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Transformers Earth: Lost cybersheep
Date of Scene: 08 July 2019
Location: The Narrows -- Gotham City
Synopsis: Megatron and Knock Out make a short trip to Gotham where they detected a possible fellow Cybertronian. They are quickly found by Barricade who is brought back into the fold. The trio then make a somewhat flashy exit from Gotham returning to their 'home' on the Nemesis.
Thanks to: Thanks go to Barricade and Knock Out for a fun scene!
Cast of Characters: Megatron, Knock Out, Barricade
Tinyplot: Transformers Earth: Little lost cybersheep
Tinyplot2: Transformers Earth!

Megatron has posed:
Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean near the Bermuda Triangle... Command Center, Command Deck, IDS Nemesis.

For a couple hundred years the Decepticon ship sat beneath nearly a mile of ocean in one of the Atlantic's deepest trenches. The Nemesis has survived largely in-tact mostly thanks to the rugged engineering by the Cybertronian fleetmasters working under pain of death by the Decepticon overseers at the time of its construction. It was litterally designed to last for millions of years. A couple hundred drowned in sea water... well it wasn't a cake walk for the old ship, but after some carefully applied brutality and energy the vessel began to at least become undersea-worthy if not spaceworthy. Or at least partially so far.

Megatron studies the screens as only a few are operational at the moment and the rest are giving garbage data or are entirely blank. "Can't you get more of the vehicon drones operational number 17!?" The drone turns and stares blankly at its commander, its vapid intelligence trying to comprehend its master's needs. It bows and gets up leaving, presumably to get more drones operational.

Megatron scowls as another droplet of water strikes his shoulder. He hits the all points ship-wide channel, of which only a third of the ship will likely hear him. "Will SOMEONE PLEASE take care of the damn leaks in the command center?!? I will NOT be dripped on like some bucketbot!" there is a pause for a short term and then his voice comes over the ship-wide PA again, "KNOCK OUT! GET IN HERE!" Megatron's voice earlier was filled with distortion and static but now it comes in loud and clear as if the ship knows that its master is out of patience.

Knock Out has posed:
Knock Out whistles while he works. Yes, he does that. Since finding and returning to the Nemesis, Knock Out has not been lacking for things to do. There have been repairs of this, repairs of that, repairs of basically everything. Decepticons. Sections of the ship. Himself, and not necessarily in that order. Of course he saw to himself as soon as he could, overjoyed to find his favorite buffer was still in working order.

Some may have lost track of him while he was sequestered in his lab, finding every last scratch or bit of rust and eradicating it completely before fixing up his paint job, giving it the protective coat it needs to stand up to whatever filth this planet might send at him. Dirt. Pollution. Organic pests. Finally, /finally/ he could say he was pleased with looking at his reflection once again, the expressions of abject horror replaced with ones of open admiration from every angle. "Looking /good/ again, I must say."

His self-admiration was subsequently interrupted by a certain voice booming over the loudspeakers. Of course /those/ were working in the lab, even with the drips and other signs of decay having been taken care of. No, it simply would not do to have things all wet in there. Tapping a button, he at least signals that he's received the summons and is on his way. A few minutes later, the shiny mech, primarily red and silver, strides slowly into the command center, almost feline in grace and motion as he slides into a brief bow, one arm out in a flourish. "You rang, Lord Megatron?" Knock Out asks, a brow lifting below the headpiece he sports.

Megatron has posed:
Megatron peers at Knock Out, "New coat of primer and several layers of paint I see.... is that high gloss red or the performance clear coat I see?" He asks in a calm conversational voice as another drop of water plops onto his shoulder with an accuracy that defies logic considering he has swung the throne-like captains chair around to greet Knock Out as he entered.

Same shoulder, same exact spot. *drip* Megatron stifles a wince as he continues to look one of his top lieutenants over. "Do my olfactory chemsensors detect... armor all too?" he asks in a seemingly approving voice. His posture then changes, and something seems to darken the room as his red eyes glow slightly brighter and a sneer crosses his lips like an assassin draws up behind his victim in a dark alley. "Been busy have we?" Another drip... same spot. "Why... then... ISN'T MY COMMAND CENTER COMPLETELY DRY YET?!?" he yells, the venom in his vocal processors could melt through the toughest Cybertronian alloy.

Knock Out has posed:
Knock Out's face brightens. "Oh, you noticed!" Fact of the matter is the others are supposed to notice. He's meant to stand out with his bright, shiny finish. "I did consider the high gloss, but until I've been able to further analyze the negative effects of this atmosphere on ourselves, and I've already had extensive experience with /that/, I can assure you, I thought it best to go for the extra protection for now."

There's a patronizing grimace of his own as his optics follow that drop of water up toward the source once it's hit Megatron's shoulder, and a slightly hesitant smile forms following the way in which Megatron shows his opinion of that. "As it happens.." A side panel in his arm opens up and he withdraws what looks, in his fingers, to be a very small bottle. "I was going to use this thing the organics call 'Turtle Wax,' but I found the Reddits, whatever those are, and most of them recommend this little beauty." The Turtle Wax is discarded blindly over a shoulder wheel, and he comes forward producing another bottle. "They claim Meguiar's is the best. For you, my Lord." It is offered to the fearless leader. Let the others deal with his rage. Knock Out is busy placating.

Megatron has posed:
Megatron turns and gestures at one of the more steady displays, completely ignoring the 'offering'. Megatron then says "One of Soundwave's satellites picked up a tell tale signature of a Cybertronian transforming between modes, twice. Presumably from alt-mode to his primary and then back again. The civil defense satellite we hacked only shows normal human activity in the location... but it is definitely one of ours out there. Be it an Decepticon or an Autobot, it needs to be checked out." He points, "Gotham, a section known locally as "The Narrows". It consists of a small group of city blocks, less than one square mile. I assume you have your holomatter avatar chosen already?" his eyes narrow, "And please tell me you didn't just copy some celebrity like those vapid Dinobots did."

A series of blocks of matter appear and begin to assemble themselves in grid-like fashion until the esteemed Zolten Rex is solidly standing next to the captain's chair next to Megatron. "It is time we went for a little ride and find our little lost sheep" he says using a human colloquialism.

Knock Out has posed:
Sensing now might not be the time to discuss a good coat for Megatron, especially as the information is explained to him, Knock Out subtly slips the product back into his arm where it will remain for safe-keeping. He'll probably retrieve the Turtle Wax on the way out as well, because one can never have too many options when it comes to this sort of thing.

"Interesting. You think this is one who somehow escaped the initial crash? Has it been on its own this whole time, I wonder? Poor thing..." he laments, thin fingers thrumming at his side while he mulls over what this could mean. Friend or foe, they must know. "Best we be on our way then, my Lord. And..no, of course not. Nothing like that. I am far more cautious than the Dinobots."

Note to self: find new holomatter avatar before using it again.

When Megatron's is there before him, he asks, "Am I to have the honor of playing chauffeur today?"

Megatron has posed:
*Drip* again, shoulder, same one, same spot. Megatron's patience evaporates along with the moisture on his shoulder as it suddenly steams away under an intense heat formed by a pinpoint shield just under the surface of his shoulder's superstructure. The human figure standing next to his captain's chair, Zolten Rex, lifts up a protective carrying case and opens it with a thumbprint scan. As it pops open, Megatron transforms into his alt mode, but his component parts do not come together-mid air, rather they fly and settle themselves as they shrink down in size, nestling into the customized slots in the case for each piece.

Zolten carefully closes the case's lid securing it and lowers it to his side as he gestures towards the doors. "Yes. We'll take one of the modified shuttles and surface just outside of the City and we'll drive in, then we'll see what we can see shall we?" he looks at Knock Out as he begins to walk towards the corridor exit presumably to ride the lift down to the shuttle bay to get underway. "Let us be on our way then." he says having no more patience for waiting for trival things.

An hour later a red vehicle cruises through the streets of Gotham heading towards the 'bad' part of town. Not that Gotham has many 'good' parts to it, but some are worse than others and the Narrows has got to be its worst.

Knock Out has posed:
It takes a moment like this for Megatron to have to look up to Knock Out, who remains in his usual appearance while they leave. Hopefully by the time they return, someone will have taken care of that leak. Someone /better/ have taken care of it. "Indeed," he replies simply.

Once they've made it to the outskirts of Gotham and all is ready to go, Knock Out shows off his alt mode, the cherry red Aston Martin that had been downloaded while they got away from the Ark. The engine purrs with Zolten in the driver's seat, but the Decepticon can still speak from within. "Pothole..and another..just avoided that one. Do these organics have any care at all for their poor vehicles? The thought of driving these sad excuses for streets on a daily basis almost frightens me. I don't even want to think of the repair work needed."

Sure enough, they soon pass a car on the side of the road in the Narrows, up on cinder blocks. "/Did you see that?!/ What did they /do?/" Naturally, some eyes begin to follow the fancy car's path.

Barricade has posed:
     It's a day like any other out in the narrows. A grim covering of smog filling the air, the dirt and filth of thousands of wasted lives spent within the sprawling confined of this section of city all but left to die.

     Towering mammoths of brick and steel winding streets only one car wide and a feeling of a world that's over fill the air in every angle every turn. People wander down the roads keeping their heads down and moving about with a speed that says they don't want to be out here long. Everywhere one looks cars are jacked up on cinder blocks doors ripped clean off as they've been stripped of parts just waiting for an escort of what little is left back up to the junkyard for scrapping.

     This place for a bot would feel a living graveyard worn down by the years with even the cars left untouched by thieves covered in rust and worse. Left abandoned with the piles of smog and dust and rot this place eeps out from every core.

     As they drive by there's a loud and heavy thud of metal being hit by something not metal. A few people are making rather hurried, but not quite running movements away from the local area. A deep voice calling out. "Last chance smart mouth, you either tell me where that Peterbuilt is or the next fist is going through that skull of yours."

     The voice is deep and menacing filled with a gravel that sends chills down the spine. Another thud rings out this time punching through the metal. Followed by a scream of a panicked man who's speaking in rapid fire Spanish. The voice sounds like a man begging for his life with a lot of mention of dios.

     Outside the alleyway is parked a cop car. It's from the sixties by the looks, kept in solid condition for a car as old as it may be, not that the other bots would have reason to realize its age. The one thing that stands out is that little symbol in the center of the Gotham Police Department logo. It's the symbol of the Decepticons, worked into the logo in a way that makes it appear almost natural. Another Symbol of the cons on the front grill.

     Down the alleyway barely visible in the light of the flickering bulb a man in a full GPD uniform slowly pulls his fist out of the inch thick metal siding of a structure right behind him having a man dressed up in local ganger colors pleading for his life. "Start remembering, otherwise the next swing goes through your skull."

Megatron has posed:
Zolten Rex nods as he pretends to drive. "I really don't care what the vermin do, Knock Out. Under our rule it would simply be... improved upon. Now keep your eyes open... ah hah! Up there... pull into that alley right there. Manifest your holomatter avatar in the passenger seat. Quickly.... and get out a can of... what is it called here? Spray... Paint? I know you have some on hand for emergency touch ups." he comments. He gestures at an opening between buildings, one of which had recently been sandblasted clean of grafitti and had a clear surface which Megatron fully intends to make use of.

"Pull in over there! No, not the one with the constabulatory... the next one down without any cars in it! I can feel you hesitating... if your avatar is IN the car they won't dare steal from you. Now do as I instruct!" he commands.

Getting out, he takes the can of spray paint and begins slowly etiching the glyph-like letters spelling C.Y.B.E.R.T.R.O.N. in clear Cybertronian block letters. It only takes him less than a minute to write the whole thing, seeing as it is a native laguage for him and he isn't going for perfect or fancy. Looking at his handiwork he turns and sets the can of paint down on the sidewalk and leans up against the wall next to the alien lettering. "To a human, this is giberish, but if one of our own comes by they will know exactly what it means." he comments just loud enough for Knock Out to hear him nearby.

Knock Out has posed:
"This place is worse than the slums on Cybertron," Knock Out laments, only able to convey his disgust verbally right now, though it's true - there are moments where his speed adjusts up or down depending on what his optics are taking in.

Before reaching the alley Megatron wants, Knock Out's own avatar - the new one - materializes. Tinted glass helps in the first place, so nobody happening to watch the car pass by will be the wiser. The avatar is a handsome man, wind-swept hair, good clothes, perfect face, the sort of person who just belongs in a car like this.

Moments later, the glovebox shifts open and a can of red spray paint pops out into the hand of the avatar, who shakes it up a few times. "Ask and you shall receive," comes a smooth voice, matching Knock Out's own as the avatar's mouth moves. "And I thought I saw one of those police cars nearby, so hopefully that will keep the filth away long enough for you to find our target. Should I see any trouble, I'll flash you." Headlights, of course.

By the time Zoltan is waiting by the wall with the letters painted upon it, Knock Out's own avatar is in the driver's seat, simply waiting. Of course, this is the worst of Gotham City. Someone being /in/ a car is hardly a deterrent.

Barricade has posed:
     There's a bit of a scuffle in the back of the alleyway short and sweet. It ends with Barricade in holoform walking back out of the alleyway. On his fists there's fresh blood. He uses the bandana that had been around the gang members face to clean off his fists first, and then some of the excess blood from his boot. There's a grim look across his face as drops the bandana down onto the ground.

     A bit of crimson flows out from the alleyway onto the well work concrete flooring at the side of the city. A low groan from further in as the cop walks his way out in time to see the fresh spraypaint.

     Mirrored aviator shades reflect the world around and those letters right back at him. As he makes his way across the street a few cars take their time to just turn right back around and drive off or take some side road if possible. His leather jackboots crunch out against the pothole ridden streets as leather glove clad hands sink back down into the pockets of his GCPD uniform. A snarl curls up the side of his face as he reaches a single hand up to his face, pulling off his aviators. Those eyes lock down on what he's got before himself expression cold and calculating as he scans it. A single gloved hand reaches up to the paint running down a finger across the surface as he looks back over towards the nearby car and other holographic figure.

Megatron has posed:
Zolten Rex looks over sidelong at the police officer as he 'inspects' the fresh paint on the surface of the wall. He left his carrying case inside the nearby car for convenience not planning on getting into a firefight in broad daylight and not expecting to have to go very far from where he has planted himself.

Zolten Rex eyes the officer and nods, "Officer." he says simply and then turns his face back towards the street and the moving traffic. Waiting... for something.

Knock Out has posed:
Knock Out remains quiet, the car's engine shut off. Within, he is constantly scanning the area, staying on alert for anyone or anything that even /looks/ capable of causing a problem. All is well so far, and the officer is noted and passed over, then returned to as he enters the alley. Oh-ho-ho...

Barricade has posed:
     There's a long moments silent pause from the officer as he stands on the spot. Looking right into the mans eyes before him locked on the spot. He takes a few seconds wait on the spot it could feel an eternity of just looking over at each other. There's a wind that carries through the alleyway passing by as it travels carrying with it a harsh smog.

     Finally the silence breaks by the man going down on one knee bowing his head as he takes out his side arm and places it in front of himself. A show of fealty from the officer as he looks down towards the ground. "Hail Lord Megatron." Spoken not in the voice of the holographic representative, no not at all, but instead that of Barricade in all of its processed and modulated glory. "May your reign last ten billion cycles."

Megatron has posed:
Zolten Rex straightens and stands from leaning against the wall behind him. He turns and looks at the 'police officer' kneeling before him. He nods slowly, taking a moment to analyze the vocal signals for an identity. It takes him a moment to find the closest match because the words came from 'human' vocal chords instead of directly from a vocal processor.

He smiles and gestures for Barricade to rise, "Barricade! I am pleased to have stumbled upon one of my most loyal lieutenants!" he says with a note of pleasure indeed in his voice. "It has been too long my old friend. Your true form is nearb... ah, the vehicle I presume?" he asks.

Knock Out has posed:
Oh-ho-ho indeed, as Knock Out witnesses the 'officer' showing fealty to Megatron's avatar. All is proceeding according to plan. Until, that is, a few gangers with the sorts of tools that lead to car parts ending up in chop shops begin to approach, whistling at the Aston Martin, a cat-call of sorts.

Much as Knock Out would enjoy the adoration, he immediately places it for what it really is as one says to another, "That's a sweet ride, holmes. How much you think we can get for those rims?"

The driver's side mirror rotates slightly to keep them in view as another answers, "Couple hundred each easy but yo, look at how /clean/ it is. If nobody's there, let's just take the whole thing!"

Fuming inside, Knock Out waits. Behind that tinted glass, the avatar reaches for the gun case that holds Megatron's alt mode. Upon opening it, the gun flies out and into the right hand of the 'driver.'

Barricade has posed:
     The officer rises back up to a stand, collecting his 'blade' it's much more a show of fealty then anything properly functional. He places back on the hat, and adjusts himself back to a more respectable position. Looking back to the car along with Zolten. The voice falls back to the more human projection. "I thought it would help me better blend in with these... organics."

     The mirrored shades do actually a good job of hiding his almost perfectly timed blinking. The little details in his garb designed to help hide the usual tells for this sort of thing one might be able to parse through given enough time. "I have spent too long with them Lord Megatron, my long range communications were damaged during the crash when my section of the ship decompressed."

     Instead of adjusting his clothes to remove wrinkles the physical form simply shimmers for the briefest of seconds as the 'clothes' fix themselves. Just in time to hear the sound of a gunshot. His attention turns as he places a single thumb in each of the beltloops. "Otherwise I would have come to your aid."

Megatron has posed:
Zolten Rex gestures behind him, "That is quite allright. I understand completely, old friend. That is Knock Out waiting for us. I have taken a fancy to a Walther P.38 myself." he says. Which is an impressive feat considering the mass displacement involved in taking such a small form for someone with his primary mode's stature. Infact only one other has come close to such a level so far and that is Soundwave, even surpassing it by preserving a subspace pocket for his casseticons.

Zolten mmnts as he feels himself called to the hand of another. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, "Barricade, if you would be so kind... make your presence felt by the two humans oggling Knock Out for theft before he is forced to atomize the vermin with my alt-mode."

Knock Out has posed:
Knock Out will do what it takes to protect himself, that is for certain. Normally, if things were too dangerous he'd just leave. Everything about this place has him feeling dirty, violated, in need of a good scrubbing. Even the air is just...bad.

First and foremost, there's the matter of the pair approaching, a third hanging back to play lookout. "Yo," he whispers before they've gone too far. "Five-O down the way, but no signs. Do it quick!" Apparently they missed Barricade's avatar entering the alley.

"Trust me on this one, my Lord," Knock Out's avatar says to the gun in hand, and the window rolls down just a hair as the would-be thieves get close enough. "Ah, ah, ah. I'd think twice about this if I were you," comes a soothing yet menacing voice from somewhere within the expensive-looking car. "You scratch my finish, I scratch yours, and yours doesn't look very scratch-resistant."

The words are punctuated with the barrel of the gun poking out. The gangers freeze on the spot, swearing as they drop their tools with a clang and a clatter.

Barricade has posed:
     "By your command." Spoken in a firm voice as he alters the visuals of his little disguise to appear to be holding a full AA-12 over a shoulder, and a nice little flack vest. The look is far more swat then general cop. He takes one last look at himself before just walking right out in full borderline riot gear.

     Because it's not the actual gun he's able to make the sound of a shotgun cocking as he walks out of that alleyway and back down the street towards the thugs. The gun is held with one arm up against his shoulder as he walks on over very clearly done up in the Gotham Police Department colors and regalia.

     "You know, you kids are just the men I was looking for." Adding to the fear factor on the people who already dropped their toys. He's not got a clue on the current situation but he does recognize the colors. "Might want to check your friend Anguiano over there, think he's got a concussion."

Knock Out has posed:
More swearing from the would-be thieves as soon as they see the cop stepping out of the alley, a couple of them coming after "Holy.." can be heard. Deciding this is not the place they want to be right now, they simply run.

"Let them go, Barricade," Knock Out is heard to say, the avatar putting Megatron back in his case. "They're nothing important. You're the one it turns out we were looking for. Seems you've found a way to fit in, but wouldn't you be better off back on the Nemesis with the rest of us? We're getting everyone back together."

There may be another reason for him to forget about the thugs. "Besides, I don't like it here. How can you stand this place?"

Barricade has posed:
     "This place." He motions around himself once the rest of the group of thugs is out of sight making his way back over towards the cop car to bring it back over. He makes a show of placing the gun down though it just vanishes out of his hands as it never existed in the first place. "It's..." He pauses for a moment looking back out over to the horizon. "In a way I watched this hovel grow up." He pauses for a long moment. "It has been a hell, and incarceration but there is still something to this place, it's live or die status, the week and strong fighting for their place."

     "In a way it's a mirror of our own great dream, done poorly, but a start." Said as he sets himself back down inside of himself. The real him speeding up a little bit to pull right beside Knockout. "Lead the way and I will follow, I am intent on keeping my vows to Lord Megatron come even the end of all sparks."

Megatron has posed:
Zolten Rex nods slowly, "I agree Barricade... These humans seem to have a philosophy, several actually based on the "self-made man". Some refer to nihilism (OOC sp?) as being the survival of the fittest, the strong and the smartest should rule. It is very like our own in many ways." he says watching the streets around him continue in their patterns.

He sighs, "They may be vermin, but they are dangerous vermin. Never forget that. I awoke in their tender mercy trapped as a lab experiment. Fools that they were, I arranged for my own freedom, but it cost me much of my pride. For that, I will not forgive them easily or soon." he says his voice lowering to a growl. "But, now that we have found you. Let us show you to the small piece of home we are in the procees of salvaging and restoring to some function. With some good fortune and planning we may even be able to return home in it... though the damage is making that more and more doubtful."

Knock Out has posed:
Knock Out's voice carries all the haughty disapproval the words would indicate. "Be that as it may, it's a filthy, disgusting mess. I'd never be caught here without some form of protection. I can almost feel myself rusting out from the insides from the air alone." He was always particular about these sorts of things.

Whatever philosophical things Megatron and Barricade may connect on when it comes to their experiences with the organic humans, Knock Out does not share. He can't speak to that side of things. What he can do, once Megatron is finished and they're ready to go, is present an idea.

"Barricade, if you would be so kind as to indulge me on the way out of here, we have a shuttle waiting outside the city. How about you pretend to chase me, full sirens and lights?" Revving his engine, he speeds his way out of the Narrows and Gotham itself, showing little to no concern for stoplights. Not even any potholes slow him down this time, most of them avoided with a subtle swerve here or there. Naturally, he also avoids bumping any other cars, let alone people.

Barricade has posed:
     A police escort makes things easy enough to zip about the city lights flashing. It's hard to tell what Barricade just did but for some reason sooner rather then later there are other cop cars converging on the two cars and there's soon a small convoy to escort them to the edge of the city at high speeds.

     There's a blare of lights and sirens as it seems Knock Out managed to get themself a lovely parade right out that stops a bit of other traffic and causes people to slam on their breaks with a bit of grid lock making an exit from the city a pure dream and pleasure compared to the nightmare that was getting in. So much gridlock.

Megatron has posed:
Megatron is along for the ride. "Next time, please choose a different mode of exiting the city. I do not like this much attention on us, Knock Out. We're supposed to keep a LOW profile." he comments as the vehicle speeds out into the countryside eventually dropping its heavier escort presence for its one original squad car as they take a turn back towards the shoreline to meet up where they had 'parked' their watermodified shuttlecraft... now basically a stealth submarine to transport them back to the Nemesis. As they come within a couple miles of shore he gives a signal to the drone vehicon that is piloting the craft for them.

As the two vehicles speed towards the shore they find themselves driving along a concrete pier, but rather than slowing down they speed up... and at the end both vehicles leap flying into the air and as they come down to the water surface they are 'caught' by the waiting shuttle craft. It's access doors hidden in the choppy waters by its stealth fields as they close just as the shuttle submerges taking the group 'home'.

Knock Out has posed:
Knock Out did like the attention on him, though he's cautious enough not to gloat about that with Megatron right there, whether speaking through his avatar or just his alt mode of the gun that was waved at the thugs earlier. "I was under the impression that went for our normal modes, but it feels good to get the wheels spinning. You should try it sometime." He certainly plans to.

Once their method of getting back to the Nemesis is revealed and Megatron has exited, the Aston Martin transforms back into the more familiar form of Knock Out, who looks rather pleased with himself. "Nice to have you back in the fold, Barricade. Do come by my lab sometime if you find yourself in need of some upgrades. You must have been without for far too long and we have so much to do."