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Date of Scene: 16 June 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Ali deals with Alternate Self Chores, crosses paths with Jess during a stakeout.
Cast of Characters: Dazzler, Spider-Woman (Drew)

Dazzler has posed:
She's been in a meeting ALL MORNING. A seekrit meeting. A meeting with her manager, her friend, and the person who she drives absolutely crazy by not following through properly on gigs and stuff despite talent.

At least, Alison "Dazzler" Blaire was HOPING this universe's native version of her had that relationship with her manager, Super-Awesome Old Dude Harry Osgood of Osgood records (at this point a wholly owned subsidiary of some other giant media corporation, but whatever.) And she had to go relatively incognito. But she's been putting off dealing with "I'm here and I'm not who you think and I don't know where she is either" fallout basically since she got here.

The process is... ongoing. There was yelling and confusion. But there's the beginning of an understanding. When someone is a parallel universe person trying to live their own life while it happens to also be someone else's life AND they're trying to join SHIELD? It's *complicated*

So she's taking a break. Alison is out on the streets and caffeinating and gnawing on a street pretzel. Because grah.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
As a person of interest to S.H.I.E.L.D. and a potential new recruit, Alison Blaire is subject to added scrutiny, and vetting by the shadowy government agency. That scrutiny today takes the form of, at least in part, human surveillance of the woman as she goes about her business. Currently in the vicinity is Agent Spider-Woman, AKA Jessica Drew.

Jess is currently dressed casual, no spandex onesies or anything, instead a pair of jean shorts, and a big blue shirt that hangs low past her waist, and leaves one of her shoulders exposed. On her face are a pair of glasses, and she currently has a tablet computer, and a copy of the daily bugle in hand as she arrives at the local coffee stand, moving towards the counter to fetch herself a cup of coffee as well.

Dazzler has posed:
She hasn't even picked up a *burner phone*, living mostly off of the X-Men. She hasn't dared touch most of her own self's personal effects not left at the Westchester mansion.

So what does one do? Ali talks to herself a little; it's New York, crazier things than that happen every day. "Fake death? Rehab? Life Model Decoy? Gotta do something, Blaire, the clock is ticking and you're lucky there hasn't been a big hubbub all ready!"

The approaching Incognito Agent Drew only nets a little attention, something familiar*ish* about her; it doesn't stop her out-loud pondering though. "Harry's starting to come on board, sure, but he's gonna need more to go on. Maybe go into seclusion? Release new stuff on a schedule, like Tupac? Think, *think*..."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The cup of coffee is procured, and paid for, before Jessica Drew is on her way to find a seat, conveniently nearby the woman with the pretzel and her own caffeine source. As she sits down, Jess sets her things out on the table, the tablet and the paper, her coffee as well, and her purse is draped across the back of the chair.

Once she's settled, she reaches for her coffee to take a sip from it, before placing it down and picking up the paper and tablet, holding the paper in such a way that it would look at a quick glance like she was reading the paper, but it's rather clear with a closer look that she's tapping away at the screen instead.

Jess's attention isn't fully on whatever she's doing behind that paper however, the occasional look is cast up at Dazzler as she speaks to herself off and on, an eyebrow perhaps arching a little bit every now and then, even as her finger continues to jab absently at the screen.

Dazzler has posed:
Well, because it's New York; and people have things that cost money, and people who don't have things that cost a lot of money want those things. To make money with, in various shady avenues. So people aren't paying attention? Pickpocket, pickpocket, who's got the pickpocket?

When he tries to so much as *brush* by her, Ali grabs him by the scruff of his collar. SHE'S got the pickpocket; and she stops mid-stream-of-consciousness out loud life planning to give him the hairy eyeball.

"Put it all back where you got it or I'll pin you to the floor and holler for the cops. And I'm a *Mutie*, so you know I mean it." She lets the slur ooze out of her mouth with all the venom she can muster and makes her eyes flash at him from under her ballcap. Because why not.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
The pickpocket does not go unnoticed by Jess, even as she taps away at her tablet, whatever it is she's doing, and the thought process involved in critiquing his technique runs through her mind absently.

Once the would be thief is caught, however, she just shakes her head, "I've found that it sometimes helps to threaten then a bit, say you're going to hit them, shake them up a bit or whatever." Jessica pipes up, her hand ceases tapping as she reaches for her coffee, taking a sip from the drink, that's no doubt mostly milk and sugar.

bA little blanch crosses Jess's face as she sets the cup down, "Sometimes that backfires on you though, and they're really into getting their #^@ beat." She says, "So buyer beware."

Dazzler has posed:
The guy mostly gets all shifty and panicky, and ... well, Ali can't really tell but she *did* call him out by grabbing him and being creepy so people are wondering what the hell. His own skill will out wether he gets stuff back where it's meant to go under these conditions, but that's on him.

"I haven't had someone openly admit that they loved it and wanted more mid-thrashing," Ali muses at Jess when she speaks up. "But I can't say as no one ever did. Villains are largely kinky freakos."

Truth be told, she's happy to have someone to talk to. Chin lifting as she looks at the empty seat across from Jess, she says around a bite of pretzel, "Mind if I join you?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Huh." Is all Jessica has to say initially, taking another drink from her coffee drink before shrugging her shoulders and pointing a little towards one of the empty chairs at the table, "Of course, maybe with you around noone will try and make off with my purse." She says with a slight grin, "Crime just seems to get more brazen every day, doesn't it?"

"I'm Jess, by the way." She says, setting her paper and tablet down, the distraction of that computer becomes quite clear, as the screen of 'Justice-ville' the latest app clicker managemnt game, where you manage an idyllic city of superheroes, vaguely themed off the Justice League, including FishDude, SuperLady, WonderBoy, and the Emerald Flashlight, of course. "That was quite the show though. Do you run into a lot of villanous dudes, freakos or otherwise?"

Dazzler has posed:
"Only on days that end with Y," Ali deadpans. "It's the story of my life: Be doing literally anything? Interrupted by something criminal, bizarre, or all of the above."

"I'm Ali, nice t'meet you Jess. The way you take it all tells me you either see a lot of it yourself or you just pay attention." Cause, y'know. Lots of people don't.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Sounds quite exciting, that sort of life." Jess says as she listens to Alison with a little nod of her head, "Must be interesting being so open about being a mutie, or whatever it was you called yourself?"

"But it's great to meet you too Ali, and yeah, I read the paper and everything." Jess says, holding up the newsprint, "Usually stuff about strange folks, costumed capers and all that, plus some of the stuff you see just on the street."

Dazzler has posed:
"Mutant, actually, but I tend to shoot for the vulgar when I think that's what trogs will listen to. And as far as interesting goes, it barely scratches the surface." Ali leans back a little, draining her coffee a level or two and gnawing off some more pretzel.

"You remind me of a detective I knew once. Sharp, observant. Kind of a bitch, but in the "gets stuff done and doesn't suffer fools" kinda way."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Yeah, I've been accused of being a bit of a bitch, sharp, and observant before from time to time." Jessica says with a little laugh escaping her lips, "But, I've never actually been a detective or anything, no policing at all actually.. seems like a pretty awful job when you really look at it. But sounds like a great person to be reminded of though, if you ask me!"

Dazzler has posed:
"Everywhere's different, always," Ali sighs a little - shaking her head. "But the little consistencies, always there." She's smiling though, and apparently talking like it means anything.

"Listen, it was nice of you to let me intrude on your Coffee-Shop Zen-Time. I gotta get back to what has turned into a day of absolutely horrendous, never-ending meetings."

Standing back up, Ali makes sure she's not leaving anything behind, chucking her waste in the bin and mouthing 'Swiiiiiisssshh' as she does it. "Maybe I'll see you around? New York gets smaller and smaller all the time."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Yeah, different and the same." Jess says with a nod of her head, the subtelties no doubt flying way overtop of it as she converses with Alison, "Man, tell me about it, I've had to deal with meetings ontop of meetings, just to plan another meeting for a later date. It's literally -the worst-." She says as she listens, offering a little wave of her hand to Ali before she grabs up her tablet and resumes playing the latest and greatest of App Games. JusticeVille, the superhero town simulator. Of course, she'll probably be off trailing Alison shortly after, and probably snooping in on those very meetings with her super hearing, but, that's a story for later!