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Genosha Rises: Checking In.
Date of Scene: 16 August 2019
Location: Genosha
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Magneto, Lex Luthor
Tinyplot: Genosha Rises

Magneto has posed:
     After talking with Captain America and Winter Soldier over his plans here, the actions by Aquaman against his country, Magneto has been angered and on edge more than he was before. Things were brewing in the man.

  Fortress M has still not shown any outwardly aggressive moves against the United States, and Magneto was making his statement against Atlantis for their compliance with what he is calling the fourth Reich.

  Magneto heard word that a compatriot was wishing to discuss something, arrangements had been made to lead Mister Luthor to Magneto's command room inside Fortress M.

  The control room was filled with monitors, gauges, and readouts of the fortress' condition. Two metal posts stand on either side of the Master of Magnetism as he grasps them.

Lex Luthor has posed:
To say the whole situation has Lex concerned would be a bit if an understatement. If Magneto had intentions to attack anyone outright, Lex was sure he would have done so by now. Still, building this thing and bringing it over with his reputation? It was very understandable why everyone was suddenly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It had taken some doing, working on exploiting the blindspots so he could get into the fortress without being noticed... but given how things are going, it was necessary. The Council had not been informed of Magneto's plans, and Lex had no idea of the Master of Magnetisms endgame.

Once he had landed on the fortress itself, Lex had begun to take constant scans of the area as he was led into the Command Center. The powered armor was obscuring his identity completely to this point... but when it becomes clear there is no one but him and Erik, Lex has the faceplate of the helmet pulled back, revealing the face of the Man of Tomorrow.

"Good evening, Magneto."

Magneto has posed:
     Magneto was dressed in his full battle regalia, crimson and purple helmet included. He'd not revealed any plans to the Light, nor did he see any point to. The man was certainly powerful enough to complete his crusade against Trask and the Sentinels. There were no Genoshan banners flying here, instead mentions of the Brotherhood were abound.

  "Luthor." He commented, allowing his compatriot the first salvo.

Lex Luthor has posed:
Looking around, Lex took it all in. It was an obvious technologists glance as he did a check on everything. "I have a good idea of what you're doing with this flying base, but I wanted to hear it from you." Lex begins to walk around, soft 'thumps' from the armored boots can be heard as he goes, examining the technology. "You're taking this thing wherever there are Sentinels, and you're going to destroy them yourself. Is that about right?"

Magneto has posed:
     Magneto gives a bit of a sigh. "Was that not exactly what I had said in my message to the world? Mutants every day being killed by those war machines, unprovoked and unrequited. It's the beginnings of another Reich, and I will not abide it."

  The silver haired mutant steps down from his podium, releasing the posts and facing Luthor face to face. "The X-Men stand by without acting, while these machines are killing our kind. An irrepressible reaction, and I will make a stop to this genocide."

Lex Luthor has posed:
"What one says in public and what one is actually doing can be two very different things, Magneto." Lex informs Magneto. Ever the politician behind that businessman charade. Once he's done examining it, Lex turns back to Magneto, staring the older man in the face.

Lex could have brought an anti-magnetic version of his suit. He's instead bought his standard one. There isn't a ton of magnetic material in it, but Magneto can definitely feel there is at least a few conduits inside of it he can sense. "The Sentinels are a serious concern all around, I agree. I'm pretty sure there's an intelligence directing them, but my hands are tied against overt action without them acting first, without government orders. If you need intelligence to direct your operations, I'm happy to bring Light assets into matters."

Then, he raises a brow, "That all being said... what are your plans to deal with retaliation against this fortress and Genosha itself, if you don't mind my asking?"

Magneto has posed:
     "Not where this is concerned." Magneto quips back swiftly.

  A metal's magnetic properties hardly matter to Magneto, he controls the magnetic fields themselves, even non-ferrous metals have bent to his will. "I have all the intel I need, but thank you." The stalwart mutant comments, giving a genuine smile of gratitude.

  The final question is considered a moment before he answers. "The plans for Genosha are contingencies. Even those involved in them do not know their instructions yet. You'll have to forgive me if I don't divulge them to you. This is not a Genoshan operation. This is a mutant operation, by mutants, for mutants. King Orin has already shown his colors as Japan did. He will be dealt with accordingly, even if I have to shove his own trident into the base of his skull."