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|Residence=Xavier's School, Westchester, New York
|Residence=Xavier's School, Westchester, New York
|Education=College Degree
|Education=College Degree
|Groups=[[Xavier's School]], [[New Mutants]], [[X-Men]], [[Mutant-OOC]]
|Groups=[[Xavier's School]], [[New Mutants]], [[X-Men]], [[X-Corporation]], [[Mutant-OOC]]
|Quote="Here's my closed fist, Professor! It can be used the way Cable taught us -- ta hit -- ta pound -- ways you say you don't agree with, right? But it can also be used ta warm... ta support... ta protect! As for the peaceful approach of the open hand -- well, that can be used ta hurt as well!"
|Quote="Here's my closed fist, Professor! It can be used the way Cable taught us -- ta hit -- ta pound -- ways you say you don't agree with, right? But it can also be used ta warm... ta support... ta protect! As for the peaceful approach of the open hand -- well, that can be used ta hurt as well!"
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Sam has a bit of an issue with self confidence and self doubt, while this does not show often in the moment of decision, instead showing up when he is thinking about what he has done.
Sam has a bit of an issue with self confidence and self doubt, while this does not show often in the moment of decision, instead showing up when he is thinking about what he has done.
[[Category:xavier's School]][[Category:New Mutants]][[Category:X-Men]][[Category:Mutant-OOC]]
[[Category:xavier's School]][[Category:New Mutants]][[Category:X-Men]][[Category:Mutant-OOC]][[Category:X-Corporation]]

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Sam Guthrie (Scenesys ID: 1258)
"Here's my closed fist, Professor! It can be used the way Cable taught us -- ta hit -- ta pound -- ways you say you don't agree with, right? But it can also be used ta warm... ta support... ta protect! As for the peaceful approach of the open hand -- well, that can be used ta hurt as well!"
Full Name: Samuel Zachery Guthrie
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: American
Residence: Xavier's School, Westchester, New York
Education: College Degree
Status: Approved
Groups: Xavier's School, New Mutants, X-Men, X-Corporation, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 12 February 2006 Actor: Hunter Parrish
Height: 183 cm Weight: 79 kg
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Learning To Fly" by Tom Petty


Sam Guthrie, oldest of 10 siblings, is the son of a Kentucky coal miner. He was brought into the New Mutants by Charles Xavier. Over time, he came a calm, cool, collected battle leader, responsible guy, and a good man. He fervently believes in human/mutant coexistence, but has been has seen the might of at least two alien civilizations and fought a couple more. Sam might be a believer in Xavier's dream, but there can be little hope of coexistence if all of humanity, mutant or not, is subjugated by aliens. Sam has decided to take his training and become a more mainstream hero, and keep his eyes to the skies. He can serve all of humanity that way, or at least so he believes.

Current Player Approved: December 8, 2018



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Sam is a six foot tall young man, who has an athletic build. His blonde hair while stylishly cut in a short style usually has a bit of a wind blown look to it. His blue eyes seem to take in all that is around him without darting around and looking paranoid. He normally is sporting a friendly smile that seems to come naturally to him.

His normal attire is a black concert t-shirt for Lila Cheney's last tour. With a red and black plaid flannel worn open over it. He wears a pair of well worn blue jeans with a black belt to keep them in place. On his feet are a pair of brown work boots that have also seen plenty of wear and tear.


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Sam was born in Cumberland Kentucky, the eldest child to the Guthrie family. When his father passed away, Sam stepped up to provide for his family by working in the local coal mines, at the young age of 16 years old. During one of his shifts in the mines his life changed forever. Sam and another minor were caught in a cave-in. In that moment Sam's mutant powers manifested and he was able to save himself and the other from the cave in. This brought him to the attention of Donald Pierce, who offered him a job, a better way of taking care of his family. Sam was a guard for one of Pierce's plots against Charles Xavier and his students. Sam fought the other New Mutants until he realized Pierce was a bad guy and trying to do evil. Sam's moral compass brought him to help the New Mutants help save Xavier. After this incident and talking to Xavier making sure his family would be OK, Sam moved to join Charles Xavier's School and the New Mutants.

As a member of the New Mutants Sam found an extended family. He was one of the older of the group, and felt the need to look after them as he did his brothers and sisters back home. Here he would develop friendships that would last the test of time, with perhaps the most prominent being that with Roberto Da Costa aka Sunspot. The two would become best friends as the only guys on the team for a while.

Sam's time with the New Mutants lead to many adventures, and new experience from meeting aliens like Warlock, seeing that magic is real from dealings with the Demon Bear, to going to Limbo with Magik. He met and found his first love in an intergalatic musician by the name of Lila Cheney, and learning of his own mortality by loosing a team mate who was a bit younger than him. Friends and enemies were both made, and some who at different times would be on both sides of that line.

Both Charles Xavier and Magneto made an impression on Sam as he saw how each man interacted with the world around them, the things they did right and the things they did wrong.


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Sam is a bit good ole boy, a bit aspiring hero, and a lot big brother. Sam is a nice guy, who is a bit protective of his friends and family. He has a few issues with self confidence, but he is not the type to give up. Sam will sometimes over step boundaries a bit when he is trying to protect his friends, but will listen to those who tell him he is be it with words or a swift punch to the jaw.


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The same reactions that empower Sam to fly also generate a particularly potent force field about himself. This field renders Sam all but invulnerable to most attacks. A crazed Kryptonian will eventually disable the field. While the field is up, Sam is pretty safely ensconced in it.

In addition to rendering him all but invulnerable to attack the force field also redirects kinetic energy. On the off chance that Sam flies into an object his field and velocity cannot punch through an object, person, or energy barrier, the field redirects the force, and Sam goes rocketing off in a ricochet. The field extends to cover whatever Sam is carrying in his arms or carrying on is person. He can shield maybe two or three people on his body with his field, but Sam is not superhumanly strong, so his arms will tire.

The field does not protect him from poisons, toxins, or telepathic attacks. It functions regardless of the speed, so long as Cannonball is blast'n.

He can generate his field while on the ground, but it requires almost his entire concentration. The one advantage this has is that he can shield a downed companion while he is holding them. He can talk and observe his environment, but beyond the most basic of conversational efforts, Sam needs near total concentration to maintain the field while stationary on the ground.

Sam can use his powers for so much more than Blast'n". Sam can actually direct his energy field from more than just his his feet and legs. He has used his hands already when lifting off from a prone position. Sam has developed two forms of energy blast.

Bio-Kinetic Blasts: Sam can generate and project brunt, blunt force in the form of a bio-kinetic blast. These blasts can be fired while flying. Blasts impact with significant force, cratering and rending most armor materials. When not flying, these bolts are toned down significantly due to the laws of Newtonian physics. Sam can only exert a few hundred pounds of force at range from the ground unless he is willing to be subject to the same force.

Thermo-Chemical Jet: Sam can exert his thermo-chemical powers through his hands and jet out a flamethrower-like projection of heat, flame, and overwhelming force like being exposed to a rocket's exhaust. This is a devastating attack, but it usually causes Sam to go flying off in the opposite direction unless someone of sufficient strength is holding him in place.


Sam can flight as a high velocity but upon doing so he has his ?blasting field? up which makes him neigh invulnerable. The side effect of this is there is a roar of his power while he is flying and makes it hard if not impossible to sneak up on most people while flying. He has learned to turn and hover with his flight ability.


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Fantastic at flying, but far better at crashing perfectly describes Sam. Sam crashes on purpose, generally a great speeds into the biggest target in his presence. Sam has become a dynamic flier, but he uses it to crash into specific targets at very fight speeds to do incredible amounts of damage. He started with targets about the size of the broadside of a barn, and he has worked himself to target about the same size as his head and shoulder width.

He is a talented, expert flier, and has grown significantly since his days churning up the lawn at Xavier's School.

Sam is a dancer. It was something cheap to be done via the radio back home. Lila Cheney taught him more. More importantly, she taught him not to be ashamed to be seen dancing. Sam can cut a mean rug, and has been taught how to dance in order to make up for a lack of other social graces. From classical, to country western, to modern, Sam will not embarrass himself on the dance floor.

When he was a New mutant, Stevie taught them ballet and other forms of dance as well, right down to the legwarmers and leotards. There are pictures. Regardless of the pictures, Sam learned some grace, panache, and appreciation for art from Stevie and her lessons.

The Guthrie's own a farm. Sam has been working on the farm since he was a little boy, and he has never shied from a day's work, not matter how hard. He is no agronomist, but he can do the basics. Plant, harvest, chase chickens, milk cows, and generally do all the hard work that comes from working the land. He can swing a hammer, drive a truck, and just get things done.

Sam has your normal general knowledge skills of a first year college student who has not picked a major. This is from graduating from Charles Xavier's School for gifted youngers basic training.

There are better strategists and tacticians. Sam is better at the other stuff. Morale. Training regimes, sorting out issues, and handling the day to day life of an organization. He is motivated, and makes an excellent motivator. He is a good addition to any team, in just about any position. Sam is the guy to come to for harsh truths spoken as gently as he is able.

That being said, he is not that bad at tactical thinkiing. He comprehends strategy as well and is able to discern the plans of others and counter them. He just is not the best at it.

Same worked in the coal mines of Kentucky and has a working knowledge of how they work.

Due to some mental instruction, Sam speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese with fluency. He speaks a smattering of heavily accented and horrible Russian and French.

Sam lives and breathes physics, even more so than everyone else. A fundamental understanding of Newtonian as well as quantum physics has been granted by his education. He is not going to develop new technologies or science. He just understands how the basic laws of the universe work.


Like all students trained by Charles Xavier, Sam has learned to minorly shield his thoughts from telepaths. This is not enough to stop a directed probe or attack by anyone with any real ability, but can help avoid casual scanning or minorly talented people.


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Eitri would marry Sam to his daughter, if Sam would consent. She sure would. Sam can do no wrong with Eitri, and has saved Eitri's life at least twice. If ever in they are found, Sam would surely have a home amongst the dwarves.

Sam is essentially Eitri the dwarf's adopted son. While trapped on Asgard, Sam helped protect Eitri's home, hearth, and family. Sam proved himself as a warrior several times over with Eitri saving the dwarf and his family on a couple of occasions. In reward for his bravery, eitri gave Sam armour that could not be cut, and a sword that would not cut flesh. When Loki sent them home, the items lost their enchantments not their quality or beauty. Sam has them to this day. They along with a couple of weird knick knacks (some ticket stubs to a Lila Cheney concert a few other weird things) are his prized possessions.

A couple of his siblings are mutants, or at least latent. Sam also has a very tight knit, accepting family in Kentucky, and can be found there from time to time, recovering his strength of purpose, resolve, and his very soul. Momma Guthrie makes a hell of a pie too.

Sam has average resources this seems to be from a trust fund perhaps set up by Xavier. As the students usually have the things they need and a little spending cash.


Sam is a student of Xavier's school, and as such has access to items of advanced and alien technology at times.


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Sam is a moral person. Where he gets in trouble is weighing different values against one another. Opponents with knowledge of the fact that Cannonball/Sam is a fundamentally decent human being can take advantage of this information. Opponents jeopardizing innocents will find that they tend to get away. Sam tries to do the right thing.

Sam is not visibly a mutant, but he is one. He can be detected as one on certain machines, and that means he can be subjected to the slings and arrows of public opinion or human rights extremists.

Sam has a secret Identity, and all that entails. Though Heaven help anyone who makes an attempt on the family farm. 10 rambunctious kids, a few nearby uncles, momma with a gun, and a couple of rather powerful mutant siblings to boot.


Sam has a bit of an issue with self confidence and self doubt, while this does not show often in the moment of decision, instead showing up when he is thinking about what he has done.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Introducing Samuel to the Danger room and a little practice for them. September 17th, 2019 Training and mud was had by some.
Time to learn something about the sentinels... maybe. September 17th, 2019 The Xers learn about a possible threat and get some advice going
What The Heck Was That, Anyways September 14th, 2019 Sam and Shannon make plans to venture into Mutant Town and track down the mysterious teenager from the warehouse arms deal incident. They also make plans to help the new Samuel further acclimate to his new life.
Showing Hydra Sam around the mansion. September 14th, 2019 New Sam is slowly starting to feel more at home with folks.
Bobby and Sam have a chat about the New Mutants. September 13th, 2019 Sam and Bobby talk about folks not listening
So, We Meet Again September 13th, 2019 Shannon spots the mysterious masked man from the warehouse encounter, and requests backup from Sam. It turns into a learning experience as she has to let Zorro get away this time.
Honoring The Bet September 12th, 2019 Shannon and Sam talk about life. Doug joins them, and all three talk about life, movies, literature, and the burdens of leadership.
Xaviers called in about Samuel Morgan by shield September 12th, 2019 Sam is brought into the fold by Sam and Doug, and wishes the best by Lara.
Zorro's Crusade Begins September 11th, 2019 Zorro begins his crusade against the Freinds of Humanity with the aid of allies.
Healing Shannon September 11th, 2019 Hisako got healed. Shannon got healed and re-injured. Hank uplled a Leonard Nimoy and didn't do anything. Sam dreaded responsibility.
The Xers Go Scouting September 10th, 2019 Jamie Madrox, Roberto, Theresa, Sam, Ororo and Kitty go looking for locations in Mutant Town that might be useful to X-Corporation
Late Night Run September 9th, 2019 Shannon vents about her encounter with Bobby to Sam, and reveals her worry about the safety of her kin.
Oreos Cure All September 7th, 2019 Professor Green and Shannon share Oreos and deep discussion. Sam, Shannon, and Kaydin later talk about gods and men.
The parents' curse September 6th, 2019 9098 Sam and Shannon talk about her first date, abilities, and he challenges her with another 'research assignment'. Things are about to get real.
The Man in Black September 4th, 2019 Samuel and Henry McCoy meet Zorro
When angels weep.... September 3rd, 2019 Sam finds Shannon by the lake, and they work through the aftermath of the Sentinel attack in Mutant Town.
A Night at the club. September 2nd, 2019 Sam and Rahne make a new friend?
Chillaxin' August 30th, 2019 Late-night snacks in the rec room. Sam and Shannon chitchat about life, and the possibility of drama lessons.
Blow Out The Candles, Peter August 26th, 2019 Xavier's students and staff, Cap, Tony, Cindy and Carrie gather at Harry's to celebrate Peter Parker's and Alek's birthdays
New Clothes for the Southern. August 26th, 2019 Sam meets Ivory and orders some shirts
Girl's Night! August 26th, 2019 After a night on the town with friends and
Garage Side Chats August 24th, 2019 8943 Lorna and Sam chat, but Shannon arrives and flying cars!
Last Night of Freedom August 23rd, 2019 Sam, Shannon, and Megan discuss life, cooking, and matters of the heart.
(Genosha Rises) Go Go X-Rangers August 22nd, 2019 Witty Ripostes and Global Ramifications.
Back to Mutant School August 22nd, 2019 An assembly of the students is called for the beginning of the 10th year at Xavier's. Explosive incident, tragedy averted, fun aerial stunts and a good time had by all!
Bowling Babes or Gutter Girls: Take Two August 21st, 2019 Sunday Sunday Sunday!! Rogue and Peter square off for an epic bowling rematch! You have to pay for the whole seat, but you'll only use the edge!
Old records off the shelf August 20th, 2019 Karaoke night at Club Evolution, with many from Xavier's in attendance. Sam and Shannon also talk things out, all is well.
X-Corp One August 19th, 2019 Brainstorming for the X-Corporation. Decisions are taken!
Decompression Chamber` August 19th, 2019 Overwhelmed by the recent charity gala event, Shannon has to decompress, talking things out with Sam.
Gonna Fly Now! August 18th, 2019 Shannon and Sam talk about life pets, Negasonic and Surge join them later
Tesla delivers a not for Lorna, but she is not home. August 17th, 2019 Sam took custody of Lorna's Letter.
Red velvet August 17th, 2019 Baking a treat for Sam. Shannon and Sam talk about life, food, music, and their kin.
It looked at me funny August 16th, 2019 The Oven explodes under mysterious means. A new one is installed. Fin.
Sitting in the kitchen with Shannon August 16th, 2019 Sam and Shannon talk about life
Danger - High Voltage! August 15th, 2019 Nightingale and Surge do some training using the Spawn scenario. They do well and get a few pointers from Cannonball and Elixir. Nobody died.
Hanging out in the X-Rec August 14th, 2019 Friends chat and a gig is set up
Nothing bad happens on school trips August 13th, 2019 It started as a field trip. It turned into a trip mine. BUT DID YOU DIE THOUGH?!
Mobbed in the Streets August 12th, 2019 In NYC a protest turns violent, very quickly, and Lorna is pulled into the crowd. Sam, Doug, and Josh help save the day!
Cleaning out the stalls. August 10th, 2019 =The stalls are cleaned for Dani and Brightwind's return home
Racing Is Such a Drag August 6th, 2019 Peter Parker and Kitty drag race scooters down the drive, with Shannon flying, and Samuel and Scott watching
Analyzing the Hammerhead Ambush August 5th, 2019 And Twinkies were had by all... no, just Hank, while research into Hammerhead began.
Hanging out trying not to Wreck the rec room. August 3rd, 2019 Shannon and Sam chat about movies.
Distant Fires July 31st, 2019 Shannon undergoes flight training.
Healing Touch July 29th, 2019 Shannon's healing gift is put to use to help Megan, Sam and Shannon talk about healing, history, and cooking.
The Chaperone July 29th, 2019 Sam brings Shannon and Megan to Mutant Town, where Rahne gives them a bit of a tour.
TV night. July 28th, 2019 Sam and Shannon talk about movies and classes.
Nightingale in Flight July 26th, 2019 Nightingale takes flight, only to meet a new friend and enjoy good company by Breakstone Lake.
So Now She Can Drink July 25th, 2019 Shannon and Kitty have the same birthday, and their friends at the school, old and new both, help turn it into a special day
Repairs and Security Upgrades July 25th, 2019 New security is hired
Guthrie Fried Chicken July 24th, 2019 People get to know one another over Sam's chicken.
Undercurrents: Talking Past Each Other July 24th, 2019 Cannonball and Cyclops talk about the attack on the gang that shot Cypher.
Dare July 23rd, 2019 Sam Guthrie and Doug Ramsey have a discussion while the latter is trying to fend off an overly helpful technovirus.
Thus Sayeth. July 23rd, 2019 Sam Guthrie visits Doug, who is still sort of in a coma.
Undercurrents: Revenge July 22nd, 2019 Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Beast and Nightcrawler exact revenge on the gang bangers who shot Cypher. (meant to be 7/22/19)
Doug helps Sam prep for his date. July 18th, 2019 Sam is sent off with a bit of confidence.
A southern fried Night on the Town. July 18th, 2019 And a fun night is had by all
A Visit and an Offer July 17th, 2019 Sam comes to see Rahne in Mutant Town and brings up an old offer again.
A night on the town at club Evolution July 16th, 2019 The club gets a mention in the Daily Planet, and Sam gets a date.
Summer By The Lake July 16th, 2019 Kitty, Betsy, Illyana, Josh, Lorna, Megan, Pietro, Sunspot, Samuel and Siryn come by the boathouse, and some go out sailing together on the Lake
One Small Step For Man... July 14th, 2019 The X-men go to the moon seeking a crashed Cybertronian probe.
Undercurrents: Den of Snakes July 14th, 2019 Cannonball, Jubilee, Beast and Armor track down missing Xavier students to a den of scum and villainy, drugs and prostitution.
Hot Days July 13th, 2019 The Xavier crew and Scarlet Witch hang out at the pool for sun, fun, fist fights and twinkies.
Do All Pools Have Glass Sharks July 11th, 2019 Illyana, Sam, and Betsy relax by the pool. Sam shares the details of his leather hobby.
Hanging out at the pool. July 11th, 2019 Sam and Doug chat a bit.
picking veggies. July 10th, 2019 Sam and Doug talk about making peace with the past.
A roof with a view. July 10th, 2019 Friends Chatting a bit
Limbo - A social call July 9th, 2019 Samuel comes looking for Illyana and the discuss ethics.
Clubbin at Evo July 7th, 2019 Sam meets an Explosive redhead
Rolling Into Town July 5th, 2019 Sam welcomes Alex home.
Leader to Leader July 4th, 2019 Sam suggests changes to the team rosters. His station wagon gets a new alternator.
Because Xavier's July 3rd, 2019 Several students meet up in the backyard. Rachel apologizes. Laura hugs someone. Sam recruits for garden patrol. Hisako gets a new roomate. And no leather pants were used in the making of this scene.
Breakstone Lake July 4th Extravaganza July 2nd, 2019 Students, friends, and faculty of Xavier's School gather by the Lake to celebrate July 4th!
Late Night Hang over cure July 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Back at It July 1st, 2019 A day in the life at Xavier's School
Dream of the Shore Near Another World July 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: Meet the Mold - Team 1 June 29th, 2019 Team 1 lays down a major distraction with an attack on the factory. Master Mold reacts with extreme force.
Curfews are for Losers June 27th, 2019 People hit up Club Evolution to unwind.
New Student Testing CC-1 June 27th, 2019 Colt does well in his first time in the Danger Room.
Xavier's: Friends Like No Others June 24th, 2019 A cookout at Breakstone Lake has surprise guests: therapy dogs brought by a mutant family.
New Student Testing BM-1 June 23rd, 2019 Blinkdog learns a bit about his powers.
Oh What a Niiiiight! June 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
New Student testing MM-1 June 22nd, 2019 A clue of just how powerful Mila is found.
Long Time June 19th, 2019 Summary needed
A quiet night under the stars June 18th, 2019 Sam and Rachel talk and Sam gets the hint.
Poking Around June 17th, 2019 The police show up to ask some questions at Xavier's.
Even Sam has chores. June 17th, 2019 Sam chats with Mila about classes.
Lunch time Pizza time June 16th, 2019 Food and Deadpool times had by all.
A night at work. June 13th, 2019 The guys talk about the future.
Sci-Fi night. June 12th, 2019 Sci-fi night in the Rec room.
Astronomy 101 June 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Working the soil June 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Breakfast of Heroes June 7th, 2019 Summary needed
1-2-3 Soundcheck June 7th, 2019 Summary needed
So You Got Detention... June 6th, 2019 Steve, Janet and Tony visit Xavier's school and meet the students and staff for a cookout and then a motorcycle race against Cap. Doug Ramsey wins!
Student Orientation part 2 June 5th, 2019 Summary needed
Everything is Lizardier in Texas. June 3rd, 2019 Summary needed
Colt's First Day June 3rd, 2019 Sibil and Colt wait for a tour from Lorna. The mansion is a busy place, though, and Sean, Doug and Samuel show up to chat as well, while Lorna takes off to leave Sean with tour duty.
X-men Natural Disaster May 29th, 2019 The X-men, Scott, Doug, Emma, Kurt, Nate, Storm, Rogue, Sam, Sunspot, and Kitty, respond to a suspension bridge collapsing after an earthquake. Blinkdog arrives to help survivors
Clubbin May 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Where Did I Put That Giant Robot May 26th, 2019 Doug, Sam and Kitty track down Megatron and walk away feeling slightly better about his intentions. Also? Doug rocks.
Pool Elf May 22nd, 2019 Rahne crosses paths with a returned Kurt, then Sam shows up with some news.
Sentinels: Visiting Hours May 20th, 2019 Tony and Charles meet about Charles' attackers, and the Sentinel threat.
Kentucky Fried Get together May 20th, 2019 Samuel's fried chicken draws a bevy of students and staff
The Sword and the Pen May 18th, 2019 Unknown attackers try to assassinate Professor Xavier during a civil rights speech. Ororo, Sam, Doug and Quentin leap into action!
Some Civilized Behaviour May 18th, 2019 Ororo returns to the mansion, and Kitty, Doug, and Sam join her to sing away the blues.
Close to My Soul, and Yet So Far Away May 15th, 2019 Doug, Samuel, Kitty, Lorna and Emma go to Genosha and are hosted by Magneto as he and Doug discuss Doug's death.
Part Heaven, Part Space May 15th, 2019 Summary needed
New Mutant Recruitment May 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: Crisis Meeting May 14th, 2019 Several X-Men discuss the Sentinel crisis and plan their next steps.
The Internet Is Down May 13th, 2019 A surprise AI visitor to the school prompts a network shut down. Doug, Samuel, Kitty, Lorna, Quintin, Jubilee and Deadpool converse as the network is brought back up.
There's Not A Word Yet (For Old Friends Who've Just Met) May 11th, 2019 Summary needed
The First Swim of the Year. May 11th, 2019 Doug, Emma Frost, Kitty, Samuel and Ellie discuss a range of topics around and in the pool. Professor Xavier makes a return
Bonfire Times May 5th, 2019 Summary needed
The Price of Magic: You're Not Alone May 2nd, 2019 Illyana and Sam catch up but they have a spy in their midst. Magic always has a cost.
Motorcycles Galore April 29th, 2019 Scott, Rahne, Brian, Lorna, Kitty, and X-23 gather in the garage while project motorcycles are worked on
Loads of motorcycles. April 26th, 2019 Summary needed
Picking A Sweet Ride To Be April 25th, 2019 Peter Parker and Samuel pick out motorcycles to work on, while Kitty starts on her Vespa scooter
A new face. April 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Opinions from the Dark side. April 10th, 2019 Samuel talks to Illyana about a public mutant hero team, while Kitty asks a big favor of Illyana
Legal Advice April 8th, 2019 Samuel asks for legal advice for a public mutant superhero team
Late night talk with sam and Rahne April 6th, 2019 Rahne's been a little scarce. Sam gets her to talk about it.
Chatting with Rachel. March 29th, 2019 Summary needed
Big mood on the couch March 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Meeting Ma. March 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Tv Night March 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Be mutie, do crimes March 21st, 2019 Summary needed
In The Kitchen With Sam March 15th, 2019 Samuel, Rachel, Erika, Blink, Negasonic, and X-23 make fried chicken while discussing hero names, image inducers, and various student issues
Movin' On Up March 14th, 2019 Four of the Stepford Cuckoos depart for Emma's academy while Esme stays behind. Blink opens a portal to a Genoshan beach for Rogue and Bobby to enjoy a quick swim. Negasonic, Sam and Erika discuss training.
Souvenir in the Danger Room March 12th, 2019 Summary needed
A friendly intruder March 11th, 2019 Deadpool shows up at the school in disguise. Nobody is fooled, but they humor him anyways.
Fitting In March 9th, 2019 Andrea, James and Samuel discuss the New Mutants, Andrea's education, and Samuel's club
New taste treats. March 9th, 2019 Summary needed
Subs, or Hoagies March 8th, 2019 Sam meets up with James who has been let out of holding and invited to stay at the school
Dead March 7th, 2019 Reactions to Sam surviving his apparent death in a fight against FoH Sentinels
Sentinels: Sentinels of Gotham Part 2 March 6th, 2019 Sentinel delivery to Friends of Humanity interrupted by the X-men, Punisher and Crimson Dynamo
Splashy March 5th, 2019 Sam Guthrie talks to Erika about some of her issues by the pool.
Jailhouse Rock March 5th, 2019 Samuel visits James Proudstar while the latter is being held after attacking the X-Men
Da brief debrief March 4th, 2019 Cannonball and Wolfsbane stop by to check on Erika.
Bedridden-Man March 4th, 2019 Summary needed
A Brother's Revenge: Case of the Kidnapped Mutant March 2nd, 2019 Souvenir was located after her kidnapping by Warpath. Cyclops led a team of X-men and students to fight past Warpath and automated defenses to free her
Dinner time at Chucky Xs March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
A Brother's Revenge: Investigation March 1st, 2019 Andrea, Cyclops, Cannonball, Gambit and Scourge respond to reports from Kamala Khan that Souvenir is missing, and find evidence she was abducted
=How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Become a Bomb February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Discussion in the Danger Room February 25th, 2019 Sam helps Rahne run through a Danger Room session.
Taxes and Midnight Snacks February 24th, 2019 Brief meeting in the Xaviers kitchen after hours between Erika and Sam Guthrie. Erika knows how to do taxes.
A king in Mutant town. February 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
late night x-snack February 21st, 2019 Summary needed
Ice Cream - Mutant Style February 21st, 2019 Pixie, Kitty and Cannonball have ice cream sundaes and chat about pranks and Sentinels
An evening on the town. February 20th, 2019 Summary needed
With Leadership Comes Responsibility February 19th, 2019 Summary needed
My new BFF February 18th, 2019 Meggan returns to Xaviers. Various people visit. Erika gets embarrassed a lot.
Meeting an advisor February 18th, 2019 Cannonball and Souvenir discuss team tactics.
Kite, sans tree February 17th, 2019 Erika tries to find help with the Eldritch Kite from Sam. Heart to heart with Ellie.
Learning Rachel's Past...Future...Whatever February 15th, 2019 Rachel discovers cheetos popcorn. Kitty discovers more of Rachel's story.
Kitty Loses An Argument with Piotr's Door February 14th, 2019 Kitty argues with Piotr only to find it isn't Piotr. Illyana delivers a gift. Sam and Rahne talk business.
Doogie meets Andrea February 14th, 2019 Summary needed
X-Peoples Visit! February 13th, 2019 A bunch of Xavier nerds hassle Thor!
Exploring New Asgard February 13th, 2019 Summary needed
And then they find the dangerroom. February 12th, 2019 Summary needed
This looks like a job for.... February 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Whats the Asgardian's up to. February 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Need a job February 10th, 2019 Summary needed
Another job offer, and arts and crafts time. February 10th, 2019 Summary needed
The Young Aunty Kate February 10th, 2019 Rachel Grey runs into her Aunt Kate (Kitty) in this timeline. Nega and Cannonball stop by to talk
New student: Cronenberg February 9th, 2019 Summary needed
Where You Goin With a Head Like That February 9th, 2019 The search for the head continues! Illyana finds Sam and Rachel and someone is gonna die! (Not in this scene but soon!)
Dating the Bosses Daughter can be a bad thing. February 9th, 2019 Summary needed
The Fluffiest Damn Pancakes February 9th, 2019 Bobby makes pancakes with bacon and Ellie makes coffee. Kitty is back. Doogie gets his first meal in the mansion. #x-Life
It's a head and chest in a box. February 9th, 2019 Summary needed
Whatchoo want February 9th, 2019 Sam asks for Logan's advice about booze.
Not my Parts Birdbutt! February 8th, 2019 Rachel gets lightly chewed out by Wolverine over the bike parts. Then the girls challenge the boys to a race.
Throwing things is bad February 8th, 2019 Summary needed
This is a fight probably. February 7th, 2019 Summary needed
To be named February 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Welcome Back, NTW. February 6th, 2019 Negasonic and Logan give Sam guff to varying degrees.
Firebird from the Future February 5th, 2019 What begins as Rahne meeting Rachel turns into a small gathering of a few more mutants.
Parting is Such Sweet S--Oh Who Am I Kidding February 3rd, 2019 Emma turns in her resignation from Xavier's school. She also meets Rachel, her Goddaughter from a future timeline. Who knew? Sam is entrusted to care for the New Mutants. And Logan is just plain mean.
Summery Winter February 3rd, 2019 Summary needed
Picking up the Scot. February 3rd, 2019 Rahne returns from Scotland and is met by a few people from Xavier's.
The Fire Bird and Coffee February 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Out shooping with the Future girl February 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Sparring with the Fire Canary, and the RedNeck February 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Just two good ole' boys, never meain' no harm.. January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Fire from the future. January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Cocoa Raiding January 30th, 2019 Summary needed
The problems with alt-copy-paste January 30th, 2019 Some students strategize how to deal with wereclones.
Never Trust Atoms. They Make up everything. January 29th, 2019 Summary needed
CupCakes n Stuff! January 26th, 2019 Summary needed
Burger and Soda date January 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Making Tea January 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Learning. January 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Snacking in the Kitchen January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Let's have a girl talk about Bobby January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
X-MEN: Wild Times January 20th, 2019 The X-Men experience a wild night in the Canadian Wilderness. And its possible they just recruited the Iron Giant as a new friend.
Up in Flames, Down in Ashes. January 20th, 2019 Some New Mutants, Teachers and Advisors are there for the rescue of a family in need!
Just snagging lunch. January 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Hopefully not wrecking the Rec room. January 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Comics, Pizza and Beyound! January 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Car Maintenance January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Burger Shop. January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Checking on The Rock Star. January 3rd, 2019 Summary needed
Hermits. December 31st, 2018 Summary needed
Pied Piper: Souvenirs and Flowers December 30th, 2018 Majik and Cannonball grab Erika for parental rescue and questioning.
Vacation Blues December 29th, 2018 A casual meeting in the Rec Room during the Christmas break drives home some truths to Emma, and opens up lines of conversation in unexpected places.
Since It's Christmas... December 23rd, 2018 Emma "doesn't" set up a decorating party for the students at the school. (Although she totally does, the big marshmallow!) Things get more serious when Andrea arrives.
Pied Piper: Hospital Tests December 22nd, 2018 Sam, Wanda and Illyana have a thought for the sleepers. Illyana tries the Soulsword. The spell can be broken. Yet there are thousands still afflicted so this cure is not feasible for all.
Pied Piper: Trial And Error December 18th, 2018 Sam and Illyana seek out Magneto to ask questions about the Black Sleep. They meet the Scarlet Witch while there.
Its Where the Food Is December 15th, 2018 Summary needed
Consultation in the Kitchen December 13th, 2018 Illyana learns about Sam's offer and considers the one made for her. Doctor McCoy returns to the school!
Outdoor Greetings December 13th, 2018 Summary needed
Genesis Interview for New Mutants. December 12th, 2018 Summary needed
Miscellaneous Kitchen Raid December 10th, 2018 Erika and Sam Guthrie meet in the kitchen after hours.
Sam and Genesis December 9th, 2018 Summary needed
Coming Home December 8th, 2018 Sam Guthrie returns to the school and finds an old teammate who recently did the same
Family Dinner December 3rd, 2017 Alpha Flight meets for dinner. Current events are discussed disagreements are had.
Catching up on Current Events November 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Lakeside Chat August 23rd, 2017 Yana officially meets Sam Guthrie, and they have a heart-to-heart.
X-Changing Ideas August 21st, 2017 A meeting is called between the X-Men and New Mutants on various threats, including Starro, and Mojo.
An American Valkyrie in Paris August 17th, 2017 Summary needed
You Can't Always Get What you Want August 16th, 2017 Summary needed
Darts & Sodas August 12th, 2017 Summary needed
Kiss the cook! August 10th, 2017 Summary needed
Wrestling With Relationships August 7th, 2017 After Rahne trains in the Danger Room, she and Sam talk about Doug in particular.
Mutants August 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Heart of Glass August 4th, 2017 Summary needed
About Last Night August 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Catching Up Is Hard To Do August 3rd, 2017 Right after "Mutants": Sam and Dani have a heart to heart


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