Age of Darkness: Desperate Measures

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Age of Darkness: Desperate Measures
Date of Cutscene: 04 October 2019
Location: Gotham City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Batman
Tinyplot: Age of Darkness

A handicam records footage of the clear blue sky from the ground, struggling to focus on some blurry mass in the distance. The footage comes into sharper relief, revealing what looks like some hi-tech aircraft - its burning engines trailing great black plumes of smoke behind it. As the focus adjusts more and the image is magnified, a small blue speck on the underside of the crashing plane is revealed to be Superman - both arms raised over his head, a look of determined strain on his face.

A familiar, female voice speaks over the footage of Superman saving this plane from certain and imminent destruction.

" - really is a wonder! Look at how he's just lifting that plane! Are you getting it? He's flying! Flying! Have you ever seen anything like this? It's like he's some kind of ... Superman! Jim, quick - "

The image shifts suddenly to steadier and more professional news camera footage, a man in a suit on a podium putting a medal around Superman's neck while he addresses the crowd.

" - of Metropolis expresses its deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to you, Superman, for your efforts - "

The image changes once more to the rubble-strewn streets during the height of the Imperium Invasion, focus shifting past a blood and dirt-stained Lois Lane to the assembled founders of the Justice League atop a pile of rubble facing a menacing ship of some kind in the angry, red sky. Superman, cape fluttering in the wild wind, stands at their center.

" - more of them! Are you getting this? Give me that - "

Another violent, rubble-strewn street. Except now it shows a destroyed armored car and what looks to be scattered, mechanical remains across the asphalt. The camera pans up to a tearful Lois Lane.

"His eyes ... were on fire, and he tore Metallo apart. It was like he lost control. Something is wrong - "

The footage pauses. The tearful Daily Planet reporter taking up the full screen.

There, seated before the immense display screen of the Bat-Computer, sits Batman. His cowl is pulled back, bunched about the base of his neck. His jaw is coated with a layer of black, slightly greying stubble and his eyes are ringed with the signs of insufficient sleep. His gloved hands steepled before his face, his mouth set into a grim line.

"Computer," he says suddenly, turning in the chair and rising to his feet, "Authorisation Kilo-Eight-Seven-Seven-Sigma."

Nearby, an innocuous patch of floor plating hisses silently to one side and a gunmetal grey pedastal rises up from it. It looks to be nothing more than a simple cylinder, shined to a dark mirror sheen. A biometric scanner of some sort sits atop it, and the Bat-Computer's robotic monotone speaks:

'Provide fingerprint scan.'

Batman slowly regards the glove on his hand for a moment before he pulls at the fingers, removing it and letting it drop to the floor. He places his hand on the reader and a moment later the light glows blue, the end of the pedestal opening to bathe his sleep-starved features in an eerie green glow. He pauses for a moment, regarding the pedestal with great seriousness - his brow furrowed, his jaw working silently.

He reaches inside, producing a shard of glowing, green ore set beneath a glass case.

"I'm sorry, Clark."