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Fire in the Promised Land: Peril
Date of Scene: 01 August 2019
Location: East Harlem, New York
Synopsis: Jessica and Josh go on a motorcycle ride. Make new friends. Blow things up. And make generally bad life choices.
Thanks to: Spider-Woman
Cast of Characters: Spider-Woman (Drew), Elixir
Tinyplot: Fire in the Promised Land
Tinyplot2: Saved

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The call came through Jessica's comm, just as Josh was coming in the door of the Avengers' mansion. She, of course, is already dressed for the occasion by the time she dashes down the main staircase, nearly smashing into Josh in her haste. "Sorry, no time!" Jessica utters quickly. "I need you. Will you come?" She doesn't go into details. He won't require all of the facts the make a decision. The one he needs, she has already provided. And there isn't a doubt in her mind that it's enough. "Do you need to change? It's dangerous. I'll protect you."

Never a moment's thought for the possibility that he might decline. Never a doubt that he's willing to help.

Jessica is in her crimson and gold bodysuit, her gliding apparatus draped like silver gossamer beneath her arms, and attached to her sides, and she carries her mask as she waits expectantly for Josh to process her request and reply.

Elixir has posed:
Josh blinks at first and then shakes his head.

"Yeah, shit, one sec, I've got a uniform up in Wanda's... our place,"

Josh says, already jogging to the lift. "I'll be right back!" he calls.

Josh sprints to his apartment and ditches his bag on the floor by the door. Just minutes later he tears back out in a black X-Men uniform and sprints back toward Jessica.

"I'm back!" he calls before he even gets to her.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica is waiting outside on the circle drive on a low profile black Ducati sports bike. The darkened windshield bears a holographic spiderweb stretched across it, that is visible only from the front of the bike. Jessica sits astride the bike, and a helmet sits on the seat behind her. For her part, Jessica is wearing her mask, which holds her hair back away from her face, and shields her eyes with white reflective lenses. She wears no helmet.

"I'm out here!" she calls through the open door when she hears Josh announce his re-arrival. "It's either this or web-swinging. And I'd rather your first time not be en route to a situation."

Elixir has posed:
Josh comes running outside and cannot help but give an appreciative look. He skids to a stop beside Jessica, still pulling on one of the black gloves to go with the black and dark grey uniform.

"Wow. Okay. So my first time on a bike instead," he says and pulls on the helmet. Josh swings a leg over the back of the back and hangs on. "I'm good!"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Rule number one, hold on tight. The tighter the better. You can't hurt me." She says as the bike begins to roll. "Rule number two, lean with me on the turns. If you forget rule number two, see rule number one." She isn't much afraid that he can throw her off balance. She speeds out of the driveway and into traffic.

Her headlights, beset with a silver spider, strobe brightly as she weaves easily through traffic. Some drivers, familiar with the area, pull over when they see her coming up on them, whether meeting her or from behind. Windows roll down, and curious heads poke out to watch the two pass. A few even shout some cheers of encouragement. They don't know where the two are headed, but they recognize the bike, and know that it's someplace important. Others just gawk as they get sucked up and passed.

Jessica speaks at a normal level as they speed and weave through the streets like a hot knife through butter. "Sentinel attack in Harlem," Jess relays. Multiple casualties. FoH suspects assisting. Neighborhood torched in Spanish Harlem. Emergency personnel en route. They'll beat us there, but they're aware we're coming. Multiple active shooters and arsonists. Exact number unknown. Sentinel still active. Stay clear of it, Josh. Do you understand me?"

Jessica's voice comes through the helmet loud and clear as she briefs Josh on the situation. "Self sacrifice helps no one."

Elixir has posed:
"Yes ma'am," Josh says with a grin inside his helmet. He wraps arms around Jessica's waist just in time for them to speed out. He laughs when they first start cutting through traffic. Jessica feels the slight tug on her from Josh when he is not in synch with her on the first turn. After that though, he follows the Avenger's roll well enough to not to be noticed back there.

"Yep, not a fan of nullifier beams or bullets," Josh acknowledges calmly. "You go down, make sure it's outside 25 feet from the Sentinel, I can't go near it. Unless you need combat medic, I'm perimeter till you lock it down."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"That'll be perfect," Jessica replies, as she turns onto another main thoroughfare. Here, there aren't so many who recognize the bike itself, but some still recognize at least one of the riders. The shouts are less forgiving for the bike speedily rowing through traffic with ease. At least until the bike passes and they see who it is. Still, with the strong headlights, there are plenty of gawkers.

At the next turn, smoke is visible, billowing above the skyline. And here, the traffic is thin. Something terrible has happened. That much is clear from the sheer volume of smoke ahead. People have begun to go home to shelter in place, or simply leave the city. And soon, there is no traffic at all, giving Jessica leave to press speeds well in excess of 100 miles per hour.

As they close the gap between the smoke and themselves, Jessica begins to slow, and she finds a side street. Here she parks the bike at the edge of a sea of emergency responder vehicles. Police and fire personnel back away to give Jessica a wide berth as she lets Josh dismount, then does so herself. A number of them crane to get a look at Josh.

As the smoke begins to filter thickly through the alleys and over the buildings that transition into a residential area, Jessica is approached by an African American police officer who seems quite familiar with her. They talk for only a moment, as he points over rooftops in various directions. Them everyone ducks and shields their head as a deafening explosion rocks the entire block from somewhere on the far side. A fireball billows into the air a couple of blocks away. "We'll stage here," Jessica says, handing Josh a comm with an earpiece. "Keep your eyes open, whatever you do. And let me know if you mov--"

The sentinel, thirty feet of massive death robot, rises above the building before them, sending responders scattering as some of the police fire upon it.

"MOVE!!" Jessica shouts to Josh, as she fires a web toward the rooftop and catapults herself toward it.

Elixir has posed:
Josh is off the bike as soon as it is stopped and the helmet is left behind. He runs over to the fire and EMS vehicles, scanning for a familiar face. He gets some looks from the personnel gathering there.

"You, hey, blondie!" he shouts and points to one of the EMS. That turns a few heads, but the EMS medic he points to brightens when she sees Josh.

"That's the healer guy!" she shouts. Josh comes to a stop in front of her and some of the others.

"Fill them in, same drill as the bus attack," Josh tells the medic. He sees Jessica coming back and runs back to her.

Then comes the explosion and the Sentinel.

"Clear out! Go!" Josh shouts. He ducks and runs at full tilt toward one of the EMS trucks to cut line of sight between him and the Sentinel.

"One, two, three, four," Josh counts to himself. Then he breaks cover the short distance to the next truck, making a jagged line forward to make it harder to hit him.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica looks back toward where Josh stood when she hit the roof. There is a sigh of slight relief when she sees no trace of him. The sentinel raises its palms in the direction of the emergency vehicles, bathing them in an orange light, in the shadows of the buildings. The sun is beginning to set, and with darkness, the search for the human assailants is going to become exponentially harder. But right now, the sentinel is scanning. A young EMT tech turns when the light washes over him, and the sentinel fires a laser in his direction. With lightning fast speed, he hurdles his way clear of the beam, and scrambles along the side of the building to get out of the sentinel's line of sight. A bolt of plasma follows, decimating a large chunk of the building where the young man clings, and the tech leaps to a rooftop on the other side of the street. Another bolt sends the corner of the rooftop and the tech crumbling to the ground, burying the man in a pile of rubble.

As the sentinel keys another target Jess cannot see behind the vehicles, she shoots a glob of webbing toward the sentinel and uses the adhesion and remaining filament to slingshot herself onto the sentinel itself. A clear "HOLD YOUR FIRE!" can be heard from somewhere below.

Clinging to the sentinel's underbelly, she fires two more webs, one at each of those hands, and she leaps up to the head and clambers onto its back to pull with all her strength, raising those hands up toward her. Beyond their range of motion, with a creak of bending and scraping metal. Then, drawing every ounce of charge she can from the machine to which she clings, she moves the webs to one hand and places her other onto the top of the sentinel's head, discharging a blast of green electricity into the behemoth. The sentinel shudders for a moment, then rumbles, faltering in midair. With one more massive shudder, the sentinel self destructs, sending a shockwave through the buildings on the block and shattering windows as emergency personnel who had been firing on it also flee the scene.

Elixir has posed:
Josh slides in behind the next truck and is relieved, selfishly, that the Sentinel is shooting at someone else. He gets ready make the next run when the Sentinel self-destructs.

The shockwave is brutal. The fire truck beside Josh slams into him while the rush of air passing under the vehicle takes his feet out from under him. Josh hits the ground hard. His body gets a golden aura though and he is back on his feet seconds later.

"Ms. Drew? Ms. Drew?!" Josh calls into the comms. "You there?"

He sees some of the medics and fire fighters picking themselves up off the ground. Some are fine, others injured, one bleeds from the ear. He waves them over to him. "You, get comms and set up a new command point a block that way," he shouts at a fire fighter. "Grab one of the cops and get more people here. Stay down, the shooters are still somewhere. You three gather up everyone who can move and regroup!"

Josh sends them on their way and turns back to face the direction of the explosion.

"Ms. Drew?" he calls into the comms. He breaks into a low run through the smoke and kneels down beside an unconscious police officer. Josh works his gun loose and grabs one of the mags from his pouch. Josh starts moving cover to cover listening for gunfire, back toward the explosion.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
There is no response from Jessica when Josh tries her on the comm. Gunfire erupts from somewhere a block or so away, but it is scant, and short-lived. Farther away, more gunfire, then one solitary shot closer again. Police, no longer facing down a sentinel, are seemingly torn by the fact that they're receiving orders from someone they've never seen. One cell of officers, guns drawn, begin to move off to one side, and around the buildings, toward the gunfire. The rest, watching them narrowly, look to Josh, and look around for their captain.

A woman, racing between the buildings, meets up with the police who left, and one of the officers escorts her quickly back toward where Josh and the others are. She carries in her arms a child who looks to be about four, and is unresponsive. A blanket is thrown about the woman's head to cover her, but also to cover the child. The officer, taking directions from an EMT who worked alongside the blonde, points them in the direction of Josh.

Elixir has posed:
Josh sees the woman heading his way when he peeks out from cover. He stashes the gun and magazine on the running board of the ambulance, then breaks cover to wave the woman over.

"Hey, over here," Josh calls to her. He gets her behind cover and snatches a glove off with his teeth.

"Let me check, I'm gonna help, k? You hurt too?" he asks. His eyes are on the child. If she lets him, he reaches in to take the child's hand in his. The glow comes while he gets a feeling for the child's condition.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
As Josh moves aside the blanket, he finds the child ashen in color, with ribbons of blue and green that ripple through his flesh like banners. He is breathing, but shallowly. The blankets around his head are blood-soaked, and the woman begins to sob, chattering wildly in Spanish, as Josh uncovers the source of the blood - a large gash down one side of his head, revealing the skull. The gash continues down his neck to his shoulder.

"Help. Him." The woman manages these two words in English. And she adds, "Please." Her breath is caught in a sob of such grief that she can hardly breathe at all.

There is a volley of gunfire on the other side of the buildings, and a radio blares to life somewhere amongst the uniformed officers and techs behind Josh. "Two assailants down." Embers float through the air, drifting over from the burning houses on the other side. More gunfire, farther away this time, and another update on the radio. "OFFICER DOWN. OFFICER DOWN."

Elixir has posed:
"Si, si," Josh assures the woman while he gets a look and feel for the injuries. "He'll be fine, ah, muy bien."

The glow from Josh extends around the child. The exposed skull is closed over by skin as is the rest of his wound. The skin melds together into a scar, then smooths out completely. Finally colour returns to his face and his breathing eases. The glow fades. Josh exhales and smiles.

"Muy bien, vamos," he says with a grin, exhausting his high school Spanish. The woman bursts into tears and craddles her child close. Josh leads her the first responders behind him.

"Blondie!" he shouts. The EMT turns and comes over. "Send this one on, I heard the officer down. The getting him out? Got a triage site?"

"How fast do you think we can go?" the young woman answers. "Triage is going to be in that building," she points at a copy shop where fire fighters are currently pushing everything out of the way to the back to make room. "Fire is gonna bulldoze a lane for the ambulances. Whoever you can't treat gets shipped. You ever done mass casualty?"

"Sure," Josh says. "Usually they're shooting at me at the same time. This'll be alright," Josh says. He waves to the woman as she is taken away by another EMT. She waves back with tears in her eyes.

"Spiderwoman? Come in?" Josh tries on the comms. He looks to blondie. "You gotta get someone on the air and find out if they got eyes on Spiderwoman."

"She's Spiderwoman, she'll be fine," blondie says.

"She's also my partner," Josh says fiercely. "Get me the wounded, get eyes on Spiderwoman."

"Okay, chill," she says and turns to head back toward the new makeshift command point. She turns to walk backward a few steps. "It's Susan. Not blondie."

Josh smirks and walks into the copy shop. He and the EMTs there get themselves set and start triaging people as they are brought back out of the danger zone. Josh keeps trying to raise Spiderwoman.

Some semblance of order is returning to the first responders. With a new command post in the back of an ambulance they are getting people organized to find the wounded. Police partner up in fours and head out in diamond formation contact teams to find any more assailants. And sirens are screaming from all directions.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Before long, a gurney bursts through the door, bearing a police officer, shot in his left side and thigh. He's gasping for breath and coherent, but moaning. Behind him, an officer enters the copy shop carrying two children, both crying. Tears streak their soot-covered faces as the officer's face tells a story of loss. "These two seem okay, but they need a place. Their mama." His visage darkens, and he shakes his head. "We got a lot more wounded over there. Mostly burns. A few shot up. We're just now gettin' hoses over there."

"Lieutenant," another officer says, shooting a look toward Josh as he steps up to the man holding the two children. A dark-skinned man in an EMT t-shirt steps up and takes the children as the officer says something into the Lieutenant's ear.

"Shhhhhhit. Handle it, Dan. Take Susan with you, and report back."

More victims begin to pour in through the doors, both on their own, and with assistance. Every age. Every race. Some clearly mutants, some seemingly human. In one corner, the child Josh healed is sitting up in his mother's lap, chattering away, and waving his hands around, leaving streamers of light behind them as he does.

Elixir has posed:
"If they're not hurt, get them out of here, we need the room," Josh tells the EMT directly assisting him now, a man named Jorge.

"Find their mom, if there's any chance, get her in here," Josh tells the officer who brought them.

"And somebody tell where the hell Spiderwoman is!" Josh says.

Josh cuts away the clothing around the wounded officer's side. He puts one hand beside the wound and uses forceps with the other.

"Whoa, hey, man," Jorge says, looking alarmed.

"Trust me," Josh says. Jorge looks uncertain. Mercifully, Josh is more than able to keep the officer from feeling any pain when he uses the forceps to retrieve the bullet first from the officer's side and then his leg. Josh only partly heals the officer, enough to ensure he will be fine, but one look at the rush of people coming is enough to know he has to conserve his energy.

"They're minor wounds now, he'll be fine. Wrap him and move him on," Josh tells Jorge. "Who's next?"

"You in charge?" Josh asks the lieutenant as the next patient is brought to him. He does not look at the officer, his focus is on the patient. "Where's /my/ partner?"

Josh and the EMTs start to fall into a rhythm and it sounds a lot like an ER. People become conditions and injuries and triage numbers. Josh focuses on getting people stable enough for transport and it is still tiring.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The Lieutenant blanches as Josh demands to know where Spider-Woman is. His eyes cut toward the door, averting from Josh, as he works on a patient. "We're working on it. Should have a report in momentarily." Shots are heard in the distance. He looks back toward the door, as a voice breaks in on his radio. "Third assailant down." There's a pause, and then, "That should be the last of them."

"Lieutenant. We have--" another voice breaks in on the radio, as he steps outside the door and closes it behind him. He's talking animatedly, but the sounds of the patients in the room drown out anything he might be saying outside. "Goddamn it, I mean NOW" can be heard as someone opens the door, carrying an elderly woman with an oxygen mask on, and her nightgown half burnt-off.

The Lieutenant has taken off in a dead sprint, somewhere beyond Josh's line of sight.

Elixir has posed:
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Josh says to himself when the lieutenant goes outside.

"She's Spiderwoman, I'm sure she's fine," Jorge says, reassuringly.

"Swear to God, next person to say that to me gets throat punched," Josh grits. A couple of the EMTs look up at Josh and then to each other.

"Come on, get moving," Josh snaps and gets back to work.

"Didn't mean nothing, man," Jorge ventures after a few minutes. They finish pulling a length of rebar from a woman's leg and Josh restores the artery. "Jesus.... She'd be in an OR for hours."

"Forget about it," Josh says. "Sorry."

The others relax a bit. Gradually they are all using each other's names and trapped in the vortex of emergencies everywhere that reduce the world to the immediate.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Josh?" A voice behind him sounds as though the man is trying /very/ hard to downplay complete panic. "Lieutenant wants you outside." He hesitates, looking at the work Josh is doing. "Uh...Quick as you can, you're gonna want to um...get out there."

When Josh exits the building, he finds the Lieutenant in a spirited conversation on his phone. "Right, on our way," he says, and he ends the call. "Walk with me," the Lieutenant says to Josh, spinning on his heel and stalking toward what used to be the building beneath where the sentinel exploded. "How good are you?" he asks, looking up to Josh to regard him seriously as they walk.

Elixir has posed:
"Fuck," Josh says under his breath. He glances up at Jorge. Jorge jerks his head to the door. "Don't let anyone die while I'm gone."

Jorge just nods and takes over. Josh grabs one of the surgical towels and starts wiping his hands. His lips are pursed and he blows past the officer at the door to get outside.

"I'm the best hope anyone's got," Josh says, trying to muster all the confidence his meager 21 years can bring forth. He swallows against the lump in his throat and tries to ignore the knot in his stomach. He keeps wiping his hands. "Look, what's going on? I can't help standing here."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
As they walk toward the gutted building essentially flattened by the explosion, Josh can see Susan and an officer standing stock still in the rubble, watching Josh and the Lieutenant approach.

The man and woman are pale. Susan's face is drawn. "We couldn't move her," she says apologetically to Josh. "Not without knowing..." She trails off as Josh approaches close enough to see for himself.

Spider-Woman is lying in a crumpled and unnatural position, mostly on her side. But her shoulders and head are facing up. What was a mask with lensed eyes is now melded and fused with flesh. One side of her face below the mask is unmarred - the delicate curve of lips slightly agape, and the upturned tip of a feminine nose. The other side has been ripped away. Her suit is charred, melted to her body. One forearm is broken at an odd angle, the bones protruding from flesh and fabric. Her ribs are crushed on that side. She is breathing, likely by the grace of her healing factor, but a light froth of blood bubbles between her lips with each laboured breath.

"I'm sorry," the Lieuteant says simply, the words laden with implication.

Elixir has posed:
"Jesus," Josh says. He touches Susan's arm as he passes her. He crouches down beside Jessica and looks away for a second, fighting the urge gag. He takes a breath and looks at the Avenger more clinically.

"Get the light on her so I can see better, bring a gurney up," he says to the others. "Hey, it's me, you're gonna be fine. Don't let go."

Josh wipes the dust off one hand on his X-Men uniform and touches the untouched skin on the one side of her face. He closes his eyes and the glow returns. Josh takes his time to feel the extent of Jessica's injuries, especially her brain, heart and lungs. The strength of the lifeforce inside Jessica surprises him. It is driving her healing, he can feel cells repairing themselves and fighting to keep her going.

"Tension pneumo, cardiac compression, level 4 concussion, intra-cranial bleed, C3 and C4 fracture and compression," Josh rattles off. "Susan, get me a thoracostomy tube."

"Shit, how the hell did she even survive? Are you sure though, that's ALS stuff," Susan says. She looks torn between wanting to believe they can help and risking a procedure usually only done by ALS and ER doctors.

"She's going to be fine as long we stabilize her. I've done it dozens of times," Josh says with some urgency. "I can feel every cell in her body, okay? I know where to find the 5th intercostal."

Susan bites her lips but nods. She rifles through the large EMT bag she has with her and brings the wrapped tube. Josh and Susan work bare Jessica's chest. All modesty, shame or allure is long since gone as the two kneel beside the Avenger's ravaged body. Susan preps the tube and holds it out to Josh.

"This won't hurt but it'll feel weird," Josh says for Jessica's sake. The glow around his hand flares slightly and he plunges the thoracostomy tube in between Jessica's ribs into her lung. Josh nods to Susan, who turns the valve. There is an immediate hiss of escaping air. Jessica's breathing is shallow and laboured still, but stops frothing.

"Don't worry about the c-spine, I'll sort it out later," Josh says to Susan. "Lieutenant, get in here. You and Susan are gonna lift her on the gurney. We get her back to triage and keep working, one step at a time. I can't do her one shot or it'll knock me out for sure. You're gonna stay with her though, okay?"

"Okay," Susan says. She still looks unsure whether to believe they can actually help this woman.

Soon though, Jessica is lifted onto the gurney. Josh keeps her from feeling any pain as he mangled bones shift and grind from the movement. Her limbs hang unnaturally and she is almost more a pile than anything else. They strap Jessica down loosely and get moving.

"You can really do this?" the lieutenant asks Josh.

"Long as she's not dead," Josh nods. "We just gotta keep her alive."

At triage, everyone stops when they see Josh, Susan and the lieutenant wheel in the famous Avenger. Josh ignores them. When they park Jessica, he concentrates. Capilliaries throughout Jessica's brain repair themselves, knit back together, reabsorb blood lost into the tissue. Her neck visibly straightens.

Josh wobbles a bit. Susan steadies him.

"Scratch the inter-cranial and C3/4," he says. Then he notices everyone is still looking at them.

"She's going to be fine," Josh says and gives a faint wry smile to Jorge. "She's Spider-woman."

Jorge nods slowly, then claps his hands. It breaks the spell and the team gets back to it. Between life-threatening injuries, Josh returns to Jessica. First to manage her cardiac injury, then the strengthen the one good lung she has working. Susan remains by her side.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
There's a soft moan from Jessica. So slight it might not have been there at all. Susan, uncertain of her own senses, looks up to Jorge, who is looking at Susan with the biggest "Oshit" eyes he is capable of making. "Uh...Josh? She's--"

Jessica twitches as some form of sentience finally surfaces. She breathes a sharp gasp, and her body shudders.

Elixir has posed:
"Oh wow," Josh says and comes right over. He grins. "She heals really fast on her own, it kept her alive. Man, anyone else would've been out for a week!"

Josh touches Jessica's face again and grips the gurney with the other hand. Any pain fades from Jessica again. This time it's her arm. The bone straightens, melds together, fractures disappear. Tendons regrow, nerves become whole, muscle spreads over and then smooth, unblemished skin. And for Jessica, no pain. Just liquid warmth throughout her body.

Susan guessed what was coming and was right behind Josh. When he finished she already had a chair and guided him to drop into it. His forehead is beaded with sweat.

"I hope their paying you as much as a neurosurgeon, orthopaedic surgeon and a hospitalist combined," Susan quips.

"Something like that," Josh says. He gets back up after a moment to look down at Jessica.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica's newly repaired arm moves up to her face, feeling for whatever it is that's rendering her blind. She tries for a moment in vain to pull away the mask, then her arm drops again to her side. Her breathing slows, and she seems to have slipped into unconsciousness again. More likely shock than anything else. But her healing factor is hard at work, reconnecting tissues wherever they need it. Closing the gaps.

From her seemingly unconscious state, a tiny sound comes, as her lips part to push breath through. "P..." Like she's trying to say something. "Pop Rocks," she breathes. Of course. They get paid in Pop Rocks. And then, she's out again.

Elixir has posed:
Josh laughs and looks relieved. "Funny," he says.

"Inside joke?" Susan asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Something like that. Let's deal with the melt. Won't be that bad."

And it is not, thankfully. New layers of skin force damaged ones attached to melted uniform to slough. It is gross to peel off, but underneath is the fresh, healthy and beautiful face of Jessica Drew instead of a charred mess. Even her lips heal over and return to what they should be.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
It's some time before Jessica stirs again, allowing Josh time to finish dealing with the triage - new patients stopping coming in some time ago, and no more are expected. More importantly, it's given him time to rest,

When Jessica does stir again, she wakes with sudden urgency trying to sit bolt upright. "No!! JOSH!" The cry was meant to be much louder and more desperate than /that/, but it was all the strength of voice she had. Jessica tries to raise up a little in the bed, her hands scrambling to find a way to get the bar down on the side. She has to get back out there, come hell or high water. That sentinel was gonna get Josh.

Elixir has posed:
Josh is sitting with Susan and Jorge. They are talking and drinking coffees some merciful soul brought in for the triage team.

All three start. Josh puts his coffee down in and runs over to Jessica.

"Hey, I'm right here, it's okay," Josh says with a grin. "See? All good. I'm fine. You did it. You stopped that thing."