8651/Swinging on a Star

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Swinging on a Star
Date of Scene: 04 August 2019
Location: Cmd. Ctr. (Cmd., Mackenzie King Station)
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Silver Surfer, Kinsey MacKenna

Silver Surfer has posed:
Two reasons led the surfer where he is now, floating outside of the mackenzie station. The first is easy, just absorbing some cosmic energy to refuel his body, or nourish it as some could say, and observing Earth, seeing the sights some could say. The two reasons became three when he happened to notice a space station floating around the planet, and the station looked even quite advanced, at least at first glance?
So here he is now, a tall manshaped silvery creature, standing perfectly still on top of a surf board, made from the same silvery material of his body, peacefully floating above Earth and not too far from the station. While his body absorbs some of the cosmic energy, not as much as if he were directly into the star but still enough to be nourishing, his senses are at full alert, scanning the surrounding space, going light years away to give him a good idea of what is happening around.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey MacKenna, the newest member of the Blue Lantern Corps has become quite adept and coming and going by virtue of employing her ring's powers. She's dealt with a number of minor crises now, and become more than comfortable with almost all of her new abilities. Enough so that she's taken to exploring on her own, letting Kibou pick an area of space where no problesm are expected to be encountered (or at least no outright civil war or expectation she'd get in over her head) and returning home again to the MacKenzie King station at the end of her little soujourns.

It's a pleasant enough way to spend her half days off, and given Colenol Danver's assurances that her bearing a ring shouldn't interfere with her abilitiy to serve on the station, Kinsey has been happily putting that to the test.

Today, however, is different. Usually when she returns home, the station is free and clear of anythign untoward - a happy circumstance given the last time there was excitment on the station. Today, however, there is someone floating about in the space surrounding the station. Someone that neither she, nor Kibou (her ring) are familiar with.

"Approaching with caution, Kibou. please scan the lifeform." Which Kibou happily does, giving his report to his bearer.

"Shall I contact, Sister Kinsey?"

She's not expecting trouble, but the station is her responsibility, so she nods to Kibou. "Please."

Hailing frequencies open as she approaches the Surfer.

"Greetings. Blue Lantern present. Please identify yourself."

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer it is not a hard task to pick the approaching lantern with his senses, nor noticing the hailing frequences, and so it is that he tunes on the same frequences to send back an answer. "My respect to you, blue lantern. I am known as the silver surfer, just peacefully observing" his voice comes as slightly metallic, but otherwise deep and calm, and the surfer within the circles of those travelling in space is definitely not an unknown entity! True, the majority of the relevant people know that he is no more at the service of Galactus, and so his presence is no more announcing distruction and the disappearance of entire worlds, yet his name is still something people discuss about and some are definitely alert in his presence. Unjustifiedly! He's the most peaceful of silvery people!

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
There's a richness of calm amusement in the return reply to the Surfer. "There seems to have been alot of that lately. There's talk of putting the station on a tourist map."

More seriously, then, "The station has been on alert recently. There was some untoward activity upon her that has left her inhabitants rather more touchy about unexpected visitors than they might otherwise ben. I have no doubt they'd prefer you to announce your presence formally rather than set off proximity alarms by floating nearby."

Peaceful he might be, but Kinsey is rather new to the interstellar travel business, and he hasn't come up in any of her notes on station, or off,though Kibou is happy enough to inform that if he is who he says he is, he is both known, and not a risk.

"My ring is willing to speak on your behalf. As for myself, I would be Sister Kinsey of the Blue Lantern Corps." Formal, even if it's entirely apparant she's with the corps. That or she somehow cleverly stole a ring.

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer turns his board to face the origin of the transmission, pinpointing its original location, and it just requires a millisecond for him to order his board to bring him forward, stopping to float directly in front of the lantern herself. "I am sorry for the misunderstanding, then. I am, not used to announcing my presence anymore, some could get quite, unhappy about it, if they're not informed on the recent history concerning my employment." he admits, in truth, someone could be quite frightened really if the surfer were to announce his presence formally, some still remember quite clearly when he used to do that just to announce the doom of a planet, to precede and prepare the ground for Galactus the world eater itself. "in any case, it is a pleasure to meet you" he adds, balancing on his board if balance is even a thing in space and bowing in the lantern's direction.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Well, I find it a fair practice to judge others on their behaviour, not their reputations. However, as I've said, the station has had recent reason to be concerned with unnounced visitors."

Not that he can necessarily see it from behind her Lantern garb, necessary to traverse space, but she's smiling. Her voice, though, carriese that well enough. "I hear their lead scientist can be rather cranky at times, especially when she's disturbed unnecessarily. The station's alarms are rather loud and annoying. You've wandered within the proximity alert distance."

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer nods his head, and a chuckle can be eard reverberating around him "I guess not everyone is as wise as you are on that matter" he admits, crossing his arms on his chest "I am sorry for waking everyone up in there, then. I will make sure to either announce myself, next time, or make it so that the alarms won't pick my presence." he adds.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Well, I've had practice in being wise," Kinsey admits, very tongue in cheek. "Would you care to visit the station? Seeing as you've already alerted them. It might be polite."

Kibou, very quietly, and politely speaks to Kinsey, "Are you very sure Sister Kinsey that you wish to do that? After all, you are the -"

"Hush," Kinsey tells her ring. "All will be well, Kibou. You'll see."

It's not precisely fun at Surfer's expense. She would inform him either way. That, and it would be much easier to make a proper visit and introductions from inside, rather than hovering out here.

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer nods slowly, then focuses for a moment, and the silvery substance forming his body shifts and reshapes, so that now he looks exactly like a young man, probably in his twenties, dressed in a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a white t-shirt. The board, also, is misteriously gone, leaving the man floating in space on its own. "I suppose this look would be less unsettling for the scientists aboard the station, then. Or so I hope, would yousuggest further modifications? I wouldn't want to look threatening to them or anything."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"I think you'll pass muster," he's informed. Kinsey making a small show of circling about his new form and checking him out. "Unless you can conjure up an apology gift, I think that will do fine."

"Sister Kinsey!"

Kinsey is totally laughing to herself, and again hushes her ring,

"Well, then, are you ready to go make apologies? I can smooth things over with their lead scientist. We're.. aquainted."

She knows she's being mean, but all in all she's still the one he'll be meeting, so it isnt' a lie. She most certainly will be smoothing things over - with herself, and with security. And, with any luck, the man (or whatever he actually is) will enjoy fresh baked cookies as her own apology in return for this very little farce.

Providing he's ammenable, she'll lead him to the hangar opening to the station. And, because this isn't her first return to the station, they've actually become used to her arriving like this. That, and there have been an awful lot of other Lanterns who just drop on by. Lanterns have really become old hat here.

Once inside, with the atmosphere barriers back in place, Kinsey drops her Lantern outfit and greets the security at console.

"Welcome back, Dr. MacKenna." The man tilts his head to observe Surfer. "You have a guest?"

"Ah yes, Jefferson. Log him into the visitor records under my vouching."

"Yes ma'am." Jefferson waits for Surfer to announce himself, to be dutifully logged into the records, and all the while, Kinsey waits for him to figure matters out.

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer follows the lantern towards the hangar, touching down at her side and waiting for the atmospheric generator to start doing its duty, then identifying him as "the silver surfer" when the computer asks for his id, and his humanlooking lips now curl upwards in a smile upon earing what the computer says about the lantern herself. "so I woke you up?" he asks, extending his right hand and focusing on the air on top of it, rearranging its molecular structure, changing it, modifying, until what looks like a bottle of red wine appears on his palm. "will this work as gift?" he asks then

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey laughs, and inclines her head. "Sorry about the deception, and you didn't wake me, only by virtue of the fact that I was already awake. But shhh, we're still getting used to the idea that I have an alter ego."

She smiles, and offers her hand, "Kinsey MacKenna. I really am the lead scientist on station, and most often the officer in charge, unless Colenol Danvers is in residence."

The wine bottle is regarded with something of surprise. "Oh. Now, see, I was really joking about the flowers. But I was very serious about judging people by their actions, not their reputations. I'd have to say, other than setting off the alarms, you're still in the black."

Which, in accounting terms means he still has a net positive.

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer releases a short chuckle, handing the bottle to the woman "oh well since it is already made..." he says, shrugging slightly and again giving a gentle smile "I will make sure to keep the secret, do not worry. And to be sure not to set off all the alarms should I ever visit again!" he exclaims, his senses making a quick sweep of the station. "this is, not a bad station at all, anyways. And so, my congratulations on getting the lead scientist position, I could consider myself as a scientist to so, it is always a great pleasure to meet a colleague"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"It's a fair decent station from all I can tell," Kinsey agrees, taking the bottle with a nod of thanks. She reassures Jefferson that she'll see to their guest, and offers to show Surfer about. "I'd like to say the position was a stroke of luck, but a large amount of hard work went into it as well. I do feel lucky for being accepted into the position. I've put in for an extension of my contract. We'll see what happens."

She gives a light shrug.

"I know it isn't as fancy as the wine, but I can offer coffee and cookies. Unless this was somehow a proposition for dinner."

Without truly waiting for an answer to that, she leads him into the station proper.

"A scientist as well? Might I ask what discipline?"

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer nods entusiastically "I never turn down coffee and cookies!" he exclaims, falling in line behind the woman to follow her wherever she might lead him.
"I am a student of sciences in a broader range, probably not specialized in anything but at least I know a bit of multiple branches." he admits "it's not like I am a researcher or anything, but the knowledge and understanding of things is quite helpful in exploring the stars." he adds, his eyes glancing around as he moves forward.
"uh well, I, seemed to remember that wine was generally a good gift, but am yet unsure about the subtle implications of such a gesture. Is this considered as an invitation to dinner, on Earth?" he asks

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Ah. A general student. Then you'll likely find me rather boring, I'm afraid. Too many years behind miroscopes and in laboratories." She gives a self-deprecating sigh. "We should all aspire to be students, though. There's something special about the learning experience."

She leads along, pointing out different areas as she leads to the galley and eating areas aboard the station.

"The cookies are fresh baked, and tasty if I do say so myself. A new diversion, I confess. I've been paying call upon the Watchtower and it felt rude to go emptyhanded."

She pulls a pre-measured filter pack and puts it in the coffeemaker, flipping the on switch and retrieving a mug for each of them while it brews.

"Mmm, wine. To be honest, I'm not sure. I think in some quarters it's something of a dinner gesture. Though usually you've already been invited to the dinner, so I wouldn't worry too much. I was teasing you."

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer nods in understanding at the wine part, then chuckles "oh, don't worry, I spent my fair amount of decades in study as well, and the only thing keeping me away from laboratories and microscopes is that I don't really need them. I, we could say, have them integrated into me or something like that? And yes that could sound odd, I'm aware." he admits, following the woman and smiling again "I will trust your opinion of the cookies until I'll be able to judge for myself, but if you say they're good, then there is a very high probability they will indeed be"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey turns, and leans back on the counter while the coffee continues to brew. "Some of us," she points out, "have had no other recourse but microscopes and laboratories. They're not so bad, you know. Other than the interminable hours and the endless repetitions."

She smiles to take some of the possible sting of that statement away. "I can't say that I faulted my life before Kibou." She holds up her ringed hand to make it clear she means her ring. "I was happy. Proud of my accomplishments. It's really rather strange to consider that a lot of what I did before I can do merely by asking him for the results."

An inclination of head. "Maybe not the wine. I don't quite think contructs work that way. Then again, I really haven't tried that yet." Other things, yes, but not sustenance. She'd have to ask, later, when she didn't have a guest.

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer nods in understanding at what the woman is saying, leaning on the counter as well and watching the coffee brew with what could almost seem like fashination. "hm, well, the workings of lantern rings is not something I am very well versed on, I'm afraid." he admits, studying the abovementioned ring with his eyes. "well, if you managed to get where you are, it shows a great drive and a great mind, so definitely, congratulations miss."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Well, thank-you." She gives a content sigh. "A little of both, I would imagine. And a lot of faith that things would turn out as they should, whatever that might look like. I had a lot of support in my early life that allowed me to dream big and hope for the best. I haven't been too disappointed.'

She looks over, "But what of you? I'm afraid I know very little of who or what you are. Other than capable of independant space faring, and making bottles of wine. I reserve the right to decide at a later date if it's good or not."

Silver Surfer has posed:
Silver Surfer hmms thoughtfully for a moment, then asks tilting his head slightly "do you want the long version or the short version?" his eyes setting on the woman, his arms uncrossing and recrossing again on his chest, shifting his weight from his right to his left foot, glancing briefly at the brewing coffee before refocusing on the woman.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"It's your story," Kinsey says simply. "I wouldn't think to dictate it."

The coffeemaker gurgles, the end of its cycle nearing. She's familiar enough with the thing to know that, even if he isn't. "I wouldn't wish you to be uncomfortable. However, I should find out how you take your coffee?"