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Hank Pym (Scenesys ID: 1447)
For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. - Carl Sagan
Full Name: Henry 'Hank' Pym
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Super Scientist
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: Multiple Doctorate
Status: Dropped
Groups: Avengers, Defenders
Other Information
Apparent Age: 34 Actual Age: 34
Date of Birth 20 March 1993 Actor: Simon Baker
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


A prolific superscientist with a mixed reputation, Henry Pym has worn a variety of guises in his life. Genius, hero, adventurer, scholar, Avenger, he's achieved his greatest fame as the miniscule superhero known as Ant-Man and, alternately, the mega-sized Giant-Man. While his identity is public knowledge, Pym himself is private and intense, better known among his fellow heroes than by the world at large.

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Hank Pym doesn't strike one as super. He's an average looking man, with brown-blonde hair and keen blue eyes. His hair has a bit of curl to it and he sweeps it up off his forehead, keeps it short in the back and sides. He keeps himself clean shaven, meticulously groomed and precise in his appearance. He speaks with the accentless accent of the Midwest, clearly enunciated and authoritative.

In his civilian garb, he tends toward the scholarly: tweeds and ties, patches at the elbows, comfortable but clean. He tends to roll up his sleeves, the better to keep them from getting sullied in his work. At more casual times, he sports a red hooded sweatshirt with an Avengers logo printed on the right breast. He's fit, standing about six feet tall in his normal self, although there are occasional variations. He doesn't wear much in the way of jewelry and prefers sneakers to loafers.


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Henry 'Hank' Pym grew up in Nebraska, a son of humble homesteaders, gifted with an intellect far beyond their expectations or imagination. He quickly advanced through school, showed remarkable inventions at science fairs and received a full scholarship to college and then graduate school in his early teens. He would ultimately study at MIT, Empire State University and Cal Tech at different times, receiving doctorates in Entomology, Particle Physics and Robotics, along with masters degrees in Biochemistry, Computer Engineering and Mathematics. All of this by the time he was in his mid-twenties.

Shortly after entering the life of a professional researcher, Hank made his trademark discovery, the so-called 'Pym Particle'. These unusual particles, previously undetected, could substantially alter the size of things exposed to it - growth if it rotated one way, shrinking if it rotated the other. Hank designed devices to first shrink himself down to a small size, seeing it as a way to advance his entomological research, only to stumble upon a crime in the making and end up playing a part in taking down the perpetrators. Inspired, he designed a full costume, including technology to help him interact with and control the ants that so obsessed him, and so he became Ant-Man.

As Ant-Man, he eventually gained a good name as a superhero and was inducted into an early incarnation of the team known as the Avengers. He married and, as the strain of shrinking became too great, shifted his focus to being Giant-Man, using his powers to become enormous. As time wore on, though, the strain of science, superheroing and just life wore him down, leading to a breakdown as a result of his long-hidden mental illness. OCD and bipolar disorder combined to lead to a variety of meltdowns. Worst of all, one of his greatest creations, a revolutionary computer intelligence, turned evil and nearly destroyed the world. Hank fell to the dark side for a time, driving away his friends, ashamed and miserable. He sold off his company, hit rock bottom and lived for a time in a state of misery.

In the last couple of years, Hank has managed to get back on track. He's entered therapy and begun to be medicated for his mental illness. He's made amends to his friends and returned to his life as a costumed adventurer, still alternating between his identities as Ant-Man and Giant-Man. He isn't sure he can ever make up for all the damage he's done, but he's sure going to try.


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Hank Pym is a dedicated and focused man, obsessive and meticulous by nature. He's suffered for most of his adult life from a variety of mental illnesses, notably bipolar and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but he's worked hard to overcome these challenges, even if they've made his life as a hero occasionally complicated. A perfectionist by nature, he's constantly striving to improve himself and his discoveries. He bears no small amount of guilt for the sins of his past, but truly believes in the power of redemption. He isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in and has a great deal of confidence in his abilities, in spite of his failings. He isn't always easy to get along with, but no one can question his heart or his guts.


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Hank has the ability to increase his size exponentially, gaining strength and toughness as he does so. He tends to default to around sixty feet for his basic giant form, but can grow up to several hundred feet high, larger than even the tallest skyscrapers in New York. The larger he is, the less time he can spend in that form. At around sixty feet, he can remain in that form for an hour before being forced to recover, while hundreds of feet in height can usually only last for a few minutes before he becomes exhausted. At sixty feet, he has around 60 tons of super strength and an equivalent resistance to injury, at 100 feet he has around 100 tons of super strength and equivalent toughness and so on.

Hank Pym is widely recognized as one of the world's most brilliant and advanced scientific minds. While he scoffs at general rankings or attempts to measure something as abstract as intelligence, most would place him in the top ten most intelligent humans in the world. He's capable of remarkable leaps of logic and discovery, can learn and understand new subjects or information with startling rapidity and has a fluid and esoteric thinking process which enables him to solve puzzles that would boggle the average human mind. His IQ is comfortably above 200 and generally cannot be measured by most tests.

Pym Particles
Hank's body has absorbed so many Pym particles over the years that he retains a constant field of them. The primary help of that is that he can shrink and grow inanimate objects that he touches. The most obvious use of this is to keep his clothes and costumes on as he sizeshifts. In addition, he often hides electronic devices, gadgets and doodads around his costume in shrunken form, enabling him to carry things like an entire chemistry lab or a high energy cannon in a pocket and retrieve it as he needs. Shrinking living things is dangerous to them and often unstable and he will not do it unless absolutely necessary.


Hank Pym has the ability to reduce his physical size by exponential degrees, almost instantaneously reducing from his normal form to a tiny form. His default reduction size is about two inches high, but he can reduce even beyond that to microscopic or subatomic degrees (he does this fairly rarely due to strain, practicality and the occasional difficulties of navigating the world beyond the normal atomic plane). Even when he is small, he retains his normal human strength, making his punch just as potent from an ant-sized fist as he would at full size. While long exposure to his Pym particles has made the ability inherent to Hank, he uses technological gear to help regulate and control his changes. Too much changing will begin to cause stress and damage to his body, requiring him to take periodic lapses from shrinking to preserve his physical integrity. He can maintain a reduced form for up to 12 hours at a time, as it's much less strain than his giant form.


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While not a sophisticated martial artist, Hank is an experienced superhero who has received some hand-to-hand training from a few of the world's most formidable fighters. Against a true expert, he'd be no match, but he's far from an amateur, favoring a simple style of punches and kicks with a little bit of acrobatics (except in giant form. Never do acrobatics in giant form).

Hank is an elite level computer programmer, capable of designing AIs and sophisticated programs and applications. He runs his own personal OS on all of his systems and has the encryption and coding skills necessary to make him a world-class hacker.

Hank Pym is a biochemist with a specialty in insect behavior and structures. He has a wide variety of knowledge of different insect types, but most especially with extremely organized creatures such as ants, bees or wasps. He has designed technology that enables limited communication with insects and allows him to direct their behavior.

Hank is generally an astounding inventor with a mind for innovation and radical technological leaps. He can design and construct complicated devices manipulating energy, space and matter. He has designed complex transport vehicles and streamlined the designs of fellow designers for maximum efficiency. He designed all the weapons and gadgetry he has used in his superheroic career and is familiar enough with the work of his fellow heroes to often repair or duplicate their designs.

While not formally licensed as a medical doctor, Hank's knowledge of biology, anatomy and pharmaceuticals is sufficient that he can easily perform sophisticated medical procedures. He can perform surgery, including cybernetic or prosthetic installations, help treat ailments such as radiation poisoning or work on immunological solutions to bio-weapons and viruses.

Hank is a highly qualified physicist with degrees in particle science and nuclear engineering. He's extremely familiar with research methods, cutting edge technologies and new discoveries in the field. He's focused largely on practical physics, but still has a fairly sophisticated understanding of astrophysics and quantum physics, including multi-world theory and dimensional theory.


Hank Pym is one of the world's most accomplished roboticists and creators of artificial intelligence. He's a supreme computer programmer capable of programming and designing sophisticated AI. He can construct, design and implement robots ranging from the simple to the complex, even creating androids capable of passing for human. Of course, the more sophisticated the robot, the more likely it is for something to go wrong and, after a few bad incidents in this regard, he rarely goes to such a degree of comoplexity in his work anymore.


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Ant-Man Suit
Hank's Ant-Man costume is an elaborate technological marvel, composed of advanced polymers designed specifically for size-shifting and enhanced with a variety of microcircuitry. His helmet gives a full range of electromagnetic and thermal imaging, has communication ranges in microwave and radio frequences and can perform both telescopic and microscopic functions. The helmet can also broadcast a specific wavelength signal that enables Hank to communicate and command ants, termites and other small, organized insects to his command, including getting them to perform complex tasks en masse. A rocket pack attached to the back enables him to make amazing leaps or even fly for short distances. He has a built in stinger weapon that unleashes a biolelectric 'bite' capable of stunning a normal human with a blast, resulting in temporary paralysis or unconsciousness, with the range of line of sight. The suit is fairly durable, bulletproof, insulated and fire-resistant.

Hank has been a member of the Avengers in long-standing. While he has had his difficulties with the group at more unstable times in his past, he is currently in good stead, having access to their resources, facilities and membership in times of trouble. By the same token, he has a responsibility to his fellow Avengers and can be called upon to offer his abilities if they are in need.

Hank has invented a wide variety of hypertech gadgetry. Flight technology, advanced vehicles, energy weapons, force fields and any number of weapons and gear that are usable by himself or other superheroes. He tends to keep a wide variety of such gadgets on his person, miniaturized for convenience and able to be drawn out at a moment's notice, including complex diagnostic gear, computing tech and a full laboratory that he can keep in a pouch on his belt.

Giant-Man Suit
Hank's Giant-Man costume is much simpler than his Ant-Man outfit. His helmet does still have antenna for broadcast enabling communications and enhanced lenses on the goggles. The costume's enhanced polymers enable it to function along with him in terms of size-shifting and make it difficult to tear or be damaged in tough circumstances. It is bulletproof, fire retardant and insulated against electricity.


While he no longer maintains the baggage of a corporate shell, Hank nonetheless has significant personal wealth from inventions, patents and scientific work. He has a personal fortune of around ten million dollars, including investments and real estate.


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Like any supergenius, Pym is capable of getting too big for his britches. As remarkable as he is, everyone has limits, failings, blind spots. He can overestimate his ability or try to do things beyond his means. He also has a bad habit of occasionally inventing things which turn evil and try to take over the world. Not on purpose, mind you, but still, it's a problem.

Mental Illness
Hank suffers from multiple mental illnesses, notably severe bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He attends therapy and uses psychiatric medication to help alleviate his symptoms, but he'll never be entirely free and must always be aware of his moods and behavior. Off-meds or untreated, he is unstable and unreliable, capable of sudden shifts in mood, behavior and temperament.

Hank has something of a mixed reputation. He's widely respected for his intellect, capabilities and heroic accomplishments. But he's also to blame for a number of terrible acts performed by either his creations or himself. He's gone to the dark side a time or two in his past and often has to live down some of his past misdeeds or bad behavior. He's trying to keep on a steady path now, but there's still distrust in the eyes of some of those he calls friends - and he can't blame them.

Size Matters
While there are advantages to all his different sizes, each has their downside as well. At giant-size, he can lack the fine physical dexterity or capability to operate in small spaces. He can accidentally cause collateral damage with ease and create destruction with simple gestures, requiring him to be constantly aware of his surroundings. At ant-size, he can have a hard time being seen or getting someone's attention. While he retains his human strength, he still lacks size, making it difficult to do things like block off escape routes.


Sizeshifting causes significant strain on even Hank's physiology, much as he's become accustomed. Too much sizeshifting (or too extreme sizeshifting, such as going from ant-size to giant-size all at once) can cause him physical pain, exhaustion or even do actual damage to his body as his tissues try to elasticize to compensate for the changes. If he size changes too frequently, he'll become overwhelmed and have to take some time as his normal size, usually requiring at least a full night's sleep to recover his faculties.


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