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Peter Meets A Master Artist
Date of Scene: 28 July 2019
Location: Baskin Robbins and Apple Park, Salem Center
Synopsis: Peter Parker gets to meet Ernesto, Kitty's connection for the best ice cream in town.
Cast of Characters: Shadowcat, Spider-Man

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty had texted Peter the next day, arranging a time to meet up at Baskin Robbins. She'd indicated a friend would be dropping her off, and asking if she could get a ride back to the school then after.

The day is nice. Sunny but with a few clouds, and warm but not obnoxiously hot. A silver Volkswagen pulls up to the curb in front of the place. Kitty climbs out and walks around to the driver's side window, leaning down. The driver is a woman who looks to be in her sixties at least. "Good luck Katherine, I hope your ice cream date goes well," the woman says. Kitty's cheeks flush just a little bit and she looks flustered. "I don't know that it's a date, I mean, we're getting together for ice cream, but-"

The older woman laughs and smiles over to her. "Whatever it is you kids are calling it these days," she says. Kitty laughs softly back and shakes her head. "Ok Marjorie, I'll take the good luck wishes though," she says with a grin. Kitty stands back up from the window, waving as the car leaves.

She turns and walks over towards the Baskin Robbins, looking around to see if Peter is there already. She's wearing a pair of capri pants that fit her legs snugly and show the tan of her calves and ankles, with a black v-neck cotton top that descends just deep enough to show that the slender, fit young woman does have a hint of cleavage. She has on earrings that match her necklace. Subtle amounts of makeup bring out her cheeks and and eyes, something she rarely wears around school.

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete hadnt expected a response so soon, if hes being honest. Actually, if he was being honest, he didnt expect one at all. By his estimations, he'd made a fool of himself, but that doesnt stop him waiting for one all the same. Which is kind of an odd sensation of excitement when it did come, while he was sitting on the edge of the empire state building, and nervousness about what that excitement meant.

The response was quick: sure, I can be there today. Ride home is no problem either, Im headed thst way anyways :)

He uses complete sentences in his texts and everything!

"Should have left out the smiley...." Pete pulls his mask down and leaps into s swing to go get changed. when he arrives, its just a little after Kitty and hes wearing something s little nicd than cargo shorts and a tshirt... but not by a huge margin.

Something simple, a light pair of bule jeans, sneakers, and an open button down white shirt over a... okay so hes wearing a t-shirt. But at lesst its a He-man shirt right?

Seeing Kitty, he trots over with a grin. A grin that becomes a little sheepish seeing her in makeup. "Hey, Kit.. sorry, I got caught up. Hope you havent been here long?" Eyring her attire, the makeup, trying to avoid cleevage, "You look... uh... you look great.." keenly aware now that he, most certainly, does not..

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's face lights up as Peter comes jogging over. "I just got here too," she tells him. "And thank you," she says. "I love the He-man shirt. I'm a sucker for old cartoons," she tells him, rolling her eyes at herself just a little bit as she knows just how not cool that probably makes her sound.

Kitty looks towards the ice cream shop and says, "I phoned ahead to make sure Ernesto was in today. Not that the other people here don't do a good job. But we go way back. He's been working here since I first came to the school," Kitty says.

She'll see if Peter is ready to head inside, and if so walk over to the door with him and pass inside. Behind the counter is a Latino man about ten years older than Peter. He is a slightly chubby build and a bushy moustache, but mostly one notices the ready smile that he has. Some people just always seem to project a good mood. Ernesto is one such person.

"Kitty Pryde! It is about time," he says from behind the counter. "And who is this dashing young man accompanying you?" Kitty flashes him a smile as she walks over to the counter that displays flavor after flavor of ice cream tubs. "This is Peter. Peter, my main ice cream contact, Ernesto," Kitty says with a grin.

Ernesto protests. "Main!? Are you stepping out on me with someone down at that Dairy Queen, Kitty?" Kitty laughs and just flashes him in a grin and a shake of her head.

Spider-Man has posed:
"I showed up to a date in it, Kitty.." Peter says when she gets a little sheepish about liking old cartoons, "I assure you..." Both hands point unto his attire and turn in small circles to indicate it, "This kind of geekdom is not done on accident and never worn ironically."

The whole while grinning on the way towards the shop, leaning in to pull the door open for her, "After you." A little smile as he pulls up inside out of the sun behind her.

"I totally get it, my guy down at Angelos in Queens is always my goto.. if you want the best, you befriend the best." Playfully winking at Kitty as they are greeted by Ernesto behind the counter, waving a hand up with a goofy grin at the plump ice cream slinger, "You come highly recommended by a valued and trusted source, my friend.." deep, faake Queeens accent, "Its good to meet you!"

Shadowcat has posed:
Before they came in, Peter's comment had gotten a tiny smile from Kitty, one that would make great sense to any who had heard her conversation with Marjorie Carmichael about whether this was a date or not. An ice cream date.

Peter earned a soft smile for opening the door for her, and another for his greeting of Ernesto. "Think you can use all of your powers to set us up with something good?" she asks Ernesto.

The Latino grins and says, "Absolutemente! So, Peter, friend of Kitty, what are you in the mood for today?" he asks. "I think I can guess what the lady will like already," he says, drawing a grin from Kitty. She leans close to Peter, her hand resting on his back for a moment as she does. "I can be kind of predictable when I find something I really like," she admits.

Ernesto starts preparing a waffle bowl, dipped in chocolate, with chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and sprinkles, with just a tiny amount of whipped cream. Kitty isn't watching him work though. Her soft brown eyes are focused on Peter for the moment, watching him decide on what he'd like.

Spider-Man has posed:
It would be fair to say Peter hasnt realized that he overtly called it a date. It is possiblr that he was thinking it and that he didnt expect to say it. It is possible that he would be a lot more embarassed. Thankfully, that played out well!

Grinning sidelong at Kitty when Ernesto confirms he has her order in mind and her clarification thst she can be a little predictable, "pssh... I've esten lunch at the same sandwich shop since I was fifteen.. when its right, its right." Said reassuringly with a little light shoulder bump in her direction.

Then down at the sellection.. "Mint chip.. uh.. sprinkles, lots of them, on a waffle cone? Maybe a little bit of chocolate sauce?" two fingers barely apart, looking through it at Ernesto.

Free to do so, he smile at the hand on his back and looks to Kitty. He doesnt say anything, even if he looks like he wants to.

Shadowcat has posed:
"Coming right up!" Ernesto says, getting to work on the order. Kitty leans over. "He knows just the right amounts of chocolate sauce to not melt the ice cream too much, but to make sure you have some of it clinging to the waffle cone after," she comments to Peter with a smile.

She leans back casually against the counter then, facing Peter. "So no butter brickle then," she says, her smile turning soft as she looks over to Peter. Her eyes only linger on the quietly handsome man for a few moments before the smile turns a little shy and she looks away.

Ernesto serves up their ice cream. "Peter, here you go. I hope that you take good care of Miss Kitty, now," he says. Kitty takes her bowl and gets a spoon. "Thank you Ernesto," she tells him warmly. Once Peter has his ice cream, Kitty glances outside the shop and over at the park across the street. "Eat it here? Or is it mild enough out to go across the street and find a shady spot?"

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter meets Kitty's eyes for a second, but glances up with a hand scratching the back of his neck. A little tint to his cheeks appears when Ernesto tells him to take care of his date.. Pete grins suddenly at the ice cream mistro snd accepts the cone with a nod, "Sir, it will be my genuine pleasure to take care of her. Thank you, sir." Holding up his cone indicating for what.

He follows up by looking over at Kitty, thoughtfully considerint their options whilr trying the ice cream.. Ultimatrly he juts his chin out at the park, "Lets go find some shade and relax? I feel like we're always coped up inside. Beet enjoy the summer while we can right?"

Does it have anything to donwith seeing her in the brightsl sunlight?

Only the Shadow knows.

Shadowcat has posed:
"Good choice," Kitty Pryde tells Peter, smiling at him softly as she turns to move over towards the door. If he moves to open it for her, he gets another of the smiles, her eyes drifting to meet his for a moment.

Once outside, it's a short trip across the quiet street and over to where the grassy expanse of park starts. Hardwood trees grow here and there, and a jogging path going around the park takes a tour of exercise stations.

Once they are in the grass, Kitty slips her shoes off and picks them up to dangle from one hand. "It's nice to find some time to just smell the roses isn't it?" she asks him. As they walk along, Kitty steals small glances over at him. "So how is it that you ended up at Xavier's? And... I'm curious, what did you think when you first got there, and found out about the students?" she asks him. "Obviously you don't have an issue with mutants, but, what was it like at first for you?" she asks.

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete is likewise glancing at Kitty, everytime hes a chance, which in turn has him grinning like an idiot. Then, when he realizes hes grinning, teying to not grin. Which makes his face a little tight lipped and just adds to the overall goofiness inherent in his demeanor. Thankfully theres an ice cream cone to hide the worst of it!

At the park he slows to let her get her shoes 9ff and slides his fingers back into his hair to get the shaggy loose bangs out of his face, "My apartment is in Queens... I dont get much chance to smeel the roses, but I'm starting to think maybe I should morr..." Chewing at his lip, looking out the corner of his eye in Kitty's direction.
    hankful, very thankful, that she asks him a question so he doesnt frel like hes staring once hes gotten aettled beneath the chosen tree. "I... thats a difficult question to answer.." He was so use to things by then, vultures, and scorpions, and teenagers with spider powers... "I think I was relieved.. which seems condescending, but I worry about..." motionijg, then rubbing at his jneck, "I was just glad to find some place that didnt judge anyone. No matter why they were there... they were welcome and family.. it reminds me of my Aunt. shed love the school..." Grinning when speaking of May and her own charity work with trouble teens, some of whom are mutants.

Shadowcat has posed:
A faint breeze stirs the leaves the tree, the undersides silver and the tops a Lincoln green so that when they stir, the slow swirls of color make their own show even while casting welcome shade. The sunlight seemed to love Kitty's skin, and the tan that many natural brunettes seem able to gain.

She lets Peter get seated while she gently drops her shoes nearby, and then moves to sit. She lets him have the tree trunk so he can lean back against it if he likes, while Kitty sits facing Peter, her legs drawn up beside her.

The young woman watches him as Peter starts and stops, talking about the school and then moving on to his family. "Your Aunt?" Kitty asks when Peter brings her up. Kitty lifts her hand to motion towards Peter face, and she gets a soft smile as she says, "Your expression, when you talk about her? I can see from it that she must mean a lot to you," Kitty says.

Kitty gets a bit of her ice cream on the spoon, then some hot fudge, and finally bit of the whipped cream. She eats it slowly, savoring it. "So tell me about her? Does she live in New York? And what about your parents?" she asks him.

Spider-Man has posed:
Hisete shares that with the sun, if only because hes jealous of his own lack of tanning capability. "You know... You look good in the sun." His fingers comb the hair out of his eyes, then rest on knees bent up easily near his chest with hisbback to the trunk.

It was an off hand observation and he clears his throat and chuckles, smiling all the brighter when she asks about May, "She means everything to me. Her and my Uncle Ben raised me.." Again he fidgets, but his smile doesnt disappear, so much as faulter a little, mentioning uncle Ben. "My parents.. I barely knew them really. died when I was little.."

He glances upnaf her and smiles, shaking his head, "Queens, born and raised.. she still oives in the same brownstone I grew up in.. you, I think, would love her.." and she'd definitrly love Kitty.

Shadowcat has posed:
The quiet compliment leaves Kitty with a warmth that reflects in her gaze as she smiles over to Peter softly. "Much better after a day of tanning in the pool than I would be in December," she says, glancing down at her arms.

Kitty eats another bite of the ice cream as she listens. For all that Peter seems rather quiet and mild sometimes, Kitty discovers that when he speaks of something important to him, he gets this gleam that is... well. It's beautiful to see.

"Queens. I haven't spent much time there yet," she tells him. "I stay at a place on Bleecker Street in the Village, when I'm not here. So I've been getting to know that area a lot better. And the area around Stark Tower too."

Kitty gets another bite of ice cream, this one heavy on the chocolate sauce. "Mmm," she says. "She sounds like she's really something. I would love to meet her sometime." Kitty gets another bite of her ice cream and offers it to Peter. It's not unlike his own, only vanilla and chocolate chips instead of mint.

"So do you take after her? Or after your Uncle Ben?" Kitty asks.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Ask me again in December, but I already know what I'm going to say..." Peter says with a playful smirk and an absent bite of his own ice cream. His tongue rins across his upper lip, tapping the spoon lightly against the waffle cone. All the while his smirk is turning into a light grin, but its no less playful or easy.

"Queens is an acquired taste.. I have spent a lot of time in the village too.." Side nodding, both acknowledging and being impressed by her Stark name drop. "I've never been to Stark tower... Im pretty excited for my internship though.. Tony has forgotten more things than Ill ever know.." clearly theres a little hero worship.

But it passes when she says she'd like to meet May. "Yeah?" A little spark in his eye, running his thumb at the corner of his mouth after another bitr of ice cream, "Well, she invited me over for dinner this week... I mean, obviously.. if you wanted.." Motioning, from her, to himself, then back.. "I think she wouldnt mind..." and peter definitsly wouldnt.

Shes offering him a taste of her ice cream, though. And after a single thought, hes up from his seat in a pretty impressively graceful motion to lean in to take it. Resting at least for a second, sitting on his heels as if the position is natural and easy for him.

"... probsbly Uncle Ben... I hope I've any of my aunt in me.. I mean Uncle Ben was great, dont get me wrong.."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty doesn't make it easy for Peter, the spoon swaying just a little bit unintentionally so he ends up with a bit of whipped cream on his lip after the bite. "You... you got..." Kitty says, motioning towards him. She smiles a bit and then reaches over and gently wipes it from him since they forgot to bring napkins.

The tan does a nice job making some of the resulting blush not stand out too much, but it's there to add a little dusty rose to her cheek. Kitty seems to realize what she said about meeting his Aunt and second-guesses herself. "I mean, you probably weren't actually meaning.." she says, trailing off. But Peter invited her then. "Unless, I mean if you're serious? I would like to meet her. I can tell how much she means to you."

Kitty gets herself another bite of ice cream. "I probably take after my mother more too. There was a time I would have said father," she says, and something about the statement seems to trouble her a little bit.

Spider-Man has posed:
Suffice to say, this is a surprise to Peter as well.

Her thumb rubs against his lip and he's watching her, which might be why he's totally spider-man posing on his heels for so long. His dark eyes watch thr blush, he really does have the attention to detail of a photographer. After a moment, he too is blushing and rocking backwards against the base of the tree.

Cheeing at the back of his teeth, but mostly so he can touch that part of his lip with the other. "I'm... uh... clumsy.." its weak. Hes smiling though.

More so when they both stumble through his awkward invitation, "I didnt mean to... I mean, I did.. I would like it if you came with me.. if you want to, I mean.." Clearing his throat. "Would you?"

She mentions her mother and Pete nods, looking down to rub the blushing from his cheeks as well. Glancing up to smile at her statement about her mother only to see that trouble look.. his own slowly fades. "You.. you want to talk aboutnit? You dont have to.. but you can if you want to. Im here."

Shadowcat has posed:
Peter's warm-but-clumsy way with words sets Kitty to smiling. It also slightly deepens the blush as something about the moment makes her feel like she's a sixteen year old with a crush. Kitty looks back up and over to Peter and then she gives a nod. "I'd like that, Peter," she tells him softly.

The matter gives her a warm grin as she eats more of her ice cream, working slowly through it, on pace to finish before it gets too melty. Ernesto didn't overdo it with the scoops, knowing she has enough other stuff on it she doesn't need a huge amount of the ice cream itself. It is those little details that make him the artist he is.

Kitty stirs in the ice cream at the question. "Oh, it's just... you know, I looked up to him the most when I was younger. And... well it's common enough knowledge, if anyone went looking. He had a bank. It was a family business going back a few generations. Well, anyway. Financial troubles. And he had to take on partners. Only, it turned out to be the Japanese Yakuza. Buying into the bank to use it for money laundering."

Kitty is looking down at her ice cream as she tells this, rather than up at Peter. It's not the kind of thing someone is proud to reveal. But finally she does look up. "I went to Tokyo with him. Or, ah, actually I stowed in the baggage compartment of his plane. Anyway, he ended up telling the authorities everything. And ended up in witness protection. He and my mom eventually split up," she says, sadness about that evident. "He moved to Genosha finally. But, I'm proud of him in the long run. I mean, he did wrong. But he tried to make up for it, you know?" she says.

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete smile returns, if briefly, when she assures him she does want to come, but hes got the whole of his attention set upon her during the story.

At some point, he reaches out as if to take her hand, reassuring, or just to get her to look up at him... unless she deflects him, which... he'd understand that. "I didn't know any of that, Kit... I'm really sorry." Not in that taking responsiblity way, but just there. He, brings his other hand over, likely to join the first around her's.

"He sounds like a good man. Everyone makes mistakes... but life shouldnt be about them.. it should be about how we make ourselves better because of them..." Mirroring his own spotty history, specifically Uncle Ben. His smile a littlr weaker, but no less genuine.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's eyes are back down for the moment when Pete reaches over and takes her hand gently, first in one hand, and then in both. After a few moments, he can feel her fingers shift a little. Curling about his a bit, accepting of his touch.

"That's what I think too. Though, I still remember bursting to the office in Tokyo, and realizing what he'd been doing," she says quietly. Kitty's eyes search the grass beneath them. "I guess maybe that's ok. I mean, knowing his mistake? There are times it's helped me to hove to the right path in my own life. And he did... he gave up everything to do the right thing."

Kitty looks up and over to Pete. "This is too rough of a world for anyone to go through without making mistakes. What they do about them after, says a lot," she agrees.

Kitty reaches the hand that Peter isn't holding up to her face, brushing back some strands of brown hair that blow in the soft wind. "You're a really interesting guy, Peter," she tells him, looking over to him.

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete holds to that hand, but reluctantly does release it when she reaches up to brush hair from her face. He nods as if hes agreeing, and he does agree, he just does so from wherever his mind went for those precious seconds that preceed her comment about him.

Even then, its like the motor takes a second to reach top speed, smile creeping up onto his face from wence it disappeared.

"How interesting, on a scale from one to ten?"

He watches her, looking over at him.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty doesn't seem to have any desire to pull her hand back from his. Though it being held is probably responsible for both the pretty blush, and the pretty smile, that can be noticed on her face.

Kitty grins at the question, looking up and over to Peter. She takes a moment to not only look at him, but to look him with just a touch of bashfulness though. "Job with Stark. Caring. Thoughtful. /Really/ nice smile. Kind of handsome, with that really... natural wave hair thing you have going," Kitty says, and reaching up with her free hand to brush a few fingers briefly against his brown locks.

"I'd say you're passing the 7 and into the 8 range by now," Kitty tells him before looking away, the touch of red in her cheeks spreading a bit as she revealed more than she'd have expected to. His seems to have of disarming her like that though.

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete looks down at ths fact he's not only still holding her hand in his, but slowly rubbing his thumb against the back of her knuckles. When he glances up, she's smiling that beautiful smile and he can't help it infecting him as well. Spreading easily, just like the dark tint beneath his eyes which signifies his own embarassed, but comfortably accepting, expression.

When her fingers reach up for his hair though.. spider sense tingle.. but it isnt because someones trying to kill him for a change. "You, ms Kitty-" Gunsmoke is still a viable popculture reference... "-are savage in your grading system..." Only the tiniest bit of teasing, "I really like you.. not that anyone wouldnt, or doesnt, but... would you go out with me?"

He can barely believe he said that.. they ARE out..

"... again...? Where we both know its a da-... so I just want you to remember i WAS edging towards an 8 before you embarass me infront of this tree..."

Shadowcat has posed:
As Peter slowly meanders through that asking out of Kitty, a smile grows slowly across her face. It spreads as gradually as a sunrise, and ends up nearly as radiant. Kitty has to look away from Peter finally, as if to stop the smile's spread before it does her permanent harm.

A little of her composure returning to her expression, she casts her brown eyes back to him. The girl gives a smiling nod at first, before adding. "Yes. I'd like to go out on a date with you, Mr. Peter Parker," Kitty tells him quietly.

She leans forward to him, though on a clear enough path he'll know his cheek is her target before she gets there. Her lips touch softly to his cheek, and Kitty lingers near to his cheek for just a moment, lest he mistake the kiss for something utterly chaste.

She slowly sits back again, her fingers brushing against his palm where he is holding her hand. "I wasn't quite sure what today was, to be honest. Was I not the only one, then?" she asks, giving a warm little laugh at the admission.

Spider-Man has posed:
    here's a look in his eyes watching her work through what he's asked and he can feel something fluttering in his stomach like he's a teenager again... except this was never his experience when he was a teenager.. so its a lot more like something he hasnt felt in a year or more. Something that would have hurt yesterday, but clearly doesnt now. When she smiles, so does he. When she looks away, he does not. He knows when a moment is important, when it needs to be remembered, and he fully intends to remember this one.

The answer is met with a breath he didnt know he was holding and a smile saved for very specisl circumstances, rare as they are, when something goes his way... and he finds, right then, that he likes her even more for it.

"You're good with suspense too.." Teasing, but going stark ztill when she not only leans in to kiss his cheek, but lingers there so there's no question of the intent behind it. As she pulls back to her seat, he bring one of his hands to sit there where her lips tou hed him, like hes savoring it. Locking it in. That really happened.

So he tskes a second to respond... meandering dark eyes seeking her's out. "I... no.. I didnt expect this at all.." He confids without looking away, always with a light smile, "I knew I wanted it to be? It's.. I dont want you to think thats why I came to see you yesterday. Even if I'm rrally glad I did, for a completely different reason, now."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty watches as Pete's hand moves to touch the spot that she kissed, like he needs that confirmation to know it was real, and to help hold onto it. She knows when a moment is important, when it needs to be remembered. And Kitty fully intends to remember this one.

It feels to the girl like she's spent most of her time smiling since she got to the ice cream shop. With good reason. She has. Kitty looks thoughtful, gazing down at the grass and her hand that is not being held brushing across the tops of the blades of grass.

"I really wasn't expecting, or thinking anything of this sort, when I saw you at the pool. But when we talked, that moment stood out to me. I was kind of thinking about you when you came by," she admits, looking away because if she looks at him right now after that admission, she's going to get red. "I'm glad you did. I don't think I would have, had you not."

Kitty pauses. "Maybe. I don't know. But /you/ did, so..."

Spider-Man has posed:
It's the little things that stand out to Peter. How much HE has smiled today, how rare a feeling that has been recently, how watching her move her hand through the grass seems so.. like he couldnt and doesnt want to imagine being anywhere else.

After a second, and hestitantly besides, he holds out his other hand with his palm up, inviting her to take it if she wants. "I live in a constant state of strange occurances recently... it would seem crazy, and I know it would beczuse I've tried to explain it to someone already." There is absolutrly a point to this, maybe he should get to it.

"I went looking for you yesterday. Earlier I mean.. and I really didnt know why.. I mean, I did, it was your birthday, but I knew I would run into you if I just waited? For some reason, I didn't want to wait."

He works his bottom lip for just a second before continuing, "I don't think it had anything to do with today... but I don't believe in coincidences either. I believe in chemistry.. when we were talking by the pool, I felt it... but I didn't know if it wss just because we both..." he shakes thst thought away, "So...

"Yeah, I.." he shrugs and looks down, grinning at the grass. "I'm glad to know you felt it too.. chemistry can be a lonely subject.."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty responds to the offer of his other hand, slipping hers over to it. Offering her fingers for him to hold as he is Kitty's other hand. She smiles to him gently as she listens. It seems like each passing moment she finds herself a little more charmed by this man she realizes that she never really knew very well.

Kitty's tongue touches her lips briefly. "I don't know that I've ever really seen you before. Not truly. You were... you were unavailable and that sort of... I guess I put on filters. If you will."

Kitty swallows and then smiles a bit. "But I'm starting to see you now," she tells him. Kitty's fingers caress softly over his palm, and she breaks out in a bit of a goofy smile. "Besides, I love chemistry," she tells him. "Today, the last few days has been like... you're a photon quanta and I'm a valence elctron," she tells him. "That is you, excite me to a higher energy level," she says. Yes it's a horrible chemistry joke, but the kind a true geek might appreciate.

Spider-Man has posed:
"I wasn't." Peter admits, looking down between them, "For more reason just the obvious.. And if I were being fair, I still would be." But he definitrly doesn't want to, not now. Not sitting on the grass holding hands with Kitty Pryde. Just thinking about it bring another big grin on his face. "I 'should' have quit after..." He shakes his head and clears the thought away, "But I didn't and I'm glad about it for thd first time in months."

He chuckles a little and cants his head, looking back up at her fully, the grass can wait, "But it's like any chemical reaction, it needed the right variables and stimuli to set off the chain reaction..." Bug whatever the conclussion of his own reference might of been, Kitty lets loose the chemistry joke and almost takes him out.

A shatp breath snd he's laughing, not at her, but far hadder than he can remember laughing in a very long time.

"I have no idea how I've survived this long with out you... that was the sweetedt thing literally any person has ever said.."

Shadowcat has posed:
There have only been a few people in her life that Kitty has been able to make that kind of joke with. But even if she could talk chemistry with them, she never really shared chemistry with them.

So Kitty is grinning alongside of Peter, and connecting with him in ways that most just wouldn't get.

Kitty slides just a little bit closer, and if Peter allows, she slips her arms about him for a hug. To others, they think such a moment to be an expression of passion or the like. Though to the pair, who have been through a lot and who have hurt? It's something else. It's having someone there who cares. Something that was almost taken for granted before, only to be lost and leave them wondering if it would ever come again.

The wind whispers through the leaves of the tree, ruffling them softly. But there's nothing else to disturb the hug that can go on for as long as they want. And much later, when Kitty is back in her room and going to bed, that's the moment she remembers before she drifts off to sleep.