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Sometimes You Just Need A Quiet Night
Date of Scene: 13 July 2019
Location: Wanda's Room, Avenger's Mansion
Synopsis: Josh studies while Wanda plays guitar. Even quiet evenings can be meaningful.
Cast of Characters: Scarlet Witch, Elixir

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The invitation for Josh to come stay over was sent, and a quiet dinner was planned for Wanda's room. She invited him to bring his books to study if he wanted. After they ate - a meal with a lemon pepper chicken, sundried tomatoes and a delicious light goat cheese, with fettuccini alfredo and then white and dark chocolate mousse for desert - Wanda cleared the dishes away and then grabbed her guitar, moving back over to sit on the floor at Josh's foot where he is sitting on the couch.

She slides one of his books over to him, smiling to encourage his studies, though he doesn't have to take it if he doesn't want. She pulls her guitar over from where it rests nearby. Checking the tune and then playing a quiet song as she leans back, against the couch, and against his leg partially as well.


Elixir has posed:
Josh was more than happy to spend more time with Wanda. The more time they were together the more he wanted. Still, he was relieved when she suggested he bring his books. Picking his grades up from good to great was not optional.

Talking through dinner, which he enjoyed and complimented Wanda on, it was easy to feel at home. There was something very grounded to Wanda that helped settle him. He took care of the dishes afterward and settled in on the couch.

Josh sat on the couch reading for a bit while listening to Wanda play. He turned to lay down instead so her head would rest against his side if she leans back.

"Did you go to college?" Josh asks while highlighting key terms in his anatomy book.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
It should come as no surprise when Wanda does lean her head back against Josh, smiling at that improved bit of contact with him. She begins fingerpicking another song, one that Josh might recognize as being from Fleetwood Mac, though she doesn't start singing as they are talking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM7-PYtXtJM

Wanda gives a slow nod of her head at his question. "My education early on was very scattershot. Moving around. Home schooled really. And then on the run after that. But I had a number of mentors later on who helped me makeup for those deficiencies. History in particular. After I became an Avenger and my life grew more stable, I enrolled at Columbia. After some interviews they let me enroll in graduate school in history. I have Master's degree from there that I finished a few years ago," she says.

Wanda smiles. "I'm very supportive of your career choice. I'll do my best not to disrupt your studies," she tells him. Wanda finally begins singing the song then, but keeping it very quiet. Soothing background music for Josh. Hopefully.

Elixir has posed:
"Masters? Wow, good for you, that's huge. Kinda fits with just about everything else about you. You'd be really intimidating if you weren't like, so... Cool," Josh replies. He drops his right hand over the edge of the couch to brush Wanda's ear with his fingertips and toy lightly with her hair.

"You sure you don't want to distract me a lot? I mean, this is only going to take 12 years," he says wryly.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda leans into Josh's touch even as she continues playing the song. She reaches a spot between verses before answering him, "Well, I do plan on some distractions, yes," she says, her accent a little thicker than normal as she tries to make the words a little more sultry. "But, I can try to be judicious," she says.

Wanda gets a thought, stopping play for a moment to turn towards him. "Perhaps distractions as a reward for good test scores?" she suggests, doing her best to make her expression seem like it's a serious suggestion, though by now he might be able to spot that light in the green eyes that never can quite be hidden when she's being playful with him. "You know, a doctor's life is a lot like my own. Having odd hours and long shifts sometimes. If you can accept that about me, I will accept it about you as well."

Elixir has posed:
"Sounds like a deal," Josh says with a smile. "I'm gonna hold you to those reward though."

"What are your hours? Just whenever something happens?" he asks curiously. He keeps fingering her hair while reading. "Do you have to do training?"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda begins just fiddling around on the guitar for a bit rather than playing particular songs. Doing little runs down different chords, hearing how things sound. But mostly focused on the conversation with Josh.

She nods her head slowly. "We have rotations, a team member monitoring affairs in the Assembly Room, the command center. Though Jarvis can handle much of it, we always want a person there. Outside of that, yes, we each keep up our training. We have some group exercises, but much of it is left to ourselves to schedule and get in. I spend time on research. I'm perhaps going to be helping prepare a safe location for keeping artifacts recovered by SHIELD," Wanda says. She lets out a sigh. "Though there are politics on top of politics before it happens, I imagine."

She reaches back to him, resting her hand on his arm. As if just that simple act of touching him has become a center for her. And she didn't need to look to have her fingers go to the spot she intended. She just knew where he was, though Wanda didn't even realize that fact.

Elixir has posed:
"Huh. I'm surprised SHIELD doesn't have that already. Glad you're doing it, they must need it," Josh says. His skin tingles pleasantly at Wanda's touch. "Do you mean like actual magical research? Could you show me something about it? I know like, nothing, but here I am with you, and what we did together the other night was so cool. I'd really like to know more," he says. There is the squeak of the highlighter on paper a couple times.

"Our training is a mostly group work. Scott expects us to be pretty much on our game with our own powers, so we do training sessions together at least five times a week," Josh says a little guiltily. "I'm going to have to double up this weekend. I missed a morning session or two recently," he says with a chuckle. "I gotta get Yana to make a portal to here or something for me!"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda's fingers move in little circles over his golden-hued skin as she leans back, head against Josh's torso as he lies on the couch. "Well, they do. How effective and safe it is, that is the question," Wanda says. "Speaking of which? If you ever question whether someone is me? Tell me Dream Dancer. And I will reply Window Watcher. And vice versa, if you I tell you mine, reply with Dream Dancer," she says, making the phrases something both of them should be able to remember readily enough.

Wanda lets out a sigh. "And if you think my bringing this up has anything to do with the security of SHIELD's repository, you are a very smart individual." She sets her guitar aside and turns partway so her side is leaning against the couch and she can face Josh better.

"I can teleport you myself, if you are ok with it?" Wanda tells him. Her hand moves from his arm, up to tenderly touch his cheek. As she does, Wanda's own expression softens as if sensing something. "I think we have a connection between us still. From what I did so you could guide my magic. Have you felt anything extra? Sometimes, I feel like I know how you're feeling when you aren't even here. It took me a bit to realize what it was. It will fade in time. Though, I admit, once I realized what it was before I called today, I rather like the thought of having it. And I can use it to find you easily to teleport you. Though,a phone call also would suffice for that."

Elixir has posed:
"Dream Dancer... Should I like, expect this to happen, or is it one of those nice to have precaution things?" Josh asks. "Though... I dunno if someone could fool me about you. Not long anyway."

"You're talking about a residual link," Josh explains looking over at Wanda and smiles. "Happens with strong telepathic links between people. They carry over even after they're dropped. I've been getting flashes from you... I just."

"Maybe it's your magic that makes it different? But that shouldn't just happen with a super short connection like you did with us. At least with telepaths. I dunno," he shrugs and looks like he might say more. Then just shrugs again.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
At the question about the need for code phrases, Wanda says, "It's probably unlikely. But, yes, there has been an incident adjacent to me that may have involved some false identities. Not mine, but I would rather be cautious just the same." Wanda's smile grows as Josh expresses his belief he could spot a difference. "I believe you probably could," she agrees with him. And Josh won't have to see the warmth in her eyes to know she feels the same about him.

Which will lead naturally to how he could feel that without seeing her eyes. "It probably has some similarities to a telepathic link. Though it is a bit different in nature. More a link of... who we are. Not our minds but our beings," she says, deciding to avoid the word 'soul' though perhaps it isn't the wrong word.

"I had to hurry in forging it, so it was a little stronger than I would have done otherwise," Wanda says. "It isn't somethin that bothers you, I hope?" she asks him.

Elixir has posed:
Josh rolls over onto his side so he can look at Wanda more easily.

"Wait, our beings? I thought it was telepathy. I mean, it was really deep really fast, but I just opened to it like... Ah like I learned, for telepaths," Josh says. He looks at Wanda searchingly. Not suspiciously in the least, but not understanding.

"What did you do exactly?"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda's expression during her hesitance in answering is that of someone trying to find the words rather than being reluctant to give the explanation. "You have been in a telepathic link," she says, and though her face shows it not, he might lightly sense the envy that another has been able to experience that with Josh when Wanda has not herself.

Wanda slides her hand slowly up to curl her fingers over his shoulder near his neck. "But the telepath could not control your healing. Perhaps a telepath could force YOU to use your power. But they could not control it themselves. This is how what I did differed. We have within us a center. Chakras, spirit, soul, it can be expressed many different ways, but yet none of those are quite the right word either," she tells him.

Wanda slides her fingers up, moving from his shoulder to lightly touch Josh's face. "I connected that part of us. If you were a telepath you'd have to try to force me to use the power as you want. Instead I made us alike, invited you to be part of my essence in a way that I could share control with you. I don't know, am I explaining it well?" she asks in her softly accented English. "I fear I'm not, but it took long study to understand it as I do, and it's more... feeling than something we have words for."

Elixir has posed:
Josh catches Wanda's hand in his. He pulls her hand gently down and kisses the back of it. He keeps hold of her hand while he looks at Wanda considering what she said. There is a roil of feeling inside him that is hard to pin down. Hope is a big part of it though, and it is not a feeling that seems natural to Josh.

"I should be really mad," he says gently. "Like, freaking out. I mean, touching my mind is one thing but what you're talking about is way... more."

"I wanted it back when you dropped it though," Josh admits. " And whatever Dream did to us at Evolution. I /like/ being so close to you. Is that weird?"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Sensations warm them both as Josh's lips touch over the back of Wanda's hand. That sense of her is more noticeable when actually with her, he can tell the way it makes her feel when he kisses her skin like that. It's like a warm echo, seeing the glow of a sunny day rather than being in the sunlight directly.

Wanda bites her lip with a little concern as he comments he should be mad. "I wouldn't have done it but for Sarah's condition, and there not being time for any other option I could think of," she tells him slowly. As he goes on, Wanda lets out a breath, and that echo of her feelings, the tension and dread that had momentarily gripped her fades a little, but is not completely gone yet.

Wanda looks over to Josh. "It feels special to me. I haven't had this with another... and..." she says, trailing off. Even with his words, she seems worried she's done something to him that he doesn't wish.

Elixir has posed:
Josh sets his book aside when he feels the fear and tension remain. It is automatic, unthinking. He just goes to her. He slips down onto the floor between Wanda and the couch, a leg on either side of her. His arms wrap around her and Wanda is slid in closer to him so her head lays against his chest. Josh's heart beats slowly and steadily and he breathes in time with Wanda.

"It's okay, it was the right thing to do," he says quietly, encouragingly. "... And?"

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda presses in against him, the feeling his arms about her are a balm for anything that could ail her. Her own arms slide around him as she nestles in close, and nuzzles her cheek against his chest as he holds her. How is it that he can make everything feel so right, so quickly? Does he realize what magic that is?

Wanda draws a breath in time to his own, her heart beating calmly as if they shared one heart together. She looks up and into his eyes. "And... and I love feeling you a part of me like this. And me of you."

Wanda's words trail off, and she realizes what it is she's feeling. And it isn't because of that connection they currently share, though it helped her to realize. And in the moment she realizes it, the warmth of it will be felt by him, and Josh will know. And though Wanda won't give voice to those words, as they close their eyes she holds him, and is held. And nothing else in the world really matters than that.