don't believe that is all you are. But you're afraid to try to be anything else in case you're wrong. It's simpler to believe that you are nothing more. It hurts less than trying, and finding out that you've offered all you are, only to be rejected by others."

Because she could feel that from him. That fear. That maybe he was nothing more than his programming. Or, worse, that his programming was all anyone would ever see in him. It was the same fear that had caused countless being before him to push others away, because it hurt less to control why they left you.

Blurr has posed:
    "I -have- tried to be more." Blurr repeats. "Didn't you hear that part? I -tried-. So many times, I've lost count." He stares at the ground. "They all say that, at first. And maybe even for a while after they've truly seen -me-, and what I do, and what happens to people who cross paths with me. But it never lasts."

    He doesn't say anything to the rest of that, instead just trying not to look at her. Because it sounded all too familiar. That whole offering everything you are, only to be rejected by the people you thought had some kind of 'faith' in you.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey's features remain gentled. "Oh, Blurr," she says quietly. I wish I could say that will never happen again, but it will. That's how people are. But you won't ever find those who will continue to believe in you, despite all that you wish you could keep from them, if you don't take chances."

Her hand gently pats his exterior. "I'm still so very angry at you," she laughs softly. "But I'm still here. I know you care enough about me to try and warn me away. That tells me all I need to know, that you're worth my believing in you. You're worth every ounce of faith and Hope the I can hold for you until you're able to hold them for yourself."

Her face is tilted up at him, "Let me believe for you? Please?"

Blurr has posed:
    "I know." Blurr sighs when Kinsey tells him it will happen again. "It always does. So like you said, it's just easier to simply accept what I am."

    But, there is still a part of him that's grateful for her belief. "Look, I appreciate it, okay? I do. I can't stop you from believing whatever you want to believe, but I'm telling you right now that this won't be the first time you're gonna get disappointed."

    Another sigh, and he transforms. "I'd better go see if I can get my comms array working at least. And you should probably go check on the natives." Then he drives off back toward the crash site.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
She watches him go, knowing that there is only so much of the burden of Hope she can carry for him. That until he is ready to accept more than he's offered her, the best she can do is leave him to himself, and show him differently.

Besides, he'll still be here in the morning. She can check in on him then.

Watching his retreating back, she murmurs, "All shall be well, Blurr. All shall be well. This and all manner of thing shall be well..."

Then she herself heads back to the village encampment to try and catch some sleep before dawn comes.