Black Sky: Dust to Dust

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Black Sky: Dust to Dust
Date of Cutscene: 25 October 2018
Location: Greece
Synopsis: Elektra is laid to rest
Cast of Characters: Daredevil, Elektra

The funeral mass was in Greek and in the Orthodox rite; given they were in Greece, it felt right to send Elektra home with the words of her people. She'd have laughed at it, but he didn't care. Nor did he care what she would have said about his call to Father Lantom at Holy Cross, and the Catholic funeral mass waiting to be said when he returned home to New York. It was true what they said, funerals were for the living, so whatever Elektra might have thought about all this deep-down Matt did it for him, to give him comfort.

Once the service was done, Elektra was laid to rest in a field on her family's island. The staff said the daffodils grew thick here in the spring, but Matt couldn't smell any of them as they piled soil on to her casket. She went into the grave with a single purple orchid in her hands, while Matt held it's twin at the graveside. Both stolen from the villa's garden.

There was no stone where they buried her, but one was being made, that would be placed there in time. Matt had made a promise to himself that he would come back to 'see' it, to visit her grave, hoping in someway refusing to fail her in death might in some small way make up for failing her in life.

"Sorry," he murmurs as they laid her to rest.

When the burial was over Matt stood at the grave, lonely but not alone. A handful of others were there but Matt didn't speak. His grief and anger left him speechless.

Later, when the others have left he crouches at the graveside, letting a handful of the fresh turned earth fall through his fingers. "I'll finish this," he promises her. Elektra's sacrifice was a blow to the Hand, but it would be up to him and others to finish it.

"Then, after that, I don't know."

She'd told him he couldn't run from Daredevil, but he wasn't so sure, maybe when all of this was over he could finally walk away. For now though, he had other things on his mind.

Crossing himself, Matt rises and heads leaves the grave without risking a backward glance as he heads to the boat that waited for him.

It was time to go home to New York, and the waiting war.