Asleep, Awake

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Asleep, Awake
Date of Cutscene: 21 June 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Alopex, Nemean

When Alopex first met FBI agent Cody Garrett, she saw someone that truly wanted to make the world better. She thought he would be incorruptible, especially with how he worked away from the tainted eyes of his superiors. Officials across the tri-state area had been paid off, but not this one. He was able to track her down, seek her advice, and had become a potent ally against the Shredder. Until now.

After encountering him, now mutated into a lion-like creature known as Nemean, she had tried to sleep in the new home that Splinter and the turtles had provided, but sleep did not come easy. For a few fitful hours, she was able to keep her eyes closed, but her dreams tormented her relentlessly. Cody had blamed -her- for his mutation. Her subconscious played the false story out for her. She was back at Shredder's side, personally forcing the ooze down his throat, not wanting to do it. It was as if her body had a mind of its own and she was trapped behind her own eyes. Mentally she screamed out, not wanting to force such a choice on Cody, but having gone through the entire experience herself, her dream played out his entire mutation. It was as though she had drawn him in with her information, like a moth to the flame.

She snapped awake from it, her composure falling apart as she got up from her bed and walked out of the lair, up to the surface, and just kept walking. Ever since turning on the Foot Clan she had felt she had been a lynch-pin in setting people against him. She had provided information to so many people, and now it felt like her opinion of self importance was just a lie that was collapsing around her.

All she could think of was Shredder. Someone she had likened to a terrorizing bear in her past life. A thief clad in metal that she had drawn blood from, twice, but couldn't defeat on her own. Even as she walked, she could only imagine what came next. With the mutagen he had, would he further mutate other people she knew? Huntress? Ghost? The Punisher? ... Pippi somehow? How had he left some piece of himself so deep inside her soul that it felt like some sort of creature that was devouring her alive?

She had reached some remote shore by the time the fox had snapped herself out of her thoughts. She hit her knees in the waves and surf, and just started to scream out in rage, frustration, and then sorrow took over entirely. How were all the dominoes she had setup coming down on top of her instead?

She couldn't lose another family. Not again.