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Undercurrents: Hammer Down
Date of Scene: 29 June 2019
Location: Port Newark
Synopsis: Hulk, Kid and She-Hulk respond to a distress call from a container ship. The crew is mostly rescued and the ship sinks. Hulk sees a mysterious sub.
Thanks to: Hulk, Kid, She-Hulk
Cast of Characters: Aquaman, Kid, Hulk, She-Hulk
Tinyplot: Undercurrents

Aquaman has posed:
The New York City skyline is taking on its classic look. A million lights twinkle in the dark. In the harbour more lights twinkle on the dozen or so tankers anchored off Port Newark. At 10:15 pm, a huge water plume shoots 50 feet into the air along the port side of the Greenwich, a container ship. The water plume is followed almost immediately by an explosion that tears up through the deck at the bow of the ship and lights up the night sky. Within seconds, the Greenwich is calling SOS over the air.

Kid has posed:
Well, this was a rather beatiful night! Kid was slurping on his favorite drink - a mango slushie! And of course, everything goes to hell. Kids eyes buldge and he accidently crushes his drink, getting his fur matted with mango...and in the distance...yea, exploding ship. THATS not good.
    Well, time to do something bout that. Kid qas already by the docks, so he decides to 'borrow' a boat...after knocking the owner unconciouse. Priorities. But none the less he was soon speeding acrossd the surface of the water, the boat bobbing up and down as he heads for the potential wreckage. His mutant-human illusion was up just in case. But regardless, he figits with the radio to try and tune into the SOS signal, get more infomation about whats going on.

Hulk has posed:

That's the sound of the ballistic missile known as the Hulk impacting into the water just off shore in a gigantic deluge, before he dived down to the river floor, and used it to jump right back out of the water, and onto one of the concrete piers. Ten feet of Hulk roars into the night as he looks around for the 'problem', ignoring the puny humans running away from him.

"Hulk told human thing needs help." Hulk sniffs the air as he looks towards the large smoke cloud, "Hulk found human thing."

She-Hulk has posed:
Night time at the harbor means little more than a lack of light. Ships are on and out of the harbour, 24/7. But it is lovely and peaceful watching the lights from the ships reflect off the water. And she has a hot dog - actually four, procured from an elderly man named, aptly, Frank, at a small vendor cart on the dock. She is just about to take a bite from hot dog number one, when the explosion rips through the Greenwich. She sighs and shakes her head. "Ah hell...well, it smelled nice, anyway." She hands off her meal to a homeless man she runs across while heading toward the water, calling in the emergency on her phone just as she arrives at the water's edge, surveying the situation as she communicates with the 911 operator.

"Two...uh....MAYBE three capes on the scene. Be aware."

Aquaman has posed:
"...explosion on port side and the bow. We are taking water, containment doors have failed. Our primary lifeboats were damaged, we need immediate evacuation for 21 crew...." Kid hears over channel 16. That transmission is followed immediately by some pleasure boater saying he is in the marina but can help. A tugboat captain saying he sees the fire. Then finally the harbour master yelling at everyone other than Greenwich to stay the hell off the air.

Longshoremen /run/ when Hulk lands on the pier. Scramble on all fours and flee for your life run. Easily within a Hulk jump is the Greenwich, burning from the bow. There are people scrambling around on the decks. Some seem to be trying to deploy the life raft on the starboard side but nothing is happening.

"Ma'am, are you saying there is an explosion on a ship? Can you describe the ship to me ma'am, or see it's name? Where are you standing right now?" asks the 911 operator.

Kid has posed:
Kid was comming closer and closer as he heard the infomation. 21 crew, not the largest evacutation, but sizeable no less. He looks to the boat he was on. It certainly wasn't the largest. Larger than recreational, but still smaller than a rescue. Safely...at best, 8 people if he got off. Boat safty delt with weight...and he weighed as much as 4 already
    He shakes his head and goes in anyways, seeing the the deck workers struggling. He certainly wasn't about to yell up...so he let out a psychic pulse, a telepathic message. o O ("Hey! Down here. Get some people on here, they can get to safty") while also planting a 'suggestion' in their minds to just go with it, its an emergency and there no time to be picky. He had full plans to get off the boat himself and up onto the larger one, so others could fit.

Hulk has posed:
"Puny humans, can't get boats." Hulk grumbles darkly... before he /leaps/ up into the air, over to the Greenwich. He lands /just/ next to it, in the water, once again (cue large plume of water). Then, he's using his hands to grip into the side of the ship -away from the water- to climb up onto the deck.

"Hulk deal with that." Hulk growls out to the people around the life rafts, one arm outstretching to grip around the cable ties for each, and simply tearing them away. He repeats the same process for all the rafts that are stuck that he can see.

She-Hulk has posed:
"I can't say the source with any certainty," She-Hulk replies to the operator. "There was a water plume before the explosion, which seemed to be next to the ship, not onboard. But it appears the ship has significant damage." She is already flagging down a day cruise boat which could probably hold thirty, if they didn't have a hulk(ess) onboard. "It's a tanker. I heard someone call it the Greenwich. I hate to say it, but it sort of looked like a torpedo attack..."

She trails off as she motions to the cruise ship captain, indicating she wants a ride closer to the fray.

"Listen Lady, my insurance wouldn't like me cruising into unsafe waters..." a man dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow responds as she comes aboard." Jenn gives him a look of disappointment, and the man instantly seems to reconsider. She has the same ability as Captain America in that regard. But for completely different reasons. "Coming about!" He shouts, after getting a good look at his new passenger.

Aquaman has posed:
Between the psychic compulsion and the sudden arrival of the Hulk, four sailors jump over the port side of the Greenwich and fall thirty feet into the water below. They swim right for Kid's boat.

There is a massive metallic boom when Hulk lands on the Greenwich deck. Up close he can through the hole in the bow there is water rushing in the bow. The deck definitely has a bit of a slant to it, forward and to port.

Sailors freeze, with really nowhere to run. But when Hulk starts tossing life rafts into the water, they do not hesitate. A chain ladder is tossed over the starboard side and what looks like a ship's officer starts directing the handful of crew on the deck to get on the ladder. Someone is yelling into the ship's PA in urgent Cantonese. A few more crew come running out of the superstructure onto the deck and lurch to a stop when they see Hulk.

The obliging Captain Jack Sparrow, ever a sucker for the ladies, nods to She-Hulk in terrified compliance, brings his boat about and pushes the twin inboard diesels to full. The boat picks up speed. It is not exactly quick, but it closes the distance fast enough.

The ship is loaded with beige shipping containers. All of them have Hammer Industries marked on the side.

Kid has posed:
Kid looks to the sailors who just tumbled into the water. A different psychic pulse goes out o O ("Idiots"). Like that freakin dangerous. They coulda impaled themselves on debree! Not like the ship is sinking fast...least it didn't look like it. The Kid has limited experience.

But none the less as they swam over, Kid reaches down and yanks each person out of the water, like they were little more than pool toys....and he wasn't exactly gentle as he bascily just tossed them over his shoulder and onto the deck.

Not all of us are proffessional heros, okay>

But glancing up and seeing Hulk was getting lifeboats in the water...two things come to mind. One AWESOME!!! (Kid's a big hulk fan rilla) and Two -> Thank frack for dat. He hopefully wouldn't need to make a second trip. And witrh that he begins motering the boat back towards land

Hulk has posed:
"Puny humans stop? Fine, Hulk will carry." Hulk growls out as he steps over to each of the stop humans... and literally picks them up and puts them on his shoulders, "Hulk carry you to shore. Grab onto neck or arms." He repeats the process for all the humans he finds as he scours the ship that can't get to the rafts.

Of course, he can't stop them from just dropping into the water to get away from him, if they're that terrified. Either way, it gets them moving.

She-Hulk has posed:
She-Hulk is on the top deck, near the bow, like the King of the World. Over an intercom comes Captain Sparrow's voice. "Attention..giant, green lady..." he begins. "I can get you in a little closer, but I'm not getting close enough that another blast or debris could threaten this ship. I can't help out anybody if we're dead in the water, too." A little closer, he throttles back the ship to a crawl, as he lowers a lifeboat.

She-Hulk gives a thumbs up, and calls out, "Maintain position. I'll be back!" And with that, she dives off the top deck and into the water, grabbing hold of the tow rope on the lifeboat, and starts swimming toward the wreckage.

Aquaman has posed:
The captain's concern is prescient. She-Hulk starts swimming toward the Greenwich. Then a huge explosion throws water everywhere a good 100 metres down the port side. The resulting wave bobs She-Hulk and Kid's boat up and down.

Metal screeches and groans. The Greenwich leans hard to port and containers begin to slide and topple into the water, throwing up splashes of their own.

The people Hulk has has cling to him, terrified, as he jumps them to shore. The officer near the ladder is yelling something at him in Cantonese and pointing down, below deck. He keeps saying two names.

Meanwhile out of Hulk's sight past the containers there are three crew stuck in the bow. Two are trying to move a chain as thick as a man's torso off the legs of the third. They have no way to get to the ladder.

After the explosion the crew on Kid's boat stare, then get /really/ agitated. "We go! We go now! Boat suck down, we go!!"

Kid has posed:
Oh? There agitated. Kids trying to get this boat to shore without it capzizing...and these guys are yelling at him to go? He looks behind at his small crew, with a rather viciouse face...as if he would quite litterly rip there throats out. Empathy sometimes suck...and he is expericing 5 times the agitation, and a whole host of other emotions. o O ("Sit Down and Shut up. Damn back seat drivers") He can feel the panic too...the dread of death beneath cold waters. He shivered.
    As the water bob and wave, he has to decelerate and acclerate the boat to prevent it from capazingin due to the constant bobbing...and the over abundance of weight. Really heavy on his legs for some reason. He glances back and notices the people at the bow. He sends out a longer range pulse o O ("Three folks at the bow...anyone out there to help em? And Some fella keeps pointing down....can't hear what he saying, but it may be important") at this point that as much infomation as he can give. The message was open to anyone and everyone to recievie or not as he was making his way to the dock.

Hulk has posed:

Those on his back and shoulders will no doubt tell tales of how they were first hand witnesses to the Hulk literally just reaching down, busting through the deck, and tearing up the deck. Slowly as to not injure the humans on him, the Hulk roars as his weight shifts, peeling off the top deck slowly but surely.

Anyone watching will easily see the massive sheet of metal being lifted into the air by the Green Goliath from afar as he tries to get to the humans... or at least make sure they don't drown with the ship.

Once he sees them, Hulk will reach out and grab them out with his hands... each finger massive and able to be grabbed onto by humans no problem.

Aquaman has posed:
The Hulk rips open the deck and finds two crew pushed up against a bulkhead by a torrent if inrushing water. When jumps off the ship, it shudders and groans again and the bow dips low enough that water comes over the deck. The two free crew members are swept off their feet and start swimming madly to try and get away. The one under the chain disappears below water thrashing in panic. What was a slow tilt gains momentum and the ship rolls to port. All of the containers are dropped into the ocean. There is a massive sucking sound as wate rushes into the remain airspaces below the main deck.

Kid's boat and the boat that brought She-Hulk move away fast enough that they are not caught in the undertow as the Greenwich begins to sink. Any who know ships realize it is bizarrely quick. The ship must have nearly had the hull ripped off below the waterline, and expertly at that.

Hulk has posed:
With half the remaining crew on his back and the ship about to collapse, Hulk has no choice but to leave.

Tensing, Hulk /leaps/ back to the shore... making sure to aim himself so he lands in the water near a ladder, so his landing on shore doesn't break any of the humans.

Once again, he drops down to the river floor, and once again, he jumps back up to the concrete docks... anyone who held onto him out of terror coming with him.

"Hulk done with water." Hulk grumbles as he spits out some of the river onto the concrete. "Water better than big robots... but Hulk can't smash water."

Once he's sure everyone is off of him, the Hulk starts to run, leaving small craters, gaining momentum as he /leaps/ away.

Even Hulk can't save everyone.

Aquaman has posed:
In the distance when he hit the riverbed, there was a light. Moving quickly away toward open water, definitely artificial. An impression of form, a manta ray? Delta wing? Hard to tell in the dark water. But it was there before the dark swallowed the light.