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Stephanie Brown (Scenesys ID: 1134)
Stephanie: "She has lots of abandonment issues and none of my... can-do devil-may-care, Pollyana… um.. un...sinkable?"
Barbara: "You get a little lost in there?"
Stephanie: "You shoot from the hip, you don't always hit the mark."
Full Name: Stephanie Brown
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Student, Vigilante
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Gotham City
Education: High School graduate, College incomplete (in progress)
Status: Approved
Groups: Batman Family, Birds of Prey, Outsiders, Gotham-OOC, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 11 August 2006 Actor: Alexis Ren
Height: 165 cm (5'5") Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs.)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Why is it that the masked vigilantes seem to have so much fun? Stephanie Brown seems to be a normal college student. Perhaps a bit of a thrill-seeker, but that is normal for most people her age. Still, keeping secrets is more thrilling. That is why not many people know that Stephanie prowls around at night as the Spoiler. Originally meant to simply spoil her father's plans, the criminal Cluemaster. But...why stop there? Appointing herself as the unofficial vigilante of Gotham's suburbs, Stephanie continues to patrol...spoiling the plans of any criminal she comes across.

Current Player Approved: May 28, 2019



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This female figure stands perhaps five and a half feet tall. In that category she won't win any intimidation points. However, the fact that her face is hidden behind a full black facemask with large white ovoid lenses obscuring her eyes certainly can be unsettling. She is otherwise clad in dark purple. A full bodysuit from neck to mid calf where black leather boots take over and cover her claves and feet. Black leather gloves reach up to her elbows over the purple suit as well. An ankle length cape complete with cloak-like hood helps to cover and obscure her form. Across her torso, from left shoulder to right hip, is a black leather strap buckling to a utility belt around her slender waist. The belt contains a myriad of pouches to carry the items a vigilante would typically need. Around her left thigh is another utility bandolier also with equipment pouches.


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Stephanie Brown was born an only child. Her mother is a nurse and her father is the (only slightly more infamous than a nurse) Cluemaster, a third or fourth tier criminal self-styled after The Riddler. Her early child hood and pre-teen years were happy as could be expected - with a father incarcerated far more often than he was around to be her father and a mother addicted to pain killers and too stressed over being a single parent to adequately care for more than her daughter's basic needs. Whenever her father got out of prison he was immediately back to his old ways and sooner than later he was right back in lock up.

This circle of life continued into Stephanie's teenage years, when her father's associates began to take on much less pleasant aspects. When she was thirteen, one of them began to take an unhealthy interest in her. He was "dissuaded" with a knee. It was the moment that life changed from dolls and stuffed animals to reality. Stephanie began to see what her father was doing as criminal and it wasn't long before she had finally had enough. Taking inspiration from Gotham's vigilantes, she created her own costume and with the intention to spoil her father's plans. And, with that, the Spoiler was born.

What she lacked in skill, Stephanie made up for in youthful enthusiasm. By leaving clues for those of the Bat persuasion to follow, she was able to stop her father. Yet, once Cluemaster was in prison again, she realized she loved being Spoiler too much to stop. She was hooked. Stephanie naively believed she could make a difference.

Unfortunately, the change to the life of a vigilante did not mean the end of hard luck for Stephanie was coming to an end. Though involvement with members of Batman's group of vigilantes provided her with sometime allies, her personal life fell apart when a boyfriend departed town leaving the teen girl pregnant. She gave the baby up for adoption and does not know the child's identity or situation.

Eventually Stephanie finished high school. Mainly through pressure from others, she enrolled in college. She has passed her classes so far, but has struggled at times. In part because regardless of what others think, she continues to suit up in the purple and blue until there isn't a need....or until she is unable to do so.

Whichever comes first.


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Stephanie is a teenage girl from a broken home with a criminal for a father. She hated what he did, but didn't hate him. She just wanted him to be a father, which never happened. As such, she learned to be self reliant and hide disappointment. The lack of a father figure also drives her to prove she is better, better than her father's criminal failings and her own insecurities. She knows that most of the vigilantes and heroes in Gotham (and beyond) would probably look down their nose at her if not outright laugh at her behind her back. And yet, she refuses to give up and give them the satisfaction. Stephanie is determined to prove all the naysayers wrong and do it on her own terms. She loves her mother and she cares greatly about her friends. She is also a smartmouth who likes to joke and jibe others - especially criminals.


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Being female, Stephanie will never have the raw power of a man in pure muscle strength, but she knows the proper techniques for climbing and isn't afraid of open heights. After all, jump lining across Gotham's tallest buildings isn't for the faint of heart.

Stephanie will never be an elite level hacker. For one, she hasn't the drive for it. What she does have are the basic comfort with computerized devices that most teenagers have. With a little application and willpower, she might be able to hack into poorly defended systems, small businesses or a minor criminal's systems. Provided she really wants to.

Stephanie can drive a car but she's most comfortable on a motorcycle. She can handle them proficiently. She can curb jump and, in a pinch could land a jump over a car (given some means of going airborne first).

Stephanie does have knowledge in how to get out of handcuffs. She even knows how to work her way out of plastic tie wraps like the Police use, along with general knots and forms of restraint. She knows how to dislocate joints when necessary to gain extra slack. It isn't pleasant...but she at least knows how.

Stephanie began gymnastics as a young girl and continued through being a standout on her high school team. It has given her the ability to remain extremely flexible, to properly tumble and roll and even fall to minimize injuries and even to avoid vertigo when doing tight flips, etc. She can incorporate acrobatics into her hand to hand combat.

Despite being a teenager, Stephanie is as skilled in leg work and looking into 'cases' as a police detective with five years experience. After all, with a criminal father, she has had lots of practice.

Stephanie has trained herself to be moderately proficient at lip reading to augment her crime fighting abilities and overcome her past lack of equipment that other heroes might use for listening at a distance.

Stephanie has some training in a couple forms of martial arts, including boxing and Judo. While her skills can certainly could use improvement, she can still stand her own and beat down a dozen street thugs or four moderately skilled minions at the same time with a combination of her martial skills and her tactical experience.

As a masked vigilante, stealth is a necessary skill to learn. Stephanie's troubles at home and in her past led her to a natural proficiency in these skills at a young age. After becoming a vigilante she has further built them to a higher level.

Stephanie has studied. She understands how to manipulate her surroundings, her enemies to give her an advantage. She knows where she is within Gotham City when running the rooftops, how to set up traps for, or how to head off fleeing criminals.


Stephanie is no baseball player. She hasn't got an 85 mph fast ball but when it comes down to it, she can hurdle a projectile with pretty decent speed and accuracy.


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First and foremost, Stephanie has her Spoiler costume. Created personally by her, it features an opaque mask that obscures her features, yet provides her nearly unblocked vision via the white eyepieces. The hooded cloak provides some protection in the form of obscuring her form, allowing for an easier time hiding in the shadows. The costume is otherwise skintight to allow to maximum flexibility and movement...but this flexibility comes at the cost of not being very resistant to weapons. With the costume, Stephanie wears a utility belt with pouches that could contain various items such as grappling hooks, smoke bombs, and other items....should she be able to afford them. On the side of the belt is usually a coil of grapple line attached.

Mom=Home. Home=A warm bed instead of being homeless. Mom loves her daughter and hates the hand of cards life's dealt her but she's doing the best she can. Cleaned up from drugs, Mrs. Brown works as a nurse. She cares about Stephanie and would absolutely refuse to let her play Vigilante. It's a good thing she doesn't know, right?


A pocket rocket. It isn't new but when you ride a Buell it doesn't have to be new to be fast and reliable.


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Cluemaster is Spoiler's nemesis as much as Arthur Brown is his daughter's. Neither is out to get her, but the fact that her father is a criminal who is unrepentant and intent on repeating his crimes, it leaves a lot of complications for Stephanie as a teenager and for Spoiler as an aspiring Vigilante whenever he goes to commit a crime - or the risk of him deciphering her associations.

Stephanie has rarely met a situation that she didn't want to jump into right away. She hates wasting time or planning. Once she has an objective she wants to get into the action, preferably now. This can lead to her doing some stupid things. However, she also tends to think fast on her feet. While this helps somewhat in offsetting this weakness, it does not overcome it completely by far.

With a villain father who was frequently in prison, and a mother whose drug abuse kept her from providing more than basic needs, Stephanie grew up with a fairly low self-image. That lack of confidence showed through with friends and classmates. Combined with a poorly developed set of people skills, and Stephanie never became popular or well-accepted within her peer groups. Though she has finally begun to forge herself a more positive identity, her view of herself can sometimes still act as an anchor and weigh her down.

Stephanie Brown is not (yet) known as being Spoiler. The risk is real to herself and to her mother. It's a dangerous thing for criminals to know who you are.


Spoiler is a relatively unknown vigilante in Gotham. There is very little intimidation factor when facing down criminals. They tend to attack first and wonder who the person with the purple getup is later.


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Shell-Shocked August 3rd, 2019 Turtle attacks a mob business meeting, which Damian is undercover guarding. Spoiler responds to the reports of gunfire. Hilarity ensues.
Robin has the talk with Steph... Part 2, this time with explosions.. July 28th, 2019 Damian, and Steph have their talk, though there were no explosions!
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Best Laid Plans: The Caper July 25th, 2019 Stockholm's plans to rob the bank come to fruition. Stephanie saves a life but takes hurts in doing so, saved by Cassandra's timely arrival.
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Kevin Q. Thornton's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. January 28th, 2018 The Spoiler overheard rumors of a job going down. When she gets to the place, it turns out she's not the only vigilante who found out about it...
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Early Morning Pizzas January 1st, 2018 A random meeting in a pizza shop
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World's Finest BFF's July 24th, 2017 Spoiler and Batgirl both converge on a drug deal...and both help each other in one way or another.


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