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Athena (Scenesys ID: 928)
"Blood, glory? The clash of blades and the shouts of battle cries? You mistake me for my brother. I do not revel in war.I do not honour or glorify it. I am a Goddess of War because I know the true cost of battle and the price of commanding. The decisions of a leader are written in red. If you want someone to sign you the great deads of warlords and kings go find Ares."
Full Name: Pallas Athena
Gender: Female
Species: Olympian
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Goddess of War and Wisdom
Citizenship: Olympus
Residence: Mount Olympusu
Education: Mt. Olympus School of Charm, Etiquette, and Elocution
Status: Dropped
Groups: Pantheon Assembly
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 1 March 820 Actor: Isabel Lucas
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs.)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Recently come to earth on a mission to bring her elder brother home. She has cast aside Olympus quietly in order to seek her brother and his assistance. Perhaps he's found a measure of peace.

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A golden crown sits atop long cascading blond hair that falls well past her shoulders; baring her forehead and allowing for her face to always be in full view. Grey eyes whose glance is neither revealing or intimidating seem to hold with them and untold wisdom and intelligence. A perfectly proportioned nose sits above her pair of bowed lips, upon a face many would consider most beautiful.

Standing at about five and a half feet tall, the woman before you possesses a physique one could most certainly consider lithe and athletic. Her clothing, much like her crown and hair are a shiny gold. A tight-fitting bodice adorns her upper half, leaving her shoulders bare. The bodice blends seamlessly in to a free-flowing skirt of golden hued strips, allowing for well-muscled bare legs to become visible at times. Upon her feet are a pair of golden sandals.

When in battle, Athena wears a golden Spartan helmet and carries her Aegis Shield and Spear.


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Athena came into existence three thousand years ago as the younger god of war. She is the lighter side; the defense of homes and the wisdom of avoiding conflict. The knowledge of tragedy and those who avoid bloodshed save where it is needed. No other god can match her in strategy in avoiding unnecessary death- or her grief in those lost in conflict.

Athena fit well into the hierarchy of Olympus and was well trusted. She did not, however, find herself satisfied. They were always cruel and spiteful and she wanted to find away to improve them and the lives of the mortals. She was always first called upon for counsel to war but naturally gave way to her brother, Ares. The God of bloodshed. When things were worst he was always given rein to kill and destroy. It didn't sit well with Athena at all.

This was life for thousands of years. Eventually Ares left Olympus after being spurned and Athena did nothing but watch and consider. She lobbied privately for Ares, yes, but she didn't push her luck. Wisdom said she would fail... And she felt she had turned on her brother. Olympus besieged and saved by a God who then fled because he felt truly spurned.

Recently, two hundred years after her brother left, Athena has decided to take more interest in her brother's disappearance and find out why Ares never came home. In turn she has realized that over the years, the lake of worship and prayer has caused her powers to weaken. Thus, for her and all the other Olympians, it is her mission to let the mortals know they are still needed. She is hoping to find more insight on mortals and perhaps even return home with a better way for the Gods to live. A chance for peace, at least for a time.

Of course, that means Olympus is now oft without a Goddess of War, one of whose primary duties was to talk Zeus out of waging it.


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Athena is a woman who is humble and erudite, at least to the degree a Goddess can be. Recently come to earth she still retains much of her power and is trying to help people around her with her wisdom. She is somewhat out of touch but manages to be a good person as best she can, if somewhat overbearing. Athena is both calm and polite but might come across as self-possessed as she is a supergenius used to being worshipped for it. Her pride is a weakness, though she rarely exposes it. Athena's kindness is often tempered by severity but she is trying hard to be more forgiving.


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Athena is able to speak and communicate in any language found on Earth and a small variety of more common alien based languages.

Athena can hear if someone is praying to her. (An OOC page works). This allows Athena to come to those who seek her guidance or assistance.

Athena, like all Olympians, is functionally immortal in the sense that she is immune to the effects of aging. She hasn't aged since reaching adulthood and is immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections. Just because she does not age or is not effected by disease, Athena can be killed by sufficient enough force.

Athena can teleport from Olympus to anywhere she chooses in the world. This is not something she can do instantly, as it takes a little bit of thought and an extensive amount of energy. When she comes down to Earth, she arrives usually with a long golden pillar streaking behind her.

If hurt through sufficient enough force, Athena can rapidly heal herself of injury much faster than a human can typically do. She cannot however regrow limbs.

Athena possess superhuman strength. This ability allows her to lift up to 35 tons.

As the Olympian Goddess of Wisdom, Athena has devoted a great deal of time throughout the centuries to studying and mastering many areas of knowledge including all fields of non-technical science. She is considered a super-genius among the other deities of Earth and possesses a degree of cosmic awareness that renders her nearly omniscient when using it.

Athena's reflexes, agility and speed are greater than that of the finest human athlete.

Athena is able to withstand much more damage than your average human. She can withstand high caliber bullets, massive impact forces, exposure to extreme temperature and pressure, any fall from a great height, and even a powerful energy blast.


Athena can exert herself for up to 24 hours before showing any signs of obvious fatigue.


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Athena is the other God of War. This makes her extremely skilled at armed and unarmed combat. She also is a highly competent military strategist, even rivaling her brother in this department of war.


Athena is a master with any weapon typically found in the Greek or Roman time periods. She particularly is fond of the spear, sword and shield. With these weapons she can rival most anyone in skill and effectiveness.


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The Aegis Shield with the face of Medusa on it was created by Hephaestus himself. The Shield has a history in many heroic tales. Over the millennia the Shield has lost some of its ability and powers, but there is always the chance that as Athena's power grows, perhaps the power will return to the Shield. Right now it has the ability to block most incoming attacks, be they physical or energy. However, this has not been tested.

A weapon made by Hephaestus himself. This spear is capable of dealing traumatic damage to mortals, as well as being capable to hurt immortals and other godly types.


Athena has some pretty powerful allies on Olympus. She is able to call upon them for assistance should the need arise. However, this is not something she does often at all...if ever.


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Athena does have many allies in her family, but there are those who wish to see her downfall and demise. Her own brother Ares is one of the main Gods who simply cannot stand her and feels there should only be one God of War. This is a constant battle for Athena and one she wishes was not true.

Athena can be caught up in knowing better to the point of overlooking the obvious. Sometimes the most complete solution is not the correct one and you cannot always take into account the bigger picture when solving an immediate problem. She has trouble with perfectionism and gathering details, in particular, and so snap decisions are not her strong suit.

As a Greek goddess the blood of the Golden Hind can poison and cripple Athena to the point of helplessness, and extended exposure can easily result in true death.

Though Athena is humble and smart she is still a Goddess. Obviously, she tends to know better than other people. Sometimes this simply is not the case, however, and she has trouble admitting when she truly does not know.

A good part of Athena's power and mere existence is from the worship she still receives. In fact, there is a small resurgence in this upon Earth. As a result of these prayers, if they are asking for assistance, Athena feels she is obligated to respond and assist. This can be extremely time consuming.


As a Goddess of Wisdom and Aegis Athena guides mortals through tough times and grants them powers to face their greatest tragedies. She has trouble leaving things alone and letting people work through their own problems. Often this meddling is not warranted and sometimes it may make things worse. Certainly it angers some people.


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