9024/The Moon Over Staten Island

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The Moon Over Staten Island
Date of Scene: 01 September 2019
Location: North Shore, Staten Island
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Namorita, Superboy

Namorita has posed:
The sun has long since set over New York and the moon is on the rise. As the work day shifts into evening, the population flocks to the myriad of restaurants or just go home. Businesses go mostly dark as second shift cleaning crews take over.

The Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant has recently reopened after extensive modifications and reissuing of permits. But at least one individual isn't completely satisfied with this arrangement. In the quiet of the evening, a lone figure rises out of the bay and soars casually over to the Rand building. Highlighted against the moon, the woman's long blonde hair flutters in her wake and her green two-piece is almost discernable against her silhouette.

Superboy has posed:
It is another sleepless night for Conner, who has found himself sleeping less and less as he gets older. Long sleepless night devoted to study would help him improve his grades, but instead he went out to fly.

You could say he is even 'patrolling' although that is being somewhat generous. But at least he is flying over New York and paying some attention to his surroundings. Fires are easy to spot from the high. So are police gathering to one place. He saw nothing of that.

But he has very sharp eyes, and he sees the flying blonde. And although New York has a good deal of super-powered flying people, the coming out of the water is uncommon. Curious now, he keeps an eye on Namorita and flies lower, approaching her slowly.

Namorita has posed:
Namorita descends slowly to the roof of the Rand building, settling feet-first. Ankle wings flutter in the moonlight as she alights, not at all troubled by being wet. She looks around, the moonlight catching her visage as well.

High, arching brows and pointed ears. Definitely not human. Spotting another flier in the moonlit sky, she turns towards him and squares off. It's not an aggressive stance per se, but there can be no mistake that he's been seen.

Superboy has posed:
Busted! Conner was thinking the night would keep him hidden a little longer. But looks like the blonde got lucky. Or maybe she has enhanced senses like him. Well, time to be cool and not stalkerish.

He flies down quickly, landing on the roof with a thud. "Hello!" He greets with a grin. Tall and dark-haired, he wears a large red S on a black shirt, and a leather jacket on top. Otherwise his clothes are unremarkable. Jeans and sturdy hiking boots (good for landing at high speed). "Sorry to bother," he continues, "just saw you coming out of the water. That was interesting." More interesting than flying, apparently.

Namorita has posed:
Namorita tilts her head, offering a wry smile. "It's interesting that an Atlantean should come -out- of the water? Yes, perhaps it is." She gestures towards the red S on his shirt. Yes, even in Atlantis they've heard about Superman. And family.

"Are you family or just a fan?" she asks. "I'm Nita, by the way. Nita Prentiss."

Superboy has posed:
Oh. Atlantis. Cool!

"I am a big fan of Aquaman!" Blurts out the young man. "And yeah, I am Superboy. Or Conner." Not a convinced believer in secret identities either. "I have to admit besides Aquaman I had never met an Atlantean. I don't know why, but they don't come upside often. And we got tourists from everywhere in New York."

Namorita has posed:
Namorita's upper lip curls, albeit briefly, at the mention of Aquaman. "Well now you have, Conner." she replies, keeping it nice. "I've not actually met Aquaman, myself. My people... Namor's people... are nomadic. And we have been ever since the humans destroyed our world."

And while her expression may be bright and positive, there's a pause to let her words sink in a moment. "But I grew up in New York, splitting my time between two worlds."

Superboy has posed:
"And good to meet you," replies Conner, apparently oblivious to the fact Aquaman might not be well-liked by the southern Atlanteans. The humans destroyed their world? He makes a mental note to check Atlantean history as soon as possible. Robin probably has a lot of information.

"And a New Yorker, too," he adds, grinning again. "I guess there are Atlanteans around. I just didn't notice. But in my defense, I have been living in the city just a couple years."

Namorita has posed:
"I've been living here... for much longer." Nita replies. Yeah, saying she's been here since the 60's would certainly put a different turn on the conversation. "But like I said, I split my time between New York and Atlantis."

Change of tack, then. "So what brings you out tonight, Superboy? Is this one of those superhero 'patrols' where you cruise for bad guys? Because honestly, there are much worse parts of the Big Apple."

Superboy has posed:
"Yes, I suppose so," Conner hesitates a few seconds. "Most of the bad parts actually have protectors. Like... Daredevil's turf is Hell's Kitchen. Almost no one comes to Staten Island." He shrugs. "It wasn't a real patrol. I just needed some clear air myself."

Namorita has posed:
Namorita smiles again, looking him over. "I'm familiar with some of the protectors, yes." she replies. "There are others who try and protect the world's oceans. A much bigger task, of course." None of which really addresses her own presence here. "But it was pleasant meeting you, even if I don't require protecting."

Superboy has posed:
"Hey, I didn't mean you did," protests Conner. "I know Atlanteans are tougher than regular humans. Also, you can fly," which he is pretty sure it is not normal for Atlanteans. Also, she has not told him why she is here. But it is not his business, is it? Unless... "Were you patrolling, Nita?"

Namorita has posed:
Namorita shrugs, perhaps a bit too quickly, at the question. "I was following up on a lead, actually." she replies, managing not to look sheepish. "The Rand Corporation used to be one of this area's primary sources for pollution and toxic damage to the environment. They claim to have turned over a new leaf." And she very obviously doesn't believe it.