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(Damian approaches Kate about stepping outside the lines.)
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Risky Business
Date of Scene: 11 July 2019
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Damian approaches Kate about stepping outside the lines.
Cast of Characters: Robin (Wayne), Batwoman

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian sits thinking about things in what he must admit is a rather confortable chair. He looks around at the suite that is obviously not his with a sigh thinking to himself about what his goal was here. He had planned to do this alone, but Batman had mentioned Kate, and it was not wise to ignore him. He had done his due dilligance looking into her, as he does not sleep much he had a lot of time to do so.

He would be wearing a League outfit that had the black padded clothing with the black leather like jacket over it. It looked old, but if one really looks the fiber would be strange as it isn't just cloth, and leather alone.

He had the cloak down, and the white mask that covered all of his face off sitting in his lap as he sat in the dark. Finally deciding it was time to approach her he had waited for her to leave at night where he could get in. Not many look out the window anymore it seems so other then some quick motions to get away from the neighborhood watch ladies it was not difficult to get in. Given for him that just ment there wasn't any laser fields, or those creepy teeth things all over the floor.

Batwoman has posed:
Security in Kate Kane's penthouse apartment is high-end, but nothing nearly as fancy as the Bat Cave, or Oracle's Clocktower. That's by design, of course. After all, when one poses as a rich socialite, it wouldn't do to have a CIA-level security system in one's home.

She returns early, at least by HER standards. Actually it's good that she returns at all instead of sleeping... elsewhere, truth be told. Returning after dinner and drinks, Kate is alone when she keys open the door. Wearing a strappy cocktail dress of green silk, she is putting the key into her matching clutch purse as she gives the apartment a once-over.

Chair. Dark figure. Mask... off?

By the time her brain registers that it's Damian, the purse drops to the floor as a distraction and she's holding a neat automatic in a military shooter's stance.

The gun lowers and the redhead smirks. "People die that way, you know. Get you a drink, Damian?"

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian hears her coming it isn't like she is being quiet so he waits with a quiet sigh. She opens the door, and as soon as he is spotted the light comes on as he pulls the cord. As he watches her he notes, "If you pulled the trigger I would of chosen incorrectly." after a moment he adds, "Water is just fine." then falls to silence in the chair. He is sitting more towards the edge so he isn't swinging his feet, already feeling short enough.

He waits for the water before he continues, "I have a request, but it is dangerous despite your training, and I am wondering if you can, or should hear it." he takes a sip just telling her what is on his mind directly. He watches her, and would listen or just fall to silence if no words follow for a moment thinking before he continues. "It is to protect Gotham from a future threat before it escalates. It is pre-crime prevention which... is not really in the 'bosses' wheelhouse." he assumes she would figure out who he was talking about though he had no idea how bugged this place was.

He takes another drink with a sigh, "And if you just want me to leave it will still get done with or without you. So I can go at any time." finishing it with a determined look on his face. He would go at it alone if needed, so she at least had the choice. He tried to be as clear and as percise as he could with his information though his tone was a stern one, as was his general look. Occastionally when he sighed he did get a thoughtfull look like he was trying to translate something, thinking hard about what to say before he says it.

Batwoman has posed:
Kate Kane thumbs the safety and raises the barrel to a 'check' position before slipping the gun back into the clutch purse. "If I would've pulled the trigger it would've been because I was sloppy." she replies. Heels click-click-click on the tile as she saunters towards the kitchen.

Kate returns with two bottles of water, offering him one before sitting within close conversation distance. She's had wine this evening, the lingering aroma of stale cigarette smoke speaking of a possible club as well.

He sips and she sips. And no, from her expression she doesn't seem to take offense when he questions her training. Kate nods slowly when the conversation takes a particular turn of direction, and she lifts a finger before rising. Crossing the room, she touches a button on what looks like a wall intercom... probably for the door or the garage. "White noise generator." she explains, returning to her seat.

Damian is always serious, but this time he's even MORE serious than normal. "Military doctrine does not preclude pre-emptive actions. If this is big enough for -you- to seek assistance, then count me in. But I want as much detail as you can share with me. I like to plan my campaigns, not simply react to surprises."

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian falls silent of course when she messages him to, but that isn't hard for him really as he hasn't said much yet. He nods to the military doctrine, though thinks about it for a moment, as she continues. He finally starts with what he does know, "There is a criminal organization moving into Gotham. I don't know much about them, but from what I have seen I want to say international." he shrugs a bit at that, "Normally no-one cares, they move in the Bats fight back, and everything goes to hell."

He has seen it too many times already as he sips his water thinking about not the psychos not the thugs, but the groups of people who had plans for Gotham. "I do not know if you know much about me, but at one point I was the Heir to the Demon." he shakes his head at the thought of it "When my Grandfather stepped down I would run an organization of Assassisans.. They call themselves LoA or League of Assassins."

He stands up, and moves a bit closer to the wall to look at some bobbles while he continues to talk, "I am not in it still, but they are a powerfull force. I plan to act like their spokesman here in Gotham. I need to convince this mysterious organization that they are stepping on the Leagues turf."

Giving a small grin he adds, "They think it is LoA, and back off maybe after a little convincing, and no new people in Gotham. Bad guys still would be out there, but at least we can keep them from coming in here.." he shrugs to himself this time.. "All I have is a contact that is going to meet me, and tell me how they got ahold of them. A local."

Batwoman has posed:
Kate Kane settles back in her seat, stretching those long legs out as she takes another sip. She listens, putting on her 'impassive' face. All of the Bats have -that- face, of course. Being former military, it's one thing that comes easy for Kate.

"I'm familiar with the League of Assassins, of course." As is everyone in Batman's organization. Swirling her water bottle, she grins a little as well.

"You're putting a lot of weight in the League's reputation being able to spook this international organization, Damian. I know your Grandfather's reputation, as does almost everyone in the business. It's risky, but worth it."

Kate pauses for a moment, then she asks the question. "What do you need from me, in all this?"

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian nods, and thinks about it though she had to of known he wasn't sure if she had known that much so wanted to be clear early. He thinks about how to respond to the League comment, and nods. "It may not work you are right, but in the end I see three outcomes. Two are benificial, the third was going to happen anyway." he turns and looks at her, "Let me ask you, if we are posing as League members and we upset him, who is he going to go after?" he holds up a hand, "Assuming not us of course."

He turns again not wanting to go into more as she already saw it was worth it so moved to her final question he paused before he answered. "Another set of eyes, I have a way of handling things that are rather.." he stops and thinks about it "Final.. I reconize you do not hold back either so you are a good limiter. In a way you would be the Jimmy Cricket to stop if things go to far. Second you have a different way of looking at things, and I don't know if it is a military or private organization."

He shrugs to himself, "And if it goes to hell, I mean real bad misery loves company I guess." and gives a short small laugh at that one. Look at that Damian was even cracking jokes.

Batwoman has posed:
Kate Kane chuckles softly, crossing her feet at the ankles. "The real League, of course." she replies. "Who will deny everything, and potentially trace this all to you." The redhead pauses for a moment, before adding. "Then again, it's not like they've forgotten about you after all this time, have they?"

No, she doesn't expect him to be worried.

Her expression becomes more neutral, then. "I try to stay within the bounds set by your boss, of course." It's Batman's city, after all. "But yes, I do recognize that there are often times to make exceptions. But let's go in with a plan and contingencies. We're both good at improvising if the conversation goes sideways."

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian nods, and looks at her, "No... no they have not. I have not told the other Bat Family as they worry about things that they do not understand." he shrugs a bit, "Well unlike him I do believe in sharing information, so I will let you know the location, time, and that the first person we are going to meet is Penguin."

He goes back to his chair to sit, "It is rather simple someone paid him to let them in. It has to be him as no-one else has shown any influx of money from an outward source. And it is Penquin he would sell any thing or one."

Damian looks at her, "The plan is to go in ask him nicely to tell us with implied threats and kind words." he looks at his hand, "If he doesn't then I say start with the pinky until he does."

He makes a fist, and puts his hand down, "Though I doubt it will come to that thankfully he is also a coward. After what he tells us is when we can plan, but before that it is just guess work." Damian didn't like guess work and maybe he was like her in that regard. He also gave an address to an abandoned warehouse that was far enough out of the way that no-matter what happened there it would be undisterbed. Strangly enough knowing the Bat-Routes it is not on any that one might of seen so he also took into consideration avoiding the capes.

Batwoman has posed:
Kate Kane lifts a crimson brow, upper lip twitching a little at the mention of Penguin. "Am I to assume that Mr. Cobblepot has been keeping to the terms of his parole, then?" She almost looks amused at the possibility. "So you'll be the mouthpiece for this exchange, and I'll be the silent muscle?"

Kate has sparred with Damian, and she finds that to be even more amusing. "If so, then I'll need some details to make a convincing costume. May take a little while, since you're not exactly my size."

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian nods, to her slowly, "If that is what you prefer.." he reaches under the chair to pull out a duffle bag that was obviously there the whole time just pushed a bit back. "Your mesurements were on a medical file of course so I got something that would fit." he doesn't hand it over at first opening it instead.

He reaches in and something jingles as he pulls out what looks to be rope. All over it are bells old used bells that still ding but it is a dull ding now after so long. He looks up at her, and holds out the rope for her to take. "First though you need to move like one of us."

He pushes the duffle back under the chair and looks at her, "It is very simple.. If you want to act like a League member all you have to do is wear this.. and not make a noise" He shrugs, and looks at her, "It is cheesy I know, but it helps you learn to move differently without noticing it."

He looks at her seriously, "I know you can do it as a Bat, but can you do it constantly.. Go a day without noise and you will be ready.. Oh, and just incase." he opens his cloak to show those same bells laying softly against the padded armor. When he got up, and walked about they did not make a sound. "The rest is just having the clothes so is easier."

Batwoman has posed:
Kate Kane chuckles softly, gaze lowering to the duffel with a knowing smile. No, she's not surprised in the least. Reaching out, she accepts the rope and gives the bells a light jingle. Amusement returns. "Does it always have to be about passing tests with the male Bats?" she quips.

"I'll work with it." Yeah, challenge accepted. "Just so I can plan my social schedule, what is our time window for this meeting?" Passing the bells from one hand to the other, she opens the duffel to look inside at the costume.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
As she pulls it out she would see while it to is padded armor it was a bit different from his. To Damian it was what his mother always wore so he thought absolutly nothing of it, though it was going to be a tight fit at least it had the cloak to go over it. Also thankfully it covered head to toe part of the clothing extra on the shirt to be pulled up to cover even the bottom of ones face. It also seemed to have what looked like a garter that would cover ones stomach, on it was a vast assortment of knives, vials, and other small throwable blades.

Damian catches you looking at it and speaks up, "Don't mess with the belt yet.. Inside of the clothing is a list of everything on it. Some are posions, others are acids, all of it is ment to kill another living person." he knew she would not treat it as a toy, but one should know what is dangerous.

Damian notes, "There is no mask, as this one is special." he pats the white mask he had earlier. "If you decide to use one, do not pick something silly or in anyway like this one. There is only one in the League, and I left with it so any other would give us away."

He falls to silence thinking about it, "We do not use guns, do you know how to use a bow? If not it might be best to practice at least with the knives. I figure they would be more to your comfort."

Batwoman has posed:
Kate Kane handles the costume carefully, her hands professional dispite the cocktail dress and the well-heeled Jimmy Choo's. "I'll brush up on my knife-work, but it's been a little while since I've shot a bow." Special Forces use crossbows more often than bows, but it's all part of a well-rounded training regimen.

Kate smirks as she checks out the various accessories. "Of course the League has their own form of 'utility belt'. Why not?" Carefully lowering the costume to her lap again, she considers.

"My martial arts training is the standard mix of military styles, which would likely give me away in a protracted fight. We'll just have to be quick and make sure no one has the time to pay close attention."

Kate takes another sip from the bottle, finishing it. "My face is in the tabloids every other week, so I want to cover it with something. I'm thinking something like a surgeon's mask over mouth and nose, covering everything but the eyes. If that works, then I just need to sharpen my skills."