Avenger's New Waterpark?

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Avenger's New Waterpark?
Date of Cutscene: 23 February 2018
Location: Avengers Mansiion, New York City
Synopsis: The Mansion may never recover
Cast of Characters: Thor

It has been many moons since Thor has been cast to Asgard and on the same day of his self appointed banishment, the god of thunder lost his prized weapon. He has recently recovered his less known, less powerful, but still incredibly dangerous axe (Jornbjorn). This is not a tale of such things.

This is a tale of much more mundane contraptions. Mundane by our own Midgardian sensibilities.

Anyone who walks into the front door of the Avenger's mansion will suddenly find themselves ankle deep in cold water. I'm not sure about Namor, but most heroes don't live ankle deep in water, and so troubleshooting must occur. Those with the least keen of senses will notice the water dripping from the cracks in the ceilings, and flowing down the foyer's stairs, as well as showering from the cracks in any elevator shaft.


The second floor is shin deep in flowing water, as there is somewhere for it to go, the powerful liquid will take it. All doors from the living quarters open easily, except one, with the name plate of 'Point Break' on the plaque. The door is forced open with a bit more effort and suddenly the water levels rise again as knee deep becomes the severity and the source of the water quickly becomes apparent, Thor stuffed his washing machine with not only his tattered red famous cape, but also his leather and metal armor and the axe all having been wedged and filled the machine to overflowing with things that are not meant to go in and it has caused damage to the machine, allowing it to flow for hours without end!