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Scott Lang (Scenesys ID: 1044)
"My name is Scott Lang. I'm Ant-Man ... yadda yadda yadda. You've heard it all before. Truth is, I've always been kind of a lousy super hero. And before that, I was a failed criminal, a convict, and a terrible husband. Not much of a resumé even if you do print it single-sided, I guess. But I got this little girl here--and I am going to do right by her. I am gonna be a good dad. I pull that off? I'm calling it a win."
Full Name: Scott Edward Harris Lang
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Thief / Baskin Robins
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Queens, New York
Education: Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering
Status: Dropped
Groups: Avengers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 10 May 1996 Actor: Paul Rudd
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 86 kg (189 lbs)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "King of Wishful Thinking" by Go West


Scott Lang is the second Ant-Man. A former felon, now reformed, who ended up getting hold of an Ant-Man suit and saving the day by getting really small in tactically significant ways. Although he was initially thought to be something of a one-and-done hero, he managed to retain possession of the Ant-Man suit and has now re-emerged as a full-time superhero! When he's not tending the counter at the Salem Center Baskin-Robbins, that is.

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Behold, the Ant-Man! Quiver in fear at his shiny metal helmet. Shake in horror at his intimidating red eyes. Raise your eyebrow to say 'hey, not too bad' at how that suit of his is form-fitting but not so form-fitting that it doesn't leave anything to the imagination.

The helmet he wears completely obscures his features, only partly visible through large eyepieces covered over by mostly-opaque red glass. The silver helmet sports what looks to be a breathing apparatus over the mouth not unlike the mandibles of an ant, and a pair of stumpy antennae where either ear would be. The rest of the suit is both black and red, with slightly bulkier metallic gauntlets about the wrists. He stands roughly six feet high, with an average build.


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Scott Edward Harris Lang was not named after either actor and was born in Coral Gables, Florida. He had a relatively unremarkable childhood and college life, became an electrical engineer and married his sweetheart Peggy Rae. Together with Peggy he had a daughter, Cassie, and life was great. That is, until he got laid off from his job. Unable to support his family doing repair work here and there, he turned to burglary to bring in the big bucks. It worked. Too well, unfortunately, as the police eventually caught up with him and hauled him off to prison.

Prison was prison. It sucked. Scott got out and resolved to leave his life of crime behind in order to do right by his daughter. He followed the family to New York and set about getting a job there. It was around this same time that he came to the attention of Hank Pym, the discoverer of Pym Particles and the first Ant-Man. In exchange for helping Hank by utilizing his burglary talents, Scott was given the opportunity to be Ant-Man briefly. He eventually excelled, learning how to operate the complex machinery and eventually fulfilling his obligation to Pym. When they parted ways, Scott shrunk down and kept the Ant-Man outfit because of course he did.

Now, Scott remains in New York. By day, he is a mild-mannered Baskin-Robbins employee. By also day and sometimes night if he's had a coffee, he is Ant-Man. He's yet to truly enter the circles of the great and mighty heroes of Earth like the Avengers, but he keeps his gear hidden away should they ever need him - and lately he's been feeling the urge to get out there and do good unprompted. Unprompted!


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To look at Scott, one would not presume he was the hero sort. He is largely preoccupied with staying out of trouble and seems more interested in leading a quiet life while providing a good example for his daughter. In truth, Scott's heart is almost too big and his desire to help others is what tends to get him in trouble. Even though he lacks the ability to fly (sans ant), or shoot lasers from his eyes, or be Thor, he is nevertheless willing to jump in and fight with the biggest of boys in the interest of doing what is good and right.

The flip-side of this is that Scott is well aware that he isn't a great hero. He hasn't trained his entire life, nor has he been gifted with fantastic powers (he effectively stole his fantastic powers by neglecting to give them back to Hank Pym after he was done). He half-expects people to pass him over when thinking of a hero to work with or save them and is legitimately delighted when he is included. He is a difficult guy not to like, although his self-esteem is prone to flagging now and then.


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Dimensional Travel:
Scott isn't using Pym Particles to take dimensional jaunts to the Fifth Dimension, but the Sub-Atomic Realm does provide gateways to strange places not normally accessible or even perceptible in our reality. By shrinking down to sub-atomic levels, Scott shunts the overwhelming majority of his mass into a microscopic universe and can access it this way. The risks are that even the smallest of creatures become deadly monsters the further down he goes and going too far makes it increasingly difficult to return. As such, he very rarely travels there but, hey, it's an option.

Through the use of the Ant-Man helmet, Scott is able to communicate with insects - most specifically, ants of all genii. This is less the kind of communication where he asks them about their days and they tell him how wild it must be to work in a place so full of sugar, and more about guiding them in whatever direction he chooses. He can prompt thousands of ants to move things, or a singular flying ant to come to him so he can take to the skies. He is even able to, with a bit of concentration, compel ants to walk in specific patterns to paint pictures or spell out words. This works generally within a mile or so radius, although Scott rarely has need to broadcast a signal more than a few hundred feet. It is important to note that without the helmet, Scott cannot use this ability nor is he able to actually speak with insects - that would be ridiculous.

Size Addition:
When Ant-Man wants to become Giant-Man (but not the individually and legally distinct hero known as Giant-Man), the Pym Particles work in the other direction too. The same dimension that Scott shunts his mass into when shrinking down can also be accessed to increase it. Unfortunately, the human body isn't designed to just grow like this and the larger he gets the more strain he puts on himself. There is technically no upper limit to how tall he could be, but it is unlikely he could function for more than a few minutes at more than a thousand feet tall before he collapsed from exhaustion. Generally, he prefers a size of around sixty feet and can operate like this for up to an hour before it becomes untenable. As he grows, his strength also increases relative to his size - at his maximum, he could likely lift hundreds or even thousands of tons. At his 'standard' giant height of sixty feet, his strength tops out at lifting around seventy-five tons.

Size Reduction:
By shunting his mass into an unusual and poorly-understood other-dimensional space through the use of Pym Particles, Scott is able to reduce his size. There is really no limit to how small he can go, but he tends to avoid going smaller than one-half inch tall unless he is willing to risk the perils of the Sub-Atomic Realm. As he retains access to this mass, Scott is still able to exert the same level of strength as he can at full height - meaning he can sock someone in the jaw while being too small for them to see. Scott has a number of favored sizes he prefers to shrink down to, but in reality, he can be anything between his normal height and so small he falls between the cracks in dimensions. Fun.


An unusual side-effect of shrinking himself down is that the Pym Particles required for the process also keep Scott alive. As long as he's wearing his helmet, he is able to breathe and has no need for food and water. While it isn't a pleasant experience to go without all 31 flavors for an extended period of time, it also eliminates the need to hunt for something to eat that is both microscopic /and/ nutritious.


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Like all great heroes, Scott began his career as a petty criminal and second story guy. What? No, no. All heroes started that way. Captain America was an arsonist before he became a Super Soldier. No, really. Anyway, in an effort to make enough money to support his family Scott became a thief only to find he was very good at it. He typically targeted wealthy businesses and became quite good at bypassing advanced security systems. He's served his time in jail and left that life behind him (mostly) but he still retains the useful knowledge required for getting in where he doesn't need to be and getting out again without being noticed.

Scott didn't get into electronics because he wanted to be a criminal. He actually studied hard in college and wanted to make a proper career of it. He is an extremely adept electrical engineer, able to not only design new electronics with ease but take apart advanced designs so he can improve upon them or simply replicate them. He isn't about to invent a time machine, but he is talented enough to repair his equipment if it ever gets damaged and even add new bells and whistles if he feels like ringing and whistling while fighting evil.

You can't work with ants in your day to day and not learn a thing or two about them. While he never studied the science of knowing what ants do and stuff, Scott has been closer to them and had a chance to study them in a way most entomologists would kill to have. As such, Scott understands the general motivations and instincts of ants as well as their capabilities. He knows when he is asking too much of them and he is able to roughly gauge how well they would fair in any given situation. He also knows how to ride them like horses, which is not something they typically teach in college (unless you're taking Hank Pym's class).


Step into the Dojo. Scott has learned how to increase and decrease his size in the blink of an eye, all while dodging bullets and blows from his foes. He has developed this into a fighting style that uniquely fits his abilities, shrinking down into almost nothing before exploding out to regular size long enough to land a knock-out punch and then shrinking again. It is little more than street brawling with some growing and shrinking involved, but that was too long of a title for the trait.


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Ant-Man Helmet:
This handy-dandy invention of Hank Pym is what makes Ant-Man-ing possible. The helmet functions as a means to keep Scott's brain chemistry in check when he is shrinking and growing. As long as he's wearing it, he can think and breathe, and all those useful things required for being alive. The helmet also allows him to communicate with insect life, sending waves to the parts of the insect brain that compels them to work as a cohesive unit. Finally, the helmet also has an in-built radio receiver and transmitter so he can communicate over long distances and even amplify his voice when he is small, so he can be heard. As well as all this, it looks cool.

The team. Scott feeds and cares for a number of ant colonies that he utilizes as Ant-Man. His favourite ant is, of course, Ant-Thony - a winged carpenter ant that allows him to fly on his back. There are also the tough soldier ants, also named Ant-Thony, who can move relatively heavy loads around. Yet another ant, Ant-Thony, sports a miniaturized camera that allows him to act as a spy for Scott. Despite popular belief, Scott does not call /all/ of the ants Ant-Thony. The lady ants are called Ant-Tonina.

Scott has a paying job as a frozen lactose confection engineer at the Baskin-Robbins in Salem Center. Considering that he was an ex-convict, he considers himself lucky to have this job and keeps a tight grip on it in order to keep the salary coming in. It isn't much and the pink outfit requires him to work it like nobody's business, but it keeps a roof over his head.


A newer addition to his Ant-Man regalia that was included after he saw certain /other/ shrinking people using it in their fancy /new/ suits that were designed /specifically for them/. These wrist-mounted blasters give Scott ranged offensive capabilities. They fire bio-electrical blasts that can be adjusted to cause anything from making a leg fall asleep to knocking a rhinoceros out for eight hours. They are not particularly dangerous, but they are a useful tool. They're no /suit with actual wings that flies/ but hey, that's fine.


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Cassie Lang:
Scott has a daughter, and furthermore she is a daughter that he actually wants to see and spend time with. Although he is divorced from Cassie's mother, Scott works hard to stay on the straight and narrow in order to set a good example for her and to get his weekends with her. However, Cassie is a very obvious weak point and she could easily be used against him to hurt him or to manipulate him. He loves her dearly, and it is his desire to make the world a better place for her that partly drove him to become Ant-Man in the first place.

Scott has done time in maximum security prison for a variety of burglaries. Although he is out now and his parole has ended, the stain remains. Prospective employers will rarely look at him twice, and when robberies occur that even slightly match his old M.O. he often gets a visit from the police. It can be hard to fight at the side of Earth's Mightiest Heroes when they're wondering if you're going to steal Black Widow's diamond necklace or something.

Gear Dependent:

Scott requires certain equipment to be Ant-Man. Without it, he's just a guy who makes quips and is very friendly with a number of individual ants. If his helmet is broken, Scott cannot shrink down nor can he communicate with ants. If he runs out of Pym Particles, he cannot alter his size at all. He is clever enough to keep his gear in top condition, so it doesn't break on him, but it is a definite vulnerability in a fight.


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