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Zack Taylor (Scenesys ID: 334)
"Did I just hear you say we're Power Rangers?"
Full Name: Zachary Taylor
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student / Former Power Ranger
Citizenship: Dominion of Canada
Residence: Angel Grove, Starling
Education: Angel Grove High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Power Rangers
Other Information
Apparent Age: Teens Actual Age: Seventeen
Date of Birth 3 May 2009 Actor: Roshon Fegan
Height: 173 cm Weight: 73 kg
Hair Color: Black (w/ Various Dyes) Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Come Down by Anderson .Paak


(STAFF NOTE: At this time, Zack is no longer the Black Ranger, having stepped aside and that mantle being moved to another. This sheet will remain here as a placeholder for a future player who will then have to make the necessary modifications.)

Zachary "Zack" Taylor has always been a bit of a cad, the life of the party and a rebel that doesn't need a cause. An on-again, off-again student at Angel Grove High School, Zack can often be found wandering the halls, pulling pranks or taking up space in his desk for his various brushes with detention. A former cheerleader and track sprinter, Zack's popularity never really took a hit when he stopped being a representative for Angel Grove High's stellar sports program. Instead, his popularity shifted into a whole new brand of wise-ass. All of which he uses to hide from and deal with his troublesome home life.

Things got turned up a notch when this teenager with attitude stumbled upon some new friends and ancient alien artifacts. Chosen by the Power Coin of the Mastodon, Zack became the Black Ranger of the Power Rangers. He works alongside the other Power Rangers as a protector of Angel Grove while trying to figure out exactly what the future holds.



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Zachary "Zack" Taylor has had an interesting life ever since he was born. His father, Walter Jones Taylor, was an African American real estate agent and his mother, Tala Bayani, was a Filipino teacher at Angel Grove Middle School. Their relationship brought Zack into this world and he was a shining light from the moment he was born. His childhood was riddled with jokes, laughter and a healthy relationship with his parents. It was the most average childhood that one could have in the town of Angel Grove.

In school, Zack was always the class clown with solid grades and an outgoing personality that made him one of the popular kids. He rocked this natural charisma and persona all the way into middle school and even managed to continue to roll with his popularity during the years that he was in his mother's classroom. Even though his rebellious nature bubbled up during his middle school days, Zack always managed to smile or dance his way out of any real trouble. Most of his pranks or schemes were harmless and done more for the enjoyment of all than to actually hurt or ruin anyone's day.

Zack moved on from middle school and walked right into the summer from hell. In the span of three months, Zack's mother fell very ill, his father left to pursue another relationship and the results of being thrust into the role of Man of the House put enough pressure on Zack for him to explode. Instead, though, Zack retreated even more into his fun-loving persona and turned up the rebellious antics to give himself a bit more edge. A bit more attitude.

Zack hit high school and wrapped himself up in a tornado of pranks, wisecracks and extracurricular activities to keep himself sane while doing through so much drama and stress at home. He retreated even further into his love for music. He joined the cheerleading squad as a way to try and find something in his life worth caring about. His style of popularity shifted, though, as he stopped being a good student and moved more into world of someone that only cared about where the next laugh was coming from. Eventually, lackluster grades got him kicked off the cheerleading squad and his rebellious antics got him a regular desk in the corner of detention. His troubles at school fueled his excuse to attend less and spend more time with his Mom or on his own.

Zack spent a lot of time dancing by himself in abandoned rail yards or running through rock quarries. One of these visits got him caught up in some madness with four other teenagers from Angel Grove High. Together, they discovered alien artifacts that gave them all incredible powers and abilities. After separating and almost dying that night, the five teenagers with various attitudes met again and discovered the source of these alien artifacts. They met an alien being known as Zordon and his robot companion, Alpha 5. There they learned the origins of their artifacts, which were known as Power Coins. They were trained to become a team of chosen protectors. They had become the Power Rangers.

Zack embraced his role as the Black Ranger and found himself with some new friends and a reason to care again. With his newfound lease on life, Zack Taylor works with his Power Rangers to protect Angel Grove (and the world) from whatever evil threats dare to rear their ugly heads. For his Mother. For Angel Grove. For the World.


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Zack is a fun-loving, wisecrackin' teenager with attitude. Zack's primary role in life seems to be 'fun one'. In school he takes up the role as the class clown and tends to try his best to make his friends (or anyone) laugh. He's a jokester and a prankster without malicious intent. He's always good to step it up and throw some witty banter in the direction of anyone that's within earshot. A sarcastic and self-deprecating sense of humor keeps him from falling into the realm of being.

A rebellious wild streak is very present in Zack's nature. He's often doing something to show just how fearless and uncaring he is but in the most wild ways possible. He doesn't care what anyone thinks, excluding a handful of people and he's more than willing to make a fool of himself. He seems to often go against the grain for no other reason other than to just rebel against the status quo. His sick mother and horrible father figure have shown him that life should be lived to the fullest every day because tomorrow everything could change. Nothing is promised so Zack doesn't believe in his own future. Even if he fights for everyone else's.

Underneath it all, Zack is a broken individual that deals with every problem as it comes. He's brash and impulsive, even sometimes to the point of being hotheaded under the right circumstances. It's hard to keep up with Zack as he tends to be a bit unpredictable but his heart is always in the right place when the chips are down. He wants to do the right thing. That's just the way he rolls.

Zack lives and breathes music. Music makes his world go around. Music is how he survives. Music keeps him sane. At least, it did before he became a Power Ranger. Now Zack doesn't have to rely so much on music as he actually has friends to lean on. He's found another family to replace the one he's going to eventually lose and that makes him as fierce and as loyal as he needs to be to protect them. They are bonded together, forever and he'll be damned if he gives any of that up without a fight.


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Zack Taylor is the Black Ranger. Being chosen by the Mastodon Power Coin has given Zack amazing abilities that reach beyond the limits of baseline humanity. There are two separate levels of Power that exist due to Zack being chosen to represent and protect Earth as a Power Ranger.

Zack Taylor: Since bonding with the Power Coin of the Mastodon, Zack has been given access to an enhanced physicality that takes him far beyond the scope of baseline humanity. Given an impressive set of enhanced abilities consisting of Strength, Speed, Agility, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability. All of these abilities are present whether or not the Power Coin of the Mastodon is in his presence or not due to Power Coin bonding to Zack's Essence. In addition to elevating his physical abilities to incredible levels, Zack also has access to limited healing, leaping and wall-crawling abilities as well.

Black RangerZack can undergo a "Morph" that allows his abilities to reach a second level that's more akin to being Superhuman. His Strength, Speed, Agility, Reflexes, Stamina and Durability are boosted significantly to put him in a class that's capable of going toe-to-toe with aliens, monsters and other vile creatures that he may end up crossing paths with. Due to the Armor Creation that happens when Zack morphs, his healing ability becomes even more limited but only because his body is even more protected while Morphed. His Leaping ability, on the other hand, is launched to an even higher level.

In either form, Zack is bonded to both the Power Coin of the Mastodon and the Mastodon Dinozord. He has a connection to the vehicular beast machine that is used in times of great need and to take down larger than life threats to Angel Grove and the world. Being chosen by the Power Coin of the Mastodon gives Zack a natural affinity for controlling the Mastodon Dinozord.

Not just anyone can be a Power Ranger. In this particular combination of time and space there's a need to be a very special person... a teenager with attitude. Maybe it's fate or maybe it's destiny but there's a connection between Zack and the other Rangers. There's a connection that Zack has to the Power Coin of the Mastodon itself. One could say that it could even be considered his spirit animal.

there's a good possibility that Zack Taylor was born for this.


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As a native of Angel Grove, Zack has extensive knowledge of the streets of Angel Grove as well as the people that live there. This is probably one of the only ways that his popularity can come into play to be something useful. He knows his town and the people in it.

Zack's an athletic individual and has been most of his life. He served on the cheerleading squad of Angel Grove High for a while and also was on their track team. Outside of school sanctioned sports Zack routinely practices martial arts, plays various sports in the park. His number one movement though is Dance. It doesn't get any better than that.

Zack speaks English and Filipino fluently.

If there's anything that Zack is a master of it's the Dance. He loves to dance and has been dancing since he could move. While he's a capable hip hop dancer, Zack is also very well versed in different styles of dance and runs the gamut from his country line dancing all the way up to formal dancing like waltzes and ballroom. He could have a career as a choreographer if he wasn't so busy saving the world.

Zack has a way with style and clothes. He's always up on the latest trends and has a sense of style that keeps him looking as cool as he presents himself. Through a series of favors and connections is the only way he keeps his wardrobe as befitting of his attitude.

Zack Taylor is the creator of Hip Hop Kido. It's a specialized martial arts style that combines elements of dance with elements of martial arts. He's very well trained in the martial arts himself and has taken it to another level by sprinkling it with dance moves. It makes his fighting style hard to read and predict thus giving him an advantage against some opponents.

Zack knows music more than he knows anything else. Artists, years, songs and various other information that is considered useless knowledge by the majority of the world. He's like a walking Wikipedia when it comes to music. Maybe some day this'll come in handy.

Zack has some limited parkour and urban climbing experience due to his knack for being places he has no business being. He often spends time up above and on top of things, watching the city of Angel Grove and the people to see what it's like to live a normal life. He's well versed in getting from one place to the other using only his hands and feet.

Zack knows pranks inside and out. He can almost spot them on sight or at least the set up. He's pretty good at making something out of nothing when it comes to setting up the pranks or things like that. Everything from the water bucket over the door to childish sound effects from his phone and a bluetooth speaker. The Zack Man's gonna' prank ya'!

Zack has underwent and continues to undergo training from Zor-Don and Alpha 5 on how to be a Power Ranger. This includes weapons and vehicle training, conditioning and preparation, strategy and tactics and alien knowledge. It's an ongoing process and pretty much the only thing that Zack wants to spend his time studying. He takes it serious because it's seriously fun.

Zack has some credible talent when it comes to doing magic and illusions. He rocks best with cards or other sleight of hand tricks but he's also been known to dabble in slightly bigger tricks but he lacks the currency to pursue it as an investment. Instead, he just uses it to impress people.

Zack has learned how to work with others. It was very difficult for him to learn how to trust and rely on other people but when he does, great things happen. He knows and understands how to play his role in a team situation and can work with others to compliment and assist where needed.

Zack is a skilled enough vocalist to be perhaps, with proper training and guidance, do it professionally some day. Right now he can perform and rock talent shows and maybe small venues with his natural ability. Singing comes naturally to him but he can also craft a pretty mean rhyme or two when needed.


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Zack Taylor has been in Angel Grove since he was born. He knows the town inside and out. He knows the good parts, the bad parts and even some of the secret parts that people shouldn't know about. He also knows the people, a lot of them and more often than not he can call upon various members of the community for favors or assistance.

Zack knows Angel Grove High School inside and out. He knows the layout of the building, the rules (and how to bend/break them) and he's even managed to get keys to some of the rooms through various deals with different janitors. He also has his own desk in Detention.

Zack knows the owner of the Angel Grove Youth Center well enough to be allowed to sleep in the building whenever he needs a place to crash that's not his house. Also, this is where Zack teaches his Hip Hop Kido classes for a little extra cash to burn. Or spend on his mother's medications.

The Power Ranger suit is an armored design that follows a distinctive pattern in line with prehistoric theme that is ever present in the Power Ranger Mythos. The Suit is designed to withstand incredible amounts of damage and protects the wearer from suffering physical harm while in combative situations. Zack's suit is Black.

The Suit's come with a helmet that provides the wearer with to the second HUD intel and offers extensive protection for the skull and brain area. The helmets are designed in various prehistoric themes. Zack's is framed by the tusks of the Mastodon beast.

Power Rangers suits are kept inside their bodies through sophisticated alien technology. When they "Morph" the suits appear on the Rangers instantaneously. No transformation sequence required.

The Blade Blaster is a standard sidearm of the Power Rangers. It serves the dual purpose of being a low impact dagger style weapon and a personal blaster. It fires laser-based energy that can be combined with the other blasters to perform incredible team up techniques.

Zack has access to the Command Center and everything that entails. The includes the various rooms and technology stored within the alien ship. The most used are often the Power Chamber and the Training Pit where the Rangers are constantly training to be ready to combat evil.

The Mastodon Dinozord is the Black Ranger's oversized vehicle. It can be used as a stand-alone Battle Zord or can combine with the other Dinozords to create the Megazord.
Height: 4.4 m
Weight: 12 tons
Speed: 142 km/h
Megazord Location: Back, Arms, Shield.
Armaments: Retractable Blaster Cannons, Harpoon / Winch, Web Launching Catapult
Specialty Weapon: Glacier Gas / Freezing Mist

Zack's Mom is his heart and soul. Sometimes just thinking about her gives him the kick in the ass he needs to do what he needs to do. Whether that's save the world or just finish a school assignment.

The Power Axe is the Black Ranger's personal weapon. A black, single-blade axe that can be used to strike enemies with an impressive amount of blunt force damage. The Power Axe can be converted into a cannon-like weapon that is also called the Cosmic Cannon. It fires an impressive blast of powerful energy.

The Power Axe in Cosmic Cannon mode serves as the base of the Power Blaster.

The Power Coin of the Mastodon chose to bond with Zack Taylor. This alien artifact gives Zack access to the powers and abilities of being a Power Ranger. With the Power Coin being the source of his powers and abilities, should the Power Coin ever be destroyed (which would take unimaginable power) then Zack's access to his abilities would also be severed.

Power Coins are dormant until they come into contact with the warriors they have chosen to bond with. While in close proximity to the Rangers the Power Coins may exhibit and radiate power and energy on a scale that's difficult to measure. The Power Coins themselves have been known to generate heat strong enough to melt metal.

The Power Coins are capable of minor shapeshifting between looking like ancient gold coins or having more crystalline features.

The Power Morpher is a way to access the metamorphosis process through which Zack Taylor becomes the Black Ranger. While it is true that he could access the Power Ranger Suit during times of extreme duress and need without using the Power Morpher to activate the Mastodon Power Coin's transformative capabilities just makes it easier.

Zack doesn't have to but he often shouts, "MASTODON!" when using the Power Morpher to change.

Zack is a part of the Power Rangers. He's a crucial member of the team and the closer they are the more powerful they can become. They are friends, they are a family. They exist to work with each other, compliment each other in all walks of their lives and they are always better when they are in the same space. Together, they are more.

Zack has created a bit of a personal space for his own hanging out purposes in the abandoned rail yard. It consists of a few train cars that have been put together. A couple of portable generators provide electricity and the place is decked out with various things from junkyards and discarded furniture.

This place is where Zack goes to be alone. However, he's shared the location with all of the Rangers. They're family.

Primarily used as communication devices between the Power Rangers and the Command Center, the Wrist Communicators are watch-styled devices that also give the Rangers the ability to teleport using the Command Centers teleportation technology. The one distinguishing feature of these communicators is the catchy series of beeps that almost sound like they are beeping a tune.

Zor-Don serves the Wise Old Mentor role while Alpha 5 serves as the token robotic awesomeness that hangs out and assists with everything under the sun. Zack, in turn, respects Zor-Don's authority and is more than willing to learn from the Ex-Ranger.

Zack may or may not be teaching Alpha 5 how to dance.


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Zack is often the Ranger that flies by the seat of his pants or follows his gut. He works off impulse and instinct which may sometimes work against the goal. He'll either run off half-cocked or try to take on an entire squad of Putties by himself. These things almost never end well.

Zack's afraid of bugs.

Zack has Saturday Detention until Graduation. Don't ask why. Just be glad you weren't at school that day.

Rita Repulsa. She's evil, vile, powerful and has a legion of terrifying monsters and ideas to turn into monsters that can make Zack's life a living hell. Not to mention, oh, destroy the Earth.

The most important person in Zack's life is his mother. She comes before everything. Well, sometimes she ties with saving the world but if he had to make a choice... he'd choose her.

Zack's powers and abilities are tied to the Power Coin. Without constant access to the Power Coin of the Mastodon, the bond will fade as well as Zack's powers and extraordinary skills. Should the Power Coin be destroyed... Zack Taylor will return to being a normal teenager.

Zack cares about his fellow Rangers, Zor-Don and Alpha 5 on the level below his mother. Therefore, if any of them are ever in trouble or in need, Zack's going to be the first one up and ready to help them. In or out of costume.

Here's the code by which Zack must live by in order to remain a Power Ranger.

Never Use These Powers For Personal Gain.
Never Escalate A Battle Unless The Enemy Forces It.
Never Reveal The Secret Of Being A Power Ranger.

Zack's afraid of snakes.


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Gym and Juice July 18th, 2017 Dance Planz.
Omni Cloth July 9th, 2017 Gypsy Moth Attacks! Heroes Unite!
Pure as Diamond June 17th, 2017 Rita initiates the first part of her plan, and plants a seed of doubt into the heart of the Black Ranger.


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Jason Scott
Kimberly Hart
Tommy Oliver
Trini Kwan



Mastodon of Ceremonies
Track Listing
1. Come Down by Anderson .Paak
2. 24K Magic by Bruno Mars
3. Starboy by The Weeknd (f/ Daft Punk)
4. Here by Alessia Cara
5. Feel Like Party'n by Kalin and Myles
6. Cake By The Ocean by DNCE
7. Savage by Whethan (f/ Flux Pavilion and MAX)
8. 2 On by Tinashe (f/ Schoolboy Q)
9. Levels by Nick Jonas
10. The Boogie by Outasight

Bonus Tracks
11. Come Down (Remix) by Anderson .Paak (f/ Ty Dolla $ign and Schoolboy Q)
12. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Hip Hop Remix) by SparX Beats


  • Zack can play the guitar, drums and piano/keyboard. He's also a beast on the ukulele.
  • Zack has won the Angel Grove High Talent Showcase two years in a row.
  • Nobody really knows why Zack has detention until graduation but rumors say it has something to do with Principal Caplan's car, a great dane and an inflatable raft full of chocolate whipped cream.
  • Zack's the Second in the Angel Grove based dance crew: Villans.
  • Zack created his own martial art that incorporates dancing. It often referred to as either Hip Hop Kido or Hip Hapkido. Both are correct.
  • Find Zack across the plethora of social media under the handle: Zackmandu.
  • Zack teaches a variety of classes at the Angel Grove Youth Center including Hip Hop Kido and Dance.