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|Residence=New York City
|Residence=New York City
|Education=Master's Degree in Physics
|Education=Master's Degree in Physics
|Quote="Now it's dark!"
|Quote="Now it's dark!"
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Marc is hunted by SHIELD and other law enforcement departments. He is on many lists to apprehend and detain.
Marc is hunted by SHIELD and other law enforcement departments. He is on many lists to apprehend and detain.

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Blackout (Scenesys ID: 1328)
"Now it's dark!"
Full Name: Marcus "Marc" Daniels
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: AntiHero
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: New York City
Education: Master's Degree in Physics
Status: Approved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 21 October 1990 Actor: Patrick Brennan
Height: 182 cm (6') Weight: 99 kg (220 lbs.)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Blackout was just a man in the wrong place at the wrong time. Working with other scientists to discover a new source of energy by tapping into the Darkforce Dimension, there was an explosion, and at that point Marc's life was forever changed. Now, in the guise of Blackout, Marc lives a different life as a person who makes his own rules and decides his own fate regardless of whose toes he steps on.

Current Player Approved: August 28, 2017



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A shadowy male humanoid figure obscured by darkness that has no reflective quality. The form stands around 6 feet in height and appears, through background visuals, that he is a he and is muscular in nature. His face reveals no eye, nose, or mouth slits. Just a contoured featureless opaque impression.


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Marcus 'Marc' Daniels was a petty criminal with a good education. He grew up in Alphabet City, Manhattan and had loving parents. His formative years found him in with the wrong crowd and subsequent trouble with the authorities. By the time he was 18, he had been in and out of the criminal justice system 4 times (juvenile hall 3). When he turned 18, Judge Holly Kincaide summoned him to her court. There she laid out Marc's possible future if he didn't straight up and fly right. Marc took her words to heart and decided that college would be his next big score.

Marc found his footing at New York University where he would study physics. During his masters work he met a girl, fell in love, and spent the next two years achieving something he never imagined, true happiness. The girl was a music major and cellist named Audrey Nathan. They had plans to get married during the autumn after their graduation in the spring. Graduation came, and Marc obtained a job working in a lab. The lead scientist and goal of the lab was to harness a theoretical extra-dimensional substance called Darkforce. The experiments seemed to be going in the right direction until an explosion in the lab. Marc fell victim to the explosion and was knocked into a coma.

The coma for Marc was no picnic. Instead of being a restful sleep or total loss of time, he was plagued with vivid dreams of the Darkforce. It haunted him and he would try to elude it. However, it would finally capture Marc and become part of his very being; Corrupting his every thought and every aspect of the dreamscape. He learned to control the darkforce, to be one with it, to do with it what he desired.

Until one day, Marc awoke from his nightmare <or did he?>. His first thoughts were of Audrey. However, it was revealed that he had been in a coma for nearly 6 years. The nurse gave him an envelope. Within was a letter from Audrey. It read that she was sorry for leaving his side, but life for her had to continue. She would always love him dearly, yet she cannot put her life on hold any longer. Marc was torn between rage and heartbreak.

That's when it happened. Suddenly the entire coma center was encased within a darkforce cube. It emanated from Marc himself and he realized that all the dreams were more than just dreams. He had been connected to the darkforce dimension in the explosion back at the lab. He was changed.

Marc left the coma center and found his way into the world. It had changed, so had he. His first thought was to seek out Audrey. His lost love. Show her that he was out of the coma, that he was better, that he was different. He went to her parent's home and discovered she had gotten a job with the Portland Symphony Orchestra. Her parents were disturbed that Marc had come out of his coma, yet they were happy he had made his recovery. They informed him that she was /with/ someone now and that it's probably best he not seek her out. This enraged Marc and he unleashed the darkforce upon them, nearly killing them while laying waste to their house.

Having an intimate knowledge of how his powers worked, he instinctively opened a portal into the darkforce dimension and traveled through it to Portland where he sought out the location where the orchestra rehearsed and confronted Audrey. She was shocked and saddened that she moved on with her life. In their conversation, she made it clear that she had moved on and apologized for what had happened. Marc didn't overtly understand nor was he keen on accepting the situation. It was at that moment she received a phone call from the authorities back in New York about her parents and the police arrived on the scene. The police had the intention to take Marc into custody for they were informed by neighbors what had happened back at Audrey's parent's house. Marc freaked and fled the scene.

Wanted by the police for crimes that he accidently committed led Marc on a journey that he never planned or wanted for himself. He was a wanted man and unable to use his real name and struggled with gainful employment. He did what he could to get by but eventually gave into the temptation of using his powers to acquire necessary things. Those brief necessities quickly were overrun with greed as it became obvious to Marc how easy it was to get what he wanted.

He was never truly a supervillain in the costume wearing, superhero battling, epic altercation definitions. He kept to the shadows, remained low key, and utilized his teleportation and power set for all of his jobs. For example, instead of rushing into a bank in the middle of the day with powers blazing, Marc would wait until the middle of the night, teleport directly into the bank vault, take what he wanted, and teleport away. It made him want for little - except for his past and all the dreams he once had.

Over time, Marc became very good at what he was doing. Teleportation and access to the Darkforce Dimension allowed him access, storage, and a place to sleep if need be. It also provided him the hideout every supervillain dreams of. A place where he was untouchable. <this is where we pick up IC>


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Intelligent - Marc had a degree in physics from New York University (his own world). He uses his brain over raw brawn and considers options before rushing into any situation. He would much rather communicate in hostile situations than be involved in exchanging blows.

Detached - Marc spent the better part of 6 years in a coma. Now, with a new world in front of him, Marc still skeptical of his future. He still has hopes, dreams, and desires, but he doesn't truly believe they will come true. Therefore, Marc struggles to latch onto something or someone for fear of the eventual crumbling of that bond.

Whispers - The dreams Marc had while in the coma affected him deeper than he knows. He can still hear whispers of those dreams, as if something from within the darkness still communicates to him. This causes him to act erratically at times with a flinch, a tic, or some distracting action that pulls him away from his focus. This could become a serious issue if allowed to persist.

Obsessive - Marc has a tendency to become obsessed on a particular subject, object, or person. It's not compulsive at this point, other than he tends to be one sighted or one directional when something particular catches his attention.

Motivations - Currently, Marc is in need of a means to survive and that will make him resort to his original thieving habits utilizing his darkforce to get into areas he shouldn't be. After he gets established, a place to live, a comfortable bank account, etc, he will start looking into real employment. Both situations will find him encountering others who may wish to challenge or join his behaviors.


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Marc is able to coat himself in a thickened and hardened form of his darkforce energy. The armor is able to resist the penetrating force of tank shells and high damaging energy attacks (not light). The force from any punch, explosion, or direct attack is distributed throughout the place targeted. It reduces the force, however it doesn't always reduce the total damage done. Marc can still have broken bones, bruising, and whatnot if he has not fully hardened the armor in the strike point. He also utilizes a black darkforce shield akin to that of Captain America. But he does not throw it. The darkforce itself is nigh indestructible. However, that does not mean it cannot be shattered or torn. It is noted that Marc will take x2 effect/stun/damage from light based attacks.

Marc is able to create nearly indestructible, non mechanical, constructs. From simple devices such as forks, knives, plates, Frisbees, swords, shields, sticks, to full structures that are larger than the Stark Mansion. He is also able to alter the density of created objects from that of vapor to nearly that of diamond. The created items, like his armor, remain active even if he is knocked out or killed. However, the darkforce material slowly evaporates over the years back into the darkforce dimension.

Marc is able to open portals into the darkforce dimension and travel through. In this, he is able to take others with him and even use the portal as a weapon/trap. The maximum diameter of a portal that Marc can create is 25 feet. Traveling via the darkforce dimension gives Marc the ability to open a portal in New York, step inside, move through a short distance, and then open another portal in a remote region of the world such as China (similiar to Magik's stepping disks). Marc is able to blind teleport since he has a sense of where he is in the darkforce dimension in relation to the Earth dimension (akin to moving through a bank vault wall). He cannot teleport into secret bases, private areas, and specifically unknown locations. But if he wanted to go to the Great Wall of China, that's just a few steps for him. Using the portals as a trap or a weapon is two-fold. If the Juggernaut was charging, Marc could open a portal in front of the man in his path and inches away to entrap him. He could also use the portal as quicksand and once a target it lodged half way within, the portal could be closed thus cutting the target in half.

Blending the abilities of darkforce projection and item creation, Marc is able to project various attacks that entangle opponents. These entangles can range from binding bands to full encapsulated blocks of darkforce. The entangle is able to resist damage just as Marc's armor and can resist several hundred tons of force.

Marc has the ability of flight by creating disks beneath his feet or a larger disk beneath himself and/or a group of people. His maximum speeds are nearly 350 miles per hour and he can maintain said speeds for many hours before fatiguing.

Darkforce is an extradimensional energy and matter (depending on the needs of the user). The darkforce dimension is a pocket dimension that overlays the main dimension of the universe. When Marc was exposed to the energies in the explosion several years ago, every cell in his body was transformed; giving him the ability to not only channel darkforce energy, but to manipulate it in unique ways.

The very basic and raw use of his power, Marc is able to project his darkforce energy to strike targets and do significant damage. He is able to easily level a modern brick home, rend titanium steel, or blow holes in reinforced concrete. The attack can either be in a direct beam or a cone (area effect). It reaches up to 100 yards and can be in the form of pure energy or concussive force, depending on Marc's desires.


Marc is able to engulf a 100x100x100 yard area with darkness. This is inky black and completely resistant to normal light based sight. Due to the fact that Marc is so intertwined with the darkforce, he is immune to the darkness. He is also able to deepen shadows, manipulate the dampening of normal light, and conceal himself or items.


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Marc is practiced in basic combat and self defense. These are last ditch skills for he is one that should never engage the enemy directly. He normally operates on a 'get in, get the information/tech/stuff, and get out' standard. Should he ever find direct combat, he will use his energy projection and do what is best for him, escape.

There's really not that much breaking, but a whole lot of entering. Marc has experience in getting into places utilizing his darkforce teleportation and darkness powers. This skill is very handy when he wishes to liberate things or people. He's gotten good at avoiding cameras, discerning wall depths, and not breaking things when coming and going.

The "whispers" during his coma taught his how to use his darkforce abilities quite well. He's diverse and skilled in the application of all listed abilities (above) and would be on par with anyone trained for 6 years in the use of their power set.

Marc has obtained a 6 year degree (Masters) in physics from New York University. This allows him all the rights and privileges that such a degree can afford; which is very little. He can be a lab tech, a research assistant, or a high school teacher if he were to get a teaching certificate or teach on the college level.


Due to his experience and use of darkforce, Marc is quite adept at stealth, shadowing, and sneaking. He is elusive and does his best to stay and blend in the shadows. This is especially useful when making 'darkness' with his power.


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Marc has been thieving for a bit of time and he's acquired a good bit of wealth and stuff. This is nothing out of the ordinary and only affords him a more comfortable lifestyle if he's smart enough not to send up red flags to the authorities (IRS) if purchasing things he shouldn't.


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Areas of the Darkforce dimension are considered partially sentient by many who have studied it. Since the dimension and energy has become a large part of Marc's being, he is influenced by dimension. It is a purely alien consciousness and cannot be understood or translated by the human mind. However it does have 'moods' and these moods can take over Marc's better judgment.

Marc, his constructs, and his armor take x2 damage, stun, and effect from light based attacks (photons, visible spectrum). The light based attacks cause his darkforce to evaporate and disintegrate at a higher rate. Normally if he were to construct a 10x10x10 ft cube of darkforce and leave it unmaintained, it would evaporate back into the darkforce dimension within a year due to normal sunlight. If that same structure were attacked by Dazzler's light emission, it is likely that (if not hardened) the structure would disintegrate within seconds.


Marc is hunted by SHIELD and other law enforcement departments. He is on many lists to apprehend and detain.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Casing the Place July 14th, 2020 Casing the place turned into fleeing the place. Blackout escaped Mockingbird's advances.
Drinking In A Viking Themed Club June 25th, 2020 Hela, Snake Eyes and Blackout bump into each other at Hela's Club.
Boom Baby, Boom, Boom, Boom! May 26th, 2020 Voodoo fights a magic rock monster. Blackout helps. And gets her sword back.
Bacon Double Cheeseburger April 23rd, 2020 Dean goes for food and all sorts of Loki shenanigans happen
Back In the USSR March 9th, 2020 Fi saves Marc
Why Are We in Prague February 17th, 2020 The abduction of Blackout by Baron Zemo. And induction into the Masters of Evil. Vacation cut short.
Vacation by the Go-Gos January 21st, 2020 Packing and departure
Bombs Tell Stories January 9th, 2020 Reunited and it feels so good.
Nobody Knows Your Name January 6th, 2020 Just friendly conversations with Piper, Zachary, and Marcus.
Sometimes You're Better Off Dead December 13th, 2019 Just a casual meeting in a club.
Art Therapy November 22nd, 2019 Namorita allows Basilisk to leave with a container. Expecting no harm.
Sharp and Dull October 28th, 2019 The Witchblade skewers a few bad guys. Blackout steals a crate filled with (an) unknown object(s).
Swimmin with the fishes September 29th, 2019 Namorita saves an unsuspecting Blackout from being nommed to deat by Tiger Shark.
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend. September 3rd, 2019 Meeting of darkforce users.
Cake and Ice Cream August 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Feet Need Love Too August 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Lambs for the Slaughter July 26th, 2019 Selene kills lycans, escapes explosions.
Boom baby, Boom! June 28th, 2019 Fi got bonked on the head. Had to go to the hospital. Calling Dr Bombay - heh, I said Bomb.
Gangland Blues: A Supply Run June 5th, 2019 Bigby and Mercy show up at the tail end of one of The Punisher's operations. Debates and 'questioning' ensue. (Warning, violence)
Lurking with the Losers May 8th, 2019 Blackout goes to the Bar With No Name for nostalgic reasons. Meets up with Enchantress; not the one in green.
Forces of Nature April 15th, 2019 Meeting of Rachel and Marc. <Had to pause as Rachel's player was super tired>
Flashbacks of the Collective Unconsciousness March 20th, 2019 Just talking in a familiar, not so familiar, place.
Don't Club Baby Rillas February 18th, 2019 Just something casual.
It was a dark and stormy night. January 17th, 2019 Summary needed
Vile and Villainy December 17th, 2018 Jessica captures Chemistro who was up to no good.
Her Domain December 8th, 2018 Blackout stumbles upon Selene who portrays a fangirl of extreme intelligence. Blackout doesn't have a clue.
Take AIM and Fire! September 22nd, 2018 Blackout displays his uncanny talent of finding himself captured again. This time by A.I.M. However, he managed to escape on foot since his powers were suppressed. M.O.D.O.K. and A.I.M. gave chase. On hand was Captain Marvel to save the day.
Where nobody knows your name September 20th, 2018 Spider Woman swings into action, saving the night from other evil arachnids.
Attack of the Arsenal September 17th, 2018 The Arsenal was trying to steal radioactive goo from the Harrison Industrial Warehouse just north of the Hunt's Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. When the Arsenal passed through the main building of the treatment plant, he punctured a methane storage tank. It caused a serious squence of explosions that rocked the whole treatment plant. On hand to help slow down the robot was Blackout who teleported into the area to investigate. The Wasp was nearby at a fashion expo and she saved the day by frying the electronics within the robot's brain core. The robot was taken to Avengers Mansion for study. The radioactive goo was recovered. The treatment plant will be repaired.
The Harlem Shake August 6th, 2018 Darcy Lewis summarizes: In which Harlem Shakes HYDRA loose, Marc ejects inky black shit, and Darcy gets to be a roller skate Queen; or this is why HYDRA doesn't have nice things and we're happy about that.
Flying Into Danger June 7th, 2018 1940something. Zinda's flight wing is shot down. She escapes. The precious cargo is lost on an uncharted volcanic island in the South Pacific. Part 1 of 2.
Stalking the Stalker May 15th, 2018 Lana and Marc come up with a side quest.
Darkness Falls April 13th, 2018 Conflict in Queens, lots of fighting, bad guys caught, random interactions, boom, pow, pew-pew.
Conflict at the Plaza March 29th, 2018 The Metropolis Plaza (not to be confused with Metropolis Sqare (@tel #22, ala SHMUX) was attacked by Chemo and Equinox. Heroes helped stop the threat. But many were radiated and injured by the collateral damage. Damage was done to the environment, but Damage Control fixed it.
Witch in the Darkness February 27th, 2018 Stealing stuff with Witchfire and Blackout. Should be merged with 3975
Mishaps at a bar January 25th, 2018 Damn illegal aliens; they took our jobs!
Darkness Falls With a Thud December 19th, 2017 Summary needed
Teleportation Misfire Equals Trouble November 17th, 2017 Blackout finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets nabbed by the Green Lantern.
Just Hangin' with the Villains October 17th, 2017 Meeting of the darker villains at the Bar With No Name.
In the Darkness September 26th, 2017 Summary needed
Kitties and Dark Robberies August 28th, 2017 Tigra tries to keep Blackout from stealing stuff. Gets stolen herself.


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