7998/City Fall: A Few Questions

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City Fall: A Few Questions
Date of Scene: 22 June 2019
Location: Mt. Sinai Hospital
Synopsis: Frank arrests Oroku Karai, right in front of the Shredder himself.
Cast of Characters: Frank Quaid, Shredder
Tinyplot: City Fall

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank, Detective-Sergeant Elaina Bever, and Corporal Emily Chang are sitting at table in the main cafeteria of the Mt. Sinai Hospital. They finish going over the updates from the various teams assigned to the investigation into the attack on the hospital the day before.

"Good job," Frank says. "Elaina, send a briefing note up to the Deputy and keep at it. Emily, I really need confirmation on that gas. Triple confirmation. If you're right, you know the brass are gonna lose their minds."

Frank gets up from the table with his coffee.

"Meeting?" Emily asks Frank.

"No, you know that building collapse the Punisher was at? They found some chick in the rubble with a 9mm hollow point Speer gold dot in her," Frank says.

Elaina snerks. "Happens /all/ the time, Frank. She probably tripped and fell on it."

Frank rolls his eyes and heads for Emergency. He makes his way into the back, past critical and into recovery. He checks in with the nurses and then heads to bed 19. Frank nods to the detective they had left in the nurses station to make sure the woman did not slip out on them.

Shredder has posed:
    Oroku Karai, granddaughter to business tycoon Oroku Saki. Mother, deceased for 12 years. Father, suicide a few years ago. She sits in the bed, she doesn't lay. Her legs are crossed, and the petite dark haired japanese girl's fingers are pressed together, her eyes closed in meditation. They may have given her a hospital gown, but she changed back into her clothes as soon as they were washed. When she was found she was no longer wearing her armor, having discarded the pieces into the rubble. Her black leggings weren't torn, her black sleeveless shirt wasn't damaged either. A few minor bruises and scratches, but all in all, she is in remarkbly good condition for someone who got caught in a building collapse. The bandaging is visible on her left shoulder.

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank taps at the door and lets himself in. He is a middle-aged black man with a reasonable build, only just starting to round out a little. He might be average looking on a decent day, but the brace on his nose and the yellowing black eyes take him down a notch for sure. He is dressed in a blue pin-stripe suite, white shirt and yellow paisley tie. His watch might have cost $500. Maybe.

"Hey, mind if I come in?" he asks without stopping for an answer. "I'm Captain Frank Quaid, NYPD. Oroku Karai, right?" he asks rhetorically.

"How's your shoulder?" he asks. He walks over and offers a hand to her.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai's dark eyes open as Frank taps on the door. She might be considered pretty by some, but something about her stare might offset that. For her size, the look on her face is one that seeps an intimidating personality beneath the skin.

    "Of course, Captain," she says simply. "It is expected to heal quite nicely, I am told that it was only a flesh wound." She's remarkably calm for someone who recently dealt with a bullet. Most her age would probably not be so casual about the matter. "How can I help you, Captain Quaid?"

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Hmm. Flesh wound," Frank says neutrally, considering Karai.

"You've had worse?" he asks, seeming faintly impressed with himself. He moves on. "I'm glad you're gonna be alright. That was a mess back there. What happened? Fire department says they found you in with the debris." He cocks his head curiously and sips from his coffee. When he moves his arm up, his badge and the edge of his holster show on his belt at his waist.

Shredder has posed:
    "I didn't say that," she answers. Her English is very good for someone who is a Japanese native. Here eyes shift ever so briefly to the holster and back again. "Yes, I was heading to the subway after an evening out when the attack happened," she says. "It was quite alarming. Possibly the most frightening things that has ever happened to me," she explains in a rather steady voice.

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Yeah, would be," Frank nods. "Quite alarming. Another sip of coffee. "Well, you're one of the few witnesses. So how about you tell me what happened in a bit more detail. Start before you left home and walk me through until you got to the hospital," he says. It's obviously a well-worn script for talking with people, it rolls out of him without any thought. "Don't leave out any details. Anything, no matter how small, might help us understand what happened."

Shredder has posed:
    Karai seems to prepare a moment, studying Frank's face carefully, as if she is looking for something. "I left Woolworth at 7pm to see a movie, some friends met me there and I we went dancing afterward at the Lavo Nightclub. We left at twelve thirty, I rode the subway, but was distracted and got off at a stop too early, I decided I would walk the rest of the way. Tribeca is a nice neighborhood, it is usually not too dangerous." She offers a half-hearted shrug. "It was last night, though."

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank sits and waits patiently. He sips his coffee as the silence stretches on when she finishes. He looks vaguely expectant, as if waiting for the continuation of something interesting someone else is saying.

Shredder has posed:
    Indeed, Karai does continue. "I was walking by the garage when I heard gunfire behind me. I turned around, and there was a man shooting at some other people, I couldn't see them very well in the dark. He threw a grenade or something, was really loud, knocked me off my feet, I couldn't hear. I became disoriented, and tried to get up and run. There was an explosion from the front of the building, and suddenly the whole place collapsed. I tried to run, but became trapped under the blocks. I thought I would die, but after I was buried, I realized that I was all right. There was still gunfire happening, it sounded like a machine gun. I heard police arriving, and yelling for people to drop their weapons. I felt something suddenly hit me in the shoulder. I suppose it must have been a ricochet."

Frank Quaid has posed:
Franks nods. "Thank you for that. This will sound weird, but bear with me. Start from when you got to the hospital and tell what happened backwards. As much detail as you can, it's all really helpful."

Shredder has posed:
    Karai frowns, "I was taken to the hospital where they treated my gunshot wound. Before then I was helped out of the collapsed wreckage. Before that I was hit by the bullet. Before that there was gunfire, before that I was covered by a falling building, before that I saw a man firing at me. Before that I was walking home from the club." She arches one brow. "Did you catch the man?" she asks.

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Huh," Frank says and nods slowly. He pulls out his Blackberry and taps away without looking up. The angle is bad for reading the message but he is texting someone. "Just one last question. This kind of thing happen to you before? Buildings falling, or getting shot, stuff like that?"

Shredder has posed:
    Karai tilts her head to one side. "It is not exactly an everyday occurance," she admits.
    She looks like she is about to say something more when there is a voice from the hallway. "I am her grandfather, and you will not prevent me from seeing my granddaughter," comes a powerful sounding voice. The figure contesting steps through the doorway. He's the type of man that when he steps into the room, you can feel it. A scar on his left cheek, a defining trait for Oroku Saki. He's known in the hospital not personally, but because he is the majority shareholder in StockGen, a company that has promised they are finding a cure for various cancers. He has several others, but that has been the most recently prominent showing. He wears an expensive charcoal suit with a navy tie. "Karai," he says, paying no heed to Frank's presence.
    "Grandfather," she answers immediately, standing to her feet and giving a bow.

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank eyes the man who walks in. He looks past Saki to the detective, Wilks, now standing in the doorway. Wilks shrugs his shoulders and spreads his hands. He sighs and sips his coffee, watching the interaction.

Shredder has posed:
    Saki looks stern. He also looks very young for a grandfather. Strong, still mostly youthful, a few hints of gray in his hair. "I heard you were injured," he says, disregarding the captain completely for the moment.
    "Yes Grandfather, but I am recovering well."
    "Good," Saki answers. He turns to look Frank in the eyes. "I have been informed on what took place. A building collapse, a terrorist attack of some sort?" he arches a brow. "I trust you have captured or eliminated the villain?"

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank stands up.

"I was just about to," he says. He presses a button on his phone and looks to Karai. "Please be aware this is recording. Oroku Karai, you are under arrest for first-class assault against Frank Castle. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?"

Wilks steps into the room behind Oroku Saki when Frank starts giving Karai her rights.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai's eyes go a little wide. "What?" she asks, balling a fist. "How dare you!" Her calm exterior cracks in an instant, face contorting with rage. "I will-"

    "Damare!" barks Saki to the young woman. Immediately and without hesitation, the young woman goes silent and still, but the look on her face still seeths with anger.
    Saki looks back at Frank, a gaze that could stare through lead. "I come to the hospital, my granddaughter has been shot, by police issue bullets no less, she has had a building collapse on her, and you arrest her for assault? Explain this," he says to Frank with a commanding voice. "Your badge depends on it."

Frank Quaid has posed:
"Yep, I understand it's upsetting, sir, but right now you need to leave the room," Frank says patiently, in that patronizing way officers often have when talking to people they think are acting unreasonably. "She's an adult and under arrest, so for her privacy I really can't talk about it with you. But she'll be able to call a lawyer, and if she wants to get in contact with you, she'll have access to a phone."

Frank looks to Wilks and gestures to Saki. Wilks walks over beside Saki. "Sir, it's time for you to go. Does your family have a lawyer? If you can get their number we can make sure your granddaughter gets it."

Frank turns his attention back to Karai. "Did you understand the rights I read you? Do you wish to speak with a lawyer?"

Shredder has posed:
    Saki narrows his sable eyes, and remains silent for several seconds, as if weighing something.

    "Grandfath-" He holds up his hand sharply, cutting her off. If Frank only knew the thoughts that were swimming in that mind.
    "You will cooperate with the officer, Karai," he instructs her. "I am sure we will have this settled shortly." He doesn't break his gaze from Frank as he speaks. "I will see to the lawyer," he announces, turning around and starting to walk out of the room. He's unhappy, that's clear, perhaps as unhappy as Karai, but far more controlled in his response.

    Karai remains silent, and after a moment, she holds her hands out to accept the handcuffs without further verbal complaint.

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank looks at Saki again when he cuts Karai off and watches the man carefully, meeting and holding the gaze. He shifts very subtly, probably unconsciously, under that gaze. It is not comfortable. He watches Saki leave and does not look back to Karai until after the older man is out of sight. Then he blinks and turns back to Karai. He lets out a slight breath and pulls out his cuffs. Given her shoulder he cuffs her in front, and given her sex, he does not search her.

"I will take your silence to mean you understand your rights and that you do wish to speak to a lawyer," Frank says. "Wilks?"

Wilks comes over and starts recording using his phone. He states the time, his name and that he is taking custody of Oroku Karai for transport. Frank turns his phone off.

"Make sure it's someone seasoned that does her booking, get someone down from CT," Frank instructs Wilks. After a quick check that Karai can be discharged, Wilks gestures for Karai to come with him. He is not interested in touching her if he does not have to.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai doesn't fight, and she doesn't speak again. She walks without needing to be prodded when she is gestured to do so. Out in the hallway, Saki does not even look back. No comforting gesture, no grandfatherly sympathetic look. He's heading for the elevator.

Frank Quaid has posed:
Frank feels a shiver run down his spine. He has arrested important people, famous people and powerful people before. But something about the grandfather unsettles him. He shakes his head, checks his phone and then heads down to the hospital lobby.