8192/City Fall: All in the Family

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City Fall: All in the Family
Date of Scene: 06 July 2019
Location: Rey's Smoke Shop - Bushwick - NYC
Synopsis: Scott tries to find out some more about "The Family" that is watching over Mutant Town.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Cyclops
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    Bushwick has been plagued with crime historically. Some of it has been through the attacks from FoH members, some of it has been through the nature of being a rough part of town to begin with. Bushwick sees the poor and the desperate, and since it became known as Mutant Town, the tensions rose.

    But about 5 months ago, things started to change. Job fairs from Oroku Enterprises came in through job fairs when the businessman started offering jobs to mutants who could use their powers to enhance various workplaces. It was received with skepticism by some, suspicion, but over time, it seems to have become the norm. But that isn't what caused the drop in crime. FoH members started disappearing, signs that read 'We're Family' with Eyes on them watching became the norm. Fast forward to today. Not even the Sentinels set foot in Mutant Town, save for the rogue ones that Sebastion sent a little while back. No hate groups, no pickets against mutants. Nobody messes with this neighborhood. It's still poor, but something has definitely changed around here.

    Rey's Smoke Shop is a small place, but one that has been said to be the best place for someone to get in touch with the Family. Rey works the small run down shop, barred windows and a barred gate over the glass front door. It's never particularly busy here, except when kids are being run off for trying to purchase cigarettes or vaping devices. The middle aged man is rather dirty looking who works it. His T-shirt is stained, but he's a hard working man, and has managed the shop for the last fifteen years. It's getting close to closing time this evening, the street lights just now flickering on in the dusk light.

Cyclops has posed:
Scott hops off the subway not far from the smoke shop. He is in jeans, black boots, a Harley Davidson t-shirt and a leather shirt. He wears his glasses of course.

Scott strides down the street with his hands in his pockets. When he sees the smoke shop up ahead he pauses to catch quick glance around. Then he walks up to the store and lets himself in.

Scott nods to Rey when we walks in. If there is anybody else there, he looks around until they leave. Once it is just the two of them he goes up to the counter.

"Hey, pack of griffons," he says, buying a pack of Logan's favourites. It bothers him that he knows the brand. And that he really will give them to Logan.

Shredder has posed:
    Across the street are a couple of teenagers that seem to be doing nothing important other than jabbing at each other in a fake fight. Two boys, one is black, the other white.

    As Scott walks in, Rey is sitting with his glasses on, the thin faced man is balding, but he is probably not older than his mid thirties. He's reading over the old paper receipt which keeps track of the transactions for the day, and he sits with a calculator next to him. He glances up over the glasses as he hears the bell. "Cuttin' it kind of close there," he makes comment. "Was about to lock the till."

    He casually gets up from his stool and walks over to pull the Griffons off the shelf. The scents of dozens of brands of tobacco permeate the shop, and he tosses them on the counter. "That all for ya?" he asks.

Cyclops has posed:
"Always working," Scott says, with a bit of a shrug to the comment.

"Don't know. I'm just out looking for a friend of the family," Scott says, just dryly enough it could pass for a joke. "Seen him?"

He pulls out his wallet, simple brown leather, and drops a bill for the cigarette.

Shredder has posed:
    "Oh, yeah, I can relate to that," Rey says in agreement to Scott's comment on always working. He slaps his hand down nonchalantly, sliding the bill toward himself and putting it in the register.

    "That's kinda vague," Rey says as he looks at the register, punching the total in. The till rings. "This friend got a name?" he asks as he puts the bill into the register.

Cyclops has posed:
Scott shrugs unknowingly.

"Haven't met him yet, I was told I could find him here, though. I..." Scott shifts on his feet and clears his throat. "I need some help. Someone I know has disappeared. I can't find her anywhere."

Scott looks pleadingly at Rey and opens his wallet again and reaches for some bills. "I really need to find her. I can pay," he says awkwardly.

Shredder has posed:
    "Oh..." Rey answers, his face acting as if it understands. He holds his hand out in a stopping motion. "You keep your money right where it is," he says. "Family doesn't charge. If you're family." He gives a gun point at Scott, and the end of his finger lights up like a candle. "You know, family?" Clearly the innuendo is family equals mutant. "Anyway, what's the story? Your lead told you right."

Cyclops has posed:
Scott stops mid-reach and pockets his wallet. He looks relieved.

"I am," he assures Rey and taps his glasses.

"It's, well it's complicated but I'm looking for this girl. She's, family, but things have been rough for her. She was staying at the Nachesko Building," he says, a bit embarassed. "And since the other day..." Scott shakes his head. "I haven't seen her. I can't call her. If they took her..."

Shredder has posed:
    Rey frowns. "By who?" he says. "Family will take care of her, bring her back." He pulls the bill back out of the drawer, and shuts it, sliding it back in Scott's direction. "So she was in the old Nachesko building. Squatting?" he asks, then raises a hand. "No judgements here," he qualifies. "Some of us get worse hands than others." Rey does seem, for his rather rough appearance, to be someone who cares genuinely.

Cyclops has posed:
"I don't actually smoke," Scott says, looking awkward again. He pushes the pack back toward Rey and slips the bill into his pocket.

"Something happened there a couple days ago?" Scott says with a nod. "People are talking about... robots? I haven't heard from her since. Haven't seen her. Nothing. I mean... I don't know where she is."

Shredder has posed:
    "The Sentinels." The word is like saying an unspeakable name. It's said with care. "Yeah. Above anything I know about, but I can pass the word on that." His face darkens. "Damn flatscanners. Can't just leave us alone, gotta bring that garbage into our town. Family won't take it. They got people. People who can do something about that." He points the same finger that was alight a moment ago. "You mark my words, they'll all pay, they sure will. But you gotta tell me everything you know. Cuz they are gonna want to know everything you heard about these things. Not the stuff on the news. Who saw'em, did you see'm?

Cyclops has posed:
Scott nods and looks pained.

"I did... And I tried to help, but.. It happened really fast and I couldn't help everyone. They were spider robots, except they had metal tentacles. They came right up out of the sewers, and climbed up the walls into the building," Scott recalls. "I couldn't get inside until it was all over... I don't know where everyone went. We all just ran. And I haven't seen her since, so I don't know if..."

Scott shakes his head.

"I really need their help. I have to find out where these things came from and what happened. I have to. You really think they can help me?"

Shredder has posed:
    Rey reaches over the counter to put both hands on Scott's shoulders if he's allowed. "Hey, hey. Look at me. Ain't nobody got our back like the family. They're like us. But see, they don't wait for the cops to pretend to do their job. They don't wait for judges either. They just make it right. What's her name, you got a picture?"

Cyclops has posed:
Scott tenses reflexively but just looks down at the counter and nods reflexively. "Hard to believe anyone can help with something like this," Scott shrugs.

"Who else? I just want to see Jean again. She's a redhead, maybe 5'6"? Pretty, but not in your face kind of pretty. If that makes sense. She's 25. I'd give a lot to have her with me... She's really important to me. Tell them I'll do whatever they need. Just find out what happened and if they have her."

Shredder has posed:
    "So, you got a picture? You got a last name?" Rey asks. "I can only give them info I know." He pulls a pad from a shelf below the counter, and drops it in front of him. It has a logo of a local car dealership on it. He grabs a pen, scribbles on the corner a few times to make certain it works, then starts to write. "Okay, we got Spider robots..." he says, putting a "1" beside it. "Nachesko Building. Jean..." he looks up, expecting a surname.

Cyclops has posed:
"Bailey, but I don't have a picture," Scott says with a shake of his head. "I know, it's not a lot. But we haven't been as... Close as I'd like. Even if they can just find out where the robots came from, maybe they'll find anyone who got taken?"

Shredder has posed:
    "Bailey..." The pen scrawls the name. "Okay. So I don't figure too many people are making spider robots. I'm sure they got someone who knows something about it if there was any kind of commotion." He nods. "I can't tell you she's gonna be all right. I think we both know she might not. But I can tell you this." He leans in close. "If she ain't, some people are gonna be hurtin' like you 'n I never known in payback." He gives a nod. "What's your name, brother?" he asks. "Family may want to talk to you to ask more specifics, and what not. Nothin' to fear from them, though."

Cyclops has posed:
Scott shifts uneasily but nods. "Scott," he says and motions for the pen. "I'll give you my number."

Scott writes down the number of one of the phones he uses for these kinds of things in neat, precise numbers. He sets down the pen.

"I really appreciate this... Rey?" he asks and holds out a hand. "Means a lot."

Shredder has posed:
    Rey takes the hand in a firm, but slightly grainy handshake. "Yeah, Rey. My pleasure Scott. If they call you, it'll be from a Manhattan number. I know we get all kindsa telemarketers and stuff, but answer, it could be them. You take care'a yourself, y'hear? Remember, Family's watchin', they'll make somethin' happen. They always do."