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A Moonlight Swing
Date of Scene: 12 September 2019
Location: Roof of Angelos sandwich shop, Queens
Synopsis: Date night between Peter and Kitty includes talking about Loki's latest threat.
Cast of Characters: Spider-Man, Shadowcat

Spider-Man has posed:
"Gun to my head..." Peter says quietly, "I'm going to have to say Titanic is the saddest movie I've ever seen." He's sitting on the ledge of Angelos sandwich shop in Queens. A place he's been coming to since he was a teenager, a six inch held in his gloved hands with his mask rolled up enough across the bridge of his nose for him to take frequent bites.

Date night with Spider-Man can occationally not be exactly the most romantic fare, but he'd texted Kitty to see if she'd meet him up on the roof of the sandwich shop. It'd been a while since they'd had a date, he reasoned, and now sitting next to her in the moonlight, he wondered how he could possibly have let that happen.

Grinning over at her with one leg pulled up, draped around it, "Mostly because I love a story that explores the explosive quality of a flashfire love affair... I'm not saying Jack didn't love Rose, but I think that love was polarized because it was so short lived. Their arguments were all arbitrary.. dealing mostly with her stunted upbringing.. so there's no way to tell if they'd have survived the turbulent realities of life OFF of the Jewel of the Sea."

Another bite, leaning a little to his left to bump his shoulder against Kitty's.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde thinks the location is perfect. Even better is the way she wrapped her arms around Peter and let him swing them up there. She dusted off the building edge and then took a seat, and the sandwich from Peter's favorite shop. "This is good, but I'm going to have to take you to Katz's," she tells him. "They have this sandwich, it's my favorite. I had it like, 8 days out of 11 when I first got back. But it's been a couple of months since I had it last. Really need to go over there," she tells him.

The discussion of saddest movie causes Kitty to consider for a moment. No way that Titanic is sadder than Schindler's List. Particularly for the Jewish girl. But then that's the kind of topic that doesn't have a place on date night.

So Titanic it is. "Oh, there's absolutely no way they could have survived. They were a couple that couldn't compromise. I mean, there was room on the wood floating thing for both of them, but Rose just took up all the space. If it was you and I in that frigid ocean? Well... actually I'd phase to avoid the cold water and you'd probably... can you make a web boat? I bet you could. Sort of like that duct-tape one they built on that old MythBusters. We'd have to design it and it would depend whether you can lay down the fluid as a solid sheet or if we'd have to apply layer after layer to make it waterproof," she says.

Kitty takes a bite of her sandwich and asks around her full mouth, "What were we talking about?"

Spider-Man has posed:
"God, I love you." Peter says after Kitty picks apart the way they'd totally trounce the sinking of the Titanic with their various abilities and apptitudes. "It's like you read my brain and then you say the words my brain is thinking and it's exactly what I was thinking..." Swoon, leaning against her, his head on her shoulder.

The sandwich comes up slowly for a dramatic bite.

He's in costume, he's a little goofier than normal.

Talking sad movies is fair game to bring up the more obvious options of emotional response! "The Time Travelers Wife is pretty sad too..." Chewing, swallowing, sitting up with his arm back around his raised leg.

"Will you move in with me?" He asks with a glance in her direction, "Like I know we basically stay together, but I'm talking get your mail there too... not that we still get mail..." Glancing down, mouth quirking to the side. "Also, I have to ask you something, but I don't want to ask you on date night... and not until after I hear the answer to that question. Which can be no.. that'd be totally okay. I'm rambling."

That's why god invented sandwiches.

Peter shoves his in his mouth.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde showed up for the date wearing a pretty, steel blue dress, with her hair done and more makeup than normal. Dark red lipstick, and when he put his arms around her to swing her up to the roof, the scent of her perfume was noticeable. The dress has a short hem to leave plenty of slender leg visible. It's almost like she wants him to think she's pretty on date night.

"I haven't seen that one yet, though it was on my Netflix list for... well it wasn't that long actually. Once I hacked them and downloaded all the movies on my list I kind of stopped using the list. But anyway, it's sitting there in the media center still unwatched," she tells him.

"Yes, I'd like to move in with you, Peter Parker," she says, just continuing on in the same tone as if it were the same topic. Until she looks over to him and gives him a little punch in the shoulder for slipping that in there. Just a soft one. "I kind of still need to stay at the school some though. And I don't want to give up Narnia. Because... I mean, it's so freaking cool, right?" She doesn't know about that whole, taken over by evil Asgardians thing yet, apparently.

"So something you don't want to ask me on date night? This doesn't have to do with foot hygiene or something like that does it?" she asks him suspiciously. Having pulled that topic out of thin air for humor's sake. Kitty Pryde's foot hygiene? Top notch.

Spider-Man has posed:
"yippie!" Peter says, rubbing his arm with a little grin when she agrees to move in with him. "Oh please, you knew I was going to ask eventually. I've been systematically moving your things to my apartment for the last week.." He has, not a ton, just enough. A methodical relocation.

He's clever that Peter Parker.

The thing is, about her trying to make him think she's beautiful on date night, he always thinks she's beautiful. Grinning at her now with his head lulled to the side as if appreciating the work she's put into it all the same. His expression only flickers when she mentions Narnia.

"See, the thing is..." Because that's suspiciously like her reading his mind again, "Loki took over the Sanctum.. I found out last night.." The sandwich quickly bounds up to his mouth for a bite. Chewing just as fast and swallowing it, "And I maybe, possibly, indirectly, without naming names or saying where it is or suggesting it was a forgone conclusion that it was accessable, suggested I had a way to get into the Sanctum beneath Loki's nose..."

He side glances at her.. mouth quirked.

"You know you're beautiful, right?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins over to Peter and says, "So you mean Bobby isn't stealing my stuff as a prank?" She takes a bite of her sandwich and smiles over to Peter, finishing swallowing it this time before talking. Because last time the timing made it kind of humorous to talk with her mouth full. This time not as much.

"I get it though. I mean, wanting it to be... our place... instead of Kitty's room. I want that too," she tells him. The wind blows her hair that she's left down for a change after having gone to the salon for the date, causing her to tuck it back behind an ear to keep it out of the way for a bit longer.

One of Kitty's eyebrows goes up slightly as he starts talking about the Sanctum. "Oh are you for real? So, what about Stephen? Is he ok?" she asks. "I was going to head over there to do more cataloging actually. When did this happen?"

Kitty lets out a little sigh. "So what, are Thor and the Avengers going to go in and kick his butt back to... ah... where do they even kick him? New Asgard I guess but that's like, Norway. Not really out of our hair."

Spider-Man has posed:
"Kind of..." Pete straightens a little and rubs at the back of his neck with a gloved hand, "I.. well I'll probably go in too.." He murmurs quietly, shaking his head, "I don't know though, that seems a little out of my price range, ya know? Messing with a God isn't exactly what I signed up for." Not that he's scared, he's rarely scared, but he knows where his wheelhouse is.

Magic is not it.

"I think it'll be a small team that goes in... provided you let us use the closet... for a quick strike. I don't know who because I didn't volunteer using it until I talked to you first, but..." He bounds his shoulders skyward, eyes down on his sandwich.

"I'm not sure when it happened, but it had to have been recently. Tony says he just found out last night."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty lets her hand with the sandwich settle down towards her lap. "Shoot, if he's got there... I'm going to need to move the mirror to somewhere safe should he go exploring," she says, frowning.

She lets out a breath. "So how is Stephen? What happened to him that he lost it?" she asks. She sets her sandwich to the side, resting it on its wrapper as she turns her attention back to Peter.

Kitty bites down on her lips, and her expression is easy enough to read. She doesn't like the thought of Peter going up against Loki, at all. But there's nothing in her expression to make him think she'd ever ask him not to go.

"So I'll go with you if needed," she tells him. "And what about Wong, does he know what is going on?" she asks.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Obviously you'll go with me." Peter never even thought that was in question, though he has reservations of putting her in that kind of harms way. "I... I don't know, hasn't been any word to me from Stephen, but I'm sure Tony has talked to him. I'll ask later, once I get a chance to go by the mansion, though." Promising her with a half grin, leaning towards her to kiss her cheek.

"Probably? A lot of things are still up in limbo, though. We're all figuring out the details.. I kind of got the feeling something was building from the one time I met him before we took the mirror that one time, though." Chewing the inside of his cheek thoughtfully, "He even mentioned Loki, but... I'll admit I wasn't paying a lot of attention. He was being weird."

As for the mirro, Pete nods after a long pause, "Yeah, probably a good idea. I'd say bring it to our apartment, but I think that kind of defeats the purpose.. I don't exactly know where would be safe, though."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty suddenly gets a beautiful grin as she listens to Peter. She takes his cheeks in both hands and leans over to kiss him. "You're so smart, Peter Parker," she tells him with a grin, her face lighting up.

Kitty takes out her phone and dials it. "Come on, be in a dimension with cell service," she mutters to herself. When the phone connects, Kitty lets out a sigh of relief. "Illyana, hey. Sorry to bother you. So... I have a magic mirror in the back of my closet. It leads into the Sanctum Santorum, which is presently in Loki's hands from what I hear. Could you take the mirror and stow it somewhere safe in Limbo. Somewhere you can recover it on short notice, but that if Loki should discover it and go through he'd find something particularly nasty waiting? We're going to need the mirror in the near future but I don't want to take any chances in the meantime."

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter's mouth hand agog, eyes wide as his masks, "Dude that's.. okay yeah I'm totally brilliant!" Said with a grin, bumping shoulders against Kitty, but he remains silent while she speaks to the creepy Russian psychobear. Less she realize someone elses is there and show up, completely freaking Peter out and setting off his spider senses simply by being in the same occupied space.

"What'd she say? Was it something Russian? It was wasn't it? She's so creepy..." Rubbing his face with both palms. "Okay, so we've got a place to put the mirror, after/before we sneak into the Sanctum to combat a God... which I never thought I'd say, ever."

He bobs his head slowly, looking around with his hands patting together playfully, "All in a date nights work."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty smiles over to Peter. "Something about Petrovich's big brother," she says. "When we need to use it then we can have her return it, but for now at least he won't be walking out of my closet," she says, giving a shudder. "I knew that whole... he's working with his brother, he's a good guy now, stuff was not going to last," she says, shaking her head.

Peter reminding her that it's a date night causes Kitty to take up her sandwich from Angelo's again. "It is a date night isn't it. This stuff just... our lives are strange," she says, sighing and repeating Negasonic's words again, having used them enough she should probably have buttons made.

"So was that the other thing you needed to talk to me about? Or are we still building towards that?" his date asks, reaching over to rest her hand in Peter's while she eats with her other hand.

Spider-Man has posed:
"That was it." Peter says of their previous conversation about going through Narnia to combat Loki, "That's all, see? Not even that bad really, I just didn't want to interrupt date night with shop talk... sully this beautiful evening we're having on a rooftop in Queens." His arm comes up and slips around her shoulders to bring her a little closer, most of his own sandwich gone, he'd much rather hold her than keep nibbling at it.

He blows out a long sigh, "Our lives are 'very' strange..." He agrees with a laugh, having heard that a number of times from varying sources, but never not true of any of them. He shakes his head and rubs at the back of his neck with his free hand. "So, I was thinking we'd go find a quiet place as close to the stars as I can get us and pretend we're teenagers... I may have already picked out a spot... there may already be a blanket there."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty takes a bit bite to finish off the last of her sandwich. She wipes her fingers with a napkin before saying, "Why Mr. Parker, you smooth operator you," she tells him with a smile.

The smiles slips a moment. "Wait, does behaving like teenagers mean we're going to sit there and send text messages back and forth to each other even though we're right beside each other? Or, is it going to be more like my teenage years where I sit there and worship you from afar but you're like five years older than me and so I just have to sit there and suffer because I'm mature enough to pilot a space ship back from the Shi'ar Empire, but not mature enough to date someone with muscles?" she asks.

Kitty reaches over to feel Peter's arm. "Mmm. Muscles," she says with a smile. She leans over to kiss him, and then rises to her feet, dusting off the back of her dress as she moves over nearer to Peter to slip her arm about his waist.

Spider-Man has posed:
"How is it possible for me to fall more in love with you, exactly?" Peter hears her rhetoric and is just smitten, "It's like you found keys to my heart and sprayed your love fragrancy all over the interior, now everytime you say words with your mouth I smell it..." He leans against her with a grin beneath the rolled up mask.

"I mean teenagers in we make out until our lips are chapped and our mouths are dry.. ya know like in the 90s before they had technology and human interaction was stunted by fiberoptic cables." The irony.. the Meta Irony. He grins at her and squeezes her shoulders, flexing his arm against her back when she says something about muscles.

"Yeah, see, the hypocracy of letting you fly a jet in space, but not date someone older than you isn't lost on me... but I'm kind of glad? Means I get all that attention now. Your years of repressed desires, all mine. I am gobbling it up like a glutton."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde breaks out in a fit of giggles at the love fragrancy part of the comments. She smiles to Peter and slides her hands up to his shoulders. "I suppose I'd be happy to do that kind of being a teenager," Kitty tells Peter. She smiles and goes up on her toes to kiss him tenderly.

"I have to say, going off to college at 16 probably saved me from going crazy over... ah, well yeah. Lots of age stuff," she says, blushing a bit. "And, maybe I have a bit to work out still," she confirms, giving Peter a suggestive look.

His woman presses in close against Spider-Man. "Alright, take me away to our private love nest in the stars?" she asks him warmly.

Spider-Man has posed:
"I thought you'd never ask." Spidey pulls down his mask and tucks the tail into the neckline of his costume, spinning backwards to grab up their trash and basketball shoot it towards a dumpster down in the alley with surprisingly good aim, but he's pretty good about depth perceptions and distances. Once that's taken care of, he scoops Kitty up with a sweep of his arm and brushes her up against his side with a look in her direction, "Hold on, beautiful."

He bends at the knees, just a little, but it's plenty enough to launch them up into the air about as high as any human being could in a vertical leap. *THWIP* a webline carries them in an arch, not necessarily a speedy one at first, down the street towards some of the taller buildings housing offices or high end apartments.

Each swing has him kicking his feet forward to build up momentum and height, careful to control his body so he's always got an arm around her, he's pretty good at swinging with just the one arm so long as she's keeping her grip fairly tight as well.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty grabs hold, and even though she doesn't fear falling like most people would, she still grabs him a bit tight. Which can also free up his arms if he needs. She nuzzles her face against Spider-Man's shoulder for a moment, and then lets herself enjoy the view as they swing along.

"I'm in love with Spider-Man," she calls out to the city as they swing past.

"You and me honey! You seen his butt in those tights!?" an older woman sitting out on her fire escape smoking a cigarette calls back as they swing past.

Kitty laughs and clings to Peter as he swings her along. "See. You're much loved. Suck on that, J Jonah," she says with a grin.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Thanks ma'am!" Spidey calls out to the old lady as he swings past with Kitty on his side, holding her tight, "It's all in the cardio!" It's too late for her to have heard it, unfortunately. "I hate it when the perfect response comes too late..."

Grinning all the more at Kitty though, "You know, it's crazy, but Spider-Man loves you too, Shadowcat... we just have to do something about that Parker, guy. My jealous rage shall be the stuff of legend!" Leaping off a line into a vertical upwards thrust, he connects to the side of the building and begins crawling the rest of the way towards the rooftop. Adjusting Kitty around to his back for ease of using both hands in the process. "Almost there. You're going to love the view."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty wraps her arms about his shoulders, clasping her hands below his neck. She suddenly becomes very light, making it easy for him to carry her. In fact he might even worry for a moment she fell because 3/4 of her weight just disappears.

Kitty cranes her neck to glance down at his backside that the older woman mentioned. "I think I already do love the view," she says teasingly, and leans over to give his cheek a kiss.

Peter might notice at some point that she's phasing her lower body to be lighter for him. It makes it insanely easy to carry her, though she does kind of overlap his body at times.

Spider-Man has posed:
"We're having some clipping errors on this alpha build." Spidey says of Kitty's legs phasing through his lower body as they climb, but it's said in amusement as they clear the ledge and she's once more pulled around to hold against his side. Easier with her half lightened like that.

It's said spider-man can stand on an inch long beam with one finger, upside down, and read a book for hours. Standing there on that ledge looking out over Queens, it's hard to imagine how he couldn't do so. Unafraid of the height, contrary to when he started so many years ago, he looks like he belongs up there. More so with Shadowcat on his side.

"I work out." He says to Kitty with a grin behind his mask. A mask he removes with the forward motion of a hand pulling it off his head so that his curly brown hair can tumble down around his face.

Shadowcat has posed:
This time it's Kitty's turn to giggle happily as Peter gets adorkable with her and the nerdy clipping comment. "I so love you," she says with a happy sigh. Piotr would have thought they were talking about cutting something. Maybe a hair cut?

Kitty grins and reaches up to hold both of Peter's cheeks in her hands, kissing him warmly. She lets the kiss end and then looks for the aforementioned blanket, moving over to sit with it. "Starting to get a little chilly again. I actually prefer this weather over summer," she tells him. "Though it's a little cool in a dress. Especially one with an extra short hem you wore to impress your boyfriend," she says, taking a model pose for a moment. One that Janet actually drilled her on, so she does it pretty well.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Well, it definitely impressed him." Peter assures Kitty with a grin behind his curls, pushing them back where they mostly remain, but for the few strays that refuse to be held down by the man. "Still impresses him, actually. I mean look at you... so out of my league." He cranes to kiss her forehead, setting her down on the ledge beside him with another glance out over the city. A breeze on the air bringing chills.

"This weather is a lot better for swinging around in a skin-tight spandex suit, I'll tell ya that. Still get sweaty, but at least I don't smell like a locker room." Joking, but also not joking. He can get pretty ripe in this costume on a summer night.

"Okay, so I brought wine.. I brougth cheese.. I brought two blankets because it's chilly up here. I brought you some chapstick-" Which he holds up from one of his pockets.

"What am I forgetting?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty gives a soft grin. "Flattery gets you everywhere, Peter Parker," she tells him. She moves to sit with him on the blanket. "Not forgetting anything but to put your arms around me, I think," she tells him warmly.

Kitty will happily leans in against Peter, seeking out his body warmth as they snuggle there, watching the last of the sunset fading from the sky. "So anything I need to know as I start officially cohabitating with you? Any bad habits you've just worked so hard to conceal that are going to come out now? Eat crackers in bed and leave crumbs all over maybe?" she asks.

Spider-Man has posed:
"Oh dang, I knew there was something." Peter wraps his arms around her, leading them over to the blanket he'd laid out earlier. An arm scoops her legs to lower her down upon it, then slips up beside her with the other coming across their legs. "You always want to remember every detail, but then the simple things, the most important things, they always slip past..."

Joking, he grins at her, tossing his mask towards the little basket in which he carried cheese and such.

"Habits... habits.. nothing springs to mind. I tend to come and go late hours.. I don't sleep very well.. but I think you largely know that already." Scooting closer, dramatically, "Uhhh I can't cook? But I order food like a baws."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty waves her hand about Peter's lack of cooking. "No worries. I make a bowl of cereal with the best of them." She's serious there. Most of her meals at the school are cereal. Both because she likes it, and because she can't burn it.

Well, she doesn't burn it very often, at least.

She relaxes against him and gives a soft sight. Her hand moves to rest atop his own, rubbing slowly back and forth as she looks at the view of the city that he's given her. "You really are something," she tells him softly. "I mean that, Peter. I loved Jason, and when we split, it hurt. But I'd not have missed finding you like this for anything," she says, squeezing his hand softly.

"I was thinking maybe this weekend, we could grab the Blackbird and fly over to Illinois. Go and see Mom?" she suggests, glancing over to Peter to see what he thinks.

Spider-Man has posed:
Peter grins at Kitty, a grin that grows a little softer as she explains her feelings about her previous relationship and how it's shaped theirs, "I know that feeling.. I loved Betsy, but..." Motioning between them with the back and forth flick of her finger, "This is different... this feels.. permanent. Forever." Her quirks his mouth and looks down at their blanket covered legs.

"I guess everyone says that in the beginning of a relationship, but I really can't ever say I've felt like this before.. wanting to meet parents, wanting you to live with me... wanting to share my whole world." He cants his head, slipping fingers in against the top of hers, lacing fingers together. "I'd love to meet your mother. It's definitely a date."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty squeezes her fingers against Peter's. "I realize now there was always this sense of worry and anxiety. Jason... was put through a lot in life. Some really bad stuff. The kind of stuff that I always worried for him because he had to deal with it, you know? I mean, I have things too. And while they are serious, what I told you about Ogun, and Illyana and Limbo? His is just... far more traumatic to deal with," she says quietly.

Kitty looks up into Peter's eyes. "Not that I want to turn my back on him. But I wonder if that tension would have ruined things one day just the same," she says. "I don't feel that with you, Peter. You're like... my favorite sweatshirt, the soft one that warms me on a cold day. But with awesome muscles." She grins at him.

Spider-Man has posed:
"I get it." Peter nods a few times, not looking too troubled by the admission from Jason. Technically he doesn't, not really, but he knows Kitty and he knows how she feels about people. That revelation says a lot about how he feels for her. "I think in a lot of ways that's how it was with Betsy and me.. Not that she needs saving, but... she's... I mean you know." As if the two of them weren't already friends before Peter came along.

He settles in against her then, drawing her closer, "If you're wearing sweaters with muscles, babe... we need to have a long talk about safe words." Joking, because he's always joking. "I have troubles, they're just... I deal with them as they spring up, I guess. I don't know, it feels different a lot of the time, the things I deal with.. but it's noticably easier now that I have you with me."