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Just a Few Pointers
Date of Scene: 09 September 2019
Location: China Basin, Old Gotham
Synopsis: Morrigan getting mugged wakes up Victor from a hangover. He then teaches her how to knife.
Cast of Characters: Sabretooth, Morrigan MacIntyre

Sabretooth has posed:
It's not unnusual for a woman to look into self defense. Some kickboxing lessons, maybe some time at the range with a new Glock. Stereotypical, expected and boring. No, Morrigan wanted to learn the art of the blade. The sweet science of slice. The finer points of... finer points. So when she started looking around and not finding all too many master swordsmen laying about, it could get frustrating. Luckily, that frustration was not to last. A young man emailed her back, saying he heard from a friend that she was looking to learn.

Meet in China Basin. Across the street from Dang's Fine Laundry and Dry Clean. The only issue was that upon arrival, the only place across from Dang's was... well, a martial arts studio. That looks like it closed back in 2015. Windows dusty and clouded over with grime. A sign on the locked door, fresh printer stock with an arrow pointing to the right. 'Door Broken. Use Alley Entrance'. Absolutely above board, right? Right

It's getting dark. The humidity never left. It's one of those muggy, sticky Gotham nights that always just goes completely according to plan... Yeah. Right.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan was convinced that this was going to be alright. It was just a new experience. And she definitely needed to learn how to defend herself more while she was learning magic. She just didn't like guns. She'd leave all of those to Mister Castle. The red headed woman gives a look over the building after she's exited the Uber and her hands go to her hips as she looks the place over. This was fine.

She approaches the door, her bright violet gaze reading the sign, then she checks her phone. Reception was shady. Much like this place.

She thinks for a moment and then peers around the corner to the alley, "You got this." she whispers to herself. She then steps around into the alley, dressed in jeans, black -shirt and a duffle bag. She brings it closer to her body as she looks around for where this entrance might be.

Sabretooth has posed:
This was too good to pass up. For three arrogant, criminally inclined young would-be Triads, this was easy money. Answer the ad. Get a feel for if the person is worth rolling and then dangle the hook. For Twuan, Heely and Nito, it's too easy. Heely had karate classes as a kid so he knew the terms. Nito was the looks and Twuan? Twuan was big and angry. They made a great team. For low rent thugs.

Heely watched from across the street, smoking a cigarette outside Dang's. As Morrigan steeled her resolve and headed into the alleyway, stereotypical danger reared its multiple heads! Really, Morrigan... maybe Mister Castle was onto something.

Twuan and Nito, a contrasting pair of very tall and athletic beside skinny and haggard lean. The big man puts out his smoke, Nito pushing away from the wall with hands in his pockets.

"You lookin' for Heely? Lessons, right?" Asks the whip thin thug in flashy, second hand attire. A low whistle sounds behind her as Heely, all swagger and piercings, closes off the escape. Mugging 101 is in session. "First lesson is free, lady." He says when the flash of a switchblade catches the light from a flickering alley light the color of dirty amber.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Maybe Mister Castle did! Morrigan stops short when someone steps away from the wall. The red head giving the men a look over and there's a moment she calls herself an idiot mentally. Shouldn't have done this.

"Yeah, I'm looking for Heely. Not the Scarecrow, Tin-Man and the Cowardly Lion." she states with a look around. The third one that closes off the end of the alley gets her attention and she takes a moment to breathe.

When she turns back to the other two those eyes of hers glow for a moment, "Alright. There's no need for violence. Want the money I brought. You can have it and I'll go. Won't even bother the cops with it." she tells them as she starts to wrap the strap of the bag around one of her fists.

Sabretooth has posed:
She's not the first person to have fallen for the schtick these three put up. There's always somebody willing to pay for 'authentic' lessons down in China Basin. Heely, Nito and Twuan haven't paid for booze in weeks because of it. The two keep a slow, confident approach. Relaxed with their backs to a dead end stacked high with refuse and discarded furniture.

"I'm Heely. Scarecrow doesn't know fear like I make it. Ask him." He says all too confidently. Scarecrow would turn the boys mind into paste. That would be a kindness in the end. Pointing the blade at Morrigan, he approaches and reaches for her bag. "Give it all." The little man laughs when she looks back to him and Twuan. "Yeah, that's the thing though. We don't trust tourists." The glow of her eyes catches the two off guard and both give pause. Looking at eachothet for support here. Encouragement. That's all it takes for Heely. He doesn't see the danger. He sees the dollar signs and tries to grab her bag while slashing that knife wildly. "No witness, no cops!"

Somewhere back in the dark, a low rumble is heard. Like a train rolling down distant tracks.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's going to put this down in the books for 'Dumbest Thing To Be Done This Year'. Seriously. She should just pick up a gun. "You really have NO idea what you're talking about. You're all just punks." she tells them. When Heely goes for the bag, she swings it at him, smacking him in the side of the face with it as that knife goes wildly through the air. And it definitely slices her skin open. She gives a yelp at the pain that runs up her arm.

That is followed by the scent of blood in the air and the woman recoils a bit. Her blood pumping hard enough that she's trying to overcome the fight or flight instinct to stay and kick this dude in the balls. "Motherfucker!" she hisses at him. He manages to cut the strap of her bag and it dangles between them.

She hears the rumble, but she just thinks it is a train or a truck far off.

Sabretooth has posed:
"Punks?! I'll show you-!" THWUMP! Heely takes a bag to the side of the dome, it's not filled with marshmallows and as his ear rings, he makes a note to next time cut first then go for the purse. Young Heely is not a man of moral fiber. The trade is made and Morrigan takes the bad end of it, catching a semi-dull switchblade across the back of her forearm.

Nito is the first to have second thoughts. His pulse picked up, blood thundering as flashes of news footage pass before the mans eyes. Visions of alien laser eyes. He starts to shout for reconsideration. Twuan, tall and covered in tattoos and no shirt(fashion statement!), rushes Morrigan from behind as she struggles with Heely and her bag.

FWUMP! Heely takes a toe to the stones and crumbles to his knees, visibly nauseated but still managing to keep his blade aloft and pointed at Morrigan.

They don't see it. Not a single one of them was looking down the dead end way when Victor Creed woke from his blackout drunk nap. Do you have any idea how much this man has to drink to get that drunk? Madame Pigeon over at the Laughing Tiger knows. Enough to put her daughter into Gotham U. The scent of blood is what roused the beast. It was the strangled, cut short cry of surprise fron Nito that drew eyes back toward the dark...

Back to the looming, brutish mutant known as Sabretooth with bloody talons held aloft. Crimson spattered like hot paint across all three of them as their little friend falls... in two directions at once.

"I hate being woken up before my alarm." Growls that impossibly deep voice. Eyes glintng a haunting yellow as light reflects.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's bloody and cut open by the time Heely gets the bag. The toe of her boot had been planted firmly in his junk. Somehow being slashed didn't seem so bad. But she was betting that she was going to be brutally murdered in a few moment.

Then there's the warm wash of blood...and not her blood. Her nostrils flare and her head turns slowly to see who or what is talking. She recognizes that face. From many months ago. She swallows and just lets go of the strap that she was holding onto. She wasn't going to need those clothes, no.

All the blood rushes from her already pale face as she looks at the two halves of the one that has been cut in half. Because that's crazy to comprehend for the moment. Do you run or do you stay really really still? She didn't know which one.

Sabretooth has posed:
There's a saying in the underworld that Bullseye only gets out of bed for two mill, Sabretooth gets out of bed for two pints. Blood is the grand motivator. It floods his senses. Sparks a wildfire of regeneration and instinct. He's up. He's sober as a judge and his right arm is already awash in hot life. The smile that creeps to his face, fanged and savage, when Morrigan recognizes him. "Hello, frail." He growls cheerily as Nito breathes his last, dropped like so much garbage.

Heely is stunned. The kick to the jewels and the unceremonious murder or a man he's known since grade school has left him shaking and babbling incoherently. Looks like he does know fear after all. Twuan? He's not smart but he's not stupid. A glance back at Victor and he tries to run. A massive hand grips the back of the would be assailants neck.

Peering down at Morrigan, Twuan clawing and slapping frantically at Sabretooths hand as he's lifted off the street with too much ease. The man is choking. Victor is staring right. At. Her. "Why do I recognize you?" He asks, a dead mans blood misted on his skin like war paint. He seems serene. A sleepy sort of chipper for a murderer the size of a Prius.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's brain kicks in for a moment when Victor greets her and there's a curl of her fingers in a wave that she manages to give. A bloodly one. That was going to be an issue. She doesn't really gain any of her color back. The blood standing out in stark contrast against her skin. She watches Twuan being lifted off the ground.

Then she's looking up to Victor, "Ran into you at a coffee shop months ago." she tells him. Why wouldn't she just give over information? I mean, he's currently turned the dude that sliced her up into a puppet. So she's not wanting to join the show.

She also didn't realize he was this huge. But up close in blood covered it becomes something you can't miss. She still doesn't move. She keeps her feet planted where they are and she watches the mans eyes.

Sabretooth has posed:
Blood brings everything to a crystal clarity that Victor simply cannot achieve without. Spilled by his hand or another, his blood or someone elses. Doesn't matter. It sets the world alight. The spatter of bright crimson on near snow white complexion causes Victor's reflective stare to linger. Heely struggles to stand, Victor's narrowing gaze and increased growl puts the man back to the asphalt in a puddle of his own making.

Suspicious at first, Victor Creed's nostrils flare. Lips part as he draws in her scent, rolling it over his tongue with ragged purr in the back of his throat. Clawed fingers snap and he smiles wide, those fangs all too prominent. "Right, right. I remember you now. A little Irish with your Colombian, right?" That's when Twuan, turning purple, decides to jab a hunting knife into Victor's forearm. Growling low and warning, he grabs the offending hand and blade alike. Pulls them free and.... crunch... crackle. Twuan screams as his hand is ruined. Heely starts to sob quietly.

"Well, Red. Time to get what's yours. Which one you stabbin', hmm?" What kind of psychotic question is that?! The kind that he means. A red smeared hand extends, palm up with a knife offered out. The one he just had in his forearm. The forearm that is -already- healed. "Only fair, right?"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan looks to Heely as he gets up and for a moment she ALMOST tells the man to stay down for his own safety. Because she was pretty sure if he moved that the big guy was going to murder him. Maybe she was sure of it.

Then her attention is back on Victor and there's a quick nod of her head, "Aye." she tells him. Then Twuan takes the chance to stab him and the woman flinches at the sound that follows. Her eyes closing for a moment.

When she reopens them, she's looking at the bloody hand that's offering the knife, she feels a little green around the gills for a moment. "Someone would be very cross with me if I murdered them. Even if they are scumbags." she tells him. Doctors, that whole Oath thing.

Sabretooth has posed:
Heely, dropping his switchblade from shock numbed hands, tugs weakly at Morrigans's pants leg. The man who literally just cut her over a bag is now looking up at her with pleading eyes. Begging in rapidfire Mandarin. Victor ignore the broken one. Twuan in his near strangled grasp, is slooooooowly let back to the ground. Claws lightly bite into the mans throat, just barely breaking skin.

A deep, resounding chuckle leaves the big man. Victor keeping his prey captive. The young mans eyes wide, tears glittering with a mixture of terror and rage. "Aye, she says. Don't you live the accent, junior?" He asks Twuan, fangs close to the mans ear. He can almost smell the fear radiating off of them. Twuan manages a strangled affirmative before beggibg to be let go. Victor squeezes. The knife remains offered in that palm the size of a dinner plate.

The smile takes a colder twist after he licks his lips. Amber eyes narrowed, focused. Even as two grown men quietly sob and beg, Victor offers his heartfelt advice. "They were gonna kill you, girl. Leave you bleeding out right.... well." He nudges half of Nito with his boot. "Right about here, probably. Take the knife, darlin'."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan is a bit terrified at the moment so when Heely tugs at her pant leg she almost jumps out of her skin. She jerks away from him and there's a moment she moves down the wall, but not moving very far away. Not acting like she's running. For once she doesn't know what to do.

But Victor speaks and she looks to him, even if she's not agreeing with him on things. A shakey hand reaches out and takes the knife, "I'm sorry." she tells him. Sorry for what? They'd find out. She grips the knife in her hand, not having held one like this before. It was all terrifying.

Sabretooth has posed:
It's like a drug to Sabretooth and the feral nightmares out there like him. Fear. He breathes it in like a perfume, eyelids fluttering as he allows himself a brief moment to revel in it all. The chaos of scents. Blood. Fear. Sweat. Urine. Garbage. Old fry oil. When his eyes snap back open, he snarls down at Heely with unexpected force and ferocity. "Don't -touch- her, meat." Broken, he curls upon himself in the middle of the alley.

Sabretooth smiles wide and encouragingly as she takes that large blade with an unsteady hand. "I know, I know. Ole Victor is about to make it right though, darlin'. Just you wait and see." Amber eyes flick to Twuan, his chin lifted high by the clawed grip of a beast with over a century of blood on his hands. With his free hand, Victor pantomines her grip on the knife with a disturbingly polite tone of voice. For him. "Thumb here. Like This. Don't fight the weight of the knife. It's a tool. You're a doctor, think of of it as... as... " Fingers snap-snap-snap "What's that word? Scalpel? Right, right. Tighter grip. Not too loose."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan is on autopilot for the moment. Do you really know what to do in a situation like this? No. The redhead is going to be pale for the rest of her life after this. She jumps at the sound of Victor snarling at Heely for touching her and for a moment there's a soft spot for the large man. At least /HE/ wasn't trying to gut her. It would be a short show.

She grips the knife, as much as her fingers will let her do it and she listens to the advice he gives, "Your name is Victor?" she asks as she is trying to figure out what exactly she's going to do with this knife. "Yes, scalpels..." she murmurs to him.

Sabretooth has posed:
This isn't Victor's first dance. He knows stunned acceptance when he sees it. Do what the boogie man says and you get out alive, right? Heely is broken, beyond repair and catatonic. It seems fear was not his forte after all. Twuan, athletic and tall. A basketball players build. He's still as his absolute terror will allow. Sabretooth, his fanged grin left bright and unsettlingly cheerful.

"Good, good. I know it's a little slippery but my blood ain't so bad." A blond eyebrow arches upward at her question. His left hand lingering infront of Twuan's torso. A single digit raised, claw wickedly sharp. "Victor Creed." He confirms with an all too contented, self satisfied rumble in that deep voice. "Sabretooth when I'm... working..."

A talon slides slow, cutting the shirt fabric like a razor until he exposes the arched tattoo over Twuan's abdomen. The man whimpers, quietly praying for the first time in a decade. "Precision is key, Darlin'. You go for vitals. Liver." He says, claw digging into skin. Blood drawn. "Lungs. Heart. You punch that pig sticker past them. Not at them. Past them... understand?"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's eyes find that glow again as she steps away from the wall and closer to Victor. She gives a look to the others that were scattered about the ground and then back up to the man. "It smells fine." she tells him idly. His blood? What weirdo knows the smell of blood?

She looks back to the young man in front of them and there's a bit of a moment she feels sick. She lifts the knife, listening to his words, but she doesn't stab them. She listens very closely. He was just giving her pointers. "Go for vital organs..." she whispers as she tries to focus on things.

Sabretooth has posed:
Those amber eyes watch with the unblinking stare of a predator locked onto his prey. Instinct always so close to the surface. He idly wondered, as she stepped away from the wall, if he would give chase had she chosen to run. "Does it now?" He asks almost rhetorically. The statement held his curiousity none the less. He lets a silence linger between them. If the crickets weren't scared shitless, there might have been that. Instead, it's just the tragic and unanswered prayers of Heely. Twuan? He flinches at almost every word. Every touch.

"Go for vital organs. Nerve clusters. Here. Here. Herrrrrre." The last word drawn out as he digs in a talon into his captive and current practice dummy. Twuan's scream is cut short as Victors hand claps over the mans mouth. Leering down at Morrigan, he lets the smile turn sour into a critical sneer. "You cut first." His words drip with venom. Hatred. A spiteful disdain for human life on display as he digs talons into the mans ribs. It's a killing blow and one drawn out slowly. Twuan fades fast. Going slack. Finally silent. "Or you end up like him. Nod your head."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan probably would have ran if she figured he wouldn't chase her. There's just something about things that make her not take off and she doesn't want to piss off the big dude. Because she was guessing she wasn't as tough at the trio of dumb asses.

When Twuan screams it makes her eyes flick to the man and then up to Victor when he sneers and those unatural eyes of hers go wide as she looks to him. She's drawn back to the sound of the ribs being bent in on Twuan's body and the man is dead.

She nods to the man when he tells her to. Because he was right.

Sabretooth has posed:
It's instinct. Even after thousands upon thounds upon thousands of years, evolution still hasn't quieted the flight or flight whispers in the back of ones mind. When faced with something like Sabretooth, it's almost natural to understand... it's the ones that think beyond natural impulse, it's those who get cut down more often than not.

Twuan has left this plane. Not in a pleasant way. The body held like so much meat now, Victor regards the slack body for a moment before looking back to Morrigan. A gun metal black talon tap-tap-taps almost impatiently above the now still heart of a once locally reviled thief and thug. "Good girl. Show me."

A small blessing for the Doctor. She wasn't forced at clawpoint to break her oath. This time. Sabretooth stares down at her. Expectant. Surely deranged but patient. So there's that.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Victor was huge and terrifying and Morrigan was sure that if she tried to stab him that he would kill her without blinking. Not that she'd stab the man after he saved her. She wasn't going to be an asshole. She is still shaking, though not as bad as she was. Apparently the men were done for and not a threat.

She looks up to him when he calls her a good girl and there's a quirk of her eyebrow.

Then she understands what he wants her to do. Demonstrate what he'd just explained to her. The red head swallows and takes a breath. Then her hand rises to stab, going for the vital bits he'd told her to. Well, this was a gruesome way to learn, but she had learned.

Sabretooth has posed:
Those eyes of hers. Unnatural. He couldn't see exactly why but when someones eyes glimmer? Glow? It's usually a sign of potential at the very least in Victor's experience. It's when the woman grips that knife and puts to practice what Victor had terrorized i to her brain. The massive maniac that is Sabretooth smiles all too sweetly when Morrigan makes her last mark. "A little sloppy but.... eh, not too bad." Victor says, surveying her work on the fresh corpse before simply dropping it in a heap. A heavy, huff of a sigh and Sabretooth looks over the alley while resting bloody hands on his hips. "Guess that went about as well as can be expected. Huh. Think I'll go get a beer." He says while casually stepping over a dead man and past Morrigan. Leaving her to this carnage.