8452/Sentinels: Peerless

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Sentinels: Peerless
Date of Scene: 22 July 2019
Location: One of the many high-security engineering facilities in Stark Tower, New York
Synopsis: Tony and Jessica talk about Vision's repairs, and some about Sentinels.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Spider-Woman (Drew)
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Iron Man has posed:
Tony hasn't been available much at all, even to the team. But today, he put a note up: Vision's new body is just about ready, finally. There were some snags, related to the composition, but after some work with Wakanda for materials, things are finally coming to fruition. The process will be done at the Avenger's mansion, not the tower, Tony added.

Tony's in the lower medical area, JARVIS (or even just physically looking for him) will confirm. The science lab door connected to medical is a recent addition (as of last week); the science lab being full of Vision related components at the moment.

Tony is in the medical room, actually, reclined on one of the very comfy medical beds, with one hand lifted to press across his eyes and nose bridge, shielding his eyes from the overhead medical lights. He's dressed casually and simply: he'd been working.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica hasn't seen anyone in several days. If the city never sleeps, then neither does the crime. So upon hearing that Vision's recreation was coming along well, she hoped to see if there was, in fact, anything at all she could do to help.

"Tony?" Jess calls out in the dining room, and on the stairs. Surely he's here. He's always working. "JARVIS? Where's Tony?"

"Mr. Stark is currently located in the lower laboratory, Ms. Drew. Shall I announce you?" comes the polite and familiar voice.

"Nah, I know how he likes surprises, right, JARVIS?" she replies.

"You're right as rain, Ms. Drew." The dutiful response. Jessica smiles.

"Tony?" Jessica calls out, as she knocks on the laboratory door, and moves to let herself in. "Are ya decent?"

Iron Man has posed:
"Unfortunately," Tony's amused voice answers from through the adjacent open door of medical. He doesn't bother getting up, but he does drop his hand off of his eyes, and draws the arm up under his head to raise his head just a little bit more.

In the laboratory, the unoccupied body of Vision is in full display - creepy, much like a Frankenstein experiment, though surrounded in the tech pod Tony created for it gives it a much more futuristic spin.

"I don't think I've ever worked in the nude," he adds thoughtfully. "But then, I work alone, so I don't see the point." Nobody to impress.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jess stops short of the Vision shell, and stares at it for a moment with an expression of foreboding.

Well, if you ever decide you want to try it, let me know. I'm sure I'll find no shortage of spectators, and that way you can try it out /and/ you still have an audience. Right?" Her tone is somewhat chipper, but her eyes are still on Vision's body.

Iron Man has posed:
"And you'd what, sell tickets? Hm. I'll take the compliment," Tony teases in answer, settling back a little more, eyes closed, letting her peruse the Vision area without comment or issue. He's proud of his work, unsurprisingly. "Though there's plenty of footage already available. Well, at least before this." Tony moves his free hand to tap against his middle chest, making a hollow sound against the arc reactor imbedded there under his black tank top. Tony doesn't generally show THAT off; not so shirtless anymore.

"I presume you're looking for a Vision update? I'm fine to chat more about me, though," Tony asks.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I was looking for both, really," Jess replies. "I know you've been working nonstop on this for a long time now. What I don't know is whether you're taking care of yourself. So I guess I needed to check on you, too." She finally turns her gaze on Tony. "You look tired. Have you slept? Eaten?"

Iron Man has posed:
Tony starts to answer, but then gets a bit of a more thoughtful look. "JARVIS," Tony asks the room, "Did that Chinese food arrive?"

"Yes, sir. Forty two minutes ago," replies the AI.

"Huh," Tony says, without surprise. That happens. "Tell me next time," Tony reprimands the AI.

"Of course, sir," JARVIS answers. The AI did, but also doesn't argue with the boss about those types of things.

"Want chow Mein?" Tony invites, turning to drop his legs off the medical bed and stand, striding evenly towards the door. "Vision's just about there; I'm doing some compiling and final checks to be sure we'll all translate things smoothly. As for sleep? Eh." The inventor shrugs. "Not when I'm so close."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"You know me. I can always eat," Jessica replies with a half-smile. And yes, she can. It takes a lot of energy to be who she is. She moves a little closer to the empty shell. "Will he remember...?" The question has been on her mind more and more, the closer Tony has gotten to Vision's reanimation.

Iron Man has posed:
"Yeah," Tony answers, pivoting to look at her, but doesn't stop his walking, coolly walking backwards into the elevator as she follows him. "That's going to be between the two of you, not going to sugar coat it." He looks over her with a thoughtful expression, as if he might offer more, but instead he shrugs a little bit. "But if he's irrational about it, then he's not himself," Tony reminds her. "And it's my intent to be sure he's himself."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica nods, tearing her gaze away from the body, before following Tony into the elevator. "I talked to Sebastion. He was willing to concede the weapon parts if he could get just enough to keep himself alive, for now," Jessica says, sighing deeply as the elevator closes. "He said he wants to teach us what he can about controlling the sentinels before he dies. But I can't find Pym. Someone said he went to SHIELD."

Iron Man has posed:
"Yeah. His lab is still here on my lawn, though," Tony snorts, with annoyance that doesn't really have any weight to it. He doesn't care, not really. "He's over there working on Sebastion, last I knew. We have some reports from him, though. JARVIS can give you those. As for the parts thing and that Sentinel, everything he asks for could fall under weapon, considering what he is. I've had one of my other AI systems dig around in what we got from him during Vision's link up, and it's really not good, Jess." Tony gives her a more direct look.

"I'm not saying he's bad and that's that, but understand, that without a rebuild of his core motives: if he bugs out, he'll be just like the other sentinels. That's what's under everything else. Maybe he can evolve, sure. But. Under all the fancy stuff, he's prioritizing his mutant sensors. Because there's that core base thing, that purpose: saving humanity. ...From that."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica nods, running into the Chinese food in the kitchen. She hadn't even noticed it when she passed through before.

"And the very real possibility is that he will turn on humanity if he evolves," Jessica says thoughtfully, remembering what Vision told her. "But so could Vision. I'm...I'm glad Dr. Pym is at least...trying. I know the realities of it all. I've braced for the worst, and I'm hoping for the best "

Iron Man has posed:
"Yeah, Vision could. Vision we have cooperative, though, and the backup that /Vision/ gave us, along with all of what Pym's got. Not to mention me," Tony says, mentioning himself. He heads to the kitchen area where his food was left, and claims a spot to sit and eat it. "Which shouldn't be taken lightly; I'm involved this time," he says, with a confident little wink at her.

"If Pym can't trouble himself to handle Sebastion when I've got Vision back, well, he'll get me breathing down his neck. If you see him, threaten him with that."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"If I can catch him, I will." Jessica seats herself across from Tony and begins to dig into the Chinese food. "Main thing is....We gotta make sure you're taking care of yourself. You need some rest, I don't care how close you are. If you don't start taking care, you aren't gonna be breathing down anybody's neck."

Iron Man has posed:
Tony gives Jessica a side-eye. "You're in league with Pepper, aren't you," Tony asks, while fishing out a fortune cookie. He smirks at the fortune, slides it across to Jessica.

'You are admired by your peers' says the cookie.

"I'm peerless, sadly, but if they did exist...." Tony observes, smiling. "They'd let me work because it's important," he adds, with a chuckle at Jessica.

"While admiring, of course."