8918/Earthly Advice

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Earthly Advice
Date of Scene: 22 August 2019
Location: Milano - Lower Deck
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Star-Lord, Gamora, Lobo

Star-Lord has posed:
It's been almost a week since Falmon Company came after the Milano in Nova space. The why's are still unknown, with Peter having reached out to his Underverse contacts for information. Meanwhile, the Milano had taken quite a few hits during the engagement; according to Rocket, it's a fragging miracle the ship stayed together.

Peter being an ace pilot doesn't hurt, either.

With the Migrant Fleet helping with repairs, the ship was mostly in good working order now... but they needed to be sure current fixes were going to hold before they put anything else together. So out they went. Peter piloting, and Gamora keeping an eye on the reactor near the engine to be sure it didn't hit the danger zone.

It's been five minutes since they started the test run, and Lobo had found them. An initial conversation with Lobo later, and he was invited onto the Milano for 'Earth advice'.

Now, Peter had the cargo bay ramp open, force field up for atmo, as he and Gamora waited for Lobo to join them. "If he crashes that thing into the field, I'm gonna laugh." Peter notes to Gamora in an aside.

Gamora has posed:
In Gamora's mind it's a miracle that Peter's ace piloting didn't get them all killed. Again. But then again, this group of misfits seem to thrive on miracles.

She stands beside Quill, arms folded and expression neutral now. "If he crashes into the field he'll probably disintegrate our ship." the woman replies. "And then I'll kill you, just so Rocket can't say he told you so."

Lobo has posed:
    The Hog was streaking through the black vacuum so brightly, it could be seen from space.

    Well...even moreso than usual.

    Lobo had been riding all around the galaxy in preperation for his latest job, and and decided before landing on this 'earth' and blasting everything to the ground, he'd try and get some input from the only regular he knew who actually came from the damn place.

    So it's why he was flying right for the hanger of the Milano at a speed between 'top' and 'dangerous'. Wearing black leather pants and an old rugged vest, and only half looking where he was going while chugging a bottle of some sort of hard liquor, the inevitable collision was inevitable. The bike could sense the field it was quickly approaching and auto-turned, slowing its speed to a crawl and launching the Czarnian rider head over heels to come colliding with that field violently. The sound of his skull smashing against energy might have been sickening if there was any sound at all in the vacuum, and the impact was so great against Lobo's super-strong, super-dense body that the Milano might have scooted forward by about an inch or three.

    Might have.

    That would have been absolute death for anyone else, but the Main Man just shook his head and crawled into the cockpit in a way that looked much less cool than moments ago. Pushing a button on his belt caused the Hog to go flying around the ship in auto pilot, as he wiped the blood from his nose.

    "Good, the force-field's still workin'...fraggin' sonuva..."

Star-Lord has posed:
"Ok, that wasn't what I had in mind, but it was still funny." Peter replies to Gamora, before he slaps the ramp close button... and seconds later, drops the shield.

"You're the sort who goes top speed over the speed bumps just for the jolt, aren't you?" Peter crosses his arms as he relays the joke to Lobo, as atmosphere returns to where he is.

Gamora has posed:
Gamora's neutral expression brightens at the collision as well, lips drawing up into a smile that she makes no effort to disguise. "Perhaps one of the external cameras recorded it..." she offers, half to herself. As Lobo makes his way around, Gamora stays close to Peter. She knows Lobo's reputation, just as the biker knows her own.

And while they've never been on opposite sides in a conflict, there's a certain amount of professional respect between them.

"Nice driving." she offers, managing to keep a straight face now.

Lobo has posed:
    The big man gave Peter a dangerous grin that didn't match the gleam in his red eyes. His tattoo-covered arms flexed with motion as his right rested on the filthy looking wrapped-up hilt of the machete hanging off his belt, right beside the oversized blaster he sometimes used.

    "Yeah I'm a real wild an' crazy guy, Star Geek. You should see what I do fer a hobby sometime."

    He growled in a low tone of voice, but Gamora's voice made him stop and take note of her. The grin across his face showing those yellow teeth didn't change, but something in his expression softened all the same. His posture relaxed, and while his hand was still on his weapon, it didn't seem as ominous as it was before.

    "Hey, if it gets me where I'm goin' faster, I don't mind a bumpy ride. But I didn't come here ta talk about how cool my bike is, I came here ta talk business. Pete, what's the name of that mudball you come from? I saw it once when we went ta nab that chick, remember? A black cat robot man punched me an' exploded my arm off. An' the sunset was kinda pretty."

Star-Lord has posed:
"The locals call it Earth. Most of the galaxy calls it Terra." Peter explains, before he smirks. "He was Black Panther, not black cat robot. Enhanced Terran wearing a suit." Peter taps his overcoat, "some of my new clothes came from the last trip. Why are you going there?"

Gamora has posed:
Gamora keeps her arms folded over her chest, meeting Lobo's gaze as it wanders her direction. She's got a large blade on one hip and a blaster on the other. Her hands don't stray, and neither does her gaze. At Lobo's question, the green woman tilts her head curiously.

"Earth is populated entirely by A-holes and Idiots." A glance to Quill follows. And no, she doesn't look inclined to take it back.

Lobo has posed:
    Yeah, everyone in this cockpit was dangerous. In terms of sheer strength, Lobo and Gamora both had the terran pilot beat, but Lobo knew how crafty Peter could be, and how devious. It's why, if he was ever going to attack the Guardians for any reason, it would have to be when they least suspected it. Until then, keep playing the clown.

    And so, the big man chuckled and nodded ad Gamora's words, while listening to Peter the whole while.

    "Ya got no arguments from me there. The whole damn place is backwards, like that one planet of craggly faced weirdos I heard some drunks talking about one time. But I gotta go there as part of a job. Princess in hiding, an' the rest of her royal family want her to quit hidin'. And so yers truly is gonna hafta go there, whip everyone around her from here ta hell an' back, an pull the girl by her giant fiery hair back to Tamaran. Gonna be one fraggin' heck of a weekend, I can tell ya that much!"

Star-Lord has posed:
"Tamaran... isn't that the..." Peter muses aloud, before he looks to Gamora. "Terra does have a shitload of alien refugees, for whatever reason. Given their status, I'm not gonna argue they're a bunch of idiots." Peter shrugs, before he turns and starts to head for the bridge.

"If she's hiding on the planet and isn't trying to be sneaky about it, good chance we have her on record."

Gamora has posed:
Gamora is curious, and while her expression remains neutral the shift in her stance is enough of a tell. "There is a Princess hiding on Earth?" she asks, lifting a brow. A moment, then she looks over to Quill as if she expected him to suddenly be aware of ALL extra-terrestrial visitors on his home planet. Lips purse as their eyes meet and she shrugs again.

When Peter starts for the bridge she waits for Lobo to follow before bringing up the rear. "What's the bounty on this princess?"

Lobo has posed:
    One of Lobo's brows raises and he shoots Gamora a knowing look as he responds.

"What, ya want me ta kiss an' tell? You wanna know the bounty, you can sign up fer the job an' go after the broad yerself. 'Course, you do that an' it makes you a competitor, but a little healthy competition never hurt nobody before right?"

    As he spoke, he reached into the inside of his vest and pulled out one of those cheap cigars he loved so much, bringing out a cigar cutter as well to get it ready for smoking. Of course, he didn't care where the resulting mess ended up, but when did he ever?

    "Yeah, maybe. Hair on fire, orange skin, name like 'Kory' or 'Kodi' or 'Koipond' or one of them stupid-ass Tamaran names that starts with a 'K'. Quite a looker, too. Good thing the job's ta take her in alive, it'd have almost been a shame ta haul her home in a hovercasket."

Star-Lord has posed:
There's a 'what?' look from Peter as Gamora gives him a look. Not like Gamora and him were an item, so why is she trying to give him shit about space babes?

Peter says nothing in reply to either question, instead going to a console on the bridge, "I don't know if we're going to be able to go after anyones bounty, when we're being hunted in Nova space of all places." Peter informs Gamora. "Seems like a surefire way to bring all kinds of complications to the bounty if we have Falmon after us." Peter notes as he starts to bring up his Terra database.