878/Wisdom and War

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Wisdom and War
Date of Scene: 10 June 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Wonder Girl, Athena, Ares

Wonder Girl has posed:
The cell rang with an old song but definitely fitting for the person she has set that ring tone for.... "WAR Huh. Yeah. What is it good for, absolutely Nothin!" She grabs the phone and snickers a little bit before she answeers. It was of course Ares. His mature voice informed her to meet him at the park. So she quickly changed from her street clothing into her wonder girl attire. Not much different really, Just a Wonder logo on a red tee with blue jeans and a belt. Her lasso is on her hip and her bracers are on her wrist.

Then she is out. Its a quick thing, Getting around on foot here in metropolis. Its actually a rather peaceful night. The night air is warm but not overly so. Cool air is rolling in off the water front, not too terribly far away. Wonder Girl quickly moves toward the park. Once there, she finds a nice park bench and waits to find out what the big deal is.

Athena has posed:
Athena is just there. It isn't obviously her at first. A redhead in a blue turtleneck sweater and a flowing black skirt, her legs clad in dark stockings and feat in simple, sensible black flats. The glasses over those piericng blue eyes don't really add to the mystique after all, even if they do look intellectual when paired against that neat french bun. But Cassie would be aware of the fact she arrived on the bench without ever actually walking up, even if no one else around them seems disturbed- if they know that Athena is here at all, of course.

"Mmm." The redheaded woman sucks in a breath and then holds it in am easured way while she casts her gaze around. "I hope he isn't late. I suppose I am actually somewhat early..." She shakes her head briefly. "Good evening, darling. I'm sorry we haven't met before now." A beat follows. "I do believe our beloved brother will be joining us in just a second."

Ares has posed:
    "Formalities," Ares' voice is heard before his silhouette is seen and when it is it's behind that park bench. He stands there, hands in the pockets of his jacket and starts to step around the side of it, footsteps quiet as he looks between the two of them. Then, as if to finish the sentence, he adds, "Bah."
    With that said and his opinion clear, he stands in front of both of them. "Cassandra, this is Athena, Athena this is your half-sister Cassandra." He folds his arms over his chest then looking so terribly stern as he looks between the two of them. "Right then. First off, Athena I know I haven't played the great game in ages, but here is my first move . I am extending my protection to Cassandra. An act against her is an act against me."
    There's a short sharp nod, then he looks to Cassandra, "Cassandra, be worthy of my protection. Do nothing to embarass me." That having been said he slaps his hands together, "Alright, that's done. Let's eat."

Wonder Girl has posed:
Cassie Sandsmark smiles softly to Athena and gives a polite nod to her. "Hello Athena. It is a pleasure to meet you." She is really cordial. Quietly she stands and looks to Ares. She definitely looks more formidable then she did just last night. "Good to see you again Ares. And nothing wrong with Pleasantries. They seperate us from some animals."

Then there is talk of the Great Game. That is a curious thing. She listens carefully to what is being said. "Errr. I don't know what you're talking about but, I'm not going to embarrass you. I am young by comparrison to everyone so bear with me while I learn all of this."

Then at the mention of food she smiles a little, "What would you like? There is hot dogs in this park, A Big Belly Burger not too far away, a few pizzarias and an italian restaurant."

Athena has posed:
"Mmm. Claiming our sister already, Ares? Very well, I will abide by the rules. It's not quite a pity... She does somewhat take after you, I suppose." THen to Cassie Athena gives a nod. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Cassandra. Our father doesn't really put much stock in family reunions, I'm afraid. But in the end... Down here we're really all we have. Have you met any of your other siblings yet?"

Athena takes a deep breath and straightens, politely crossing her legs in a most lady-like fashion as she does so. " And, well. I've never beeen to a Big Belly Burger, to be honest. Are they good?" She is watching for an honest opinion from either of the two with her.

Ares has posed:
    "You would not like it, Athena." Ares tells her, his lip curling a touch. "It is primarily meat, cheese, grease, with only a vague gesture made at vegetables." He slides his hands into his pockets and rocks back on his heels, comfortable in the moment as he looks over the two of them. "It is traditional we break bread to signify the completion of this meeting and the acceptance of what has passed."
    There's a moment where he pushes a hand over the rough stubble of his shaved head and glances sidelong down the way. "Is there a steakhouse nearby? That would most likely fit all of our tastes."

Wonder Girl has posed:
Cassie Sandsmark makes a little face and nods, "Yeah Big Belly Burger munchy type place. Not the greatest. I think there is a steak house nearby. We can do that. I think it might be close to the Themysciran Embassy. So we can check out that are if you'd like.

"Hey! I know how to fight a little. I want to be a hero. Doesn't mean I am looking to be a War goddess when I grow up!" She snickers. "I get it. It took him 16 years to even acknowledge my existance after all. "

Athena has posed:
"Steak House, hm?" Athena tilts her head and then gives a slow nod, frowning faintly as she does. "I am actually quite fond of vegetable burgers," seh adds to Ares before slowly shaking her head. "You're probably right, of course."

The tall, slender goddess comes to her feet and takes a deep breath as she turns slightly to survey their surroundings. "Sixteen years is like a heartbeat to him. He doesn't mean anything by it," she replies with a faint shake of her head. "Being a Goddess of War isn't so bad," Athena offers somewhat loftily to Cassie along with a wry smile. "You can always pick a secondary purview if you don't wish to do all your decorating in skulls."

Ares has posed:
    A snort slips from him as Ares turns around and begins to walk down the sidewalk, leading the way as is his wont and starting to move in the direction signalled by Cassandra. He holds up a hand and says over his shoulder, "There is nothing wrong with skulls," Not that he's had that particular motif in years, but ever since he had that throne made back at their first turn of the millennia, he assuredly has not heard the end of it from her.
    "Have you contacted any other Olympians, Cassandra?"

Wonder Girl has posed:
Cassie Sandsmark follows alone with Ares. She snickers a little bit, as she keeps moving. "Skulls aren't really my thing. Kittens, puppies, and foxes? Those are more my thing." She giggles a little. "You know, cute things." She laughs playfully.

As far as other Question, "Nope. Haven't called or talked to any others but you and now Athena. I know the Amazons look fondly on some of the Goddesses and one or two of the gods. They don't exactly like guys there. No offense Ares."

Athena has posed:
"The Amazons don't have any problem with me," Athena notes, smiling beatifically as she does so. "The majority, at least." She takes a deep breath and then slowly exhales, tilting her head slightly as she does so. "I like foxes and kittens quite a bit. Puppies as well... Hm." It seems that Athena might have an idea coming to mind.

"Cassie, do yo uhave a familiar?" It migth seem an odd question but the redhead appears quite serious. "An intelligent animal who serves you. For me I have my owls... Has anything like that come to you?"

To Ares she adds, "Skulls are rather gauche. But then I always made it my mission to prevent unnecessary deaths. We are two very different aspects of War, brother dear."

Ares has posed:
    Another faint dull snort comes from him as he looks over his shoulder at Athena, seeming about to say something about the Amazons, but then notes the present company and instead keeps his tongue to himself. He instead lets Athena shift the topic of the conversation to the arcane as he walks along at a steady pace. At the mention of familiars he smiles a touch, faintly. "I have Pluto, but don't know how useful he is. He mainly just eats me out of house and home." The tall deity gives a solemn nod, lip curled with faint amusement.

Wonder Girl has posed:
Cassie Sandsmark shakes her head, "Sorry, I can't say I have. I don't have access to any magic. When I met Dad three years ago, He unlocked my abilities. Then he opted to give my mom power to shut them down for a time. You know how much that sucks when you're trying to get through homework? Yuck!"

"Anyway No familiars or anything. No pets either. I don't think I've ever had a pet. Mom and I were always moving around. Especially over the summers when I didn't have school. We just didn't have enough time for tending to pets."