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Sentinels: Regaining a Vision
Date of Scene: 30 July 2019
Location: Labs - Avengers Mansion
Synopsis: Tony leads the team to revive a fallen Vision.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Elixir, Wasp (van Dyne), Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Quicksilver, Spider-Woman (Drew), Vision
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Iron Man has posed:
"All right, this should go smoothly enough," Tony greets the group as they arrive in the laboratory and medical area in the underground Avengers facility. "And if not, I'll wing it," Tony says, with his usual infectious confidence.

The rooms are set up in two sections: a clear medical area, and the wall has a big piece removed, to allow the science lab next door direct access. In the lab, is an explosion of various work that Tony has been chest-deep in for weeks. The medical side has a large table with a variety of arching tech bands that are holding and monitoring the new body for Vision inside them.

"I will be driving connecting up the neural network personally, and putting his consciousness in." A tap to his own chest and relaxed gesture across at the various consoles he'll be working at.

"Wanda, you're a key role here, to keep the power source from destroying what I'm laying in, and giving proper amounts of power based on your special awareness, as I need it," Tony points to her.

"Banner, you're on the body itself, and making sure he doesn't fry himself or us."

"We may have some quick repairs to do, some of it may call for your skills, Janet. Ideally you'll be super bored," he smiles at Janet quickly. "Same to you, Josh. Hang out and hope you're useless," he says distractedly.

Elixir has posed:
Josh gives Wanda's hand a squeeze, nods to Tony and then stuffs his hands deep in his pockets to avoid temptation. Staying well out of the way, he wanders very quietly looking at the equipment on the medical side with open curiousity tempered only by understanding the seriousness of the moment. And he keeps stealing looks at the legendary Dr. Banner as he goes.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet flicks a paper clip at Tony when he addresses her. "Don't jinx it, dummy," she scolds Tony with a wry affection. "You keep saying 'hopefully'. That's like saying 'what could go wrong?' in a movie." Janet's dressed for the expected job, having doffed her skirt-and-gloves ensemble for something more closely resembling a pressure suit in black and gold. A helmet sits on the table near her, vaguely insect-like in shape. Seems she's dressed for a worst case scenario.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff showed up with the newest member of the mansion's medical staff. She leans over to give Josh a whisper that looks like encouraging words given her smile that is given after the whisper. "Right, Tony," the Transian woman says, relinquishing Josh's hand after the squeeze and moving over towards her place. On the way she smiles over to Janet reassuringly. "I can't imagine better to have on hand," she says before moving over to the head of the table where Vision's new body lays. "Bruce," Wanda will say in greeting. "It's time to bring a friend back," the woman comments quietly as she pulls a stool over and rests on the table to either side of Vision's head.

Hulk has posed:
"The only thing here that concerns me is if the entity managed to rewrite any portion of the Vision AI, but I trust you've checked that beforehand, Tony." Bruce informs Tony as he works through the data his own laptop had... then plugs it into the framework around the body. Exchanges are done as the equipment downloads updates, and processes the data he brought in for comparison. His lab coat is adjusted as well as his glasses as he works. He keeps focused for now, the glances from Josh being completely unnoticed for the moment...

"Everything seems stable, but I can tell the new circuits are going to be a crapshoot. Even with regulation, the initial load spikes are simply going to be random whether or not they'll stay within parameters. We won't know which ones will have issues until we turn it on." Bruce explains, before he looks to Wanda, "I'd concentrate on the primary conduit for now. I'll let you know if any of the secondaries get out of flux."

Iron Man has posed:
"Yeah, that is. I could be a movie star, though," Tony points out to Janet, smiling, and then promptly movie quotes: "I'll be riiiight back," while grinning and moving across from medical into the lab space. If he's nervous, zero of it shows on the laid back leader's visage; he won't show that to them, not now. He spans his hand down along the interior console as he walks, and the holographic consoles light up and spring into existance in a waterfall cascade of orange and yellow, fully visible from the medical space. He settles in, before the consoles, standing, feet apart but stable, as if he were going to command a warship. There's hand controls and full panels lighting up in front of him, for his manipulation.

The smile is there, still, on Stark's face, but he's moved into Serious Mode. "JARVIS, as always, you're with me; begin to run my program on my mark," he smiles towards the ceiling a little bit.

"Ready when you are, sir," answers the reserved AI system.

"Also, tell Bruce not to worry about the rewrite; I think we even got a golden Dr. Pym seal of approval on the AI," Tony says, playfully.

Unnecessarily, but following orders, JARVIS's voice says in the medical room, "Dr. Banner, I am pleased to inform you that it has been checked," diplomatically.

"Sounds good, Bruce," Tony says more directly across the room. He checks over everyone visually.

"Wanda said it right; let's bring him back."

Engaging into the controls with both hands, Tony triggers the power source, and immediately rushes to begin to transfer the AI.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet pulls her helmet into place and *clicks* the microphone emitter on, giving her voice a faintly mechanical echo. "Look, um... I know this is a bad time for second guesing, but, uh... are we so sure we want to bring him back?"

She uplifts her palms hastily. "N-not that I don't want Vision back," she adds quickly. "I'm just... our track record with synthetics hasn't been great lately. My evil bitch twin was a disaster and a half. How do we know V hasn't been, y'know--" she gestures vaguely. "Turned all dark side, and stuff?" She hooks one free-swinging ankle over the other, legs danglinf off the table she's sitting on. Janet's fingers twist in knots around one another, betraying her nervousness.

Elixir has posed:
Once things get underway, Josh finds a spot well out of the way to watch each of the famed Avengers at work doing what would be impossible anywhere else on Earth.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda leans forward, resting on her elbows for the moment. The auburn-haired woman casts a glance over to Bruce and smiles his way. "Random load spikes you say? We can probably do something about that" says the woman able to manipulate the probabilities of our Reality.

She draws in a deep breath as Tony moves into the lab, and as he powers things up, Wanda holds her hands to either side of Vision's head. A wreath of glowing red gathers about each hand, drifting into towards Vision and slowly spreading down his body until the android's entire form has a slight scarlet aurora about it.

Wanda's head turns to the side, as if she's listening to something. Her fingers move, shifting slightly minute amounts almost like she were gradually turning a dial. "It is chaotic," she murmurs. Then says something more sharply in an Eastern European tongue, the tone suggestive even if one doesn't know the word. After a few seconds and more concentration. "Better," she murmurs.

Hulk has posed:
"Dr. Pym is the robiticist. If he says it's fine, it's fine." Bruce casually mentions as he goes over the instruments. Then, he frowns slightly, before he nods to Wanda, "That should hold. Recreating the exact state will be impossible, but that will minimize any energy feed back." Bruce looks back to his screen, making some casual adjustments... "Anytime you're ready, Tony." He remarks.

Quicksilver has posed:
ZOOMING into the area is Pietro Maximoff, stopping a short distance from his sister as he crosses his arms. He didn't know anything about this science mumbo jumbo, but if it will hopefully bring back Vision. "If it will bring Vision Back, its worth the price. He's our friend." He puts in his three cents, and he falls into silence.

He is happy to let the super geniuses do their work...and only hope they can succeed.

Iron Man has posed:
"I'm always ready," Tony replies to Bruce. The download goes forward in earnest, while Tony monitors it and makes quick adjustments. "A little hot on some of my readings here, Wanda," he warns. "I like it hot, it's safer to keep the power levels up during this, but not any warmer."

Tony's a multitasking chatterbox, but this is absorbing a lot of his attention and skill, and he focuses on his panels.

In the medical lab, Vision's body begins to shudder, exposed to the process, as if seeking to make itself known and noticed as another entity in the room. "After the transfer I'll initiate the AI, if we're still in good parameters. He doesn't get to wake up if anything's unstable."

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet shudders and rubs her arms. "Would you two be a little more optimistic?" she snaps at Bruce and Tony. It's perhaps unwarranted, but whom else is she going to chivvy?

"I"m just having flashbacks. That's all. I just don' wanna see another Ult--" she shivers, violently, and hugs her stomach. "Forget it," she says, and waves the thought off. "Keep going. Let's get this done."

Elixir has posed:
Josh nods to Pietro and smiles when he sees Jessica come in. He gives her a wave and then crosses his arms to watch. Wanda and the others work together. Janet's make him glance at Wanda, Tony and Bruce, but they seem so assured that he just shrugs a little to himself and goes back to watching.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff goes from leaning over on her stool, holding her hands to either side of the android's head, to standing up over him. Her left hand moves overtop of the body, while her right begins a slow, clockwise motion above the prone figure. Mr. Miago would be approving of her sand-the-floor form, but more importantly a slowly moving vortex of the red, mist-like energy is flowing down into Vision's chest.

Wanda glances up only after the familiar rush of air from Pietro's arrival has flown past. "We will get him back," she confirms to Pietro. Jessica's presence also gets a friendly look and nod from Wanda. Her eyes move on to Josh, expression softening further before she refocuses on Vision.

"Don't worry Janet. We never mess up the same exact way twice. What would be the fun of that," she offers, keeping her tone light-hearted even as she treats the work seriously.

Hulk has posed:
"Everythings gonna be fine, and the AI will download perfectly." Bruce gives in a rare moment of sarcasm for the Doctor.

"Better?" Bruce offers to Janet, amused, before he goes back to his status monitors, "All good so fa-ease off a bit with the secondaries, Wanda. Primary seems to be great, but secondary 2 is going just a bit higher than it should be." Bruce explains, his focus mostly on regulation right now.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica was uncertain whether or not it would be a good idea for her to be present. She stood stock still outside the laboratory for what seemed like an eternity. Circumstances (and hard feelings, for all she knew) had created a chasm of silence between the other Avengers and herself. And Vision. God knows what sort of anger or resentment he may harbour. Tony said he would remember. That it would be up to Vision and herself to sort out the final moments that led to his death. The blame, and the guilt.

Like pushing aside so many spiderwebs, Jessica forces herself forward into the room. Reluctance and misgivings are her companions. She takes a place among those assembled here. She returns Josh Foley's wave, and crosses her own arms to observe, and hope for the best.

Iron Man has posed:
"Janet, like Bruce said: we have all /new/ ways to fuck up," Tony comments cheerfully from his end. "Okay, I've got most of the vital AI transfer over with. Looks like we're still going fine. I told you I-- oh, that's not optimal," he says mildly, quickly trying to make adjustments to follow the power flux.

"Hold onto your butts, he's waking up a bit ahead of schedule. Nobody around here follows orders, even unconscious. I blame Rogers."

"I'm going ahead anyway, my other readings are perfect."

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet wriggles her fingers at Jessica when the woman arrives, flashing a smile from behind her facemask. Bruce, on the other hand, gets a petulant outthurst of her tongue. Very mature.

When Tony makes a mildly alarmed sound Janet slips off the table, balancing on the balls of her feet. It's a response to the urgency in his voice ahead of any imperative-- recognizing that things are going even marginaly less than perfectly. "Problems?" she inquires, voice tght.

Quicksilver has posed:
Pietro takes a deep breath and he turns his head to look at Foley. He flares at him relaly, but then he turns his head away from him. He looks at Jessica and gives a small nod. She was familiar at least. But then his attention falls on everyone else.

He keeps his arms crossed. But at the same time, he's ready to move and unplug EVERYTHING at the word.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda listens to Bruce's comments and she murmurs, "Secondary #2. That's the one on the left, correct?" She leans further forward over Vision, adding with a glance towards Jessica, Josh and Pietro. "Just a joke," she tells them. Then a glance to Bruce, and a little head movement to the left, verifying.

Instead of circling her hand over Vision, Wanda's fingers circle about an area of space in front of her. The red light coalesces there, growing brighter and brighter as more if it is gathered in.

"Alright," Wanda says in a tight voice of exertion, and her hands are starting to move as if straining, as if the aura were pushing back against it. Resisting gathering any more light into a spot that grows bright as a small star.

Wanda brings both hands above the glowing orb of scarlet energy and then pushes it down, the light disappearing into Vision's chest. Probabilities are shifted and align, as a million million circuits improbably shift in unison to accept the last of the programming. Wanda lets out a tired gasp as the light fades away and she looks to Tony for the results.

Elixir has posed:
Josh gives Wanda an encouraging smile when she looks his way. He cannot help but lean forward as the work progresses and the telltale moment draws near.

Hulk has posed:
"He's a sentient AI Tony, not a rudimentary robot. Put him somewhere he can effect his shell, and I'm sure it's a bit like waking up from sleep for him." Bruce notes as Tony talks about early wakeup. "So far so good though, besides the accelerated schedule -which we can conpensate for- this should go smoothly. The components are running within parameters."

A side thumbs up is given to Tony, "I think we're as ready we we're ever gonna be."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica offers a faint smile to Janet at the wave, and she focuses on every little intricacy of the process. Each detail seems to indicate that this...spark. This life. It is forging ahead, determined and headstrong.

Iron Man has posed:
"I don't /usually/ put my AI into shells or let them full autonomy so early," Tony chuckles to Bruce. "Sort of freeing, in a way," he says with a thoughtful little tilt of head, clearly unconcerned. That's not true, though: becomes he zeros in quickly on Wanda's gasp and glance his way, and nods at her once. He's got balance back.

"Okay. Letting Vision wake up and get his systems online himself," Tony says, moving one hand into a cylindar of hologram controls, and twisting slowly, watching the immediate intense scroll of data. "JARVIS, you're up. Mark."

"Initiating 'helper' sequence," JARVIS answers.

Awareness clearly floods Vision, his body reacts strongly. A blaze of energy starts to charge in Vision's eyes and face. "Look out; keep him calm!"

Quicksilver has posed:
Pietro is silent. He keeps his arms crossed. He watches the act be commited. He doesn't move but when Tony tells people to look out, Pietro is already ready to move. If Vision reacts in hostile fashion, he's ready to help restrain him.

"Come on, cybernetic bastard."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
One might expect Wanda to use her powers in response to Tony's exclamation. Instead she moves around to the side of the table across from Bruce. "Vision. Vision, it's Wanda," she tells him. "Vision, it's Wanda. You're here with friends. You're here with the Avengers. We've restored you to a new body, Viz. Can you hear me?" she tells him.

Wanda reaches a hand down to rest on the android's shoulder gently. "Vision. You're safe and among friends. Your last memories were of a battle, but you are safe now. It's Wanda, can you hear me Viz?" she says softly.

Iron Man has posed:
"He hears you, I've got response here," Tony says from his tech room.

The blaze from Vision's eyes fluxes just briefly, burning a line in the ceiling in a sudden blinding flash, but it fades, as Vision's awareness seems to come forward, and his eyes resolve into consciousness.

Vision answers her. "Wanda. Yes." He closes his eyes, but turns his head towards his fellow Avenger. He rotates his other hand, palm upwards, as if to allow or welcome someone to take it.

"JARVIS, stay on it," Tony says quietly to his AI, while continuing to monitor and check over the scans and readings coming out.

"I have it now, Tony," Vision says quietly, which causes Tony to pause what he's doing; skeptical but listening. "Thank you, everyone. It warms my heart -- new as it is -- that you are all here with me."

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda leans back, raising a hand against the brightness of Vision's laser beam. She doesn't pull away further though, staying at the edge of the table, her hand still on Vision's shoulder. She breaks out in a warm smile as he begins to speak again. "There you are," she tells him. "You've been very missed," she says.

Wanda reaches out to the hand Vision has offered, taking it in both of hers and holding it for a few seconds. "Welcome back, old friend," she tells him before letting his hand go. She moves aside to make room for others. And her eyes go to Tony too, just looking for confirmation that everything is as well as spoken. If there's nothing special in his look then she just goes back to celebrating Vision's return.

Quicksilver has posed:
Seems Vision is awake!

Pietro puts his hand on Wanda's shoulder for a moment before he looks at the newly revived Vision, though Pietro is perhaps still a little bit wary JUST in case, he seems to give a light smile to all present. "Looks like he's back...good job everyone."

He takes a breath, before stroking his chin for a moment. Looks like its a happy ending...please no jinx.

Elixir has posed:
Josh grins when Vision wakes. He has never met the Avenger and cannot really appreciate the achievement here, but the fact the others are so visibly happy now is enough.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica, despite her hesitation and her doubts, moves forward, closer to Vision, and keeps her arms not only crossed, but wrapped around herself. As if she is cold. Or trying to contain some emotion that refuses to be consoled.

"Vision. I'm here. It's Jessica. I'm so glad you're back. I'm so sorry. I made mistakes that hurt you." She starts to hold out a hand to him, but hesitates again in her uncertainty. "I'm so sorry," she repeats, wrapping her arm around herself again.

Iron Man has posed:
"It is the hero in you, that needs to help others. It was my decision, to sacrifice," Vision answers Jessica gently. His hand is open, but he similarly doesn't pressure her. He isn't angry, it seems. "I accept your apology," he tells her, with his familiar, serene expression. She was part of it, to cause his choice, but he still made his choice.

"I think you owe him a hug," Tony chimes in, while moving up to greet Vision as well, with a more hearty pat to the shoulder. "And then, he gets to have lots more /tests/. Yaaaaay," Tony grins.