8827/A Lost Sentinel

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A Lost Sentinel
Date of Scene: 16 August 2019
Location: Operations, The Triskelion
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Phil Coulson, Nyx
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Phil Coulson has posed:
The entire situation had Phil coldly livid. The control they had was mostly because Sebastian /wanted/ to remain, it's true. Phil wasn't lying to himself and thinking they could have contained the Sentinel without Avenger backup. Still, Sebastian up and left, without any form of orders from any SHIELD officials.

Phil was firmly in the shutdown camp for a reason, and this just confirmed everything for him... which has shown on his face for a while, since he sat down in operations.

An hour of sifting through reports and checking Sentinel activity was time consuming, and he had called for Nyx to join him on the main floor as he worked.

Nyx has posed:
Well the young agent is about the only one who could probably go toe to toe with Sebastian without calling in Avenger backup really.

Though Samantha has almost no idea what is going on with the Sentinels other than her only domestic operation was destroying a few of them and impounding one of them. Her AAR noted she really had fun there.

When Phil calls her to Operations though she shows up to see what the much more senior agent wants. Maybe it is a mission. She would love a mission.

"Agent Twining reporting as requested Agent Coulson" brief pause then the teen asks "Sup?"

Phil Coulson has posed:
"I've read your AAR on the Sentinels." Phil says, getting right to business. That coldly livid face is still there, though he's obviously not directing that at Nyx, with the way his tone remains neutral. He stares at the screen. A couple different dossiers show up on it. All Canadian nationals. Finally, he turns his gaze to Nyx, and his expression turns calm, neutral. "Would you say you'd like to take on Sentinels again?"

Nyx has posed:
Someone might feel bad about throwing a teenager at giant murder robots.

Samantha though is quite happy at the opportunity when she hears what Coulson has to say. She keeps half an eye on the dossiers up on the screen, Canadians, okay odd. Then she focuses fully on Coulson. "For sure. Those things really don't have a place persecuting citizens and presenting a danger to everyone." says the walking alien enhanced battle angel.

Phil Coulson has posed:
"Nothing is set in stone yet. I'm doing some preliminary checkups on a few things." Phil notes as he gestures over the monitor. "I might be putting together a team, might not. Your name came up as a potential addition." Phil presses a button, and the screen goes blank. "They seem way too easy to influence for me." Phil muses, "Maybe with some upgrades they could be useful... but after seeing everything going on, it's pretty obvious the current models are just too vulnerable."

Nyx has posed:
"I actually like that fact that Nyx might be able to hack one and override them...." she notes looking at the monitors before they go blank. She moves to settle into one of the chairs.

"They are dangerous. They are after metahumans and mutants. Well mostly mutants but they attacked the Avengers. Trask is now on the run and hunted. These master mold units seem to be really dangerous and no one seems to know who or what is behind their production from what I have been able to read. The program seems to be out of control and needs a shutdown. Just my opinion but I'll do whatever you want or order."

Phil Coulson has posed:
"There are moves being planned, I'd bet." Phil mentions with an air of musing aloud once again. "A lot going on that needs attention lately. Especially with that fortress just outside the state."

Nyx has posed:
"I'd go check that out too but well... Nyx tells me we have a lot of magnetic reactive metals inside us at this point so I am probably the last person to go serve a no knock sort of warrant on him." she has been taking a lot of courses since she was made an agent. Enough she can quip somewhat knowledgably at least.

"Sentinels though I can basically cut through like they are butter and I am the hot knife sir."

Phil Coulson has posed:
"If he was going to attack anyone, I think he would have done it. So far, I'm more worried about how far he's willing to go to take on these Sentinels himself. Would he consider us collateral damage?" Phil shrugs, "It's something we're going to need an answer to as well."

Nyx has posed:
"Well could always have Superman toss him into the sun worst case I suppose, kryptonians am I right?"

"So does the government still think they have this program under control then or is it a rogue operation and we are clear to go hot on this. I mean there is a warrant out for the CEO of the conrtractor who built them right?"