Age of Darkness: Suicide

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Age of Darkness: Suicide
Date of Cutscene: 14 October 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: 15 347 330
Tinyplot: Age of Darkness

Somewhere, far away. A dark room inundated with a crimson red glow from strange lights on the ceiling. Two men in dark clothes peer into the room on the other side of a glass window - the room contains a large man, muscular, with a dark blanket covering all of the man. No face was visible, but it was obvious there were several instruments hooked up the the body.

Suddenly, behind them and from the shadows, a large woman appears. A very noticeable trail of cigarette smoke following her and settling above her head. "He knows." Is all she says, as the two men look back in surprise at the large woman appearing behind them. Fury.

"How...could he? Impossible. SHIELD can't know." The other man also tries to placate her by saying, "We have taken every precaution. Only the three of us..." *BANG*

Suddenly, there were only two of them talking. The last man standing was obviously upset and scared. The woman's voice says, "We need to transfer him to a different facility. Now. One off the books."

"Of course Director Wal..." The woman raises a finger, and narrows her eyes. The man adds "...of course. Immediately."

  • BLIP.*.

"Wait...what was that?" The woman's voice says. "Did you hear that?"

The man goes to the door, his voice says something that opens it, and he rushes inside, looking at the display. "An anomaly. He is dead. I assure you. This is only the second time. The other came about two hours ago..."

The woman moves forward, and waits. No blip came again. "Two hours ago?" The man nods and says, "Yes, around the end of the ceremony. The time stamp is around the same time that the sorcerer woman, Zatanna, did her magic thing to fix the statue...what?"

The man, now that he was in the light, was revealed to have no flesh. The man's head was just a skull! He sees the woman's reaction and realises that she was paler than she was before.

"I want him moved to Suicide Central. No Man's Land. Now. Don't tell anyone Doctor...or you will be retired as well." With that she was gone.