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Into the Dangerrrr Room
Date of Scene: 13 July 2019
Location: Titan Tower Danger Room
Synopsis: Negasonic practices flying with the instruction of Colette and Kian. Vorpal and Beast Boy show up and derail the lesson with greetings and returns.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Stardust, Kian t'Kaeh, Vorpal, Beast Boy

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
Honestly Colette and Kian had a very good point about Ellie's ability to fly and control.

Instead of just letting off a constant stream of explosive energy behind her why doesn't she let it out at different rates all around her instead.

Ironically though despite Nega having access to not one, but two, dangerrooms the one at Titan's HQ is likely easier to use for practicing. Less snoopy teachers. Which is why we find her blasting around trying to get her flight under more control.

t is a bit loud but it is obviously not a violent simulation. Flat terrain. Lots of 'sky'.

Stardust has posed:
    What better way to learn the arts of flying than have two separate teachers giving you guidance based on their entirely different methods of aerial locomotion. "You're dropping on each 'pulse' Nega," Colette heckles from the comfort of the seating by the control console, her booted feet resting on millions of dollars worth of delicated electronics and a can of cola in her hand. "See if you can alternate one behind and one below. Very quickly. So you're compensating for gravity and creating thrust."

    It's kind of fun watching Negasonic's attempts at controlled flight. There's something about it that reminds Colette of the way that coyotes are able to remain airborne for short periods of time after chasing road runners off the edge of cliffs, at least according to her favorite nature documentaries. "Oh and do be careful of the ceiling. Keep in mind we're not actually in the open here."

Kian t'Kaeh has posed:
    Kian *would* ask how he got talked into coming into the Danger Room again, but he knows why, and it's actually a good reason, even by his alien standards.  After all, he knows flight as well as anyone, and probably better than most.
    This does not stop him from hesitating long before finally crossing the line between the safe zone and the simulation.
    But when he takes to the air, it's almost like he's a different person -- confident, almost cocky.  He swoops a wide circle around Nega, and calls down to Colette, "Of course she is!  That's the nature of pulsed power!  It's not a steady application of thrust, or an unpowered glide."  Dropping below Nega, he grins up at her, keeping pace almost without effort.
    The little showoff.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
Well it is loud, since really the flight is a lot more to do with jets and rockets than wings, but she isn't going for max speed rightt now. Still she can hear Colette heckling her. She tries to adjust though to her credit alternating the blasts of kinetic explosive energy behind and below. Which does result in a much more controlled climb than the rocketing and angling of full blast.

"God damnit.... everyone makes this look so easy... Kentucky makes this look easy too..." loudly stated to get over the noise really.

"Are you grinning at me?" she cuts the blasting flight for a moment there, purposely falling right at him.

Stardust has posed:
    "That's easy for you to say," Colette replies to Kian from her lazy perch. "Your wings change angle as you flap. You're not creating thrust in a single direction, you're..." she pauses a moment. "Something about vortexes, prob... vortices, probably. And lift! Wings give you lift. Nega there can't glide, she's..."

    Colette pauses as Negasonic starts to plummet down towards Kian. "See!" She gestures with her can of soda. "See, that's Nega not gliding. Told you."

    Swinging her legs down from the console, Colette leans forwards and starts tapping away at the controls with her spare hand. No visible changes are made to the scenario... so far. She probably didn't hit enter yet. "You guys up for me adding a few obstacles in there to make things harder?"

Kian t'Kaeh has posed:
    "Yes, of course I am!" Kian says brightly to Nega.  "You're doing really well -- /kya/!"  Wingless being not flying equals Kian reacting more on reflex than anything else -- he immediately changes his flight upwards, to catch Nega under the arms.  And despite his frequent warnings about contact telepathy, he's evidently made the effort to keep his mind inside his own skull.  All that should be sensed is confidence, light amusement, and the intent to go higher before releasing Nega again.  "You were doing great," and there's admittedly an underneath thought of {for someone without wings} that he can't *quite* stamp down all the way.  "When I let go, take control again, like you had before!"
    And he gives Colette a surprisingly smug 'I got this' look.

Vorpal has posed:
"Obstacles? That depends," Vorpal's voice comes from behind Colette as he fades into view, "Are you going to add bureaucratic obstacles, or just the boring, ordinary kind?"

The Cheshire cat materializes and smirks, crossing his arms. "Really? I have't been gone for that long and you put yellow tape across my dorm door?"

He's joking, of course. It was just regular tape. He suspects one of the resident jokesters, of course. Vorpal had been gone for some time, his parents deciding that it was the perfect time for the family to go on an European Trip.

The Griswolds had an easier time of it, let's put it at that. His mother had planned so much 'quality time' that it had been virtually impossible for him to slip away for a bit of crimefighting in the U.S. or to visit the team.

"Montmartre sends its regards, by the way," he says to Colette. He leans forward and peers at the not-flying Negasonic. "Woah, we have fresh blood?"

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
The Spiky Goth Punk chick actually forgot about Kian and his contact telepathy. She mostly dropped on him out of snarky spite and also he is not the first winged teammate she has trained with so she was pretty sure he would either dodge out of the way or catch her.

Off her he would get amusement and victory, then surprise but not alarm as she is reminded of his contact telepathy. She really doesn't seem to mind, something about a Rachel.

"Roger." she quips back as she lets the winged one take her higher and then before he does let her go she spots Vorpal and declares "The cat came back" to Kian, yes she has been reading files and all, social media 'intern' after all.

Stardust has posed:
    Kian's smugness actually pleases Colette immensely, though she tries not to show it. She *wants* the newbies to have an 'I got this' attitude. Uncertainty leads to hesitation, and hesitation can be fatal. For some reason she hasn't really managed to get a handle on herself (probably to do with any more senior members of the team being on leave, too tied up with Gotham affairs, or Raven) she seems to be the one in who's lap it has fallen to whip the necomers into shape, and that kind of can-do attitude is called for in a smoothly functioning team.

    Alternative take, Colette is a near-indestructible bundle of over-confidence and is busily inflicting that same over-confidence on the new team mates.

    "Bureaucratic obstacles? Could be. I mean we could launch a barrage of tax officials at them, I've got one in the model database. Hey Chaos Cat, how was the vacation?" Colette gestures towards the seat next to her, inviting Vorpal to join the choir. "Yep. Fresh blood. Vorpal, let me introduce you to our new Social Media Intern. She has super powers, obviously. She also has the most awesome codename in the history of Ever. Vorp, meet Negasonic Teenage Warhead. She can make things explode. It's actually in her contract that we let her explode at villains sometimes, but it has to count as a perk rather than part of her salary for insurance reasons."

Kian t'Kaeh has posed:
    Kian spins away and drops after he releases Nega, ready to catch her again in case... well, let's just diplomatically say in case there are any issues.  Also, she uses explosions to fly and he doesn't want to be within the blast radius.  That could be Bad, with a capital ouch.

Vorpal has posed:
"Bird!" Vorpal calls out to Kian in greetings, and then looks at Negasonic and raises his eyebrows. "Okay, that is a bona fide awesome codename. The exploding at people is definitely an added bonus. So, as an intern, are you in charge of fetching the pizza, or does that still fall to the person in the team who can create portals?" He crosses his arms, "Dusty, I hope you can fill me in on any and all insanity that happened while I was away. And, is the green guy anywhere to be seen? I told him I was coming back this weekend."

Beast Boy has posed:
     "Who's green?! That's a terrible color to be, like you're gonna hurk at any time!" Gar calls out, stepping into the Danger Room. Dressed in some street clothes, and a freshly shaven face, Garfield Logan lets himself be known.

  The Beast Boy stopped over to shower and catch up with folk, luckily the former before the latter.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
Ellie has a pretty good idea of the range of her blast field and makes sure that Kian is well clear of her before she lights it up again.

Honestly it is loud.

Also Colette may be onto something about it being very similar to coyote chasing roadrunneresque propulsion.

Negasonic starts to release kinetic blasts under her and behind steadying and then turning before she impacts the side of the danger room. It is much. Much better than the first time Kian and Colette saw her show off how she could 'fly'. That said it leaves a lot to be worked on still.

She is really working at trying to get towards the arrivals though, easing off the blasts a bit after angling around and honestly ending with a bit of a controlled fall that she steps quickly through when her feet hit the ground. So as to not go tumbling.

"Right. Social media 'intern' and no it is all about making us sound amazing and creating good will with our community and fans and nothing about fetching pizza.. that is what teleporters and speedsters are for anyhow." and yes she bunny ears the intern bit, but seems good natured amused about it really.

She nods to Beast Boy and Vorpal "Hey, Nega, or Negasonic .. or Ellie but man do I prefer the first two." yeah she seems pretty okay with saying her actual name since Damian told her his the other day. Trust fall.

Stardust has posed:
    "Come on and say hi to the cat, Nega!" Colette calls out. She's sure that Ellie will have read all about Vorpal on Heropedia and The Capevine - she seems pretty dedicated to the social media intern thing, even if it did start as a joke - but she's equally sure that reading about him won't do Vorpal justice. You have to see it for yourself - not just the quick quips and japes, but the general aura of chaos that seems to somehow permiate the very walls in his presence.

    Colette's fingers flicker across the keyboard as she talks, and she finishes with a little flourish that does, as promised, start a volley of ghostly holographic bank clerks for Kian to dodge. The besuited figures hurtle upwards in a ragdoll flail of limbs, a dozen at a time, to fade in a shower of sparks as they hit the ceiling.

    "Hey BB!" Colette calls out with one hand raised and waving, though she doesn't turn towards him as he enters, her attention on the bank clerk barrage. "Talking of green, Daro and I ran into the Hulk the other day. When I say ran into, I mean we helped him fight a bunch of Sentinels."

Kian t'Kaeh has posed:
    Seeing that Nega has her flight more or less under control frees up enough of Kian's mind to hear and respond to Vorpal's "Bird!".  He swoops around and "EEEK!" and finds himself dodging spectral bean counters!
    Which, it must be said, he accomplishes fairly easily, although the smile is efficiently wiped from his face.  Worse, he doesn't know who to glare at for that -- it was surreal enough for Vorpal, or throw-him-into-the-deep-end enough for Colette.
    What it wasn't, was much of a challenge to a natural aerobat like Kian, so he lands near enough to Vorpal to greet him with a hug (keeping his mind to himself).  But he keeps his attention on Nega, in case he needs to catch her again.

Vorpal has posed:
"Good to see ya, bird. Keeping it together?" he gives Kian a hug, being careful- he remembers when they first met, and what happened when the bird man touched him. Fortunately, he has gotten better at not taking accidental trips off Cheshire cats.

And then, a distraction appears: "Hey there, Gar!" Vorpal walks over to Beast Boy and gives him his widest grin. "Missed me?" he crosses his arms and raises his eyebrows at him, Groucho Marx-like.

He looks over his shoulder at Ellie, and nods, "You can call me Tommy if you wish. Or Tom. And yeah... I know. I know." Everybody goes for the Tomcat bit when they learn what his real name is. "Social media intern? Then you can probably be the one to help me finally get some media exposure out there. Everybody thinks I'm Tigra's cousin, or something."

Beast Boy has posed:
     Gar snickers as Vorpal tries to ham it up for him. He rolls his eyes a little bit as he nods. "Maybe. Just a smidge."

  Gar waves to everyone, he has always been open to who he is, since he was in the spotlight since a very young age. "I mean, many people know me, I'm Gar Logan." He comments, being in very many movies as the adorable dog that is super loyal and talented, or the T-Rex that looks just so real, because he is. "Anyway, Monster Magnet, good choice!"

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
Nega pauses and looks up and over at the exploding bank clerks flying up and presenting obstacles for Kian. She focuses a moment and then there is a blast of explosive energy from her up and a lot of earlier than ceiling sparks from exploding bank clerks.

She does do it no where near where Kian is dodging to try to land.

Turning back to the others she mmms "I wish I'd been there when you fought those damn Sentinels." there is some anger there from the teenager. She looks in her mid teens really. Closer to Damian's age than many on the team.

"Tommy or Tom works, or Vorpal maybe. As for Tigra well it could be much worse.. she is so hot." the young woman makes a rwwwrr noise then grins. "But yeah I imagine we can work on your media exposure. Maybe a toyline." is she teasing, maybe a tiny bit.

To Gar she notes "I imagine your agent or manager already has someone assigned to your social media stuff, your voice online is excellent." damn when did the teenager get a phone in her hand, she is scrolling on Instagram, Gar's though.

Stardust has posed:
    By the time Kian comes in to land, Colette is nowhere near the controls and paying absolutely no attention to his clerk-dodging exploits. She'll be oblivious to any glaring that might come her way. Quite intentionally. Hey, Kian needs the practise. Wouldn't want him to go into battle under-trained. Besides, the clerks would have just passed right through Kian if he'd had a collision. The kinetic barriers weren't on.

    This time.

    "Actually there was a SHIELD agent there too," Colette says to Nega as she crushes the now empty soda can rather thoroughly, and balances the crumpled metal on the palm of her hand. "Using some kind a giant particle cannon thing. SHEILD has some weird stuff. That was alien technology. Between the particle cannon, Hulky McHulkface and Daro it's probably best you weren't there for that one, Nega. Let's just say the collateral damage was only just this side of manageable. To be honest if there was someone there who even sneezed particularly loudly that would have probably pushed things over the edge."

    Colette hops to her feet and slings her backpack over one shoulder, can still resting on the upright palm of her other hand. "Good training session Nega. And Kian." Okay, clearly it was her not Vorpal who created the clerks. The smirk gives it away. "Welcome back to the Madness, Vorp. Vorp, BB, catch up with me soon. We've got a few things on the boil we should discuss."

     Colette heads out of the room with a wave and a last "Laters, Titans!" called over her shoulder. By the time she's gone through the door, the crushed can in the palm of her hand is glowing red.

Kian t'Kaeh has posed:
    Kian has already put the clerks out of his mind, since he landed without incident.  And also because he can't decide whose fault it was, it wouldn't be fair or proper to blame anyone for it, so he just doesn't.
    He casts a quick glance up at Nega to make sure he's not needed in the air, then greets the new arrival with, "You're *very* green."
    Kian t'Kaeh, master of the mind-scorchingly obvious.

Beast Boy has posed:
     Gar looks to Ellie and blushes slightly. "My Twitter is me. But the Instagram is curated. But all of it is a reflection of me, putting out good vibes to the world. And the occasional burrito binge or pancake race." Gar smiles wide, his snaggleteeth on his jaw showing themselves just ever so much more. "You get what you give, right?"

Vorpal has posed:
"That isn't true at all, Gar. All I get is chaos, but I don't *give* chaos." the Cheshire cat leans against the back of the console, and adds almost as an afterthought, "Much."

He waves at Colete's departure, and picks up the subject Ellie had been elaborating upon. "Tigra. Yeah. She's... hot. Objectively speaking," he says, raising his hands a little, "Since my tastes tend to go more towards guys... but I have to say I envy her for being able to get away with wearing what she wears. Wearing this stuff..." he tugs at his uniform, "in the middle of the Summer when you're covered in fur? I have to carry bottles of water for patrol so I don't die of heatstroke."

He peers over at Gar and seems about to say something, but then he seems to think twice and stops.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
She nods to Gar then laughs a bit "Gods I hope not.. all I give the universe is snark and scathing observational sarcasm... and snark. I do like to skewer some conservatives though and fascists...." there is a shrug from Negasonic. "Still you are wonderful." to Gar and then her attention looks to Vorpal. "Well. I mean. Maybe new uniform in the summer?" she suggests thoughtfully. "I'd imagine we have a uniform budget and some fabrication contacts around here. ... I mean if not I can maybe make something happen."

Ellie looks unsure but then tilts her head "Also Tigra, I repeat rwwwr, definitely my type. Well maybe not all the fur.. but the figure." with that thought Nega declares "I'ma get a bottle of water. Thanks for all the help training Kian. Good to meet you both." to Vorpal and Gar and with that she heads towards the elevator.

Kian t'Kaeh has posed:
    Kian smiles at Nega.  "Anytime.  Flying is something I can always help with."
    And then he blinks at Vorpal in genuine confusion.  "Well, if it's too hot to wear, don't wear it."  Says the little birdman in a kilt, sandals, and not much else.

Beast Boy has posed:
     Taking a moment to drape an arm over Tommy, Gar gives a smile back to Negasonic. "The fur isn't that bad, but it gets everywhere. And not all the same kind. Wiry, soft, long, short. All green."

  "Ooh, I'm gonna call you Mister Mestophiles from now on, what even is a Vorpal anyway." As he muses, a grumble emits lowly from his stomach. "Alright, I think it's time for a sammich, see y'all on the flip side! Or you know, I'm the kitchen, so I could see you there too..." He shifts forms into a green golden retriever, and starts galloping to the stairs, heading down to the kitchen, where he will no doubt leave the tower with a deficit of honey ham.

Vorpal has posed:
"Yeah, like I'm going to be bouncing around in a loincloth. Flashing the population of Metropolis is not how I plan to make my name stick, y'know..."

The Cheshire cat ohs, and waves at Ellie as she heads out. When Gar heads out as well, he looks a little puzzled and confides, sotto voce, to Kian "I don't know. You'd thought Gar would have been more excited to see me..." he trails off.

Vorpal pushes off from the console and stands up, shaking his head. "I should probably go and check my room. And take a shower. It's good to see you again, Bird."