8337/City Fall: Who Invited You

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City Fall: Who Invited You
Date of Scene: 16 July 2019
Location: Iceberg Lounge, Central Heights
Synopsis: Damian tries to pose as a League of Assassins representative to intimidate Shredder.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Robin (Wayne), Batwoman
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    Business is good.

    Penguin stands by the bar, hobnobbing with a few of his associates over a martini. He laughs that classic repetitive staccato of a laugh in response to a joke, and pulls a cigar from his pocket, happily sniffing it over his long birdlike nose.

    "Yes, well, I think you'll find that I have all of the Mayor's best traits, and none of his lesser traits," he tells the other man. "But, if you'll excuse me, I need to go refresh myself for a moment."

    The truth was he didn't want to have to talk with the man any longer, a supporter of the current mayor, Oswald Cobblepot had no use for such rabble. He grabs one of the women that serves the drinks by the arm, "Go chat with that nobody over there so he won't notice that I don't come back," he orders, then releases her arm in his overly cliche manner. These days the Penguin can choose who he has to impress. These days he is at the top of the food chain in Gotham, since he made friends with the Foot.

    He makes his way back to his cigar room, pulling his cutter from his pocket and clipping the end of it.

    Outside, of course, the Iceberg lounge is as well guarded as it ever is. Thugs of various sorts, four guard the rear entrances, two the front. On the roof, he's started to lose the edge of security, as only two are on top. For all of his normal severe security, it's grown weak. There aren't many who would dare challenge him these days. And while it's busy for a Monday, the Lounge is mostly populated by the after work crowd tonight, some of them even have the nerve to come without a suit jacket.


Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian lowered the magnification on his mask to basic view he crouched in the shadows previously waiting for the man to isolate himself to make their job a bit easier. He talked in a low voice which he found harder to hear then whispering, "Remember the plan I will approach the Penguin, and you start taking down his people." he looks over at the building then back at her. He shakes his head, "Nothing fancy, and we don't kill for free remember that." and he pulls out the grappling rope.

It had been a while since he did it old-school like this, but it was technically the quietest way so a couple of swings and off it goes the hook not clanging since he had long replaced the metal for a softer surface. Getting it in one he turns looking at her one last time, "If for some reason this goes poorly, get away and get help. I will be okay." then turns to swing off Penguin's direction. Of course he uses the cable to swing over, and then drop nearby Penquin from above. Which would look strange as someone dressed mainly in black but a White Mask lands that quickly yet they make no noise in the landing itself.

The figure looks at you, "Coblepot... The League summons you." he doesn't pull out a weapon or even move agressivly, despite the shock of his sudden apperance he waves a hand to the cigar room he was heading to. "Shall we talk, Or must I display pofitless violence to get your attention." the voice is mechanical, and the person doesn't move staring at Coblepot from behind the mask waiting. He wasn't sure where this was going to go, but he knew if his grandfather had sent him to fetch someone this is dang near what he would do, maybe stab a few people other then asking.

Batwoman has posed:
Kate Kane is dressed similarly to Damian, a mask over her face and hood covering her hair. The functional clothing fits well enough, and the eyes are definitely those of a woman. "Of course we don't." she replies. "I'm all about military efficiency, remember?"

She doesn't respond to the secondary orders to go for help if things go badly. There's no need, really. While Damian swings down to drop in on the Penguin, quite literally, Kate pauses for a moment. Up in the rafters of the high ceiling, her outfit and her training make the woman practically invisible.

She is waiting. Waiting to fulfill the request for needless violence.

Shredder has posed:
    Oswald was just lifting his liter to the end of the cigar when he hears the voice behind him. He jumps a little, and his round little body turnes around. "What-what?" he flaps his elbows slightly in surprise, but of course he has the regal demeanor still not to drop his cigar. He studies the white mask for a moment. It's not every day he meets someone at eye level.

    His monacle'd eye looks down and then up Damian. "A short one, aren't ya?" he asks. "You think you can just come in here and bully me in my own establishment? What would the League want with me?" He reaches into his pocket, and pulls a small rod from the jacket. He snaps it outward and it unfolds into a cane, and speaks into the end. "We have an uninvited guest in the cigar room. Gentlemen, if you please..." Apparently his first instinct is not to take this very seriously.

    At the back door, the mostly lazy guards come to attention as their ear pieces activate and deliver the news. Scrambling, they start to rush inside, through the kitchen, and begin to make their way toward the cigar room. Of course, they have the good manners not to pull their pistols before entering the cigar room.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
The figure does not move at first, though gives Penguin a small nod he understood this was their language, and he had learned it well. "Your men will not be coming Oswald,." the voice talks following him quietly taking a seat across from him. He does not seem to be distrubed by his attempt to call though, the short man looks at him quietly, "I was sent here to have a talk as you did something you should not of done." he falls silent a moment thinking about how to continue.

He starts again, "My grandfather believes that you did not know about the arangement, but saw you working with outsiders. Bringing them into Gotham." the same smooth mechanical tone comes through as though it is translating. He doesn't seem to move again just sitting perfectly still to the point if he fit in you might lose sight of him he still doesn't draw his weapon on him as he did not see that threat was needed yet. "You have decided to put yourself between us and them. I am here to make sure you fix it."

Batwoman has posed:
That is the cue that Kate was waiting for, of course. The US Military trains its soldiers to dispatch the enemy as quickly and efficiently as possible, with whatever means necessary. Special Forces teams receive additional training as well, especially in the area of hand-to-hand combat.

Kate Kane trained with the Green Berets, among other world-class experts.

The first thug doesn't even know what hits him, breaking Kate's fall with her feet in his back. The second goes down before he even realizes that they're being attacked. Two on one are more even odds, relatively speaking. But only relatively.

The door to the cigar room opens, and a taller (and female) figure steps inside without a word. Folding arms over her chest and stepping to one side so that she can watch the club as well as the room.

Shredder has posed:
    "Your grandfather?" Oswald speaks around the cigar as the musty smoke fills the air around him. He snaps his cane up as if in a salute. He chuckles, and uses his free hand to free the cigar, blowing out the smoke. "Now then, you mean to tell me that the League didn't know the Foot moved in?" He cackles a little, moving around to the front of Damian's seat, then slaps the coffee table before it with his cane.

    "You say that as if I had some choice in their arrival," he says. "Or as if they haven't been here the whole time." He indicates indirectly around the room, sweeping the cane. "Look at this, this building. It's magestic, see? The League didn't built it. The Foot didn't build it. I built it. I am Gotham's best shot at the future. The people of Gotham just had yet to realize it. He puts the cane tip back on the floor, and his free hand rubs on top of the one holding the cane, cigar between two fingers.
    "Always trusting in a maniac who dresses like a bat to save them. And the League, the lot of you just want to burn it to the ground." He jabs a thumb at his chest. "My city!" He pops up to his toes and back down again as he declares it. "But that's all right. We found our own answer to the Bat. The underground of Gotham has its own hero. Cleaning the streets like the Bat can't. Purifying-" he raises his dark thin eyebrows "-the way the League can't. But being the genius that I am? I knew where to stand when they made their move."

    Just then the door opens, a smug grin on the Penguin's face turns to greet his...no, not his men. A paler shade of pale comes over his face. That's not what he expected to see.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian in his disquise looks over at Penquin as Kate also in disquise comes in where his men were expected. Damian gives a small smirk behind the mask, and leans back folding his hands infront of him. What he had done was put a small fold burner phone on the table when the man was turned. He could of done a lot worse, but the threat right now was in the undercurrents of what this means. He looks calmly at the man declaring this city his, and holds up a hand. "If you wish to continue your dealings without our interferance then you will call him. Tell him what he has done, and that we are here." he lowers his hand the mask still just unmoving staring at him.

He finally continues, "I do not think we need to go over or elses here, am I right?" he asks to the other person just as quiet as he is now either behind Penquin, or infront if the man was foolish enough to not watch him. His voice is calm, almost like this is exactly why he had come here, though he knew Penquin as he lived here too, "Do it, and you get out of this directly, and I am sure you can forget about us shortly."

Batwoman has posed:
For her part, Damian's partner remains stationed by the door. Quiet. Stoic. Impassive. Kate is here for backup. Silent support. A visible token of potential retribution.

And she plays the part well.

Yet for all that, she isn't relaxing. Just because the visible threats have been removed doesn't mean they're home free. Not by a long shot.

Shredder has posed:
    Penguin shakes his chubby shoulders, and points his cane at Kane. "And who's she? You think the two of you want to tangle with the Foot?" He takes another step back, and then fishes his lighter from his change pocket. A lighter in the shape of his self-proclaimed moniker. He lights the cigar, and takes a puff.
    "Okay," he says, "We can do that. You may wish I hadn't, though." He takes his cane and hooks it over his arm, and then takes the free'd up hand and puts it inside his coat pocket before pulling out his cell phone. He glances up at Damian, then Kate, and back at his phone, his stubby fingers dialing the number.

Batwoman has posed:
Kate's gaze shifts between the Penguin and Damian, her posture not shifting in the slightest. Military training, and all that. She remains impassive as the smaller partner casually destroys the cell phone with his bare hands, arms still folded.

When Damian locks the door and moves to put distance between them, Kate eases a bit away as well to help with that. Damian's nod is returned, just as subtlely. And with a slight angle change she can still watch the door as well as their quarry.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian reaches forward in a swift motion grasping the phone he offered, he looks directly at Penguin. "She is one of many.." as he talks the boy listens snatching the phone in anger it gives a small cracking noise as he listens more. In his hands, he is slowly breaking the phone he had offered as he stares at Penquin. "I do, though that is not what I am here for." he stops handing the phone back despite its state as he calms down. He would love to figh this guy, but he must keep the cover as otherwise it could blow the whole gig.

He stands walking over to stand looking out the other way he subvocalizes so his mask will transmit to her. "I doubt he will show up himself, though there are many plans in place." giving her a nod before locking the door to enter. If he didn't show up this might be a good time to take care of another issue. He glanced at Kate, with just the smallest of nods so she would see what he was doing. Moving back towards him he veers off one way so he couldn't look at both of them.

He wouldn't act yet, he would wait to see what would happen after this call, and if Shredder abandoned his friend, he would just take him down instead.

Shredder has posed:
    Penguin watches Damian execute the small electronic device as he waits, tapping his foot impatiently as it rings. The voice on the other line speaks before the Penguin can. "He knows." It's a woman's voice.

    "Well, that's a bit presumptuous, don't you think?" Penguin says. "You don't even know what I was going to tell you."

    "You have visitors from the League." Penguin's eyes open wide enough that the monacle falls from it. Then narrows them. "Okay, so what? Is he sending someone?"

    "He already did. Remain calm."

    "Belligerant girl, I am calm," Coblepot declares, taking another puff on his cigar deliberately. "Just tell whoever is coming to hurry-" the lights go out.

    In the dark, Oswald's voice can be heard. "Really? Must this call for such theatrics?"

Batwoman has posed:
    Kate's role may be one of silent support, but she knows that the lights going out are NOT part of the plan. Speaking into her own subvocal mic beneath the mask, she murmurs to Damian.
    "Clear of the door. I have their right." First rule of any military engagement is to deploy the troops and prepare for the worst.
    And probably not for the last time this evening, Kate wishes she'd have brought a gun or three.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian smiles behind the mask, as the lights go out Damian moves for a quick strike on Penquin. He had a nice posion that would knock him out for a bit, so he could talk without having to worry about someone at his back, and it was a posion used in the Loa so he was covered there. If he just knicked the skin enough to get into the blood it was a fast acting, though low duration posion that would knock out just about anyone. After the strike he would finally speak again, "He will be fine, I am not here to injure your associates." to well nothing.

He had hopped they were already in here or it would look pretty silly, but he had learned not to underestimate his enemy, so assumed they were at least watching at this point. Either way he is moving to keep an eye on the door, he just sends a return message, "Prob already here.. watch your 6" as he had heard that in Top Gun, and it fit what he ment. If they were league he would be here right now with the others following.

Shredder has posed:
    Penguin is of course unprepared in the dark for the strike, and goes down without much fight in him.

    "Then perhaps you will tell me why you /are/ here."

    The lights come back up. Ten dark clad ninjas, one more with a rice hat and a dragon mask stand in the room. They haven't fanned out to surround, but stand at attention along the possible window exits. In the middle of them stands the leader of the Foot himself. The Shredder. His cape is draped behind him, the characteristic blades on his arms and shoulders making him easily recognizable.

    "I have no quarrel with the League, and I would expect better manners from your master than to come picking on the likes of..." he looks down at the Penguin. "Him." His stance is almost frozen, not moving, not relaxed, but hardly in a state that says that he's worried. It's a simple square stance, and from behind the shozuko mask, his eyes shift, from Damian to Kate.

Batwoman has posed:
    Kate's military mind runs through more than the usual string of obscenities as the scales tip against their favor. She keeps quiet, however, not even subvocalizing. First, because she's not sure that the man in the rice hat won't hear her anyway. But also because there is no need.

    She will follow Damian's lead on this, as agreed. She also knew the risks they were taking in calling out the Foot clan.

    But if it comes to fighting, Kate will go down like a soldier. She runs a mental inventory of the various deadly and semi-deadly implements in her 'League' arsenal.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian looks down at Penquin, then finally turns to look at Shredder, and though he had to hate the guy for what he stood for Damian thought his outfit was way cooler. Focusing in though he steps over Penquin, "I am here because you are entering our territory." he looks up at the large man. "My Grandfather has sent me to explain this to you, as we are sure you were unaware." Damian doesn't make any moves towards Shredder or the foot, as he just looked around a Hbit at their numbers, the pure white mask with a smiple scowl hiding his reaction. "This one, should of known better, but he did not so here we are."

he stops, and looks at Penquin. "My orders are clear, no-one is supposed to hear this discussion outside of our collective organizations." he shrugs a bit, then stops falling to a calm stillness staring at the larger man. He messages Kate to prepair to exit, and do not start a fight, as he is walking straight up to the group with no fear.

He wasn't sure what would happen next, but it all depended on the reaction of the man infront of him. There were many ways it could go so he had many backups incase this happened, and it looked like he was about to enter plan T neighborhood. He messaged her once more, "When the lights go out again we need to go... Wait, be ready.". All of this done from inside his hud, as he is doing what was said before.

Shredder has posed:
    The Shredder cooly regards Damian. He doesn't answer. He just stands there, as if expecting something more. Like a monolith, he just stares down at the young man, letting silence fill the air. For the part of the Foot with him, they do not move either, giving no indication of either agreement, disagreement, concern, or dismissal of the statements.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Damian cooly looks at him, "Do not misunderstand this is just a warning. I am mearly to state the message for you to remove your pressence. I do not have the authority to say what would happen otherwise as that is up to the Demon." he takes a step back and nods. "The message has been delivered, though I am afraid it is not that simple." He takes another step back slowly, and continues, "Right now this is all just words, so I was ordered to do one more thing before our meeting."

He reaches up just a hand, he snapps his fingers and again the lights go out, Kate would get the message 'Go now!' as he speaks to Shredder to cover her stealth, "You interfiered in our buisness so we will interfier in yours. This is the price for your incursion into our territory." of course he is in the dark, and small so would be short and harder to see. He gets ready for what is coming next, as he had planned his own ambush just incase this happened. They should be plenty to cover his exit as he covered Kate's now.

Batwoman has posed:
Kate was waiting for his signal, and now she doesn't hesitate. After all, she promised him that she would. If Damian had wanted someone to remain and be heroic, he should've chosen someone else for backup.

With Shredder's ninja are covering the exits, but only one for each. And one-on-one in the dark is much better odds than Kate's used to.

She's quick and efficient, and already out of the room before the ninja hits the floor.

Shredder has posed:
    The Shredder chuckles. It's not a common thing for the master of the Foot Clan, but he does it. Whether The figure before him is truly from the League or not, he does not seem to be concerned. "Tell Ra's that he is welcome to try if he thinks himself able to stop me. He is far too late to be of consequence to me. Gotham is mine." He walks past Damian, heading out the door through the least inconspicuous means. Down the steps, and through the center of the Iceberg Lounge. The message is clear. No one will bother him here.