9500/A warehouse of Bodies

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A warehouse of Bodies
Date of Scene: 09 October 2019
Location: Friends of Humanity warehouse.
Synopsis: Punisher deals with some Friends of Humanity remnants, and comes across bystanders in the middle of the fight.
Cast of Characters: Punisher, Blurr, Haytham Nazari

Punisher has posed:
It's been a few weeks since anyones heard from the Punisher. A public manhunt in New York turned up empty, but anyone paying attention to Punisher's activities will know he was almost mortally wounded when he was found. How he got away is anyones guess, but he did.

Tonight... he's back, and the sounds of screams and gunfire can be heard from a warehouse near the Friends of Humanity factory.

Blurr has posed:
As it turns out, Earth is a much more interesting place that Blurr had figured. Not quite just another mudball, it seems. Frankly, this whole mutant thing has Blurr fascinated--it kind of reminds him of something they had back home millennia ago. In fact, he himself is sort of like that...though not quite the same thing.

    He was sitting on the side of the road in front of that warehouse when he heard the screams and gunfire, and he decides to take a look inside using that holomatter projector of his. What could possibly be going down this time? It seemed those Friends of Humanity people got attacked a lot. They probably deserved it. Not that Terran business was really any of his concern.

Haytham Nazari has posed:
Haytham was near the warehouse when gunfire and screaming was happening. He immediately ent for cover at the sound of gunfire, but at the same time...he HAD to know what was going on. What if those were innocent people getting slaughtered? So, he runs inside of the warehouse, but immediately went for cover so he wouldn't get hit by a stray bullet.

But eventually he will just peek out of cover to see exactly whats happening.

....and who's doing the shooting.

Punisher has posed:
It's not immediately obvious what the cause of the shooting is, but Blurr and Haytham will both notice a couple obvious things.

First, there's a partially deconstructed Sentinel here. A good portion of it is exposed, and obvious repair equipment is scattered around, with two people slumped over in the drivers seat of a pair of crames near it. Two bullet holes in both cockpits are obvious; they were probably just shot.

The four others inside the warehouse are scattering for cover. "SOMEONE'S SHOOTING US!" Comes the cry of one of the engineers who's ducked behind a sheet of metal against a wall.

For now, all is quiet inside the warehouse... though with Blurr's vision, it can easily see the man up in the scaffolding of the warehouse roof in a black trenchcoat and skull vest, aiming some sort of human rifle with a suppressor on it down into the warehouse... and he's waiting, eye on the scope, aimed right for the main office.

Blurr has posed:
    Oh, pff, one of those stupid bolt buckets. Blurr chuckles inwardly at the half-restored Sentinel which was like, supposed to be the pinnacle of human technology or something. Pathetic. What were they supposed to be for, anyway? Hmph--maybe some of their parts would be useful for drone manufacturing.

    He scans the building, and finds the human who is doing the shooting. It seems he's got a very particular target in mind or something...

    Well, last time, he found out something rather interesting and potentially useful just by prodding around somewhat randomly. So the avatar suddenly disappears from its original position on the floor and re-materializes up in the warehouse rafters behind the man, just sitting with legs apparently dangling over the piece of roof framework they're both perched on.

    "So who you gunning for?" it suddenly asks. Not too loudly, but not really whispering either. If the man turns to look, he'd find what appears to be a blond teenaged boy sitting behind him.

Haytham Nazari has posed:
Haytham is breathing fast and hard. He doesn't know whats happening and it shows. All he sees are bullet holes and dead bodies. The screams of the engineer will haunt him, most likely, but he covers his eyes for a minute and he goes back behind cover. "Okay, okay...breathe, breathe...all you gotta do is call the police." He takes a breath.

Then he peeeks over cover just a little bit, to see if there's anyone still alive that he might be able to get to, but he wimps out and immediately calls 911.

Punisher has posed:
The rifle is instantly let go, left to sit on the crate the bipod was sitting on, and out comes a Ka-Bar knife in his right hand almost instantly.

It's probably the fastest reaction time outside of metahumans Blurr has ever seen, and that knife goes right for the neck of that blonde boy.

It's not going in, but the avatar is definitely in 'killable' range, "I don't recognize you from the intel. Identity yourself." Punisher grates out in command.

Haytham gets the police, "This is 911, please state your emergency." Comes a female voice over the other side of the line.

Blurr has posed:
    Brows go up at that reaction time. Not bad. For a regular Terran, anyway. Well maybe he is one of those mutants too, who knows. The avatar doesn't seem to flinch at all, despite the knife. "Maybe not -your- intel." he replies with a smirk. "But okay. I'm Blurr. Hey, that wasn't so hard was it? No need for a weapon or anything. And who're you?"

Haytham Nazari has posed:
Haytham gets the police on the line, fan-freaking tastic!

"Hello, hello!?" He whisper-yells. "My name is Haytham Nazari and I need your help. There's gunfire and shooting at the warehouse on..." he gives the address to the warehouse. Or at least, the address of the street he was last on. "I don't know who it is, but there's bodies. Please, please help!"

Yes, Haytham is freaking out. He's never been in this situation before and honestly, he is NOT safe. Especially if the Punisher believes him to be one of the enemy or some such.

Punisher has posed:
"The police are on their way, Sir. Please, get to safety, and be safe." The police inform Haytham.

Meanwhile, in the warehouse...

"I did a solid amount of surveillance on these assholes to be sure I knew their routine, and you /never/ came up. What's your angle here? Some kind of street name?" Punisher grates out some more. "Call me Punisher. I'm sure you've heard that name before."

Blurr has posed:
    "Nope, that is my name." Blurr replies quite truthfully. The avatar shrugs. "Dunno, was just curious I guess." Well that's at least a partial truth. "So, Punisher, huh? Nah, never heard of that one. But what are those big robots for, anyway?" he asks. "Nothing good, I take it, given you're trying to murder all the people trying to fix this one?"