9096/City Fall: Cleaning House

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City Fall: Cleaning House
Date of Scene: 06 September 2019
Location: 9096 Midtown - Manhattan
Synopsis: Bodies rain in Manhattan as the Foot sends a message to the city.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Mercy Thompson, Ivory, Daredevil, Shadow
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    It's the middle of the day, another bustling day in Manhattan. Traffic is bumper to bumper, and the sidewalks are full. Over the streets the LED bill boards run their ads for various products. Video Games, Shoes, Makeup, and Clothes. There's nothing unusual about it at all. A taxi honks at a man who forces right of way on a bike. A street vendor is trying to impress the importance of his souveniour Empire State buildings.

Mercy Thompson has posed:
Mercy's out here, shop's slow. She's on lunch break and decided to come to Manhattan. She's got her coveralls on, work boots and hair's tied back...and she's fuming. Spending the last five hours fighting with rusted up German cars can do that...so she needs lunch to figure things out. And that means leaving Harlem, coming to Manhattan. She's just walking down the sidewalk and musing to herself, while keeping her head up and wary of problems.

Ivory has posed:
Having closed the popup store on the last monday left Ivory to roam the city once more, a sketchbuck tucked under their arm to look for something that might inspire them for a new shirt or something. Just another face in the crowd safe for the fact they were dressed carefully to not show signs of their gender, whatever they might have chosen for the day. It might not fool people with superhuman senses but for the general populance? The White Persian Cat designer was androgynous.

Shredder has posed:
    It's such a common day, that the sudden shock to the environment seems to be only partly processed by those who go about their day. One of the screen advertisements changes. It's a black background with a red footprint on it. Another changes. Then another. Most people don't seem to notice as the text scrolls across the screen, white.

New York City hates crime, but the traditional method of containing that violence has failed. We will stop it. Consider this a gift.

The message simply stays on the screen, far longer than most advertisements. A couple of people glance from their food, or look up at the state of the screen billboard not moving.

Mercy Thompson has posed:
Mercy looks up and is a little puzzled. She stops and ducks out of the way of a cyclist that /has/ to get somewhere. She's no desire after all to end up as roadkill...which being a coyote shapeshifter would be ironic. Still she watches, and...and...she sighs. Mercy's not sure if this is a prank, or...what it is, but she's thinking whoever did this has to be a nerd. Yes, that's her exact thought. Computer people do impressive things, "So...is this some sort of prank?" Mercy asks aloud, she's used to the weird goings on in NYC, but...but...she's just frankly puzzled.

Ivory has posed:
Ivory Valentine looks up as someone mentions prank nearby, looking for what she might mean. "Huh?" they ask, looking for the source or what they comment on, then up to the screen, givign it a couple moments. "Strange..." they mutter, pulling that sketchbook up to make a quick note on the paper with the graphite tucked into its rings.

Daredevil has posed:
Matt Murdock is on the way back from visiting a client when he feels the mood shift in mid-town, waves of confusion coming off the crowd as their heads tilt upwards to look at the screens.

Screens Matt can't read.

He nudges a guy, "Hey, is something going on?" he asks

The guy turns, "What's the matter buddy are you bli-" he begins but seeing Matt's cane and shades he changes his tune. "Oh, sorry mac, there's this big red foot and then something saying, New York hates crime, the regular ways don't work so we're going to stop it, consider it a gift. Weird right? This some new movie or something?"

"Don't get out to movies much," Matt offers with a wry grin. "Thanks," he says putting a hand on the man's shoulder.

Parting company with him Matt slips away to pull out his phone using voice commands to dial Foggy.

"Hey, Foggy, something's going down in Midtown, can you bring me my duffle bag..."

The office wasn't far, so if things went down Matt was counting on being able to suit up and deal with it.

But man he really needed to get on getting a suit that fits under his clothes.

Shadow has posed:
    Cranston Multinational Shipping's New York headquarters building isn't the tallest building around, but its CEO's office is well above the hubbub of the streets and the neon signs.

    Just the way Natasha likes it, as she ponders the wording of a proposal as she writes... And then her cellphone buzzes, a line of near-incomprehensible chatspeak and a thumbnail of what looks like an adorable kitten.

    Natasha frowns and swipes it away, then thumbs the fingerprint scanner to call up an app that very much isn't available on the download stores.

        --- Billboards hijacked. Foot symbol. Ominous text. ---

    She stands up, turns around and looks out the window to the streets below, where more and more people are stopping to look at the billboards. She scowls and turns again to key her secretary's intercom.

    "Susan, hold all my calls. I'm taking an early day." She switches the intercom off on the outraged squeak of her secretary and heads for her private elevator, thumbing another message on her app, making sure Benny will be ready to pick her up by the time she reaches the street...

Shredder has posed:
    The sound above that is hard to hear for most, a yell-no, a panicked scream. Then the sudden deafening THUD of metal being impacted. A taxi comes to a halt, disabled, stopping the already thick traffic. The cause is quite clear. A human body has landed on the hood. After a moment, people start to turn, the Big Apple slow to pick up on things of this nature. Another body slams into a large flowerpot that decorates the street, sending pieces of the faux stone skittering.

    A third body goes through the booth selling the replicas of the Empire state building, the impact decimating the small sales cart, and eliciting a scream from the older man. A few more bodies fly over the edges of various rooftops of the intersectings streets, short cries cut off by a sudden slapping impact on the ground. One of them even past the CEO's window as it falls several stories down toward a brutal end.

Mercy Thompson has posed:
Mercy looks stunned for a moment. Okay, this just got worrying real, woryingly quick. Mercy's looking for somewhere to hide, and...yeah, hide like....now. She's worried, and worry makes her surivival instincts kick in. Looking over and a little up, Mercy doesn't stop to think on the bodies. Instead she's running for cover. Or at least, until the bodies quit falling out the sky. She's no desire to be 'that girl who got killed by a falling body' any time soon. Mercy finds a spot to hunker down in a shop doorway and just....takes it all in. SHe's worried and shaking, and not sure just what to make of it all. THe bodies hitting the ground are bad enough, but....she's definitely wanting to hide and not come out until things have calmed down.

Daredevil has posed:
Matt's firing off a text to Elektra, after all she has her own axes to grind with the Foot, when the first bodies start to fall. He doesn't quite believe what he senses at first the screams, the rush of the falling bodys, their flailing arms transmitted to him through his radar sense... then thunk they hit cars, and his nostrils are flooded with the copper scent of blood and pungent stench of spilled viscera.

"No!" he exclaims when he realizes what's happening.

He may not have time for Foggy, he grabbing an I <3 NY t-shirt from one of the stands, he hurries into the alley calling, "Need to borrow this," as his senses sweep his surroundings trying to find the nearest person yet to be thrown off the rooftop.

Shadow has posed:
    Instinct, training, enhanced awareness... But in the end, it's pure luck that has Natasha glancing up just in time to dodge away as another body comes plummeting down. Even more luckily, everyone around her is too shocked to realize that her own reaction of screaming fright and hurrying away from the sidewalk is a second too slow to be instinctive. Luckily, Benny's already pulling up and opening his passenger door.

    "Man, what a mess," he mutters, looking up at the sky as often as he looks at the streets to avoid traffic and falling bodies. "I guess those Foot boys are meaning business."

    "Apparently," Natasha growls, for once not the calm and unruffled CEO. She focuses on her phone, contacting Oracle and DarkSky via the app, alerting them to the situation and advising them to get a priority line to every cape capable of high altitude rescues in the vicinity, then reaching into her briefcase for her coat and hat.

    "The one thing I'm certain of is that the Shredder will have more to say once he runs out of bodies to throw..."

Shredder has posed:
    Many of the people to be thrown have been thrown, but a few are above still, one in particular fighting fiercely for his or her life on a roof nearby. Another falls into a tree near Ivory, snapping branches as he lands on the concrete. He might have just survived due to the tree. His head is shaved, wearing street clothes, and a tattoo of a schwastika is by his left eye. Very possibly not a very nice person.

    With all of the commotion, there is one Japanese man in Greeley Square, sitting at one of the picnic tables, who quietly watches, sipping some hot tea in a gray business suit. He watches, one leg crossed over his lap.

Ivory has posed:
Ivory Valentine is utterly confused for the first moment people flew down the buildings, taking cover together with the rest of the New Yorkers, clutching their scrapbook under the arm and holding the arm they had recently hurt. Seeking shelter with a couple other under an outcroppign of a building, they shivered, wincing from the pain induced by another pressing themselves into the same cover and against the bandaged scratched arm.

Mercy Thompson has posed:
Mercy's hiding though watching bodies hit the pavement is....reminding her she could be worse off. Carefully she peeks her head out and then ventures out, retreating when more bodies fall. Mercy makes sure she's not within eyesight of anyone, then just....steps into being a coyote. She's a person one moment. A coyote in a pile of clothes the next, she looks frankly silly with her head and ears poking out of her coveralls, and she's scrabbling to get herself free....but she's also watching the rest of the people in the little area where she is, too. Mercy's still worried, but being a coyote and able to run at 60 is going to help, right?

Daredevil has posed:
Rushing up the fire escape to the top of that roof, Matt leaps to the roof top wearing the shirt around his hair and eyes.

Sensing the would-be victim in a fight for their life Matt rushes foreward to engage their attackers and keep them from throwing them off the roof!

Shredder has posed:
    The rain of bodies seems to have slowed to a stop, minus the one still fighting on the roof where Matt has arrived. Steel gray uniforms cover the attackers, two of them, as they brawl with a very bloodied man. He's tired, and large, a hispanic gang leader known from Hell's Kitchen. He's been to jail more than once, but due to the nature of things, he often gets back out. Santo Fernandez. He has his belt hanging from one hand, using it as a whip as one of the ninjas come in for a pass, and he causes the attacker to recoil to avoid the strike. "Come on amigo! No puedes manejarme!"

    Below, Mercy's transformation is noticed, but seems to be the lesser of oddities as people look around for more falling bodies. As Ivory rushes for cover, the skinhead below the tree reaches out helplessly. His head is bleeding, and he is slow to move, seeming unable to get up from the impact. "Ugh, help, oh man that hurts so bad..."

    The message on the board is replaced, new white text passing across the screens.

-These people have hurt the city long enough. There are more. They will be removed and you will be safe.-

    Meanwhile, still sitting, the man with the gray suit simply observing the reactions.

Mercy Thompson has posed:
Mercy's ears flatten against her head at the sight of the screens. She's not a fan of this, really, she's a trouble magnet. Next time, she'll send her assistant out to get lunch and stay home. Although, Mercy's definitely not got hit by a falling body, but there's something to be said for being a four pawed four paw drive powered 'yote just trying to survive. Mercy's doing thhat and working her way to another hiding place. She's wanting to take stock if everything. No desire to go up onto roofs thank you. She'll keep her paws on terra....concrete firma and do what she can from down at ground level. WIth claws and teeth, that is.

Shadow has posed:
    "... Oh, that ain't good..." Benny mutters, almost as much to himself as for the benefit of his passenger.

    "Indeed," the Shadow replies. "He tamed the underworld by showing them the benefits of accepting his leadership. And now he uses the ones who refused him to claim to... 'protect'... the civilian people. Devious."

    The Shadow ponders a moment, then nods. "Drive. Look for something or someone out of place. He would not put on a show like this and wait for second-hand reports of how it was received..."

Mercy Thompson has posed:
Mercy scrambles up and over a taxi, if only to get away from the sidewalk, claws clciking on metal a s she runs. THat's gonna be a pain in the ass for some poor guy at the taxi firm to sort out, Mercy's not caring. FIght or flight. And since the fight's up there, and she's not a winged coyote (what would they even look like?), she's on four paws, running for another hiding place....in among the stopped taxis, up and over, and....finaly into a shop where she can watch the chaos from a doorway. Mercy's got no interest in helping people who got thrown from roofs, nope. SHe can't do a lot for them...

Daredevil has posed:
Fernandez was a tough customer, Matt had fought the man as Daredevil a time or two, but Matt could tell by the gangster's laboured breathing and pounding heart he was almost out of fight.

Matt lets out a short shrill whistle to get the attention of Fernandez's attackers, "Hey, you two want a partner who can really dance?" he doesn't wait for an answer moving across the rooftop swiftly, engaging the men with a kick for one and a punch for the other...

... at least that's plan if his blows land.

Shredder has posed:
    The two ninjas on the roof seem unprepared for someone to come to the gangster's defense. One of them looks over, spotting the incoming t-shirt-faced vigilante. The one who kept his focus on Matt took a kick to the face, sprawling to the ground. The second deflects the punch with a kama coming into hand in an attempt to stab him in the back, but a sudden belt wrapping around his neck pulls him back as Santo throws the ninja over his shoulder and facefirst onto the ground.

    Naturally, as Mercy leaps between vehicles it draws some attention, but the dead bodies are starting to get crowds around them. Of course, in the Big Apple, some just want to keep walking. Police sirens are starting to be heard, and the lights of an officer who was already in the area come on as she opens the door of her car, trying to clear people back from a fallen body.

    Interestingly enough, that officer is close to the one that is calling out to Ivory for help. She spots the man's outstretched hand, but instead of helping, she goes back into her car and pulls out crime scene tape, and begins to tape off the area around the dead body in front of her, rather than attend the live one begging for help.

    The injured skinhead spots the coyote in the doorway, and reaches in the dog's direction. "Good doggie, get the police officer," he murmurs pleadingly, desperate for any help, even if he thinks it's simply an animal.

    The Japanese man stands, taking the tea in the paper cup and finishing it off before casually walking to the trash receptical. He disposes of the cup, and without a word begins to walk across the crosswalk. The congested traffic makes it easy as cars are stopped in one lane, and rubbernecking is alive and well in the other.

Ivory has posed:
Ivory Valentine looks all the more confused as the cop calls out them from the crowd taking shelter under the overhang to help, first pointing at herself before trying to push their way to the front of the crowd, glancing up all the time. It takes them time to get to the point of least protection of the sheltering overhang. Standing almost out in the open, they fidget, looking up with some fear in the eyes, then over to the cop grabbing the band, then the skinhead and the cop again. "I... I really have no idea what to do... I mean, I am no doctor or such. And I can't hault you or anything." Plus, as a genderqueer skins were something of a bane to them.

Mercy Thompson has posed:
Mercy's more liable to end up in a dog pound if she does this. But still. Why help a skinhead? Or rather, one that got thrown from a tree. Mercy has a mental image of doing her Lassie routine, but for /that/ whoever was throwing bodies miss the well by about...Mercy reckons, five or six states over. She does though run past the officer then loops back toward the injured people. Sure, if she gets caught by animal control....she'll just....well....sign herself out on two legs and walk home. Oh the joys of being the daughter of a deity and a trouble magnet and unable to speak in four pawed form. Still, Mercy's loping along back toward Ivory and the others. Hopefully, the cop's spotted her and got curious. WOrst case? Animal Control's headed this way. In which case...Mercy may just chew through a catchpole...and run away.

Daredevil has posed:
Matt feels the ninja's nose crunch under his boot and can taste the copper of blood in the air as he swings his punch at the second man. The punch is deflected and as Matt reels back to avoid the swing of the kama, the ninja is yanked away by Fernandez and thrown to the ground.

Using his senses Matt sweeps both men to see if they're still awake, if so he hits them until they go unconcious. A look is given to Fernandez, "I hope I don't have to tell you and your people to get out of town, I won't be on every rooftop."

Shredder has posed:
    Santo gives a look at Matt, as if it is taking him a second. "Holy mother of Jesus, what are you doing here, come to mess up these matons?" he asks, odd maybe to hear him call someone else a bully. "Never thought I'd be seein' the devil on my side." He puts his hands on his knees. "You got a alot of cahones to be messin with the Foot, hombre. I shoulda had less I'm guessin'. I'm just too damn stubborn, Mama always said."

    Down below the skinhead seems a bit less racist than he might normally. "Just...just stand so they can't see me," he begs Ivory. "If they know I lived, I won't make it." For as tough as he looks, his behavior shows him to be quite less tough than the image might portray.

    As Mercy runs through and around the cop, she turns and sees the man lying near Ivory. She looks for a long moment, and back at the coyote. She looks up at the roof. She looks back at the coyote. Back at the man. "No one come closer to this," she says, and uncomfortably start to walk to Ivory and the injured skinhead.

Mercy Thompson has posed:
Job done, Mercy carries on running. No sense in stopping now and having somebody take her photo...adorable as adorable as she is. Mercy just wags her tail and pads over to Ivory and the skinhead, before leaping deftly backwards and sitting, like a house pet, by Ivory. Mercy's willing to ignore that little voice in her head that screams trouble'. Instead, she's focused on what's going on down here...and 'down here' is injured people who lost a fight with gravity then suddenly found the sidewalk. Mercy shakes her head, shaking out her fur before lifting a paw to Ivory in a....sort of wave. It's very human like really.

Daredevil has posed:
Matt actually grins at the stubborn remark. "Don't I know it," after all he'd kept clashing with Fernandez and the man never stayed gone. "But might want to put that stubborn streak aside foe awhile, The Foot are definitely going to try again, but not if you're not in the city. Get out for awhile, when they're dealt with, well..." his grin goes wry. "It'll be back to the same old routine."

He lifts his head in an imitation of looking at the man. "We good?" he asks extending a hand.

Shredder has posed:
    "Yeah esse," Santo's meaty hand slaps a handshake into Matt's, "We good," he says. Hard to complain when someone saves your life, regardless of who they are.

    The cop seems reluctant, looking down at the survivor of the fall. But everyone is watching, and she pulls her radio mic. "Dispatch, we have a survivor," she says. "Send an ambulance to 900 S Broadway." She turns to Ivory, "Thanks," she looks like she is going to say 'Miss', but she hesitates, as if uncertain what to say. "Police will take it from here." The injured man looks up at the cop, as if a little wary of her, and then back to Ivory. Clearly, though, he has little left to say in the matter.

    The man in suit, the Japanese businessman known as Oroku Saki, watches. A slight smile curls to one side of his lip, ever so slightly, and he continues down the street.