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Sentinels: Just Beat It
Date of Scene: 30 July 2019
Location: Lower East Side, Manhattan
Synopsis: Two Sentinels spot mutant Kitty dancing in a Michael Jackson flash mob and attack. Rogue, Bobby and Peter Parker come to her rescue.
Cast of Characters: Shadowcat, Iceman, Spider-Man, Rogue
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Shadowcat has posed:
Tuesday and the city has made it past the return to work and is starting to catch their stride finally as they progress another work with people already looking ahead to the weekend. One such worker is Kitty Pryde. She finished up a day in the office at Stark Industries, and had been texting some messages around to set up something for after work. Texts went out to a few people, arranging an early dinner at a Shawarma Palace over on the Lower East side that Janice from Accounting swore by.

Kitty makes her way over to the restaurant, wearing a tight skirt that looks gorgeous but could really use a higher slit for walking. A silk blouse that clings just the right amounts to be both fashionable, and suitable work attire. She stops outside, checking to see if any of her friends who responded are here yet. There was some ulterior motive to who she invited, though they don't know that yet.

Kitty stops beside what used to be a little photo hut on street corner. It's been repurposed as a shaved ice stand, and most of the kids don't even know why it still has old photos on the side of the building. Kitty leans against the building, watching a few of the locals meander up and down the street. People attired in hippy clothing pass by punks and bohemian looking artists. It's quite a mix of people. One person passes by with purple hair and sparkly eyelids, making Kitty wonder if they are a mutant, or just making a fashion statement.

Iceman has posed:
    "Nah, if Will Smith taught me anything when he was good, it's that that dude, is an alien." Bobby says very casually as he steps up beside Kitty and bumps shoulders with the young mutant and he smiles to her, lifting up a hot dog to his mouth and taking a bite.

    Cheeks puffed full and his blue eyes looking down to the processed food he's holding and then back to Kitty. "I was hungry now and I don't even know what a shawarma is." Bobby says before taking another bite and smiling.

    The Ice Man wears a pair of beige kakhis and a pair of worn out and dirty looking converse that haven't been white in years, it's a sort of tan grey color and blackish brown from wear and tear. He has a brown t-shirt with a blue and white checkered unbuttoned shortsleeve t on over and he smiles at the fellow x-man. "Don't hate."

Spider-Man has posed:
Enter Peter Parker.

A mild mannered college student and Teacher. He has arrived at the shop in questioned after receiving a text message on his cellular device from his.... friend.. inviting him to have shawarma. He has always found Shawarma to be precursory to something terrible. Aunt May, as she often does, uses food as a sedgway into giving bad news... Why, then, given this information is Peter Parker smiling as he comes out from an alley pulling down the t-shirt he's wearing?

This is unsolved mysteries and I am Peter Parker's really messed up Pscyhe.

Pete hops a few steps to get his shoes tied, a pack clung to his back as he nears the shop and sees Kitty standing post work, "Hey, Kits..Bobbo" Hop-hop. Last is the Mets Cap... he puts it on and slides it around backwards afer pushing all his hair back. "You look good-" To Kitty, "You look comfortable-" to Bobby, "I look like a poor college kid... Don't judge me, I was in labs all morning." All grins as he finally makes it where Kitty and Bobby are standing, side grinning a little at the woman beside him.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks over as she hears Bobby's voice, flashing him a grin and turning to swing an arm around him to deliver a side-hug as he bumps shoulders with her. "Shawarma is... um... good question. It's like a pillar of meat, I suppose. And it sits there spinning all day until you wonder if it's still healthy to eat. I think that's what it translates too actually. 'Is this still ok?'" she tells him with a grin.

There was warmth in Kitty's smile already, but extra notes of warmth are suspiciously added to Kitty's smile as she sees Peter Parker approaching. "Hey Peter," she tells him, in a somewhat softer tone than normal, and her smile growing a little bit more.

She moves the last step to meet him as he arrives, but before she can give him a greeting that might shed further light, a sound breaks out. A loud musical note. It repeats, then another note follows it, and another. The beginnings of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" are unmistakable. And as they echo loudly across the area, a man runs out into the street, wearing tight jeans and a beret and a single glove done in glitter. And he begins dancing like Michael Jackson, stopping traffic. A person walking past in the crosswalk stops and looks at him, and then joins in, dancing in unison. As does a third person, and then a fourth.

Oh no. Michael Jackson flashmob.

Iceman has posed:
    Bobby lifts an eyebrow towards Kitty, not the one closer to her, the other one, because he can't move the one closer to Kitty independently. Not now, not ever. Bobby then lifts his hot dog back to his lips and takes another chomp then slides it into one cheek. "I think I'll stick with this mystery meet... but I'll try anything once." Bobby smiles.

    "Pet-oh!" Bobby starts to say but then a boombox decides it's the most important thing in the city at this moment. His foot starts to tap with the drone sound. Lifting his voice, Bobby starts, "Show some respect and turn it off!"

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter, likewise, is grinning at Kitty as she approaches, but all that is dashed.. at least temporarily.. by the sound of Mikey J. and the onset of a flashmob forming in the otherwise busy intersection. "Huh..." He turns just slightly to watch the first man with glove and beret lead a retinue of likewise norms into dancing, "I'm giving him top marks for wearing that beret unironically.." Side grin at Kits and a round the Shadowcat look towards Bobby, "Jeez fella, you couldn't wait like twenty minutes for delicious, suspiciously open to the elements, shawarma?"

Shrugging in a wtf motion and bumping lightly against Kitty with his attention returned to her by way of flashmob. "Alright, six more people and I'm joining the dance..." He warns. "If it had been Carless Whispers, this would ALREADY be ON..."

Iceman has posed:
    Bobby shakes his head and frowns. "I still don't really know what shawarma is..." Bobby says with a sigh and he lowers his own head into his palm. Trying to hide from the tastless music being played. He knows a lot of people still like the music but he just can't. Never could. "I mean, I'm ready to go now if you all are..." Bobby says though he does look up. "C'mon Carlyle..." He mouths to no one but does hope she'll at least show up to save him from... himself. and others.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty grins as the people start dancing in the street. Every few seconds a few more people join them, and 1 becomes 4 and 10 and soon there are several dozen people dancing in unison. Peter's pronouncement about joining, and Bobby's complaining, both bring grins from Kitty. "Oh common Bobby. Just beat it!" she tells him.

She'll grab Peter by the hand, and try to drag him out with her into the street. She immediately falls into step with the dancers. Does she know the dance? Or is it just she knows the dance from the video? Whichever, Kitty is quickly in step with the group, doing those iconic Michael Jackson moves, and looking over to Bobby give an enthusiastic, "Eeee heeee heeeee!" It's a little difficult for her to move in the tight skirt though, but her dancing ability is showing through with how well she does despite the garment.

Busy with dancing along with the others, Kitty doesn't notice off in the distance, up in the sky above the city, a form flying overhead and moving in this direction. Soon joined by a second.


Rogue has posed:
Rogue is standing on a longobard that Doctor Strange bought her. She's wheeling her way down the side street to the location she was given. Her hair is flowing around her shoulders as she goes... her eyes are covered by sunglasses and she's holding a drink in her right hand, the straw is up and positioned between her pink hued lips, but it slowly is drawn from between those lips as she hears the music up ahead and...

Rogue stops her board and steps off of it, she kicks it up into her hand and hooks it onto the messenger bag slung around her body. She suddenly appears beside Bobby and looks at him, then looks at the dancing. "What... the hell is goin' on?" She asks the Ice Man.

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter laughs as his hand is taken and at the sound of his pal bobby complaining about the flashmob. His own hand closes around Kitty's as he's drug out into the street where he too joins after watching the progression of moves and matches easily enough, if a bit out of rhythm, until he too is dancing with the growing mob beside Kitty.

Something, however, is amiss.

His expression darkens a little and one hand comes out from wiggling at his side to rub the back of his neck where all the hairs have stood on end. "Kits..." His hand grabs for her arm, tugging at the blouse, "Kitty, we have to get these people somewhere.." An urgency in his voice.

"Something's coming..." He doesn't know what yet, but he clearly doesn't think it's here to join the flashmob.

Iceman has posed:
    "Some people have no class." Bobby, BOBBY! of all people says as he rolls his eyes and starts to look for the boombox. Yeah, he's going to be the 'adult' here and shut this shindig down.

    The arrival of Rogue does get Bobby's attention, "Some group of people think they're being hip stealing something from two thousand four and dancing to some dead dudes music." The Ice man shruggeth as he looks to Rogue and then the x-man's jaw drops as his focus shifts from Rogue to the specks in the sky.

    "Shit." Bobby curses as the skin from under his t-shirts quickly shifts from peach to the deep almost crystal like blue and white ice and a fog begins to roll off the x-man. "We got incoming!"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty spots Rogue rolling up and waves over to her with a big grin from where she's dancing in the streets. Literally. She's wearing work attire, a tight skirt and a blouse, and dancing with Peter. Who tugs on her arm to get her attention. "What?" Kitty asks Peter, and turns to look around quickly. When she circle in the direction of the Sentinels, her eyes widen.

A few people have started to notice them and stopped dancing, but most of the dancers are too into it to pay attention. "Everyone, we have to go! Sentinels!" Kitty tries to yell over the music. Bobby will be able to spot the powerful boom box playing the music.

Though as he starts to create a fog for concealment, the two Sentinels reach the area and hover overhead.

Mutant. You are in violation of local traffic ordinances. Surrender now and you will be not be harmed.

The dancers scatter, some screaming as they run for cover. One of the giant robots drifts, twenty feet off the ground, over towards Kitty and raises a hand to point the palm towards her.

Rogue has posed:
As Kitty waved at her, Rogue just stared and gave a little nod up back to her friend. "I feel like I just stepped into a soda commercial..." Rogue quietly quips back to Bobby before she looks over at him, sees him looking upward and then she too is casting her gaze up into the sky, her sunglasses reflecting the view from above as the robots descend.

She raises her drink up and sips from the straw again. She looks down to see Kitty, Parker and the other Jackson fans fleeing the street. "Its like two giant buzzkill dads just showed up and ruined their soda party." Rogue knows this is a potentially dire situation, especially if mutants put up a fight... which is likely inevitable.

"If they attack someone, Ice'em." Rogue says to Bobby, glancing over at him. "I'll smash'em then." She sighs and shakes her head. "Why do they keep letting these things roam around, all they do is cause massive amounts of collateral damage."

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter watches the sentinels with a growing expression of anger as they circle down towards the flashmob where he is standing with Kitty. When one amongst the towering machines levels a palm out towards the woman beside him, Peter presses the center of his watch, which spreads across his forearm like Iron Man's armor, and immediately fires a web up in the direction of the Machines optical sensors. Glancing at Kitty, jerking his head at the mob, "Help them... I'll keep it busy."

He's not in costume, so this is not at all a good thing, but he's determined and that makes up for the lapse in judgement as he coils right out of his kneeling position in the direction of the Sentinel like a leaping spider, "Hey big guy! You know Purple is kind of out of seasons for this time of year right?" Trying to land upon it's shoulders, a foot on either side of it's head, this was historically a bad choice, but it got its attention last time!

"I think maybe a nice warm autumn red with orange notes would be more approrpiate huh? Seriously, I'm sending a strongly worded letter to your manifacturer for their lack of decorative talents..."

Iceman has posed:
    Bobby's control of the lower temperatures has gotten way better than when he first showed up at the school, now it almost looks like he can rival Ororo with fog. He can't, but dang he's close with as much moisture he's putting in the air, surrounding the dancers and the crowds. "Everyone get out of here!" The Iceman says as the place gets more and more dense with floating miniature ice crystals.

    "Rogue..." Bobby begins to say before he reaches out to squeeze her hand slightly if she'll let him, "You got it." Turning to Kitty where he last saw her, "Kitty, get your boyfriend out of danger and get everyone else out too. This might get messy."

Shadowcat has posed:
The flow of fog out of Bobby discourages the last of the people filming the flash mob with their phones. Nothing but white-out, making it difficult for them to see the Sentinels, let alone film them clearly. Peter's astounding leap up to land on the Sentinel's shoulder, then, stands a good chance of not having been captured thanks to Iceman's quick thinking.

Kitty is waving and yelling at people to get out of the streets, though as she runs towards one side, pushing some people to get them moving, she looks up and sees the Sentinels palm is following her. Oh. Not just any mutant. Kitty Mutant.

The Sentinel has his hand-based sensor gummed up by the web, reaching over to grab at the webbing and try to rip it free. It takes a few tries for the giant finger to scrape it off. Afterwards it takes a swing at Peter, trying to backhand him off of its shoulder with a gigantic swinging hand.

The other Sentinel drifts forward on its jets, dropping down to land on the ground and just slightly dent the pavement with the impact.


Kitty cries out, "Termination? For blocking traff-" That's all she's able to get out as the Sentinel lifts a giant boot and drops it right on her from above, denting the pavement again. Kitty runs out the side of the boot, causing a moment of confusion as the Sentinel recalculates. Metallic tentacles begin to emerge from both shoulders and stretch towards the brunette, who is trying to run but that tight skirt is not helping!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's wearing black mesh gloves, so the squeeze to her hand isn't met with a coma inducing sleep to Bobby Drake. She glances over at him and just sighs/groans. "Yeah, yeah..." She states as she sets her drink down on a news paper vendor and then takes her messenger bag off and tosses it over behind the counter at the man inside it. "Make sure nobody steals this." She tells him as he's trying to close up his little vendor.

Rogue turns then to see Kitty is in trouble, so she takes a few quickening steps before she launches off the ground to interceptor those metal tentacles, her intention is to grab hold of them and use them to whirl the Sentinel around in the air and then slam it down into the pavement that it just cleared out of all the daners!

Spider-Man has posed:
"Alright, so you dig the purple..." Peter says when the big fist swings around trying to swat him off the shoulder. A palm lays upon the Sentinels rounded dome and he springs off in a side flip over the offensively close swat, webbing at the forearm with his single webshooter, to swing right back up towards the mutant hunting Sentinels bit purple face in double kick position.

"How about a yellow and jade green combination? I mean it's not exactly summer fun shine colors, but I think you could pull it off with those hips..."

Again his senses tingle and he glances at the second sentinel stomping down at Kitty... he doesn't abandon his... but he's definitely relieved when he sees her run out the side of the falling, concrete dentingy, foot. Besides, Rogue's there to play WWE with their punk ass. "Alright, you guys need anger management programming... This is getting a little out of hand."

"You want to show me on this doll where the bad mutant touched you?"

Trying to web the Sentinels face as he comes up and then pull it down with him towards the pavement in a makeshift pile-driver.

Iceman has posed:
    Seems likes the x-men and friends seem to have things under control as Peter does his thing, Rogue does her thing, and Kitty does her thing as well, So Bobby naturally wants to do his thing. But what?

    Bobby pulls back his arm, cocking a heavy throw and a smattering of ice forms in his palm and with a squeeze Bobby compacts the ice and then hurls it through the air towards the Sentinel that Peter is dealing with.

    Yes, Bobby is throwing a snowball at a sentinel that Spider-y-man is webbing. "Take that you ...oh I had something for this but all I can think about is Magneto's helmet and how that somehow is fashionable compared to these guys."

Shadowcat has posed:
As Rogue flies forward and grabs the tentacles, she's able to get some great angular momentum going, whipping the sentinel over bodily and smashing it into the ground with a thunderous crash. A booted foot comes down on the sometime-photo hut turned snow cone stand, splintering it into thousands of pieces. Thankfully the clerk had already bailed. Getting squashed isn't worth a $24 an hour minimum wage job.

The Sentinel is down, but points a hand at Rogue and bolts of electricity shoot out towards her, thousands of volts zapping through air towards the flying X-man.

Peter swings about the Sentinel, leaving webs not unlike some sort of superhero might. He builds up his momentum and swings the Sentinel's head down towards the ground, though at the last moment it gets a hand down to stop it before its head hits the ground. The Sentinel's eyes glow a brilliant yellow and Peter's spider sense starts going crazy as the head turns towards him and the glow brightens before turning into a massive energy beam.

Kitty runs across the street, seeing Rogue handling one of the Sentinels and so she heads for the one Peter is fighting. She reaches down and rips a huge slit up the skirt, kicking off her shoes and then able to run. The sight of the massive eye weapon powering up causes her to start with alarm. "HERE!" she shouts out towards Peter, diving towards him, her hand outstretched.

Rogue has posed:
"Ah... shit. I just broke one'a Bobby's future employment options." She says after seeing the remains of the Snow-cone stand settle choatically on the ground/curb. There's no sign of anyone being hurt by that foot she hadn't anticipated going in that direction at least.

Her personal danger sense kicks in when the hand extends toward her and the lightning is seen in time for her to shoot up into the sky avoid avoid it!

She makes her retreat an arching angle and with a forward front flip, arms held out to her sides, she keeps her knees and ankles together as she twists and starts to descend now... not at a natural gravity-pull speed, but at a very fast descent aided by her naturally absorbed powers.

Her intention is to slam her feet down against the Sentinel's head and hopefully crush the damn thing into mangled pieces beneath her super strengthened body.

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter probably looks like he's just having fun with the Sentinel, if we're being honest. The quips, the constant dodging and clowning, it's how he controls the anger building inside him at anyone sending these things against a Flashmob... or trying to hurt his friends. All of whom might be able to defend themselves, but he'll not just stand there and watch while they do.

That aint Peter.

"And this aint Thunderdome." Pete doesn't quite slam the Sentinels face into the concrete, but he does swing up beneath it where it's created a cavern of arm, chest, and hip, looping out around the right side of it's abdomen in an upwards thrust of his legs to tumble back in the direction of it's face for another double kick...

Only something goes terrible wrong BOBBY...

The Sentinel's eyes turn all pissed off super villain red and his spider senses are tingling. "Okay, so I see I might have gone to far with the color shc-" PLACK... The snowball hits him right in the side of the face, just as he was twisting to get out of the way of the OPTIC BLAST.

This is not good and he is not happy about it, it's left him out of position to do much but eat it until he hears Kitty calling for his attention and grabs for her hand, taking it just as the beam passes through both of them. "Hey, did I mention you look great? Buckle up, I'll be right back okay?" Even in the heat of things, Peter is all grins at her... If a little fumy about the whole Sentinels trying to kill them things...

Details amirite?

Kits leaping momentum is used, twisting his wrist and pulling to send her back in a safer direction and himself AWAY From the Sentinel he was fighting. THWIP, one web in the eyes (hopefully) THWIP one web on the forehead (FINGERS CROSSED), THWIP ANOTHER WEB ON THE MECHANICAL EAR! (Come on lady luck!) Peter pulls with all his force to yank himself right back at the eye beamy machine, "Alright, I'm done playing around. Yellow and SKY BLUE... final offer..."

Iceman has posed:
    Bobby watches Rogue smash the stand and he then holds his hands out as he looks down his chest, seems a HUGE portion of the flavor bottles ended up splashing onto Bobby and the clothes he is wearing. "Oh, c'mon Rogue. You did that on purpose." Bobby complains before he reaches up and rips the t-shirts off by pulling at the neck down and away. "I'll keep my pants on though." He quips before marching his flavored self over to the sentinel that is being webbed up like crazy and Bobby snaps both arms forwards to begin to spray it with all the cold he can muster.

    Bobby is aiming at the joints and any exposed innards he can see and trying to freeze the thing to the ground. "C'mon c'mooooon!" Bobby calls as he looks to the side and watches Rogue do her bad ass super-heroine thing and calls out to Peter. "Sorry buddy, I owe you for that one. That's my bad."

Shadowcat has posed:
As the superheroine begins a high-speed plummet towards the Sentinel that is down on its back, it cocks a hand back, intending to swat her out of the sky before she can reach it, like a mosquito hit by a semi-truck. The gigantic hand starts forward and then creaks to an alarming halt as Iceman freezes up it's joints in a thick layer of ice.

There is no time to recover. Rogue slams down into the metallic head feet first, and the result is like Gallagher smashing a watermelon. Minus the bits of sweet, sticky goodness. Instead bits of metal go flying as the head is caved in!

Peter whirls Kitty about and sends her flying off towards the ground to the side. She disappears below ground for a second before rising back above it and starting to sprint back towards the Sentinel to help.

Meanwhile, Peter makes himself an impromptu slingshot and yanks himself feet first towards the Sentinel's face. The eyes start to glow again for another blast, but Peter gets there first, completely shattering an eye and caving in the space in between. The power that was built up shoots in all directions, making holes in the Sentinel's head. It rears back, getting to its feet but staggering.

Kitty sprints towards the sight, and shouts up to Peter, "Shoot me to his head!"

Rogue has posed:
Once she stomps the Sentinel's head into smithereens, Rogue steps off of the pieces and reaches up to take one of the metal bits off of her shoulder. She turns around then and jogs to the side of the street to get out of the way of any other potential destruction that may be going on around her. She momentarily slips on some of Bobby's ice on the edge of the road, but doesn't fall down (because she NEVER falls down) and she moves to join him.

"God I hate these things." She says in a thick southern drawl to the Ice Man. Rogue's then turning to look for their friends. "Why did you throw a snow ball at Petey?" She asks him then, apparently having saw that out of the corner of her eye...

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter recoils from his double kick in a drawn out backflip that has him firing a line from his single webshooter at an overhanging streetlight, whirling up onto it in a perch, "I'm put out by your lack of amiable agreement with my fashion advise.." Murmuring at the denty headed machine spraying energy everywhere like a sunburst. "But you shouldn't lose your head over it, we can work through our differences.."

He's already on the move, jumping backwards and webbing himself into a swing in Kitty's direction, "Alley Oop!" He releases out of his swing and rolls across the cement beside her, THWIP-THWIP-THWIP, Threelines rapidly fired to create a thick cord that he pulls back with a grimace, tension building like a rubberband. A rubberband he holds out to Shadowcat, "Let's show this preprogrammed dancing monkey how we do things downtown?" He tells her with a wink, already running at the sentinel at speeds that SHOULDN'T, but IS possible because look he's doing it.

"How about accessories? Can we talk accessories? Make your glowy head beams pop... I'm thinking something like hoop earrings, but that might be the Queens in me.." Operation Distract the big purple robodildo is go.

Iceman has posed:
    "Hey... look. They're a cute couple." Bobby says with a side long glance away from Rogue. He's not going to discuss the snowball attack. It was dumb but he didn't know what else to do in the moment.

    Bobby starts a jog towards the remaining sentinel and it seemed to work so well last time, he starts to skate around the machine, ice forming before his feet as he moves along the ground with his hands raised up and outwards and he's pushing beams of freezing energy at the machine's knees. "Lets go you guys! I gotta get home! Real housewifes of Dayton is on soon."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's ripped skirt is showing far more thigh than she normally does while doing the hero thing. Good thing Emma isn't here to see it. Kitty would never be able to live to down. She reaches out for the tightly stretched webs that Peter hands out to her. The moment she has hold of the girl without the ability to have her feet stick to the pavement, she flies off the ground, heading right for the Sentinel's head as Bobby freezes its in place, keeping it from being able to evade the airborne woman.

<I hope my device that defeats their mutant power nullifier is still functioning> is the last thing that goes through Kitty's Pryde's head.

Conversely, Kitty Pryde is the last thing that goes through the Sentinel's head.

She phases, flying through the metallic dome and scrambling completely the processors and memory that she passes through. Smoke starts to roll out of the myriad of holes left after the eyebeams. It starts to topple forward, the flash-frozen metal at its knees shearing off as the rest of the body levers forward, tearing it in half as it smashes into the street.

Kitty meanwhile, just continues on her ballistic arc towards the distant ground.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is on her way to pick up her stuff from the newspaper stand. She's wise enough to know that her friends have that last sentinel in for an ass whooping and she's also wise enough to know that they're going to have to get out of here fast.

Once gathered up, she thanks the Newsie behind the counter and puts the bag over her shoulders, taking hold of her skateboard she keeps it at her side as she runs after Bobby. She looks to Kitty and Peter as she goes. "This is why we can't have nice things!" She says with a big smirk. "Love the skirt, Pryde!" She shouts at Kitty before waving to them both. "Lets meet up somewhere out of here!"

And with that said she tries to keep up with Drake, being forced to fly again, which makes her groan in frustration since she hates flying inside the city.

Spider-Man has posed:
Pete was already running and leaps up on the tumbling shoulder of a beheaded sentinel with one foot, then on the other as it turns a little towards the ground, and leaps off in Kitty's direction as she sails through the machine and towards the concrete. Does she NEED him to save her? Of course not... she's Shadowcat, she's got this.. but is he going to not do it?


A second webshooter is fixed to his wrist as he's hurling out of his jump, extending out along his forearm so he can fire a pair of lines on either side of the airborne mutant. A mighty tug and he rockets in her direction, grabbing for Kits with an arm around her waist, turning so she's up against his side. His hand stretches out to fire another line and send them into a half controlled, kind of awkward, but definitely not ground to body violent fall to the pavement. Stumbling with Shadowcat along the sidewalk until his shoulders smacks the wall with a OOF....

He's heard Rogue, but his head is buzzing a little where it clapped against the wall... one eye squinting, trying to make several images become one solid image.. Still he's waving in her direction, kind of an awkward gesture, because she's not actually standing where he's waving at all. "Yeah, meet, outside by the..." Blinking, "Shit, I think I have a concussion.." Looking at the twirly images of Kitty beside him. "I have a concussion.."

Shadowcat has posed:
There's no panic in Kitty as Peter closes the distance and draws her to him in mid air. "I'm so counting this as our fourth date," she comments to him as they come in for a landing. Kitty could just phase them down the ground and slow them, but decides to let Peter have his moment.


Even as they twirl about Peter, both Kitty's have their arms around him in support. She winces. "Well, you gained it with style at least?" she offers. She'll hold off on mentioning she could have made that landing easier.

The call from Rogue gets a return wave from Kitty. She calls out a location to Rogue, and then checks where they are. Arms still about Peter, the pair sink into the ground. There's an entrance to a subway station just up the right, it won't be difficult for her to get them to the platform so Peter can sit down on the train on the way to the rendezvous.