Baba Yaga: The First

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Baba Yaga: The First
Date of Cutscene: 19 August 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen, New York City
Synopsis: Typhoid Mary kidnaps the first victim
Cast of Characters: Typhoid Mary
Tinyplot: Baba Yaga

The dim light from the single overhead lamp cast an eerie glow over the street corner. All the others in the area had been broken out by thrown rocks or gunfire. It helped keep the area darker for the seedier side of the world to progress without feeling that glaring light.

Candy found it comforting. She had worked this corner for years now. Seen a lot of others arrive to take up the oldest profession, though many moved on after a short time. Like the new girl over there. What did she call herself? Maggie. That was it. Yet another runaway who thought life on the streets was better than listening to her parents at home. She was learning that being a kid was infinitely easier.

Candy watched as a new BMW came cruising up the street. All the gals took a moment to stand taller, striking a pose here or there, hoping to catch the eye of the occupant. The car stopped by Maggie, who moved to lean in the window.

Candy moved slightly closer, taking a peek inside the fancy car to find a woman inside with red hair styled in dreadlocks. A moment later, Maggie glanced back at Candy and gave her a nod, before the teen jumped into the car. As she did, the driver glanced directly at Candy. Half her face was covered in white make-up. Only half. She gave a grin that could only be called feral then turned back and sped away with Maggie in the passenger seat. The freaks really did come out at night.

The next night, Maggie never showed up for work. Nor the night after that. Or after that...