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You're Fast; I'm Furious
Date of Scene: 28 July 2019
Location: Washington Heights
Synopsis: Kinsey hunts down Blurr to have words about fitting in on earth and finds out he's not the only one of his kind on the planet. After talking down an officer of the law, she leaves Blurr to inform his friends she'd like to help, and hopefully not get into any more trouble.
Cast of Characters: Kinsey MacKenna, Blurr

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey didn't usually leave the Station on her half days off - mostly because it was inconvenient, and with her dealing with the inspections of Lex Luthor's station, and her duties as a fledgling Blue Lantern, Kinsey rather enjoyed her downtime, tucked away in her own quarters with a book, or in the kitchen baking cookies... speaking of, she needed to make a new batch to go calling on the Watchtower with..

Today, however, Kinsey has other plans, courtesty of a news flash she'd caught just as her shift was ending. One of those 3o second news reels they used to fill in spaces between the 'big stuff'. And while normally that wouldn't have disrupted her day, this time it did, if only because she knew the person the news flash was about.

er.. Being? Blurr rightly wasn't a person. But that certainly was him on that 30 second poorly filmed reel.

Cue, one half day going to be spent finding him and asking him just what the heck he thought he was doing on earth, and whatever it was, he might want to try to be a little more subtle.

Good thing she had a signature to hone in on with the help of Kibou. Otherwise this would have been a needle in a haystack happening.

Blurr has posed:
    Kinsey won't have too much trouble tracking him down. One, she does have a signal to lock onto thanks to her ring and having encountered Blurr before, and two...well...he kind of stands out. Okay not as much as he could, perhaps, but still--he doesn't have a license plate, and doesn't resemble any 'normal' vehicle. Even so, most people don't bat an eye much when they see him, just because so many weird things go on around here, but when he goes speeding across the city at an unprecedented velocity, or robs a gas station of its entire inventory, that's when feathers start to get ruffled.

    So she'd find him somewhere around Washington Heights, where that station on the news had just been robbed, sitting in a parking lot of some office building.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
The lisence plate thing was going to get him into trouble sooner or later. Kinsey bet he likely had parking tickets, if not speeding tickets.. and how did one look those things up anyway? That was beyond her. But finding him, and having a talk with him? That she could do.

She finds him in the parking lot, in one of the far corners, looking all casual like, like he belonged in this building, but he didn't. Even if someone working at Presto Print Inc, or Party in a Box could afford a car like this, they likely wouldn't be bringing it to work. Or, maybe they would.

Either way, Kinsey approaches Blurr like it's her car, from the driver's side, and stands at the door, looking like she's fumbling for her keys.

"I caught the news cast you were on," she says calmly. "Were you aware you were on the news? I really should be asking what you're doing here on earth, but it will look less suspicious if I'm not standing here talking to my car."

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr saw Kinsey approaching. Oh, right...she grew up here. He supposes, it was only a matter of time before she showed up to lecture him again. Suddenly, that blond teenager who had been described by Mr. Nicholson on that news report materialized next to her. "Better?" he asks, the voice appearing to come from the avatar. "See, now you can be talking to a Terran." he says, smirking.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Only slightly better," Kinsey observes dryly. "You need to be more careful of what you do. Are you trying to be caught here? If anyone were watching suddenly, out of nowhere, there you are. That's not how we do things here on earth, Blurr."

She sighs. "Look, get in the car. I'll get in the other side, and we'll go for a drive outside the city or something where you're less likely to grab attention. Please do follow the speed limits. You can follow speed limits, can you?"

Blurr has posed:
    "Hey, I'm just trying to survive here, okay?" Blurr protests. "I sat there for like, at least 3 whole cycles watching the Terrans to see how they got their fuel so I could mimic them and not draw attention." For all the good -that- did. He just...doesn't do non-spacefaring civilizations very well, mostly because he hasn't really tried to mingle with any lately until now. As in civilizations that don't just -expect- aliens to be in their midst on a regular basis.

    He sighs. "Fine." He opens the door and gets in like a normal Terran, and the passenger side opens for her.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"No, what you're doing is showing off," Kinsey, again, speaks calmly, and walks around the car, waiting patiently for the door to be 'unlocked'. "You're smart. You obsever things. You figured out how we get fuel? Then you also know we don't drive at those speed on our roadways, or interact with other beings the way you have been. You're being a showoff and while I don't know why you're here, I do know it's not going to end well unless you actually try to fit in."

She sighs, and gets in the passenger side, being careful to do up her seatbelt. "Why are you here?"

Blurr has posed:
    "Yeah, you don't because your senses are super limited, but mine aren't." Blurr retorts. Yeah...maybe he has figured it out, he just maybe can't help himself. "I don't -have- to go that slow." Plus, he hates it. Seriously, it's torture.

    "Look, I'm doing my best. But I've never tried to actually fit in with people this uh, primitive before. It's always been other spacefaring races." He deliberately ignores her question about why he's here, pulling out of the parking lot still rather violently by human terms.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Actually, you do. If you plan on being on this planet, you need to go that slowly. You're attracting attention, and not the good kind. Is that really what you want?"

He might have enhanced senses, but humans didn't. And their reflexes were not only that refined, but there were a lot more things to consider, like traffic congestion, and pedestrians, and well, everything.

She sighs again. "Then maybe you shouldn't have parked your behind in such a habited area. Listen, Blurr, you can't just show up in the middle of one of the most populous areas in the world and not do better. You shouldn't even be here. You're endangering humans, and this isnt' helping that reputation you said you didn't like of your kind."

More gently, "You can do better than this."

Blurr has posed:
    "But I haven't actually hurt anyone!" Blurr protests. Well, unless you count electrocuting Mr. Nicholson. But hey, he was fine in the end, maybe he had a bit of a headache or something.

    He sighs. Okay, she's right about the reputation, but he's kind of resigned to it. "No one likes it, but it's inevitable anyway. I just hope we won't stay here, so that this planet can uh, remain in existence."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey turns in her seat to face the projection in the driver's seat. "And that makes it okay? It's okay to frighten people, and to break laws, and to make things dangerous for others because you haven't hurt anyone? Blurr. I'm disappointed in you. You're making up excuses. We both know this."

She shakes her head. "You still haven't answered why you're here, but you had an opportunity to change the way people saw your kind and instead you chose not to.. Wait. We?"

Blurr has posed:
    Wait, no. That wasn't really true. He -did- hurt people. But that was only because they were attacking him! Like, trying to cut him up! So, self defense! Blurr chooses not to tell Kinsey about this, though. "Um, yes?" he answers when Kinsey asks him if that makes it okay. "Why wouldn't it?"

    "That's not any of your business." he insists when she presses the question of why he's here. "Ugh, yes 'we'. Fine, I came here because I picked up on a signal from a ship we thought was lost a long time ago. Like, -millennia- ago."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Would it be okay if we took you and locked you up in such a fashion that you couldn't ever leave? Perhaps put you underneath an EMP shield? Leave you there as a curiousity? You wouldn't be harmed. You'd just be unable to be free ever again. I suppose that would be okay by your reckoning. Nobody was hurt, so what harm is there." She smiles, and nods. Yes, that's would be okay, then. Knowing full well she's describing the situation she found him in and rescued him from. "I see how it is. Thank-you for making me understand, Blurr."

Quiet until he tells her it's none of her business. "Oh, the ring on my finger begs to differ, Blurr. It is my business. You know full well that it gives me authority to step in. I really don't wish to make this formal. Or to call in outside forces to back myself up. Not when we can discuss matters calmly and I can see if there are ways I can help you..."

And then, there it is. Why.

"That long ago?" Kinsey frowns to herself, pondering. "So, one of your kind's? Though why would they have come here?" Millenia ago, this was a backwater planet by any standards applied to it, and while other races had visited, there really hadn't been much of import on earth until much more recent times. Millenia ago, however, why? Why would anyone come here then? And how had they not been discovered if that were so. Surely if there had been motorized creatures in earth's history, that would not have gone unnoticed.

Blurr has posed:
    "Ugh, you know that's not the same thing!" Blurr argues, frustrated. "I didn't do anything like -that-! Okay, fine, I haven't hurt -or- imprisoned or otherwise infringed on anyone's innate rights as a sapient being...that much. At least not permanently! So that's a fragging terrible analogy."

    "No, an entire crew." he clarifies on that second bit. "Yes, that long ago. And I don't know why. Maybe they didn't -intend- to come here, but crashed for some reason. Or maybe there was something here they wanted, only Primus knows."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"It isn't? Please, tell me how it isn't. Nobody would be harmed. That is what you said makes it okay, correct?"

No, Kinsey does not let him wriggle out of this one.

"Point is, Blurr, this isn't your home. And you've come here and put people in danger. That isn't okay. That you haven't harmed anyone seriously is only a matter of luck and time."

Nope. Still not letting him off lightly on this one.

The other, though...

"An entire crew." That seems unthinkable. "How have they survived here that long? Millenia without detection?" It does make more sense that perhaps they hadn't intended to come here. This she might have to discuss with others to figure out.

Blurr has posed:
    "Um -no-." Blurr again insists. -That's- the part he takes issue with. "I actually haven't put anyone in danger, and it isn't just blind -luck- that no one has gotten hurt. It's because I -know- what I'm doing, because I'm not as limited as these flesh creatures. And might I remind you, I've been around for a -lot- longer than any of you could even begin to imagine." he points out. Even if he doesn't exactly act the part most of the time.

    "I don't exactly know that either. I think they were in stasis. One of them woke up and had no idea how much time had passed." he shrugs, then smirks a little. "As to how they weren't detected well--let's just say you Terrans are not as technologically advanced as you might think you are all are."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Correction. You only think you haven't. Blurr, you're not a god. You don't know you haven't put someone in danger. That the person you passed safely at those speeds isn't now so flustered that they cut someone off a block later and cause an accident. You can not say you have not caused harm. Your very attitude suggests otherwise. And if you are so superior, then it is your obligation to do better and to care more about us. Blurr, don't you see? You're finding excuses because you *want* to do those things. You want to be that person who doesn't care. You can't have both. You can't both be like that and also hope for people to see better of you. The you you're defending is exactly what you said people see in your kind and find fault with."

She says all that quietly, if sadly by the end.

"Stasis." The word is repeated, and thanks to science fiction, and subsequent advances in science, that's a household term and had been for decades. "I could see that. If they were in a remote enough area, they might have excaped the usual scans. Especially if there were other mineral or energy patterns covering the wreck."

Most likely mineral. After a millenia, there might not be any energy signals left of the crashed ship. And if the beings had been in stasis, of them, either.

She gives a slight chuckle. "We're better than you think, but yes, I imagine we still have eons to go in some ways. More importantly, they're going to need help. Either with fitting in, or most likely finding their way back off our planet. We just aren't equiped to deal with your kind."

Blurr has posed:
    "How is it -my- fault that someone gets flustered over something that didn't even -touch- them??" Blurr protests, but then grows quiet as she starts to spout even more of the truth. Well, sort of. The avatar's eyes are downcast. "Who ever said I was hoping..." he says quietly.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"You did," Kinsey reminds. "You very much said you were hoping. Just as you know it's your fault if you create a situation that is dangerous to others and they get hurt. That's what sets us apart, Blurr. When we're capable of greater things, we must be much more careful with what we do. Our smallest actions can have the greatest impact upon those around us."

She gives him a small smile.

"You're absolutely better than this. If you werne't, you wouldn't have cared at all to say you hadn't hurt anyone. But it isn't enough, and you know this."

She keeps her gaze upon him. "Just as we both know you want me to see better in you. And I do. That's why I'm telling you this. If I didn't care, Blurr, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't have made a point to find you. I could easily have sent another Lantern to deal with you."

And, more to the point, "I'd like to help with the others. Keep them as safe as possible while solutions are found."

Blurr has posed:
    "No, no I didn't." Blurr insists. "At least not for -that-. I said I was hoping we'd -leave- this planet before we somehow ended up destroying it or every living thing on it or both." he says bitterly. He's quiet for a moment after that, which is a wonder, before continuing. "I--thank you, Kinsey. For saying that. I know you want to believe it. But please--don't make this worse than it has to be. Don't give me an illusion of something that isn't really there." That right there, very much sounds like someone who is afraid to hope, because it has been dashed far too many times.

    As for helping the others... "I'll--let you know what you can do, once I've talked with the others."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Illusion?" There's a faint amusement from Kinsey. "While that's quite likely something Kibou could do, or close to it if I understand constructs, I'm not a woman used to giving people false hope, Blurr. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. You have so much in you that is good and great, even if you're afraid to believe it. I know it's hard to accept that. Harder, still, when others have taught you that maybe that isn't true."

"You told me how others had always turned away from you. How it hurt to have hope only to see it dashed. I know your words are bravado, because bravado is easy." She chuckles. "I've stood toe to toe with bullies on the subway and they've backed down because when they looked at me, they saw a woman who believed she could take them, and it frightened them."

"I know your bravado is hiding the fact of how easy it would be to hurt you. But you're not happier that way, are you. You still hurt. And you're lonely while you're hurting."

"I think it good you may have found others of your kind who you can.. I don't know. I haven't met them. But I'm willing to bet they'll see better in you. I see better in you."

Blurr has posed:
    "I know you mean it, all right, I know that. I'm not saying you're -trying- to give me false hope, you're just--" A shake of the head. "You don't know what I've seen and been through. You don't know what it's like to have been created for a specific purpose. You organics are all mostly born through natural means, but that's not the case for us. A lot of us, including me, were manufactured for something. A spy, an assassin, a soldier, a racer, a saboteur, or all of the above in my case." he sighs. "I was conditioned, over and over again, to not care. To be numb to everything. So that I could go and take care of all their 'problems' then vanish without a trace with little to on evidence left behind. At times, I just wanted to end myself so that they could never make me destroy innocent bots again, but they always found some way to bring me back. So yes, it's an illusion, it was never supposed to be there."

    So why does he keep hanging around her? Why doesn't he just shut her out? Well, maybe he's not even sure of the answer to that question himself.

    And now there are red and blue lights flashing in the rear view mirror. Well that was bound to happen. He grumbles. "Okay, okay why don't you tell me how to deal with these humans 'properly' then?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"And yet," Kinsely points out maddeningly, "You do care."

She lets that sit between them for several silent moment before speaking again.

"I'm.. You guessed correctly, blurr. I'm not human. I don't fully understand how this is, but I'm not. I'm Kree. Like you said."

"I understand they're generally a race that values agression. They've been at war so long that they don't know much else. And somehow, I'm not that. I almost literally can't be that. That man - the one who died to his own fire while I was rescuing you? I suffered guilt for longer than I care to admit. It shocked me to my core. I nearly was unable to use my constructs again after knowing that I'd killed a man."

"Maybe you kill bots as you call them. Maybe there is still a need for someone who can kill so that others can be safe. Or maybe you help your friends and you walk away from that life forever. But it can't happen unless you allow it to."

"You needn't believe in it all at once. We Terrans have a saying - baby steps. You need to learn to crawl before you can walk. And walk before you can run. But each and every one of us goes through the same process believing that we can."

She smiles at him. "Did you know that walking is controlled falling? It's believing every step you take that you won't fall. That somehow, against the odds, your foot will find safe purchase upon the ground below, and you'll move forward."

"You've already taken a step, Blurr. You admitted you want something different than you were made for."

The flashing red and blue lights.. ooooh, that one is going to be a bit more difficult. "You don't happen to have ownership papers in your glove box, do you?"

Blurr has posed:
    "Trust me, Kinsey, I have tried to believe it before." Blurr admits. "But every time I have, it always ends in disappointment. And pain. And despair. And...hopelessness." There it is. "I always end up hurting everyone around me." he says bitterly.

    He staaares at her when she explains the whole 'baby steps' thing. Walking and crawling before running. As if it's a completely foreign concept to him. "Huh??"

    Back to the situation at present. Right, the cops. "Uh, what's a glove box?" And, "Why would I have any carbon-based plant remains?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Well, you've never believed with me before. It's almost literally my job to believe for you when times are tough. Isn't that right Kibou?"

Kibou pipes up, "Oh, yes, Sister Kinsey, Hope is what powers the Blue Lantern rings. Why the best of us, Brother Saint Walker, had enough Hope to save a planet. Hope is very terrible thing, indeed. And you are very good at Hoping. I would not have chosen you otherwise."

Kinsey tries not to roll her eyes at Kibou who went on rather more than she'd intended.

"What you're going to do is pull over and let me talk to the nice officer. And a glove box is where Terrans keep important papers, like insurance and ownership, for their vehicles. Try to behave yourself and let me speak."

Blurr has posed:
    "I--guess so." Blurr admits, listening to what Kibou has to say. He doesn't really understand the concept of Lanterns too well, not to mention something powered by hope itself.

    He sighs. "Okay, okay." He actually slows down and pulls over to the side of the road. As per what was expected, the officer comes in behind him and walks up to the driver's side window. Of course, he has to tap on it before Blurr actually lets the glass slide down.

    "Hey kid, you realize how fast you were goin'?" the man asks, assuming the teen was the one driving since he was in the driver's seat, although he is also giving Kinsey some looks as well, probably having assumed she was his mom or something.

    "And where are your plates?"
    The avatar just looks puzzled for a second. "...Like the things you use when you fill yourselves with sustenance?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey waits until the officer speaks to the emitter before leaning over enough to engage him politely, but not bump into the hologram Blurr has created, "Oh, I'm so sorry officer. We've been trying to calibrate the systems here, and I'm afraid that the reads must be off. How fast were we going?"

She tries very hard not to look pained when Blurr speaks up, after having asked him not to.

"We're testing out this vehicle as part of an autmated driving program that the government is looking into. Normally we're on private roadways, but we needed to calibrate for slower speeds and I'm afraid the systems just aren't adapating the way we expected."

She looks truly, truly apologetic.

Blurr has posed:
    "If you were trying to be funny, that wasn't. Not -that- kind of plate." The officer rolls his eyes, but then Kinsey speaks up. He raises an eyebrow at her. "You were going well over 100 mph." he informs her, glancing between her and the teen-looking avatar. "A test drive, huh? If it's supposed to be automated, why's this kid driving it?" he asks.

    "I--uh, I wasn't!" Blurr pipes up. "I wasn't driving. I was just--sitting. Watching. Yeah."

    The officer frowns pensively, as if debating whether he buys this or not. "Were you aware of the fact that the speed limit on this road is 45mph?"

    "Speed...limit??" Blurr questions, as if such a thing were absolutely unthinkable. Because who the slag does -that-?!

Blurr has posed:
    This earns another arched brow from the officer. He glances at Kinsey. "Is this your kid, or brother, or whatever?" Because like, he's -really- dumb. But he doesn't say that out loud.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey shakes her head. "No, he wasn't trying to be funny. It's another glitch in the system. We've found that people are much more receptive to having a driver behind the wheel, even if the system is fully automated. The technology isn't quite there, though. As you can see, there are some difficulties with vernacular and local idioms that we're still trying to iron out in the program. Though when the systems are road ready, they won't look like this, of course. I think this was someone's idea of a joke sending me out with the test car and the my little brother avatar."

She smiles at the officer, "There are a few of my colleagues who think it funny that I'm a woman in science, and of a certain age."

She nods, "45. I see. Ah, yes. I know exactly how to fix that. Just a small matter of tweaking the samplers to account for variants in the local grid. Mind you, most of us are arguing for chips in the roadways to augment the system, but we can't know how tightly or loosely to calibrate those feedbacks until we understand how the initial systems respond to changing data input."

A small pause, "I do hope I'm not boring you. I find I could go on forever about this. It really does excite me."

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr peers at Kinsey. Alright, alright she's pretty good at this. He has to give her that. At that, he dismisses the holomatter, causing it to dematerialize right then and there to further support her story.

    The officer is flushing a bit, now. Because he's kind of embarrassed that he was trying to apparently talk to a VI of some kind, thinking it was a real person.

    "Hoookayy..." he lets out. "Yeah, I knew that. I knew it wasn't actually a person, really. Just putting it to the test. Still, it's pretty damn realistic looking, and even sounds like a person talking--well, except for the 'sustenance' thing, anyway, 'cuz who talks like that?" he chuckles. "So I guess you can give my compliments whoever made that part of it." He clears his throat. "Ahem, anyway, sorry to take your time, ma'am. But next time maybe you should keep to private tracks? I get testing and science and all, but don't want to put innocent lives at risk for it, okay?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
There's a bright little smile from Kinsey, who looks utterly pleased like she was somehow personally responsible for the tech in the same way another woman might flush at being told she looked beautiful tonight and handed a dozen roses, "Oh, I'll be certain to pass along your regards to Mr. St---ah... you nearly got me there."

She chuckles, and tsks softly.

"I'll make a note and be certain the dev team is aware of your observations, officer, and I'll perform the tweaks now before we start up again."

"Kibou, tablet interface please."

"Yes, Sister Kinsey. As you wish."

A tablet looking oibject appears in front of her, and she sighs, muttering to herself as she goes to hover fingers over it, much as if it were a human holo interface to the tech she was in, "I see Jerry is back in voice command..."

A last look for the officer, "Anything else? I really do need to get the unit back to the test track and into the barns for uplink and recalibration. And we'll keep the warning in mind. Thank you officer."

Blurr has posed:
    The officer's eyes widen as she starts to say something that sounds like Stark. So -this- is what some of Stark's stuff looked like up close. Well he definitely considers this a privilege. Suddenly beaming, he nods and steps back from the window. "Nope, not at all. Good luck with your project!" he says, and goes back to his squad car before driving off.

    "I have to say, you're pretty good at that." Blurr says once he's gone, though this time the avatar doesn't reappear, instead the voice is just sort of this disembodied sound that comes through the interior as the dashboard lights up and oscillates in sync with it. "Even managed to make him feel stupid." he chuckles.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Of course I'm good at that, I told you. Grew up in the projects. Say a thing with enough conviction.." She sighs, and has Kibou take away the tablet projection. "What I made him feel was special and included. He thinks he's been let in on a secret. Well, and a bit of the stupid, too. Which is why he won't tell anyone. At least not immediately."

"And you, do you see why you're going to drive the speed limit from now on? And, are you able to create a projection that would mimic plates? It might keep you out of trouble if you insist upon driving around and breaking laws."

And even if he didn't.

"Most of all, I think we need to get together with those friends of yours and come up with a plan."

Blurr has posed:
    "Right, it was kind of perfect." Blurr admits, a smirk in his voice. "But maybe he'll eventually tell his boss that this 'mystery' they're trying to track down has finally been solved and it's just a rogue test vehicle and they'll get off my aft."

    "Uh." About the plates. "No? Why did he ask for eating tools?" Apparently that had actually been a serious question.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"With luck, that's exactly what will happen. And plates, Blurr, are lisence plates. They tell us that you have registered your vehicle with the government. It's how we track them, especially since they are so dangrous and can cause so much harm. The plates also help to pay for upkeep of the roadways and electrical systems that run the stoplights you've been running. Red, by the way, means you need to stop. Yellow, to slow down, and be aware that the light will be turning red. And green means you may proceed, but you still have to be certain the way is safe and clear of other cars, or pedestrians. People just say plates for short."

Blurr has posed:
    "Oh, well I -definitely- don't want anyone tracking me, especially not Terran authorities. But maybe if you can get me fake ones, that would help me be less conspicuous. Oh look, there's a way you can help." Blurr points out somewhat playfully. "Right. Red, stop; yellow, slow down; and green, go. Easy enough I guess. Huh, wait--armor plates?? Nono, must have been a translation error. -That's- why I was so confused."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"But if you don't have them on you, you will draw attention to yourself. They just have to look real. They don't have to be actual plates. That, and if you follow the laws, should allow you to travel freely while we figure out how to help your friends."

That we is very definitive.

Blurr has posed:
    "Right, right. That's what I was saying. You know what they're supposed to look like, so you can get me some, right?" Blurr proposes. "That would be one thing you could do help me out around here." he says. "So you can go and get on that. Unless you want me to take you home or something." he offers, though he knows she can fly anyway. "And I'll let you know once I've talked to the crew about your intention to help."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"You can see them on any vehicle. I'm not sure my getting you plates solves.. well, you don't always appear in this form, Blurr. It might be best if you figure a way to make them part of your look? Like the avatar?"

As for the other, "No. While I'm here I'm going to stop into a bodego and pick up a few things, then return to the station. Please, do inform your friends, and feel free to let them know about the Lantern business if you think it would help."

She's rather sure it should help, but who knows.

"And remember, please follow the rules. You stick out when you act like a drag race car on a Sunday bender." She undoes her seat belt and opens her door. "It was lovely seeing you again Blurr. I have faith in you."

And then she's gone.