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Adam Strange (Scenesys ID: 1642)
"I'm Adam Strange. Mild-mannered archaeologist on Earth... and on the planet Rann, not to sound arrogant, but... I'm a friggin' superhero!"
Full Name: Adam Strange
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Archaelogist / Space Adventurer
Citizenship: Canadian / Rannian
Residence: Mobile (Rann)
Education: University of British Columbia, PhD
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 01 April 1994 Actor: Ryan Gosling
Height: Unknown Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song: "Rocket Man" by Sir Elton John


Adam Strange was once a mere human archaeologist and adventurer but one day while working on a dig in Peru he was transported to the planet of Rann via the Zeta-Beam. The Rannian leader and rogue, Sardath had invented the Zeta Beam which could teleport matter over light years of distance. Adam immediately befriended the Rannians and took up a flight pack and raygun to assist them against alien invasions and to breat the Rannian people out of their cultural and technological stagnation. After many years of being Rann's Champion controversy forced them to exile Adam, who now travels the universe to quench his thirst for adventure.



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Adam Strange is an athletic, if slim, blonde human male standing a good six feet in height. He is dressed nearly head to toe in a tight suit of red, with white speed lines and patterns. His White helmet sports a swept back tail-fin ala Flash Gordon, covering his head and with a visor-like faceplate protecting his eyes hazel eyes. A white metal harness complete with chest plate and shoulder pads protects his upper torso and wraps over his shoulder to an honest to got retro-futuristic double-engine rocket pack that rests on his back. White gloves with tech-infused gauntlets reach to mid-forearm and white boots nearly to the knee. A thick white belt that sports many pouches and a holster for a snazzy laser pistol rests on his waist.


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Rann was once a highly advanced society, renowned for its (often unique) technology marvels. They explored this arm of the galaxy, even visiting ancient Earth thousands of years ago. Curious, though somewhat arrogant in their superiority, their technology was coveted by the many other species they visited and over time this brought them into extended conflicts. For all their vaunted advances, The Rannians were but one species and invasion after invasion took their toll until they outlawed innovation and withdrew from the galaxy into their remaining high tech cities, all but forgotten, to stagnate while their world was reclaimed by primordial jungles and prehistoric beasts.

But when Sardath, a rogue scientist and innovationist, received a signal from an ancient Beacon left behind by an expedition to Earth thousands of years previously, he used his newly created and highly experimental Zeta-Beam to transport world-renowned Canadian archaeologist and adventurer Adam Strange from ruins on the mountaintops of Peru to Rann

The experimental device burned out during transport, gravely injuring and blinding the earth-man. Feeling heavy guilt, Sardath and his daughter Alanna nursed Adam back to health, going as far as to clone him new eyes and spending months of physical therapies. During this time Adam learnt much of the current history of this distant world and agreed with Sardath that his people needed help. When he was once again hale Adam, with the assistance of Sardath and Alanna, began to use his archeology skills to try and uncover Rann's past and help jump start their society.

The people of Rann were skeptical, and more then once they came close to jailing or exiling Adam and his friends for heresy against the proscription of advanced technology. But the more discoveries that Adam made, the more he inspired people, and innovation once again began to take hold as they recovered ancient technologies, with Sardath at its forefront.

But the Rannians were not as Forgotten as they thought. Various ancient enemies had been keeping an eye on them and when they discovered that Rann was uncovering its old technologies, and making new ones. The Zeta-Beam, that unique form of Faster-Than-Light transport, was especially lucrative. So they mounted a series of attempted invasions.

The Rannians were not equipped to stave off these attacks, becoming for all intents and purposes pacifists over the last few millennia. It was up to Adam and a few of his allies to fight these enemies, like the Thanagarians, off. Donning a space suit and jet pack from Rann's past age, and armed with he led the battle against the invaders.

Over time, the Adam and the Rannians finally defeated the invasions and using a mixture of old and new technology were able to finally protect the planet from being plundered ever again. But it came at a cost. Rannian society had changed once more, realizing they couldn't put the genie back in the bottle, and while they had a lot to thank Adam for they also had a lot to blame him for as well so he was sent into exile, never allowed to return to Rann again.

Sardath gave Adam an upgraded suit and weaponry, as well as the newest (and most stable) Zeta Beam technology. He also gave Adam the coordinates for Earth. But Adam had been gone for too long now, had had his universe opened up, and realized that Earth was not home anymore. Rann was. And if he couldn't stay on Rann, he could at least explore the rest of the universe until he was allowed to return.

And so his new adventure began.


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Intelligent, passionate, gregarious, broad-minded, brave, stubborn... Adam Strange is all these and more. Never cruel, he is undyingly loyal to those who earn his trust and kind to those who deserve it. He has the heart of a true explorer, always wanting to move forward and rarely looks back (which may sound strange for an archaeologist). He is determined to fight the good fight as he expands his horizons to the edge of infinity... and beyond.


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When Sardath cloned a new pair of eyes for Adam, he also augmented them with Rannian super-science, imbuing the optical organs with enhanced ability to selectively see all of the EM Spectrum.


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Adam is an adept aerial and space combatant able to fly and fight with finesse and grace. Be it spaceships or with his rocket pack, Adam is a skilled, some would say daredevil, pilot capable of maneuvers that would stun even the Blue Angels.

Adam is a graduate of the University of British Columbia's esteemed archeology program. He is knowledgeable of ancient cultures, both human and alien, both by his own explorations and extensive research in many (earthly and non-earthly) archives.

A skilled hand-to-hand combatant even before he left Earth (Being an adventurer can be a rough trade after all) Adam has supplemented these skills through the judicious study of multiple fighting styles (both human and alien) he has encountered in his travels, a flexibility that gives him the edge needed to match and defeat physically or innumerably more imposing opponents.

Ten years working side by side with Sardath, unlocking the secrets of Rann's (and other alien) technologies and helping innovate new ones has made Adam adept with sciences and technologies that border on the edge of magic to lesser species.

Adam never meant to become a warrior, but a warrior he did become. Thrust into battle he has honed his battle skills, small and large, and has the breadth of the history of warfare to draw on.


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Adam has collected a number of small gadgets from around the galaxy to aid him in his adventures. If he is in need of some device to help him in a situation, there is a probability he has something that can help him, though maybe not the way he wanted.

A new Rannian innovation, Adams space suit is equipped with a Hard-Light generator capable of various feats. The most common use is a nearly invisible (appears as faint luminous constructs) hard-light forcefield, which protects Adam like a secondary suit of armour and is capable of shrugging off high energy weaponry and can even take (a few) Kryptonian level blows. Adam can also generate hard-light constructed weaponry, like larger and more powerful versions of his ray-gun, in heavy weapon form. He can also use the Hard Light Generator to cloak himself, or change his image. The more powerful the usage of his hard-light generator the faster the Zeta-Cores charge is diminished and thus the longer he must allow the core to regenerate, unless he has an external power source to supplement the regeneration.

Adam's weapon of choice. The first weapon he found in an ancient tomb on Rann, dating back to the planets far past and has been his trusty companion since. Capable of variable yields, from stunning enemies to being able to blast through star ship hulls.

Adam's Rocket Pack is a device from a prior Rannian Age. The Pack is a dual-engine Photonic-Ionic rocket, powered by Adam's Zeta-Core, attached to a harness that is worn upon his back. The jet pack is capable of both atmospheric and space flight, enabling Adam to fly at hypersonic speeds for extended periods of time before the core needs to regenerate. In Atmosphere he can attain velocities of up to Mach five and in space capable of accelerations of up to nine gravities and topping out at .9c^2.

Adam's distinctive space suit is a recreation of the suits worn by the ancient Rannian Space Rangers, protectors and explorers from a time long past. It is a thermally insulated and environmentally adaptive suit which allows him to survive the hostile terrains and atmospheres of foreign worlds as well as the varyingly dangerous depths of space. The helmet is equipped with a life support system that protects Adam from harmful atmospheric conditions, while the suits advanced semi-intelligent computer pulls up a Holographic HUD (Heads Up Display) system with which to control his equipment via thought & voice command (as well as a wrist interface) and provides various sensor analysis, real-time threat assessment and targeting priority reticles to better combat adversaries. The suits computer also provides him with instantaneous translation of almost every known language in the galaxy. The Helmet can fold into his suit when not in use.

The Zeta-Beam is a unique Rannian technology, and one of first technological innovations they have produced in millennia. Developed by Sardath, Adams mentor and friend, the Zeta beam apparatus allows matter to be transported over vast distances (from a few miles to light years) almost instantaneously. The model incorporated into Adams suit, while not as powerful as the larger standalone models) allows him to basically jump galactic distances but requires time to recharge between uses. The further he travels, the longer the recharge time.

The source that powers Adams equipment, including the Zeta-Ray apparatus . the Zeta-Core, like the Zeta-Ray, is a technology unique to Rann, Its design is highly protected, and coveted by many species. It is self-regenerating, able to produce vast power though not in unlimited quantities and not all at once. When the Zeta-Core is diminished by heavy usage it requires time to regenerate.


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Adam is an explorer and adventurer at heart. He had a chance to return to Earth when he was exiled from Rann but... There is a whole universe out there to explore. He is not content with being idle long. Given the choice between hum drum existence and pushing the boundaries of the unknown, no matter how dangerous, he will always answer the call to adventure.

Adam has made more than a few enemies in his adventures. Aside from a few Earth based rivals and collectors who would like to see him dead for past transgressions when he was an archeologist, now he has aliens who wish him dead or captured for his transgressions against them. The Thanagarians and Durlans and even Apokalypse have a bounty on him for foiling past invasion attempts on Rann. The Shi'ar have more than once had a writ for his arrest because of interference with imperial matters. A plethora of space pirates, would be tyrants and the like also have placed bounties on him. Basically if it is a space political entity that has 'Empire' in the title he has probably had a price on his head by them at some point, though whether they are current or not...

Adam's heart is on Rann. The friends he made. The relationships he forged. Even after being exiled Ran is where his home is and he will always return, even against his exiler's wishes to defend her.

Warrior of Two Worlds! Savior of Rann! The Rocketeer Revolutionary! Adam has gained some infamy across known (and unknown) space for his antics. Be it liberating worlds (Like he did Rann) to liberating ancient alien artifacts (for good reasons of course) to transgressing into hostile empires to study their history (see: liberating artifacts) and all in between.

Adam has an indomitable will. He will not back down from a challenge, especially if someone weaker is in need. Some would think this is a good trait, and it is, but it also tends to get Adaminto deeper trouble then he already is usually in.


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