8903/The Scene and Little Fishes

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The Scene and Little Fishes
Date of Scene: 21 August 2019
Location: Bushwick (Mutant Town), Brooklyn
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Cypher, Namorita

Cypher has posed:
"Go home!" Somebody throws a can, outside.

"Get the hell out of here, Anchovy!" Yeah, it's not a pretty crowd.

After a moment, an arm reaches out to lightly yank Nita back, and through a doorway, into the club. Doug looks out, and then shakes his head, before he shuts the door behind them. "It's just getting worse and worse." He says. "...You all right?"

Namorita has posed:
Namorita had been inside Club Evolution for lunch when ventured outside. She didn't make it three steps before the locals got ugly. She's long since stopped trying to hide her Atlantean heritage, and if anything has become quite proud of it.

The can bounces off without so much as garnering a flinch. The blonde's gaze narrows and she braces herself, beginning to square off. Then Doug pulls her back.

She's still unhappy once back inside, relaxing slowly. "I'm not afraid of them." she replies. "But I don't want to hurt anyone over a political misunderstanding."

Cypher has posed:
"That's the problem. It's all political misunderstandings, because people are people." Doug says. He keeps his eyes tilted upward, thank you very much. "Arthur won't lower himself to a conciliatory tone because it would erode confidence in his leadership at home and make him vulnerable to his political enemies."

"Magneto... Erik's not good at compromise. He never has been. In some ways, it can make him a great teacher. But..." Doug pauses. And he shakes his head. "I don't see a way out."

Namorita has posed:
Namorita smirks at that, shifting her weight on bare feet and folding her arms over her chest. "Namor would not have handled things that way. Magneto is fortunate that he is dealing with Arthur." she replies. "You have studied with Magneto, then?"

Her gaze shifts to the door, the smirk becoming more playful. "But I -do- have a way out. You'll just have to open the door and step out first."

Cypher has posed:
Doug furrows his brow. "Yes. Briefly." He pinches the bridge of his nose. "It wasn't... a happy time. For either of us. I respect him, I respect the strength of his convictions..." The but hangs in the air, unspoken.

Doug looks out the door, and then says, "...Well, in the immediate sense... right." He opens the door and walks outside. "Come on guys, break it up, I want through."

"Anchovy sympath-"

"Shut up, Greg. Did I not get pumped full of bullets in this very club because I wouldn't let them deal hook here? Shut up."

Namorita has posed:
Namorita waits until he reaches for the door, then her skin coloring shifts to match the wall. Perhaps due to some unusual attributes of the fabric, her suit does likewise. And before the door closes behind Doug, a completely camoflaged Nita slips outside. She moves slowly, back hugging the wall as her coloring shifts with her movements to make her functionally invisible.

For the moment, at least, Nita just listens to the conversation with the crowd. In a low voice behind him, she offers. "I will meet you in the alley to the left."

Cypher has posed:
Doug raises an eyebrow. "Neat trick. If I wasn't me, I wouldn't know you were there at all." He says, before he pushes through the crowd. "Just leave her in peace inside." He says, walking away.

A moment later, he ducks through the alley, shortcutting inside. "...Whew." He says. "I've got a little bit of goodwill stocked up, but these days it feels like I'm burning through more of it every day. You're all right?"

Namorita has posed:
    Nita moves so carefully that she might as well be part of the wall, and as far as the crowd is concerned she's not there at all. When Doug steps into the alley it's like she steps -out- of the wall, her coloring shifting back to normal. "You keep asking if I'm all right, when there is no one in that crowd that can cause me real harm." she replies with an amused smile.

"I have learned a few 'borrowed' abilities from sea creatures. Octopus camoflage is one of them."

Cypher has posed:
"There's harm and then there's harm." Doug says. "But I can see you have reserves of confidence that keep something as --" He chews on that word, "...Pedestrian as an angry mob from shaking you." He studies Namorita, and then extends his hand, shiny black and shot with gold circuitry, toward her. "My name's Doug, I was a little busy last time we met, so I thought I'd re-introduce myself."

Namorita has posed:
Namorita accepts the offered hand in her own. "Namorita Prentiss, but please call me Nita. And thank you for your help." The woman may not have needed it, strictly speaking, but she's not one to rubuff offered help. "But you're right about that. I am thick-skinned in more than one way as well. You are a mutant, aren't you? And yet you don't hate me."

Cypher has posed:
Doug tilts his head, and says, "No, I don't. I don't hate very many people." He huffs out a breath, and puts his hands on his hip. "I see why people react the way they do, I understand it, all the way back to root causes. These people are afraid. What're they supposed to do, when they're already marginalized and it seems like no matter where they turn, it's the end of the world? I feel their pain... but I also know that the blame game doesn't *help*. It's all too much being poured out onto them -- like chum, in the water, to make sharks frenzy."

Namorita has posed:
Namorita nods slowly to that. "Yes. Humans fear what they don't understand. And before you say it, I know that Mutants technically aren't human. I'm not one of those Atlanteans who looks upon all 'drylanders' as being the same." She pauses to smirk, arms folding again. "Yes, we do have bigotry in the Sea as well. But at least we have the Sea to retreat to as a refuge. Mutants don't even have that much."