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Adam Park (Scenesys ID: 7056)
Full Name: Adam Park
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Angel Grove, Starling
Education: University of Starling
Status: Dropped
Groups: Power Rangers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 6 January 2009 Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 70 kg (154 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Adam's Theme" by Shin Dukess


Adam Park is the son of a soldier and a librarian. He was born and spent most of his life in Stone Canyon before moving to Angel Grove when his father's job changed. Shy and withdrawn at first, he had trouble warming up to others until he began to train in martial arts. This boosted his self-confidence and got him out of his shell. Adam made friends with Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy, and through them eventually Jason, Zack and Trini. Having proved on multiple occasions that not only is he a gifted fighter, he was also loyal and trustworthy. When Zack had to move away with his family, Adam was the obvious choice to replace him as Black Ranger. Now he fights alongside his friends, keeping Angel Grove and Earth safe from Rita Repulsa and her minions.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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Adam Park is as young man of about seventeen years with a smooth handsome face with Asian features. Brown almond shaped eyes frame an exuberant face that has a tendency to smile a lot. Short black hair that is styled to sweep off to one side adorns his head. His body is a little on the smallish side but his lean frame packs a lot of power, though he tends to wear baggy clothes that hide this fact.

Adam wears a white t-shirt that is tucked into a pair of baggy blue jeans which are fastened with a wide leather belt. A black long sleeved shirt is worn open over the t-shirt and he wears black and white converse sneakers on his feet. Around his left wrist is a silver looking watch-like device that has black markings on the metal band.


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Adam Park grew up ordinary. His father was a soldier and met his mother while being stationed in Korea. He grew up in Stone Canyon, but moved to Angel Grove due to his father getting a new job. When he was young, he was smaller than most kids his age and also quiet and not very outspoken. This caused him to be bullied a lot. He started martial arts by tying to teach himself from watching old Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies until his parents noticed and actually enrolled him into a school where he studied kung fu. Studying martial arts gave Adam a newfound confidence and allowed him to start breaking out of his shell, though he still had a problem with girls.

Before Adam moved to Angel Grove, he visited there while participating in a martial arts competition with two others from his school. It was during this time that he met Rangers Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy (though he didn't know who they were) and helped them save a baby in a runaway stroller. The teens bonded over this event and became fast friends, with the rangers showing genuine surprise when Adam and his friends won the martial arts tournament. But Adam's ordinary life would take a drastic turn for the extraordinary when Rita, having noticed Adam's fighting prowess, kidnapped him in order to turn him into an agent of evil by having him injected with the venom from a serpent monster. Adam would get to see the Power Rangers in action as they managed to save his life before the serpent bit him.

Adam eventually moved to Angel Grove when his father switched jobs, so he was enrolled at Angel Grove High where he began to hang out with the Rangers, still unaware of just who they truly were. Even though Adam didn't have a lot of friends before, getting to know the Rangers really helped his morale and self-confidence. He would go on to develop hobbies, such as engineering, playing soccer and learning how to play guitar. They began to learn things about him as well, his honesty, intelligence, and sense of responsibility. Admirable qualities found in someone beyond his seventeen years. Which is why when Zack and his family had to move away suddenly, Zordon, after Jason and Tommy's insistence, chose Adam as Zack's replacement, especially after the Black Power Coin allowed him to bond with it.

After the initial shock of finding out that his friends were the Power Rangers, he immediately began to worry about his new found responsibilities. These worries would come to fruition by him getting into his own head and losing his confidence after making a mistake that allowed a monster to get away during his first battle as the Black Ranger. However, his friends were there for him and helped him overcome his fears to find his own footing. Now Adam has settled into his role as the Black Ranger, being part of a unit and finally allowing himself to open up and be himself around others. The other rangers know that they can depend on him...even if he still has a problem talking to girls.


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Adam prescribes to the notion of ?think twice and speak once?. He is often quiet and thoughtful and this can cause people to think that he's shy and standoffish. While it's true that Adam does sometimes have confidence issues, especially with girls or new situations, he is still willing to try new things. Sometimes he just might need a little nudge is all. However as quiet and reserved he is in his civilian life, he is a force to be reckoned with in battle. Though a phenomenal martial artist, he is not quick to enter an engagement unless there is an immediate danger to himself or others.

Adam's intelligence is near that of Billy, often he will translate for him during those times Billy is using very scientific slang or terms. He will often volunteer to give him a hand building his inventions as well. But even though he has talent working with his hands, it's perhaps his analytical mind that stands out the most. Adam can often analyze a battle situation as he's fighting, not afraid to pipe up his opinions to Jason or Tommy if he thinks it's important enough.

Normally, Adam is a mild tempered teen, until he sees someone being bullied, whether verbally or physically. This is a trigger for him. He will interfere and protect the victim. This comes from all those years ago when he was bullied himself. He is able to easily empathize with others and can often be a little naive..trusting others easily and able to be manipulated, especially if the person is female.

But the one thing about him that is constant is his reliability as a friend, and as a ranger. Should any of his friends ever need him to walk through hell with them, he'll saddle up, put on some sunscreen and trudge right on through right beside them.


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Black Power Coin:
Adam inherited his power coin from Zack Taylor. Being chosen by the Mastodon Power Coin has given Adam amazing abilities that reach beyond the limits of baseline humanity. There are two separate levels of Power that exist due to Adam being chosen to represent and protect Earth as a Power Ranger.

Adam Park: Since bonding with the Power Coin of the Mastodon, Adam has been given access to an enhanced physicality that takes him far beyond the scope of baseline humanity. Given an impressive set of enhanced abilities consisting of Strength, Speed, Agility, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability. All of these abilities are present whether or not the Power Coin of the Mastodon is in his presence or not due to Power Coin bonding to Adam's Essence. In addition to elevating his physical abilities to incredible levels, Adam also has access to limited healing, leaping and wall-crawling abilities as well.

Black Ranger: Adam can undergo a "Morph" that allows his abilities to reach a second level that's more akin to being Superhuman. His Strength, Speed, Agility, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability are boosted significantly to put him in a class that's capable of going toe-to-toe with aliens, monsters and other vile creatures that he may end up crossing paths with. Due to the Armor Creation that happens when Adam morphs, his healing ability becomes even more limited but only because his body is even more protected while Morphed. His Leaping ability, on the other hand, is launched to an even higher level.

In either form, Adam is bonded to both the Power Coin of the Mastodon and the Mastodon Dinozord. He has a connection to the vehicular beast machine that is used in times of great need and to take down larger than life threats to Angel Grove and the world. Being chosen by the Power Coin of the Mastodon gives Adam a natural affinity for controlling the Mastodon Dinozord.

Teen With Attitude:

Not just anyone can be a Ranger. There seems to be a specific set of qualities or quality that allows it. After all, there are two things one must know about Power Coins. One, they choose you, you don't choose them. And second? They go real well with Dino Morphers. This could very well be Adam's destiny. Only more time will tell.


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Adam had been doing martial arts since he was young. Even without the abilities of his power coin, he would still be a formidable opponent. He is in very good shape, and trains at the Youth Center to keep himself 'spandex ready'. He's also very good at soccer and is a triathlete.

Adam is fluent in English, Korean, and Mandarin

Adam is good with working with his hands, often offering to help Billy with his various inventions both in their Ranger duties or just because.

Adam is a guitarist and singer. He prefers rock music, but has taught himself to play a variety of genres. It's one of the few things that help him relax.

Ranger Training:
Adam has undergone and continues to undergo training from Zordon and Alpha 5 on how to be a Power Ranger. This includes weapons and vehicle training, conditioning and preparation, strategy and tactics and alien knowledge. It's an ongoing process and Adam takes it just as seriously as he does his normal school work, perhaps even more so since the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


Adam has learned how to work with others. It was very difficult for him to learn how to trust and rely on other people but when he does, great things happen. He knows and understands how to play his role in a team situation and can work with others to compliment and assist where needed. Individually they're good, together they are almost invincible.


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Black Ranger Suit:
The Power Ranger suit is an armored design that follows a distinctive pattern in line with prehistoric theme that is ever present in the Power Ranger Mythos. The Suit is designed to withstand incredible amounts of damage and protects the wearer from suffering physical harm while in combative situations. Adam's suit is Black.

The Suit come with a helmet that provides the wearer with to-the-second HUD intel and offers extensive protection for the skull and brain area. The helmets are designed in various prehistoric themes. Adam's is framed by the tusks of the Mastodon beast.

Power Rangers suits are kept inside their bodies through sophisticated alien technology. When they "Morph" the suits appear on the Rangers instantaneously. No transformation sequence required.

Blade Blaster:
The Blade Blaster is a standard sidearm of the Power Rangers. It serves the dual purpose of being a low impact dagger style weapon and a personal blaster. It fires laser-based energy that can be combined with the other blasters to perform incredible team up techniques.

Command Center:
Adam has access to the Command Center and everything that entails. The includes the various rooms and technology stored within the alien ship. The most used are often the Power Chamber and the Training Pit where the Rangers are constantly training to be ready to combat evil.

Mastodon Dinozord:
The Mastodon Dinozord is the Black Ranger's oversized vehicle. It can be used as a stand-alone Battle Zord or can combine with the other Dinozords to create the Megazord.

Height: 4.4m

Weight: 12 tons

Speed: 142 km/h

Megazord Location: Back, Arms, Shield.

Armaments: Retractable Blaster Cannons, Harpoon / Winch, Web Launching Catapult

Specialty Weapon: Glacier Gas / Freezing Mist

OOC Note: The Zord can only be used with staff approval.

Power Axe:
The Power Axe is the Black Ranger's personal weapon. A black, single-blade axe that can be used to strike enemies with an impressive amount of blunt force damage. The Power Axe can be converted into a cannon-like weapon that is also called the Cosmic Cannon. It fires an impressive blast of powerful energy. The Power Axe in Cosmic Cannon mode serves as the base of the Power Blaster.

Power Coins:
The Power Coin of the Mastodon chose to bond with Adam Park after Zack Taylor had to move away.. This alien artifact gives Adam access to the powers and abilities of being a Power Ranger. With the Power Coin being the source of his powers and abilities, should the Power Coin ever be destroyed (which would take unimaginable power) then Adam's access to his abilities would also be severed.

Power Coins are dormant until they come into contact with the warriors they have chosen to bond with. While in close proximity to the Rangers the Power Coins may exhibit and radiate power and energy on a scale that's difficult to measure. The Power Coins themselves have been known to generate heat strong enough to melt metal.

The Power Coins are capable of minor shapeshifting between looking like ancient gold coins or having more crystalline features.

Power Morpher:
The Power Morpher is a direct link to the morphing grid and a way to access the metamorphosis process through which Adam Park becomes the Black Ranger. While it is true that he could access the Power Ranger Suit during times of extreme duress and need without using the Power Morpher, to activate the Mastodon Power Coin's transformative capabilities just makes it easier. Adam doesn't have to but he often shouts, "MASTODON!" when using the Power Morpher to change. But he actually thinks it's awesome to do so.

Teen Stuff:
Adam gets a regular allowance from his parents and does odd jobs for those in his neighborhood for extra spending money. He drives a nice four door 4x4, black of course, has a cell phone and all of the other things that teens his age need.

The Team:
Adam is a part of the Power Rangers, defenders of Earth. He's a crucial member of the team and the closer they are the more powerful they can become. They are friends, they are a family. They exist to work with each other, compliment each other in all walks of their lives and they are always better when they are in the same space. Together, they are more.

Wrist Communicator:
Primarily used as communication devices between the Power Rangers and the Command Center, the Wrist Communicators are watch-styled devices that also give the Rangers the ability to teleport using the Command Centers teleportation technology. The one distinguishing feature of these communicators is the catchy series of beeps that almost sound like they are beeping a tune.

Youth Center:
This is where Adam spends most of his time when not in school or saving the world. He hangs out here with his friends, trains here, and teaches a kung fu class for kids and the elderly as part of an outreach program.

Zordon and Alpha-5:

Zordon serves the Wise Old Mentor role while Alpha 5 serves as the token robotic awesomeness that hangs out and assists with everything under the sun. Adam respects them both and often asks them for advice, especially Zordon since he is a former Ranger himself.


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The only thing that can make the quiet and reserved Adam lose his cool. If he sees or finds out that someone has been mistreated, hurt or picked on by a bully, he will try to find a way to rectify the situation. Even with violence.

Adam values his friends more than anything. If given the choice between giving up or losing his powers or one of his friends, he WILL choose his friends. Every single time.

Adam is a bit clueless when it comes to girls, and a little shy. This means that they can manipulate him if they can separate him from the others.

Power Coin:
Adam's powers and abilities are tied to the Power Coin. Without constant access to the Power Coin of the Mastodon, the bond will fade as well as Adam's powers and extraordinary skills. Should the Power Coin be destroyed... Adam Park will return to being a normal teenager.

Ranger Code:
Here's the code by which Adam must live by in order to remain a Power Ranger.

1) Never Use These Powers For Personal Gain.

2) Never Escalate A Battle Unless The Enemy Forces It.

3) Never Reveal The Secret Of Being A Power Ranger.

Space Witch:

Rita Repulsa. She's evil, vile, powerful and has a legion of terrifying monsters and ideas to turn into monsters that can make Adam's life a living hell. Not to mention, oh, destroy the Earth. She really doesn't like him.


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A night on a new town! September 12th, 2023 Adam meets Willow at The Bronze and asks her on a date, she says yes!
Random Encounters In The Park September 8th, 2023 Buffy and Willow meet Tommy and Adam. Sandwiches and cookies are shared.
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Tournament: Caim VS the Black Ranger! October 5th, 2018 In a show of Martial Arts prowess, Caim and Adam Park (The Black Ranger) battle it out!


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