9142/City Fall: The Boss is Back

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City Fall: The Boss is Back
Date of Scene: 10 September 2019
Location: Empire Casino - Yonkers - New York City
Synopsis: Shredder and Doc Ock talk about possible teamwork. It wasn't a very long talk.
Cast of Characters: Doctor Octopus, Shredder
Tinyplot: City Fall

Doctor Octopus has posed:
It's been a while since the Octoboys had met with the Foot clan. Their second in command, a black haired man named Michael Sarzinski, has been keeping the Octoboys under the radar. Cooperating with Shredder was the prudent course of action while Doctor Octopus was handling other matters, and they had kept to their arrangement. They were a small gang, but they for some reason never had any serious contenders for their turf. There are rumors that their boss -the reclusive Doctor Octopus- was the one in charge, and that if someone attacked their turf, he would come out to defend. Anyone who has tried up until this point usually didn't live to tell the tale, with one lucky survivor from a year ago telling of 'long arms coming out of the darkness for his friends' when they tried.

Needless to say, with Doctor Octopus and his reputation, combined with the few blocks they claim for themselves, no one has really been interested in trying their luck again.

Now though, 'the boss is back', Michael told Shredder over the phone 'and he wants to have a chat'.

The top of the Empire Casino rooftop has a half-dozen well known Octoboys with pistols and one or two sub-machineguns for the meeting. Wearing their gang colors (green and yellow) and an Octopus on the front of their green shirts, it was clear that Doctor Octopus brought backup. The man himself? He's nowhere to be seen, until right on the second of when the meeting is about to take place.

Over the side of the Casino comes a steel colored mechanical tentacle. Then another. It visibly pulls something up, and a man wearing a brown jumpsuit and overcoat comes from below. Two more tentacles can be seen trailing behind as stabilizers as the man comes onto the roof, and starts to 'walk' over on those tentacles over to the Octoboys, Otto himself just 'hanging' there from the harness.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder's response was neutral when Michael told him that he was requested for a 'chat'. He agreed, and normally would have sent Karai for a smaller gang such as this, or maybe even Jennika or a Sifu. His sifting through the good doctor's exploits, however, told him that it could be a misplay. Unnecessary interruptions were not optimal. He would handle this himself. Someone wearing bladed armor crouches atop the second tier of the roof, over the terrace they were intended to meet upon. The metallic ring of a coin can be heard.

    It flits through the air, the gold trinket landing on the ground in front of Otto, bouncing, rolling, and then coming to a rest.

    The figure above meets the description, though only barely visible, the Shredder is known for his rather trademark bladed armor. The coin might be familiar as well. Michael was given one that was similar. But that one was Michael's.

    "Dr. Octavius," the voice calls out. "Welcome back to New York City. I trust your ventures out of state have gone well."

Doctor Octopus has posed:
Doctor Octopus walks over to the Octoboys, and 'settles' down onto the roof among them, before he walks on his own legs casually over to Shredder himself.

He stops a few dozen feet away, and Shredder can see himself reflected in the safety glasses wrapped around Otto's head, at this distance. "It went well for me. Not so much for others." Otto informs Shredder with an air of casual amusement. "I hear you've been busy with New York the last few months." The tentacles behind Otto remain in neutral position until that point, where one darts up into the air and does a 360 around the rooftop, pincers open.

Otto tilts his head just so as he mentally examines the feed from the camera inside the tentacle, his own eyes remaining on Shredder, "You represent the Foot clan?" Otto asks.

A second tentacle, without looking away, suddenly /pounces/ on the coin, the pincers gently grabbing it and bringing it over directly in front of Otto's eyes. He takes a moment to examine the coin closely as the tentacle holds it up for him.

Shredder has posed:
    "I am the Foot Clan." The answer is simple, the figure continuing not to move from his perch. "New York, among many others. Now that the control is secure, I can move forward with more primary concerns. You have returned at a time that allows you to enjoy the benefits of success, and you owe it to Mr. Sarzinski. I hope you pay him well. That coin is yours, provided you continue the wise decision making that your second has shown."

Doctor Octopus has posed:
The coin is taken and pocketed in his coat, then, he turns his attention to Shredder himself.

"Before, the Octoboys stood no chance against your people. The second I was told about the Foot clan, I knew I'd have to be here to be able to do anything." Otto brings up all four tentacles then to his sides, their heads aimed right for Shredder. "I have no interest in continuing our arrangement at this point. I've already ordered the rest of the Octoboys into hiding. Keep out of our territory, and in a week or two I'd be willing to talk mutually beneficial terms. Consider the arrangement with my second null after this meeting. You're dealing with Doctor Octopus now."

Shredder has posed:
    The answer does not come in a delay. The figure continues not to move. "You misunderstood this to be an optional arrangement, doctor." Shredder's voice is cold. "Every underworld organization in this city either will join me and reap the rewards of that arrangement, free reign in the city, or they will be eliminated as propaganda for the masses. You surely saw the example made the other day in midtown. They thought they could stand against me. In their hubris they defied me and distributed and fought over a whimsical drug. Now they are destroyed, and their families are decimated. You do not want to cross me."

Doctor Octopus has posed:
"I saw it. It's the reason why I'm cutting ties." Otto explains with a sneer, the pincers on his tentacles snapping in anger. "I was patient. I waited to see what you were trying to do, but all you want to do is conquer the east coast underworld, from all evidence... and I am nothing if not a scientist."

He turns his back, revealing the root of all four tentacles at his back as he begins to walk over to the rooftop access door. "Don't call us, we'll call you."

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder continues to sit still, and the order is given. "Kill him." In his mind, he doesn't need to wait and chase down the doctor later. From the second tier of the roof, a large creature leaps out of the shadows. Significantly taller than a human, and far broader, a muscled mutant that looks to have once been a hammerhead shark lands solidly on the terrace, bearing his many rows of teeth. He charges forward, heading for Doctor Octopus post haste.

    Meanwhile, from above, Koya takes her cue, and twists in the air, dropping out of it as she begins her dive from above.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
"Deal with the flyer. I'll handle the large imbecile." Doctor Octopus orders, two tentacles coming up and bracing against the roof, another pouncing out and grabbing Bludgeon by a foot as he charges into Doctor Octopus. The momentum is carried as he tosses the large shark bodily right over the rooftop.

Meanwhile, pistols and sub-machineguns are starting to fire into the air as the Octoboys try to wing Koya as they all run for the exit.

Shredder has posed:
    Bludgeon is caught, and clambers to hold on the tentacle as he's tossed, but without enough things to hold to, he slides off the grip, and down to the parking lot below. He lands on someone's Lexus, smashing it and setting off the car alarm.

    Koya rolls to the side as the bullets start flying, her incredible speed a significant advantage. She tucks in low, talons extending as she tries to snatch the doctor directly in his harness.

    Meanwhile, the figure of Shredder continues not to move, but from behind him, two shurikens are flung from the rooftop, whistling toward the octoboys. Shurikens are rarely lethal, but they hurt a great deal when finding targets, and these are thrown for the hands of the gang members to stop their firing.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
He was waiting for that... and when the attack finally comes, that spare tentacle whips out to deflect the shurikens with a loud metallic clang.

This leaves him open to Koya though, and when the bird lady drops down and grabs Otto whole from the rooftop, there's a loud "Urghhhhhhh!" in exertion as all four tentacles go with him.

Up into the air Doctor Octopus goes, for the moment in a midair fight with Koya as he gets his bearings, starting to work out a viable strategy to get himself out of her grip.

The Octoboys, meanwhile, are starting to pile through the rooftop access, down into the Casino back hallways.

Shredder has posed:
    "Hello, prey," comes the whispering taunt from Koya. Teeth bear from inside her beak, a truly unnatural creature, and she suddenly releases the doctor, dropping him off the side of the building to join Bludgeon.

    Meanwhile, from behind the figure of Shredder, a dark clad man emerges. He leaps from the second tier, landing silently, quickly pursuing the falling action, and drawing a katana. As with the rest, he quietly vaults, far quieter than the rest of the action as he descends to the parking lot below, leaving the Octoboys to their retreat.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
Dropped from the air. How droll.

It takes a couple seconds to calculate the situation. Would it be more efficient to grab the Casino wall, or use the lamplights and cars to break the fall? The answer becomes obvious as he falls just past the lights.

A tentacle shoots out and grabs at the wall, extending nearly twenty feet itself as the pincers grab the scaffolding behind the lights of the sign, while the other three tentacles arrange themselves as speed breaks to soften the 'landing' Doctor Octopus has against it. Within moments, Doctor Octopus is attached securely to the side of the Casino in plain public view by all four tentacles... before he starts to 'walk' his way back up to the rooftop.

Shredder has posed:
    As Doc Ock starts to ascend once again, the dropping ninja meets him, a foot first descent, blade turned with a poise ready to permanently end the fight. Koya swoops away, making a circle as Bludgeon gets out of the wreckage of the car. "Koya!" he calls out. "Take his legs!" Bludgeon rushes forward, much to the shock and terror of those at the Casino, and he looks for a way to re-engage the fight. He can't fly, though, so it makes the operation a little more challenging.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
Doctor Octopus can't fly either... but he can leap pretty well on his tentacles, and leap he does, away from the side of the building before he once again extends two tentacles to his right, latching onto the side and pulling himself twenty four feet across the side of the building. His safety glassed eyes look to those below for just a moment, before he starts to 'walk' up to the rooftop again.

If he's going to engage in aerial combat, he needs to have his tentacles available for grabs.

Shredder has posed:
    The dark clad figure lands and rolls as he hits the ground, remarkably able to handle the fall and come back to his feet. Koya swoops in as he ascends again, looking to pluck him off the wall once more and bring him down to where her allies are.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
There's no subtlety to Koya as she swoops in, so keeping track of her as she comes in for another grab attempt isn't that hard. When it becomes clear that's what she's doing, two tentacles anchor Otto to the side of the building. Meanwhile, the two other tentacles are positioned in front of himself, ready and waiting to 'swat' Koya away.

"Fool me once, and all that." Otto sneers at her, his teeth clenched in anger as he waits for her.

Shredder has posed:
    Koya's agile, but though she is able to dodge the first, the second catches her across the chin, sending her veering away from her intended attack.
    The crowd is growing, and the black clad figure pulls a few pellets from his belt. He chunks them into the crowd. Though they are harmless, the smoke burns the eyes and can cause coughing. Needless to say, as they impact, it causes a stampede, and the people who were gawking in the onlooking are now running in terror. Needless to say, police are likely to follow soon.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
When Koya veers away, the two tentacles anchoring Doctor Octopus to the side of the building begin to 'walk' their way back up the side of the building once more, the two other tentacles kept at the ready for Koya.

Then, Otto does something Shredder may or may not be expecting... and he /leaps/ right off the side of the building, right at Shredder, two tentacles ready to grab the lamps to 'parachute', and the two other tentacles reaching out to grab a car, before tossing it directly at Shredder.

Shredder has posed:
    Whether expected or not, the reactions are fast. Bludgeon leaps forward, catching the impact of the car with both hands. The impact is still plenty to thrust him back, but he remains in control. As he slides backward toward the Shredder, the dark figure leaps up, using the shark as a springboard, leaping toward the doctor, slashing with his blade at the defiant criminal mastermind.

    Koya lands, and looks over her shoulder as she sees the police lights across the interstate leaving the station. "Master," she announces. "We will have company momentarily."

Doctor Octopus has posed:
"Yes. A lot of company." Otto grins, all four tentacles coming up into an attack pattern as Shredder slashes down at him. If one tentacle doesn't grab a limb, three others try to grab him to fling him right back at Bludgeon... or at least block his leap.

"I can keep doing this for hours, 'master'. Can you say the same?" Otto taunts as he stands there in a combat stance. "And I have plenty of ammo to do it with." Otto gestures with his actual hands to the cars around them.

Shredder has posed:
    The dark ninja's blade is caught by the first tentacle arm, and he reaches out to spin around it, losing the sword but keeping himself free as he launches over the attacking mechanical appendages. It means that arriving, he has no drawn weapon to attack with as he sails past, unresponsive to the taunts. His eyes aren't on Otto, though, they are on the apparatus that he wears, taking quick inventory as he passes, landing on the other side. He tilts his head, and then calls Koya, "We leave. Dr. Octavius, you have taken your success and turned it to failure this day." He does not have the tools on hand to neutralize the arms, meaning that the fight may take longer than he has before the police arrive. He slings his wrist forward, throwing a flash pellet toward Dr. Octavius, an attempt to blind him temporarily.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
The harness itself is actually concealed underneath the overcoat he wears. An intentional obscuring of his main asset? Shredder will have to remove the coat in order to see the actual harness itself, to devise a potential means of dealing with it. Nonetheless, Otto keeps in his defensive stance even as Shredder tosses the flash pellet at him. The pellet itself is caught by a tentacle, but the flash is more than enough to do it's job from that distance, and both actual hands come up instinctively to shield his eyes, even though the safety glasses do blunt some of the pellets effect.

Shredder has posed:
    The temporary distraction is used. While he was unable to see the connection directly, he was able to experience the reaction time, and that would have to be something. Shredder is caught up by Koya, who takes him to the roof to attain the dummy armor. He grabs it by the back of the collar, while Bludgeon makes a dash out of the casino grounds, heading back into the streets. By the time the effects are gone, the police are crossing the bridge that spans the freeway, on their way to the casino.

Doctor Octopus has posed:
"A control freak. This is going be a very curious fight." Otto mutters to himself. Then, he's up on all four tentacles and 'dashing' for the nearest collection of buildings at 50mph.

Soon, Doctor Octopus disappears into the hustle of Manhatten.