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Martian stars
Date of Scene: 16 July 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Stargirl, Martian Manhunter

Stargirl has posed:
    It was called "Death's cradle", which is a bit melodramatic but anyway the thing had been used to kill like six hundred people back in the twenties. It'd been in storage since caped crusaders had put a stop to it, and well then it went into storage. First with a succession of smaller early teams, then a museum for awhile before ending up in the JSA's vault. There it faded largely from memory save for a few faded newspaper articles, forgotten by all but the old guard of the JSA.

    Six days ago a device was used just outside of Ottawa, and with five days worth of research? Yeah well the description fits, so does the grainy photos. Whats needed clearly, is for somone to get down there and secure the thing. JL and JSA relations have never been anything but warm, but the guys who had "lineage" over there were all out on task.

    That brings us to Courtney, manning the phones in the control center. Chair leaned back so she can rest her boots on the counter top, some trashy fashion magazine in her gloved hands as she humms along with goodness only knows. This is light duty by any stretch, legit like half the calls she's ever gotten on watch have been wrong numbers.

Martian Manhunter has posed:
The league monitors, on a daily basis, pretty much everything happening on Earth, thanks to the brave and oftentimes dangerous job of those sitting in the monitor room, doing nothing if not fighting boredom, and looking at the various screens to make sure noone is trying to destroy the planet. Since the monitor room, well, monitors every anomaly, or things that are not supposed to be as they are, the use of a device that shouldn't have been used basically sent all the alarms ringing, or at the very least interrupted the boredom of the soul watching to the screens. A few time has passed now, and someone from the league has to go downstairs to Earth to seek informations, or to get better intel as someone would want to say. And since J'onn needed a metaphorical stretch of his legs, he was the one to take of from the hangar, and fly down to Earth at supersonic speed to slow down not too far from the JSA control center.
Shapeshifting into the more humanfriendly form of a tall and athletic man whose ebony skin is covered by a perfectly tailored suit, he alters his body structure to be able to phase through object, and so it is that roofs and floors will probably not stop him as he moves in the direction of a perceived lifeform.
The resoult, is that probably, stargirl will see an impeccably dressed man stepping out of a wall, to solidify and offer a wave

Stargirl has posed:
    Theres a moment there as she glances over top of her magazine, locking eyes with a stranger in the control room. She lifts her boots, rolling upright in a single smooth motion. Right hand reaching out to pluck that cosmic rod out of seemingly thin air, left carefully folding the page she was on before letting that magazine hit the table. "Alright there buddy, I think you took a wrong turn back in Albuquerque."

    That rod all but humms with, well goodness knows what. You can -taste- the ozone in the air though, see those old school CRT T.V.s on the backwall distort. "Now why don't you keep your hands right where I can see'em, and tell me how you got in here?"The one and only Stargirl everyone.

    Neat navy blue skintight body suit, decorated with creamy offwhite stars. Bright red gloves, combat boots, utility belt and chunky armored goggles she's got pulled down over her eyes. Styling, of course.

Martian Manhunter has posed:
J'onn remains still, leaning against the wall he just phased through, his hands resting on his sides in a nonthreatening way or at least that's what he hopes! As for how he got in, "through the walls, here." he admits "it's faster that way, and anyways, you probably want to put that, away, hm?" J'onn comments with a calm voice and a smile, glancing at the rod. "this is just a, friendly visit from the watchtower, regarding the signal that we got a few days ago near Ottawa... And since I needed a walk, thought that maybe coming here was better than just calling"
And that's J'onn, leaning in a relaxed way against the wall, speaking with a calm voice, his blue eyes observing stargirl.

Stargirl has posed:
    "You should've called first, you're lucky it was me standing watch."That odd crooked rod lowers for a moment, before she hefts it up to rest casually against her shoulder. "A signal from Ottawa, well. We're always happy to be of assistance there."Court touches off, gliding over the table and casually dropping down to her boots.

    One red glove offered toward J'onn, and a sly little grin. "Don't think I recognize you without your cape, so you'll have to forgive me. I'm Star girl, welcome to the brown stone. What can we do for you today?"

Martian Manhunter has posed:
J'onn chuckles slightly, offering his hand as well "I should have, but this was faster, than, you know, waiting to be put in contact with the right person, then waiting for the right person to call that other right person and..." he shrugs, shaking Courtney's hand briefly but firmly "and no, it is understandable you wouldn't recognize me. My usual shape is, a littlebit different... I am J'onn J'onnz, a pleasure to meet you, Stargirl." and he even smiles a bit, withdrawing his hand or, at least, trying to.
"Anyways, about the signal... It wasn't me monitoring at that time, so my intel is secondhand, but, apparently I've been told you people might know something about it, and so, here I am... Is everything ok or should we start preparing for a world invasion?"

Stargirl has posed:
    "Well it's nice to meet you J'onn."Theres a smile and even a firm handshake there before she steps back to rest that cosmic rod across her shoulders, hanging her arms along it's length comfortably. "Another world invasion?"That's enough to furrow her brows behind those goggles as she ponders, leaning back to check the screens. "No we've been pretty quiet, fought giant mutant spiders yesterday but I'm pretty sure we tied that one up in a bow."

    And a shrug, as casual as can be despite the talk of invasions and all the rest. "I can go roust the boys if we've got a fight coming, nothing we can't handle I'm sure."Thats confidence mind, not empty arrogance. The JSA get stuff done, just on a smaller scale these days. "Been awhile since I've had to fight an alien if we're honest here, you know?"

Martian Manhunter has posed:
J'onn understands, and affirms that with a nod and a smile in Stargirl's direction "an alien invasion is not something I'dwant you to face, to be honest... Or anyone to face, for that matter" he adds, shifting his weight from a foot to the other, trying to find probably that perfect relaxed posture that humans always seem to be able to pull out. "but then, we had no signs of someone wanting to invade us anytime soon. That signal, however, wasn't easily identifiable and since I've been told you guys might know things about it, well, I'm sure it won't be necessary to get the boys ready for a fight or, at the very least, I hope it will not be necessary!"