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And Then Peter Stopped By
Date of Scene: 27 July 2019
Location: Kitty's Room - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Peter stops by to continue a conversation started on Kitty's birthday. Plans are made for ice cream.
Cast of Characters: Spider-Man, Shadowcat

Spider-Man has posed:
Alright, let's try this one more time...

"My name is Peter Parker and for the last twenty four hours I've felt like an insensitive putz... my friend, Kitty, she told me some heavy stuff and it kind of hit m-"

May raises her voice on the phone to stop him, "Why are you telling me?"

"Right... love you aunt may." Pete clicked his phone off and made his way from his office, which he doesn't have and is actually the school library, up to Kitty's room. Knocking knuckles against the doorframe with his head poking in.

"Hey, Kit.. you here? It's Pete... Parker..."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde is relaxing in her room, kicked back on the bed. The purple pillow that was a gift is sitting beside her, with Lockheed curled up on it. He clearly recognizes the present was for him, and has now taken full possession of it.

Kitty's gotten out of her work clothes is wearing a slim pair of shorts, her legs and feet bare, and then a tank top. She got quite a bit of sun the day before, spending most of it out at the pool. Though judicious use of sunscreen has turned it into a nice tan rather than burning.

Kitty has a book in hand. An honest to goodness book made of paper. Not a kindle or tablet or her laptop. She looks up from it, and as she sees who it is, Kitty's expression softens a bit and a smile grows. "Hey, Peter. Peter Parker," she repeats, her smile adding a warm grin. "Come on in," she says, waving him forward and patting the end of the bed for him to have a seat and make himself comfortable. "I've got some Starbucks mocha frapuccinos if you'd like one?" she asks, motioning to the little half-size fridge she has in the room.

Spider-Man has posed:
Likewise, Pete is a little darker than usual, but most of it is concentrated on his arms and face with a white line just below his hair where he was wearing his hat. He's wearing a Star Wars shirt: Return of the Jedi because he's not a Philistine, and a pair of cargo shorts, because he actually is a philistine.

There's a temporary pause, then he slips inside with a hand brushing his hair forward out of anxious energy.. glancing at the indicated frap with a snort laugh, "Never in the history of ever have I refused coffee..." Hand on his neck... headed where she's pointed out a seat. "How you doing today? Was it a good birthday? I barely remember mine.." a lie. He was caught fighting... vulture? who even know, the animal themes all blur together anymore.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty puts a book mark in the book, handling it carefully. Peter might recognize it is the first edition book that Samuel got her. She sets it aside and rolls off the bed, avoiding Lockheed deftly as she retrieves two glass bottles from the small fridge. She tears off the plastic covers, then brings them over, offering one to Peter before slides back up onto the bed. Sitting beside Peter now, her legs drawn up cross-legged, Kitty opens up her beverage and takes a sip.

"More like a coffee milk shake. I just wish I could freeze it easily. Need Bobby," she says with a grin. The brunette's eyes have a warmth to them as she says, "I'm really good. Yesterday was... it was wonderful Pete. I mean, the last few weeks have had hard moments. And... I didn't even organize a party, but all those people came looking anyway. And just... I have such good friends. It's a blessing, and the day really helped make that stand out to me," Kitty says. Her fingers move to toy with the Star of David that hangs from the necklace she's wearing.

Kitty's focus goes from her memories and feelings about the day before, to Peter. "How about you?" she asks him, her tone turning more gentle. Caring. "I didn't want to ask too much with everyone around. But I'm always here if you ever need someone to talk to about... well, anything actually."

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete leans towards the turned over book to check the title and reach out a hand for Lockheed to inspect... knowing Peter's luck, that was not a good idea at all..

Then Kitty is back with the frap and he's twisting the cap off with a turn of his wrist, "hah, yeh... Aunt May loves these. I'm more straight black coffee kinda guy, but when I 'can' slow down.." he wiggles the bottle indicatively with a grin.

Listening, bottle up against his leg after a drink, to Kitty's birthday experience.. smiling the whole of it. "I tried to find you earlier.. kind of put my foot in my mouth with Jean, but Im glad I 'did' run into you..." rubbing the back of his neck, an obvious and long standing anxious gesture that springs up when she asks "how he's doing"..

"Good... I think good.. sometimes less so? I keep myself distracted, ya know? I really am glad for her, though. You don't go through something like that with someone and..." He glances her way and chuckles sheepishly, "I mean, you get it.."

Shadowcat has posed:
The book is called Pandora's Star. It's extremely likely Peter's read it. It probably appears high on many lists of the best sci-fi books ever written. About mankind discovering wormhole technology and colonizing other planets, but then discovering other life finally with readings that suggest a Dyson sphere built around a whole star system to capture all the energy put out by the star. The character writing in it is quite excellent.

Lockheed lifts his head and peers over at Peter. He may not realize the dragon's empathic nature as Lockheed's head tilts to the side for a moment, looking from Peter to Kitty and back again. He nudges Peter's hand after a moment before resting his head back on the pillow.

Kitty glances over at Lockheed, expression curious for just a moment but then what Peter is saying pulls her attention back to the man. "Oh? Well, Jean tends to forgive well, if it was bad enough to need to revisit," Kitty says, reaching over to touch Peter's shoulder as she smiles reassuringly.

She rests her hands back in on the mattress in front of her lap. "I know what you mean," she says, nodding her head. "I want the best for him too. And it's ok to be upset sometimes too though. Each day, a little more of the first, a little less of the latter. Or, hopefully that's how it goes," she says softly. "I felt like you understood, when we talked before," she says, nodding slowly. "It's tough sometimes. You get used to having someone who will always be there when you need. And now you really need and..." she holds up her hands as if to suggest... alone.

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter's brow perks at the title and grins a little. He had read it! The fact that Kitty is too shouldn't surprise him in the slightest, but it still kind of does... Glancing over her way, after sharing a stare with Lockheed, his own head tilted curiously at the empathic dragon...

"Yeah, it wasn’t THAT bad.. I just made an ass of myself talking to Shannon... I get frustrated. Every time I turn around its like someone else is with..." He doesn’t finish the thought, rather flicks his hand up and sighs. Pinching the bridge of his nose.

Slowly, however, he glances back at Kitty with a helpless shrug. "You need them and you're alone." As if reading her own thoughts. "huh.. I guess I really don’t sound like I’m that good?" Grinning despite awkwardness he feels. "but I do understand.. and that’s why I came by, actually. I got caught up in my own thoughts when you told Shannon and me about the ring.. I just want you to know.. if you ever need to talk about it-" shrugging a shoulder, checking out his toes, -I’m your huckleberry.."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's small nod when Peter trails off at first seems to suggest she thinks she knows what he's talking about. "I think you're doing pretty good. Honestly," Kitty tells him. "I mean, compared to what I've seen how others handle things?"

Kitty sets her drink aside, and scoots over nearer to Peter and at least closer to being in front of him, even as he is checking out his feet. "I think you're a caring guy, and you never stop caring. And you want the best for those you care about," she says softly.

Kitty slowly nods her head, and a little smile grows across her face. "That's a pretty awesome combination you have going in you, Peter. It's easy to understand how you might catch someone's eye," she tells him.

Kitty looks away after a moment, eyes darting for a second as if in thought. "Er, that is," she says, trailing off. Tone appropriate for someone wondering if something might have came out wrong. Or it could be the tone of someone wondering if they said more than they should have.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Guilty as charged." Pete says, but it lacks any honesty to suggest he thinks always a good thing. Three new spiders, one a kid, Pete is burning both ends trying to help everyone at once.

Except himself.

"I just poor everything into what I’m doing and hope I come out the oth-" He was midsentence when she said she could see how he might cat h someone’s eye.. and blinks. Glancing over at her, more due to her response than the words themselves.

And it takes a little bit for him to sort through it. Is she..? nah, come on, that’s crazy right? But is she...? Pete glances, of all people, at Lockheed... then back to Kitty. "You too, Kitty. That's kind of why I think that..." He shakes his head and reaches for the bottle against his leg.

"I... hm. hey.." His head perks, then he goes quiet and twists off the cap for a drink.

smooth as fresh milk.

Shadowcat has posed:
Lockheed's head is resting on the edge of the pillow. His eyes are just gazing up, being watchful. As Peter turns to look, the extra-terrestrial dragon is looking his way, then his eyes go to the girl he has attached himself to. He clambers off the pillow, walking over to the side of Kitty opposite Peter and then head butting her forward gently. Kitty reaches down to him, fingers going to favorite spots on his head to rub without even really thinking of it. He gives her another little head butt in the direction of her guest, but it just earns a more vigorous rubbing.

Well, he has her well-trained at least. The dragon gives up and goes back to curl up on the pillow again, eyes returning to watching.

"Sometimes that's what we have to do, hope for the best," Kitty says quietly, seizing on the resumption of the conversation. "Never really had much of a chance to talk with you before," Kitty says. She was away at Oxford for much of Peter's time at Xavier's, only having returned in January. "We should have done this before now. I mean, it's nice, talking with you," she says, pulling her eyes away from Peter.

Spider-Man has posed:
Kitty might run on autopilot with the dragon, but Peter is intently watching him and looking up at his host with a furrowed brow. It doesn’t look like he’s frustrated, but... he still rubs his palm across it to smooth out the wrinkles above his eyes, "Yeah, sometimes.." A half distracted response.

He opens his mouth to say something, maybe about Lockheed, maybe about what they’re discussing... maybe even some odd scientific fact. Who knows with the verbal diarrhea that sometimes comes out of Peter's mouth.

"It's... yeah. You're easy to talk to, Kit. Why HAVEN'T we ever done this before?" The answer isn’t that hard, "We should do this again.."

Clearing his throat into his elbow, "I mean, if you want.."

Shadowcat has posed:
The 21-year-old gets a soft smile as Peter mentions they should do this again. "Yes. I'd like that, I think," she tells him, looking up and directing that expression of gentle warmth over towards the dark-haired young man. "Have you been to the Baskin Robins in Salem Center before? When it comes to ice cream," Kitty says, before making her tone in intentional humorous blend of braggadocio and conspiratorial, "... I got a guy. Name's Ernesto. Man is like... DaVinci with an ice cream scoop," she tells Peter.

"Chance to get away from the kids for a bit and... well. I enjoy talking with you," she tells him, looking down and brushing back the light fall of brown hair that tries to cascade across her face as she looks that way.

Kitty glances back up and peers over at Peter as if sizing him up. "I'm thinking you're... hmm. At first I wanted to say something straight laced like cookie dough or maybe mint chip," Kitty says to Peter. But she looks doubtful. "I don't know though. I've not given it thought before but... something about you... I kind of wonder if there's more to you than meets the eye. Like there's... hidden layers to you. If I find out you're a butter brickle, I won't be surprised," she says.

Spider-Man has posed:
That is a load directly off his mind and blows out a held sigh. That could have gone weird quickly, now Pete is grinning himself, easier, more expressive. "I have NOT, but with praise for yer mans an'em, Ernesto, I feel like I'm about to get my mind blown."

Then she’s guessing at his flavor of ice cream and Pete laughs, quietly at first, but then she calls mint chip and one finger taps the side of his nose. "Listen, I’m as cookie cutter, meat and potatoes, dinner and bed by nine thirty as they come.." Literally none of those things and he’s not even really trying to sell it by his grin.

Peter leans a little to nudge Kitty with his shoulder, side glancing with a half grin, "Everyone has layers. Sometimes, I wish I could let people see some of mine." The humor isn’t gone, but he’s being low-key serious for a change, "I mean, not butter brickle layers.." patting the air in a playful defensiveness, "But pretty close.."

Shadowcat has posed:
The young woman lets out a warm laugh and returns the shoulder bump halfway. She brushes back the stray wisps of brown hair that were dislodged, tucking them behind an ear. "My favorite is just regular chocolate chip," she admits. "Though, well I do love a lot of other stuff too, but I like a bunch of other things on top of the ice cream and so I don't overdo the ice cream part," she tells him.

The young woman gazes over at Peter, her smile growing a little bit. "You can. Let people see, I mean. But, I know it can be tough to open up. To put yourself out there," she says.

The girl's soft brown eyes study Peter for a moment. "I guess you've gotten used to all the craziness around here. Sometimes I can't imagine what it must be like for you to have a normal life and see so much strange going on around you. I'd say I envy you, but... um, honestly I suppose I kind of am used to the strange to the point it feels normal."

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter takes the shoulder bump with a wider grin, something simple, in a world of 'craziness', as Kitty described it.. it feels good. Just to relate and...

Peter glances sideways at her with a half grin, "So THAT'S the secret? I was wondering how someone with an ICE CREAM guy could pull off a bikini." These words come out of his mouth and he immediately regrets it, "..." Nodding slowly, chewing on his bottom lip, "I completely just said that." As if reminding himself how that had to have sounded.

"Sorry.." helpless shrug, "I'm a slave to motor mouth sometimes.."

and a blessing escape with her question. It isn’t less awkward, but it lets him cover his red face. "I... am not that normal. Any more than you all are abnormal... I'm a scientist, anyways. Measurable facts, data, and all of my research here?" Grinning so she doesn’t think they’re lab rats or something, "Says I fit in here better than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Because everyone here is just themselves, no matter what the world tries to label them... and I dig that.."

Shadowcat has posed:
The comment about the bikini actually brings a bit of a pleased smile from Kitty. "Really? So you thought I pulled it off?" she asks. The smile grows a little bit more. "I was talking to Rogue about it. I don't normally wear string bikinis like that. I've been working out harder than I ever have though." It would have shown. Kitty is slender and lithe rather than muscular, but she was very toned. "And... ah, well. I don't know. I guess after, you know. The last few weeks. Just, you kind of like to find out that someone... notices you at all still," she says.

She covers her face and groans. "Oh god that probably sounded like something a teenager would say," she says but laughing warmly. Kitty shakes her head and pulls her hand down, looking over to Peter to smile. "I like that you're into science. But then I'm a geek girl at heart. I mean I got excited about the Milky Way t-shirt that Doug got me... because I had one like it already but I was upset it didn't point to the right spot in the Milky Way."

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter squints one eye at Kitty as if he’s not entirely sure she’s being serious, but he is grinning seeing that his comment had the exact opposite reaction than he thought. "I get that." About wanting someone to notice. "I definitely saw you. I don’t know this guy..." Pointing at the finger the ring was on whether she’s actively wearing it or not, "But anyone who would break off..." he takes a breath, rubs his neck trying to decide if what he was saying will be rude or jot, and then just says it.. ".. he was stupid. And you deserved better."

He glances down, brow furrowed, "I mean.. you can pick out where we are on the milky way, you read Pandora Star, and you have a DRAGON..." and you look good in a bikini.

Peter goes back to rubbing his neck, "Sorry.. yah, science and.." b9th hands run down his face and then back up into his hair. "hand to god, I’m never like this.. It’s been an insane week.. and I don’t know if the alcohol content of the frap-" he knows there’s no alcohol in it, "-or just having someone to talk to..."

Shadowcat has posed:
Though she's sometimes prone to teasing and humor, there's also a genuineness to Kitty that would allow Peter to feel confident she was indeed earnest about liking hearing his comment. As Peter continues, Kitty looks down with a soft, shy smile.

"Thank you," she tells Peter softly. Kitty looks back up, breaking out into a larger grin as he recounts a few things about her. "Yeah, most guys I've met would probably hear those things and just keep on walking," she tells him. "Well, except for the dragon part. Because who wouldn't think a dragon is cool?" she says, grinning towards Lockheed and leaning down to press a kiss to his head.

Lockheed just basks in the affection and the knowledge she's right. Dragon's rock.

Kitty leans over and if Peter allows her, the young woman leans against him gently as she gives him a warm hug. "Thank you Pete. And I'd be fine if you're like this all the time," she says softly before letting him go. "Let's do that ice cream, ok? I'd enjoy talking more," she says, smiling as she slips off the bed and back to her feet.

Spider-Man has posed:
Another load off, even if it’s at the risk of a little teasing. Peter shakes his hand and slides off the bed himself, "You're welcome, Kit." Accepting the offered hug without any hesitation. "I'm not most guys..." Hess going to give himself a pass on that one, only because he may not have even caught the undertone that he wasn’t walking the other way.

"I.. uh.. yeh." He bobs his head and grabs the half bottle of frap. "So, ice cream. Just let me know when."

He glances down at Lockheed, back up Kitty, nods and starts for the door scratching at the back of his neck.

That was not at all how he saw that going.