Age of Darkness: A tune of Remembrance

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Age of Darkness: A tune of Remembrance
Date of Cutscene: 19 October 2019
Location: Metropolis
Synopsis: Connor Macleod honors the fallen Superman in his own way
Cast of Characters: Connor Macleod
Tinyplot: Age of Darkness

It was quiet at this hour. The sun was gone, hidden behind clouds that were even now pouring their sorrow onto the ground. In the distance, the sound of a barking dog echoes across the grounds. A few people had been here up until a few moments ago, dropping off fresh flowers near the statue of a man. A super man.

Pulling his dark overcoat close, the man runs his hands through his long, wet reddish hair, then gives up. He takes a moment to stand in front of the shrine of a true hero, his frown encompassing his sorrow. His eyes stare for several moments, as though remembering something in the past.

With a slow motion, the man takes a bottle of something out of his jacket. Looking at it, he smiles, and holds it up to the statue. The dust disappears under the pounding of the rain. "FLASH" That streak of lightning heralds the crack of thunder in the distance.

"See, always been meanin' ta' meet ya', ya' know." His vague Scottish accent slips out when he knows no one was watching. Or at least he thought no one was watching. "This here is the best. A Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch. Ach....been saving her fer a special occasion."

The man pulls out two large shot glasses out of his pocket, and puts them down on the shelf near the foot of the statue. "BLOMP", with one action, he opens the bottle. Then, he pours a full glass x2. Placing one of the glasses near the statue, he takes the bottle, puts the stopper back in it, tucks it in his jacket and picks up his glass. Sitting down on the shelf, he raises his glass in salute. "To living forever..."